The MUNCHIES Guide To Vegas: Ol’ School Vegas

The MUNCHIES Guide To Vegas: Ol’ School Vegas

100 thoughts on “The MUNCHIES Guide To Vegas: Ol’ School Vegas”

  1. Maaaan i so wanted to sit in with the boys in the end, get off the chair drunk and just talk, eat and drink 'til sleep.

  2. Safranzki is a great skater but I hate when Vice gets these guys to host their programs because they almost all come from a background of lower socioeconomic conditions and they can't behave with any sort of professionalism. "This is a good ass hot dog." And those two loons at the end, ughh

  3. Gosh…Pauly Shore at the end at the Peppermill on his right with the black toboggan. He is still got its!

  4. Who picked this moron for a host? He looks and sounds like a handicapped meth addict after a 7 day binge….

  5. why in the fuck did I just watch the first 3:48 of this stupid fucking video ..

    dear munchies

       This is second video ive tried to sit down and enjoy , and I really feel like your fucking with me here.

     so many things to say .. but the only thing that comes to mind is a bunch of fart sounds and some drug addict girgiling himself to death .

     ps . fuck off

  6. alright , im going to try and watch another one of your weasel of a fuck videos and try and pretend im not a retarded.

  7. dear munchies

    haven't even began to watch this whatever the fuck video your publishing on your your half ass fuck of a foodnetwork channel sublet of vice. but can you please fuck off with the stupid ass fuck of a fido commercial or 90 Asian are going to find a reason to commit suicide while they build the laptops and iphones that we are currently watching these stupid fuck of a video from.

    ps  . fuck you

  8. Peppermill is nostalgia. I to am native ,worked here for 8 years, Martha and Peggy are the best people. So much good food, the fantasia waffle with fruit and bosenberry syrup, the conquest, that is marshmallow sauce they serve with banana bread. OK maybe I'm biased, still a great place. Also check out Luv It's frozen custard on Oakey and LV blvd ,my childhood dairy queen but better.

  9. What's even more surprising is that this dude Braydon is only 33 – I would have guessed him early 40s, healthy 50 even.

  10. Went and tried the dollar shrimp cocktail, that was ok, but Peppermill is great. My girl and I got the scorpion there and sat right by the firepit, very nice way to chill.

  11. Did you know they film a TV show at The Peppermill every Tuesday from 1 -3 pm??? Yup right in the back in the lounge. Yup I think its called Vegas Live with Ninon….

  12. When he hang with his friend he become abit insane and high but when he hang with other people (older than him) he can be respectful hahaha 😂😅

  13. I lived in Vegas from '68 to '80. Left and came back to be with my family in 1996 till now. Has it changed,? You bet.. mostly for the worse. This video…really? Foul mouthed, dress like crap ….I guess Utube will show anything…I like the cooking shows, car repair, info on cellphones ..but THIS? hey everyone has an opinion…I just think it's sad that people have to ruin the spoken word with CONSTANT swearing. Guys..grow up, clean up your act ( if that's the best you can do..good luck), and develop some pride in yourself. I'm aware people go through life changes and hopefully this one will lead into a more advanced state of mind.

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