The Most Savage Pranks of 2018!

The Most Savage Pranks of 2018!

Dequarius Jr
Des Prairies jr. Up north my boys. Call me. Jiggly. I’m dequarius. Joseph. Call me Teresa neele
Oh called from Eduardo’s a third condition arias
Mufasa oh
Please throw the playoffs again
How’s it going
I’m just gonna puff a quick woods before I go in you want to hit it with me. You don’t like broccoli once oh, yeah
Yeah, a tweet Oh take a rip of the woods. Oh, no, I feel like I’m greening a bit man
I should’ve just went with that sativa shit. Oh, you know can you put on Astroworld a
bump fucking sicko mode
It’s a vibe right now
Keep it low-key
Yeah, honestly I’m not gonna lie I’m kind of tripping out right now with the cosines and the Squared’s and stuff
Are these notes gonna be online?
Because I can’t I can’t I’m like tripping right now like my boy hooked me up with og Bobby Johnson
I just ripped like a huge blessing. So like I can’t be dealing with kosis and Squared’s like you know what I mean?
Like I just ripped a huge honey backwards, so I’ll be out but I’ll show up for the midterm though. I’m gonna kill that shit
Actually identifies a salmon
Some people mistake me for a river trout, but I’m actually a salmon. I’m part of the transgenders for Trump movement
Have you heard about Trump’s Animal Protection Act? He’s doing a lot for us salmon. Do you want to see my breaststroke?
You want hit the tip
No, just hold it that for a sec. Just this part up
It’s a possible, excuse me this for a sec. Yeah, I’m sorry before I get study
Nice to meet you, I’m giclees. What game do you need here? Yeah one sec. I’ll get it out for you
Ninokuni –
Yeah, I think that game is a little dust
I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to sell that to you
what I can tell you – ka-chow are like even Madden but
I’m not gonna sell you ninokuni – who do you finger only three the whole thing?
Okay, it’s just that I’m kind of a two-finger guy, but you think three? Okay, you’ll eye to the ball. No
Yeah, I feel like Karate Kid right now. This is great. Dan three cool. Wax, okay
The photo
Y-you want me
That’s kind of racist now
a bit
What does the bitches like really like is it Ronis season?
Like which ones like the reverse cow recipe you think like the recipe for reverse cow?
Like to get some reverse cow
What was your name Oh Bob nice to meet you Dragonite Oh
Quick shot either Jack. Oh, you’re good. Okay. Hey Jack. Yeah, bring some chase. We got a pussy
Do you want Pepsi or diet coke sir? Yeah, you walked away make a loser
Could you turn the volume down you just said hear that? Yeah. I thought I had my headphones on but wait we can hear No
What’s the send policy over it over there on the street
I was about to fire up a shoddy and then the officers like get off the street like what about my funnel and shit then?
Like note no shot ease or anything
I’ll just do a quick shot II
I’m fired up
It’s non-alcoholic I don’t actually drink like my dad’s a Mormon. Are you are you in line or no?
You don’t line, okay
Fuck. Oh you don’t got any TP on you do boss
Nothing. Oh
Here comes the fudge babies guys everyone stop. I’m on the hockey team stop there. I’m doing a quick drill for tonight
I’m team captain. Can you whistle?
Fuck this is my game outfit. I can never wear white boys, and I miss the Sun everyone’s gone now
But I’m a little late or no, okay, I’m gonna get it going then. Oh
I’m Eduardo the third Eduardo the third you ever heard of my father Eduardo the second. Yes
I have you have you’re looking like sharapova out there like you had composure man the best time I had composure when I was playing
with Trump
You know why cuz I knew if I played good he’d buy me hookers after it and that’s exactly what happened
I had to sign an NDA about it so I can’t talk about it. So don’t tell anyone
Please people call me like the McGregor of tennis cuz like I can sell matches. That’s my plan
Obviously I want to win a couple matches, but I would love to slam Serena Williams. You know what I mean?
I think Drake Drake pumped or two. He Pompey pumps Serena Williams so I could be Eskimo Bros with him
That’s like that’d be a huge goal. Can you hold this for one’s neck story. My boss will kick my ass if I don’t shave
Should I keep the mustache no get rid of it. Yeah, you’re right
Thanks boss her lightsaber this one totally fucking ripped on me last night so like I got to return these yeah I did
I’m not like I’m not trusting Trojan ever again. I’m thinking about suing them too
If it was my main girl, I wouldn’t care right but he wants to reach her
Like I said, cuz I had my side King over last night
I’m not trying to pull a drake. I can’t have a little dick Cuevas running around
You know, she I’ll grab this one just for the lawsuit
Just in case, you know, my dad fucking built this place. Eh, yeah, it’s the only reason I got the fucking job
He cheated on my fucking mom a couple times. But whatever. He’s still he’s still my role model, you know what I mean?
I kind of aspire to be like him
He doesn’t fucking share his secrets though, man, he’s trying to get me to learn
He’s one of those dads. You know what I mean, as long as he covers my fucking Ripper’s tabs
I’m not gonna complain. You know what I mean? You do CrossFit
Yeah, is that a CrossFit? Huh? Yeah, I’m not selling any gym gear to anyone that does CrossFit. No, I’m being serious
This is my section
Yeah, you’re not allowed. I’m not talking gym here to CrossFit guys. Put that back cuz you do CrossFit man
You want me to buy you a gym membership?
Okay. Well like this whole section no CrossFit if I need to put up a sign I will Oh
Smell that fresh of nice winter air, I love it
Come on
But never winter white
Here you guys talk about like Jesus. Yeah, we’re in a club. Yeah, I believe I’m a good Christian
My sins are kind of bad. But I think my father I think he’s like a bit of an idiot
You know what? I mean? Like I didn’t do it on the altar or anything like I love to talk. Yeah
I know I’m fired up about it. Yeah, like sit down somewhere
I’d look like talk with you about if you want some religious juice too or no
No, I’m good at you good and I feel like he just kind of sees me like slamming broads in the church
And then he gets kind of jealous. I don’t know what his deal is
no, I want a respect but what it is that you’ve believed, but I’d like
You know what I’m actually a little sauce for this conversation right now
All right. Yeah, where do you guys meet? I’d love to come rip a couple like our fathers
Can you guys toss me a napkin up there
Whoever’s next can go
You guys have a sharpie on you thinking of just doing some charity work today?
I’m actually headed overseas to play in Iraq. Next season coach called me. I’m gonna go play in Baghdad
I got all my medals here here
So I was just thinking if you guys want any sign no charge the training camps in Iraq
Have you heard about the meet days? No?
Yeah, it’s cuz like the whole sand and shit, like I don’t know a lot of Beach training, it’s red. It’s good for the Cavs
Yeah, it’s my first day here
Dear Jessica, thanks for letting me swipe your vCard. It was a big moment. She’s not getting that back
You know might as well celebrate it with a cake. I’m gonna go rip a dart you have any darts on you?
Like a cigarette no. Oh, you don’t smoke. Okay. All right. I’ll be back
Do you want a shout-out on my gram for doing it? Cuz that’s some really good word. No, okay
What was the kilometres on that Olli it’s kinda more k than Ron Jeremy man
You kind of look like Selena Gomez anyone ever told you that?
Yeah, it’s like like a lower version, but you look like Selena Gomez. Yeah, like a decent version of her well journeymen
Fossa, nice to meet ya. I’m actually buying it for my bitch
She’s pretty impressed with me cuz I’ve been like hitting the gym recently and shit. I’ve been ripping a lot of back days
Should I try to impress her with my arms?
Should I roll up my sleeves?
I got I got a lot of cash. I
Don’t really want to tell you guys because I know you guys tactics right like you’re trying to outsmart me
So I’m planning on outsmarting you guys today. You’re probably a size 8. Oh
Sorry one sec. No, I’m pretty sure those are ingrown hairs over sorry. Yeah, so size 10 you sure
You think I got herpes oh
Sorry, sir. Just dealing with something here. Were you like leaving like all this stuff like this?
Cuz like I don’t want to be folding all day. You know what I mean? No, I picked that up
Yeah, but did you leave it on the floor?
I’m just saying sir. I can’t be folding all day and accuse me of something I did
Okay, but I’m working minimum wage and stuff. You know what I mean?
Almost a mistaken you for someone else? Yeah
Okay, if you need a fitting room, let me know though. I can set you up
You uh trying on girl’s jacket, sir
It’s alright if you want it
Yeah, yeah, no, no, it’s cool. Yeah you can grab these boots but they probably go great with it, you know
You’re into it or no if you want to wear girls
You’re gonna get it want me to show you the bra section at all or anything daughter?
Okay, I’m sorry about this. One of you have a lighter, please. I need to hit this stinky pussy
Oh gee, I have one woody. Fuck you’re doing
Yes blue
Did you – yes, sir. That’s okay. Keep going. I’m really sorry about that just
Anyway, so, um start Thanks, you’re good bro. He needs a hit
What’s up can’t be doing that year? No. No, I’m just tryna make a sponsor tape
Yeah, I was gonna send it to Reynolds check it on death wish
Hit it with topspin doesn’t know what he’s doing he acts like he’s never played amateur pro like he’s a
Yeah, he doesn’t like to see people though, yeah toss me one of my mouth there
Why are you blowing smoke? I want to get him going early, you know, well, don’t touch don’t touch my baby
Don’t touch my baby though
It’s my baby, right?
I’m getting them on the beers and the darts and the cheese earlier
Cuz I want him to be like a good Canadian kid, you know, you’re gonna fucking kill of his infant
No, you’re blowing fucking smoke in his face and getting him. Why are you retarded or what? No, babies don’t like that
And you’re both fucking smoking she had a death like a baby’s face you did that’s fucking cool. Yeah, I’m sure you don’t drugs
No booze. No, nothing. I know I don’t I don’t and they do to you. I’m sorry look it up. I love you. I know
Sure you do cheers me
Are you just looking at me over there?
You’re looking at me like you’re trying to test me
You kind of flex your chest and shit like what’s with the bandana we’re not in Survivor
And you guys want a shadowbox
You guys need to step up your cardio then no after two hours only two hours of sparring
Hi, how’s it going?
Good. You guys are a porn Chuck’s here. I just came off a three-day bender
Like I was sending it all weekend and like I ended up slamming like a couple dirties like one was an absolute two
So like I got something for sure like I’ve had the clap a few times
So like I’m just hoping it’s not something worse
You think if I have like like bumps and shit on my Jack and the Beanstalk, that’s probably nothing right? Like I
Was trying to throw some Vaseline on there, but I like it didn’t do much
It just cleaned up my nest of it you guys playing school or just playful fun? Oh, my daddy’s a lawyer
So I really just do whatever pretty much whatever the fuck I want. So he just pays for our shit
You have a partner here
Well, actually I had she called and canceled on me today because her wrist is hurting from yesterday we did
Oh, you did some exercise with there is no kind of what kind of drills you got missionary or doggy guy Oh
Reverse cow. That’s the laugh. I know that laugh – well basically I’m like an upcoming entrepreneur in this area
I don’t know if you’re aware, but I own like 14% of this areas like zani market
So I was kind of looking I just had like a little business proposition for you guys
I’m basically looking for someone to like supply me with is Inez and stuff like that
I know what you’re thinking like business is obviously a little low ever since like Ozzy announced that he’s not doing zan’s anymore and
Russ is always giving his two cents like no one cares or us like what you think?
Smoke perps releasing an album – like the hypes really gonna build up again
I know it’s kind of an T right now
But I’m willing to cut you guys in on like 15% of the profits and stuff here. Listen, I’ll leave you with my card
Government names the Cuevas so happy and new TV
No without no, I can’t bring this back to my auntie I can’t you don’t know it’s awesome, you know aunties, right? Oh,
We’re getting spanked for sure
What’s your auntie Clarissa y-you know her sorry sir Clarisse I yeah
Yeah, let’s cut the bullshit. Like what what are we talking for this car?
What if we made a compromise then what if we grab like one of the zeros behind the back like I’m Kyrie
Shoot the three and then the zero is gone, and then we’re left with three six zero zero

Grab the zero, I’ll post up on you like I’m Durant
sup bitches follow my insta @huntssss.s
Take it over to Golden State. The zero is gone. You know what I mean?
Thought that Kyrie she would wear doesn’t have a lot of hang on his buck yet. What’s with that?
You should probably loosen the chin straps a bit get a bit of hang on there. What kind of choose your son pack?
Yeah, like does he slam hogs? No, not at all. No, so no no to choose no cute
Okay, that’s definitely I would get him on maybe start him off with school and then like upgrade him to like cope or something
I would do that. But what do you thinks like a rough kill count for him?
Yeah, like how many kills is the Abby thing? You think he’s lost the B card yet or no?
We’re looking for young beauties not just like winning face off scoring goals, but like wheelin Birds packing shoes partying sallying
Do you mind if I wield for a bit? I just saw you guys you guys are firing me up
Block your right shoulder
Never fall for that in battle never fall for that if you everyone are like come practice wielding
Just I could grab your number if you want like me, and you could just practice wielding together
Okay, let’s do it
Yeah, hit me up when you want to be up
Can you hit me with a ride I’m gonna miss my exam. I’m sorry, please
Do you think she’ll let me like sit on the back you have to get the part please?
Okay, I’ll come back when the boss comes. You know what I’ll just I’ll sit on the back
What do you guys get in there double doubles?
You think if you text there to copy like a caramel frappe which you poke plays or no
Yeah free ice cream you want one
My boss is telling me to give away for free but like I’m sure gonna try to charge people on the side at least this
Pay me like fucking minimum wage. I am trying to make some side cash. He’s standing over there
So he won’t even know if I pocket the money, right?
Like between me and you don’t tell me I’ll get fired
or slushy
How much you got?
Ten. Okay. Yeah ten bucks
Hold that I’ll toss a little beer in our face
You hear that, I love
Yeah, I mean it’s a porn right
Least you like regular corn I do
You know why? I hadn’t shit that I watched fun
They killed him
The second coming Jesus is right here Brady. That’s a lie Brady. I believe it Brady’s Jesus
Jesus radius Jesus. I know that perfect. He must be he’s not he’s not Moses. He’s not Abraham
He’s not Pontius Pilate. That’s for sure. That’s Terrell Owens
So he’s got to be Jesus
Jesus yes
Yes, you guys it’s going on buddy looking for a fan. Oh
You’re Brazilian. Yeah. Yeah, Brazilian girls are fucking bad man. Go for the ones with a lot of ports, right?
Don’t waste your money on these like shitty six one
Do you want to try puff it’s lettuce fuck you don’t like honey backwards
What kind of fucking plug is that put are you from Mars? I thought you’re from Brazil
Maybe take a puff of the woods and figure it out
No, like I was just wondering what’s the rule on like fighting Auburn fans today and stuff like that
He made fun of our coach’s name because his name was Kirby
He was making like Super Smash jokes and shit
Like call me Princess Peach and shit, but obviously I held back
So no, no one to Mayweather’s on Auburn fans today I could get arrested for that. Right? How about the three for McGregor?
Okay. Okay. Sounds good. And then what’s the shotgun policy – because I see everyone everyone has beers and stuff
No, open containers in the streets or sidewalks with the tailgate areas. Okay, so shot. He’s allowed. Okay, perfect. Thank you for your service
Appreciate that a lot. I have a seven hurry it up. Just trying to think or like with one of these
Juice assume my gender
Like you assumed my gender I am I’m not buying it for myself
Like I’m a straight male like I have over a hundred kills. But yeah, yeah
I thought I was buying it for a woman like right off the bat when I easily could have right gotcha
Yeah, uh shit just bothers me, but you know what I mean?
I don’t know my side things got big-ass feet now that I think about it. Appreciate it. Remember what I said, though
I for next time okay, you know I find uh condoms
Do they have do they have like the small ones too or say they’re all say large and stuff like just it’s just with I
Need to make it tighter or something
I’ve tried the regular nothing slides right off is Plan B. Like can I buy it here Plan B. Oh
It’s over there I was hammered
I slammed the dirty like she was an absolute force Oh like I’m not trying I have a kid with that, you know
Yeah, I was thinking of like every time I like hook up with a girl just make like a plan B smoothie
It might be like, oh here babe. Here’s a smoothie in the morning
But the girls were like because they’ll think like I’m a gentleman like making them a smoothie in the morning
Yeah, I think they’ll work actually alright let me show you how it’s done boss ready
Any tips Stone draw baby, let’s go
Who’s our roller skate is this do you mind if I try it?
Get off me I’m fine Oh fine fucking Parkers. I’m sorry. Oh
Fuck Oh pull it right back
Okay, okay
I’m up
You have something to say to him even fucking my granddaughter
That wasn’t me Parker, but I know it was hell. It was one of my friends
What’s his name?
It’s name John sounds like a made-up name John you think this is fucking funny?
Sorry to interrupt sir is my grandson in this lecture Elliott
Get your fucking ass over here. Let’s go you fucking idiot leaving the barn out on the counter
I’m gonna fuck you kick your ass
Public yeah, just just fill it up to the top put ice cream on top of this bro. I
Can’t just give it to him like that. Sorry. I didn’t matter that
There’s cops all around here and show, you know what? I mean? It’s not legal yet
I don’t know what Trudeau’s been up to. You know, it must be fuckin hookers or something
That shit should be legal by now your boss. It’s gonna be our new business come October
Mmm, ice cream trucks and weed, you know, Kevin O’Leary. He favored one of my tweets the other day. Look at this
Does this look like the strawberry in it or no? Put some strawberry in it?
It’s my fucking cousin needs a bit of an idiot sign of strawberry for you, sir
No, how is he gonna eat this get him a spoon? Yeah. I can’t find any spoons
Did ya how many times have I showed you where the fuckin?
Get out get out of the truck. Get out of the truck. Get out
I don’t care if your fucking uncle’s my fucking uncle you’re not working for me. Do you mind if I sit down?
Oh, yeah noise. Is that okay? Oh
Fuck you our school here. Yeah
You want a Viagra?
Want a couple for later good fuck I used to fucking slap ass back in the day my friend
Cheers Cheers the fucking Vietnam not going back
Fuck I’m getting old though. Yeah. It must be stressing it. I look like you’re stressing the Eagles shirt on
No way baby look at that, that’s a big El Rey there boys
Brady baby
Time to fly home, baby
Yeah, excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you but how big are your jugs
1.5 1.5. Okay, do you think I’m really thirsty? Can I just have a sip let’s go right now go
You guys on lunch already here what what you guys didn’t know I know your dog fuckin
She’s borrowed smokes for later you going this way? I’m not gonna biome. Hey
Sorry, go ahead Bob
Yeah, I’m with him right now, I’ll talk to you later would you have any experience with football
Oh, yeah, go long go long go long. I’m being serious go long longer longer longer
That’s how you win a fucking Super Bowl what was with those hands though you eat some popcorn before her
What ha ha ha. What do you think of my throw though is pretty sauce, right?
I hope you’re not thinking about buying a Mac product. I’m just in here warning people like cuz these things are shitty
These things are really flimsy and stuff, right? You’re not thinking about buying this. Are you what’s up with the Apple workers, though?
Like they act like they’re so big and mighty like these guys. Don’t fuck bitches
Like, you know many bitches I get in walkin on Windows. I just instantly I’m not a surgeon
What’s your take on Bill Gates though? Like so what if he sucked a couple dicks to get where he’s at?
You know TV nice Bill Gates. He’s fuckin there, you know
Come on fellas
That’s it. Same thing a little bit more of this though, you know? Yeah. Yeah, that’s your son
Nice, what number is he Oh a t1
Maybe should have put him in figure skating, huh?
Dad, we heard you guys were kind of fuckin up on the job and stuff
Are you guys shitting the bed on the job site or no or like yeah, I’ll just do my thing
I’ll get out of you guys here
You see the way that rocks slip down there
That means that 90-degree angle you guys created. That’s really good. Really good work guys. Keep it up
Don’t think of big black dick in your backswing. What kind of statement is that?
Just under saying don’t think it’s a ball help you betting it who makes a statement
I’m just saying you don’t want to think about that in your backswing because then you’ll probably hit it
I never heard anybody make a statement like that in my life
I’ve never heard anybody say that to me you could have said something else besides a big black. So you’re a racist little fuck
No, you’re a racist fuck. No
Occasion dick racist
Let’s say you believe in a pussy in your backswing that might help you all these shit dude. Are you serious?
Where do we find you?
Jump up and down
Palms on the floor from there
Officer check him full body cavity now squat now lift your hand in here
Speak out your tongue
You swap any pills and no
What is this backpack right here bring out over here on your knees you see?
Let me see what’s inside of it Oh
Your fuck you think this is funny no standing around drinking this no drink that beer

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