The MUNCHIES Guide to Vegas: The Palms

The MUNCHIES Guide to Vegas: The Palms

When I was just
a young duck, the Palms was
our backyard. I’m back to explore all
the food in one Vegas mega hotel from
top to bottom, from room service
to wine pairings. Yeah, that one’s
damn good.>From 40s to
high-rolling bowlers, to Ghost Bar decor. Welcome to the Palms. To get started on my
tour of the Palms, I’m about to meet up
with Chris, the butler. He’s gonna show me how
the high rollers get down when they stay
here at the Palms. Can you describe
me a day or so? Absolutely, I can take
you downstairs to the kitchen. I can kinda show you
a little bit behind the scenes of where the magic
happens, where it begins. So, this is the room
service kitchen, this is where we grab all
your Doms or Cristals. Oh, look at
the little tables. Yeah, little ketchups, everyone loves
the little ketchups. Oh, trust me,
these tables mean so much to me. Every time they come
in I’m like, yes, just come to me. Oh, yes. When you wanna go up and
see one of the rooms? Absolutely. I know you’ve seen some
really sketchy things. You gotta give me a
little slight of a story. First, I’ve sold
130 bottles of Dom Perignon, and
I was like wow. In one night? I don’t think I’ll
ever sell that many Dom Perignons in
my whole life. And then about two years
later, somebody was wanting to fill their
whole jacuzzi tub up with Dom Perignon, so that was
like almost 200 bottles, just for a couple people. Man, I thought
I partied hard, fuck I’m blowing
it right now. Watch out for
them 200 bottles. This way. So, how many rooms
exactly do you have, do you get to work with? So our department’s
very exclusive, we only take care
of eight rooms. So right now we’re
about to step into the Kingpin Suite. We got a great
strip view, we got two bowling lanes. Believe it or not, there’s even
bedrooms here to. This is my type of
room right here, look at this view. I would love to wake
up every morning to a bowling alley,
a pool table, and this. Should we try
this bowling? Oh, I’m gonna whoop
your ass real fast, just so you know. Oh, you probably will. There you go, sir. All right. What is some of the foods
that normally get ordered, and can you find things
that people don’t have? Oh yeah, absolutely, we
can find almost anything, but N9NE Steakhouse has
been phenomenal over the years. Of course
That’s where I’ve probably served
the most food from. If you do it right,
anything can be good. Are we going at
the same time? Yeah, let’s do it. All right. There you go. Let me kick these off. Would you like me to
get your other shoes polished as well too? Oh, I’m not that kind of
an asshole, come on now, give me a couple years. Let me make a little
bit more money, then I can be
that asshole. Yeah, come back and like Chris,
polish this for me. No.
And iron these pants. I wear skate shoes man,
you don’t have to worry about them ever
getting polished. Thank you. Take all this skate
junk off of here. Yeah, if I can order
some room service please. I need a chicken
caesar salad, and how’s the grilled
chicken sandwich? Yeah, yeah,
let me get two of them, a bottle of Don P. Yeah, that’s it,
thank you so much, see you soon, bye. Chris’ butler hooked
me up with that baller ass
Hardwood Suite. So I invited my
friend Lee over for some high class living, you know, give him a
taste of that fancy life. I brought a little
Dom here, wash everything
down with. Would you like me
to open this for you, or
you guys got it yourself? Yeah, let me open it,
perfect. Thank you, my man. All right, yes sir,
Dom and enjoy. Of course, cheers. I want every flavor of
goodness right now. When I first turned 21, this is the only place
I would come to. It used to be the funnest
place to come to, cuz there was just so
many girls and so much dumb shit going on. I’ve had some of
the best nights, ever, in this room. Yeah. Going nuts. The way you’re
raised out here. We was 21 when we’re 16. Yeah, and you’re raised
with the hustle. Your whole life,
everything is a hustle. But not like a crime,
like con artist hustle. Yeah, it doesn’t
have to be bad. Not like pickpocket,
and shit like that. Anything yeah,
it’s a hustle. Scrimps. So good. Uh-huh, double
dipping scrimps. I’m okay with that. I feel like that we don’t value money
like other people do. Yeah, you can go
out with $20 and have a $1,000 night. You can go out
with 20 bucks and have a million dollar
night, literally end up in the biggest paradises,
girls everywhere. Still by the end
of the night, you end up with 16
bucks in your pocket. Cheers to that. Back in the day, we used to come to
the Palms everyday. We’ve done some pretty
crazy things here. I’ve seen that glass
up there get broken. I’ve seen people throwing
things off of this, whatever, played pool
with some pretty heavy hitters. There’s so many
gorgeous places and so many big hotels, but not many that actually
cater to our age. So there was a couple
casinos like the Hard Rock and the
Palms where it was fun, and you got to
meet girls and you got to have people
your age do cool things. And you coud be drunk and you could do whatever,
and it was fucking okay. You know what I mean? That’s why we
always came here. Lee, you better make
this shot right here. That’s what I’m
talking about, and we continue. Vegas is famous for
its steaks, but I don’t care who you ask, no one beats Barry Dakake
at N9NE Steakhouse. Let’s do a little tour,
but I’m gonna cook a piece
of meat for ya, I can show you
how we sear off. We’ll get our hands
wet and dirty. How’s that sound?
Perfect, that’s exactly
what I wanna see. You know what I mean? I see your eyes
are wandering. Come on, there’s so
much going on here. Your mind is really,
really thinking heavy, I like that. This is our meat locker. Good day to wear these. Here’s my favorite,
this is the rib cap. On the menu it’s called
Barry steak, my steak, because it’s my
favorite steak. Perfect. But it’s the cap
of the ribeye, it’s the spinellis
muscle, and check it out, it’s really, really good. My butcher out
of Los Angeles, West Coast Prime,
does a great job with it. I just like the fact
that it’s called Barry’s steak. Yeah, these are our
ribeye steaks, and we do these for
prime ribs. We sell a lot of
prime rib here. It’s really, really good,
I only do six a night. Oh, that’s it? It’s like a secret thing,
it’s on the menu, but not too many people
know about it. It’s like a 52
ounce steak. A 52 ounce steak? Yeah, it’s crazy, I sell
it out every night. If I do 16 ounces,
I’m like. No, man,
you gotta eat with me, you’ll be eating,
don’t worry, we’ll bulk you
up a little bit. All right, perfect. Don’t worry about that. Check this out here,
this is demi-glace, this is reduction, it’s
the actual marrow which makes it gelatinous. Oh, see that’s the thing,
marrow is so not the- You like marrow? No.
Just smell that. Oh, that’s horrible. You don’t love that? Okay, when you
have this on your- I’m sorry but it’s pretty hard
to love that. Let’s grill
a porterhouse, all right? I’m gonna let you
season this one. The key to a great steak
is keeping things simple, salt and pepper. Do like you’re
sprinkling, now do a little pepper. I’m keeping my
eye on you. I’m gonna turn
the grill on over here, little higher,
there you go. Now work it,
there you go, rub it in, like you’re caressing
a nice piece of beef. Yeah. I like to sear hard
till it has a really, really nice crust
on the outside, and then I flip it. You only flip it
once though, right? I only flip it once. What I look for when I look under is
the color of the steak. And when you sear
it like this, it keeps all the juices
inside its meat. Now we’re cooking,
okay, so now I’m gonna go get
a little butter. Do me a favor,
bang that butter right in there for me. Let it fall right in,
right on the side, here’s the shallots. So we’re just doing
a little basting. Now we’re just gonna
finish it in the oven, and we’ll just put
it in the penthouse. I like that you
call it that. Well, how do you
eat your steak? Medium rare, always. Medium rare, I like that. All right, ready? Oh shit, let’s pull
this sucker right out. We’re gonna cut it all, this is the New York
Sirloin right here, all right? And the filet mignon
is right here. Is there a proper way
to cut the steak? The proper way to
cut steak is to go, not with the grain,
but against the grain. I’ve eaten steak
my whole life, and I’ve never known that. And you want that
little piece of fat probably cuz it’s
such good flavor. Oh yeah,
you never cut the fat. You see a lot guys
cutting the fat off, take a look at that. That’s what I’m saying,
you want that for that flavor. Grab a fork and
taste that. I’m gonna slice the filet
mignon up while you’re tasting that, and you’re gonna get
a different flavor. Oh, look at that blood. Wow. Great, right? Oh yeah. Now hold on,
now taste the filet. This is the filet?
This is the filet. You know you’re a kitchen
guy now because you’re not even using a fork. I love that, we taste it. How good is that? This was absolutely
phenomenal, just getting to try some
of the best steak I’ve ever put near my face. You meet a lot of people
throughout 14 years, you’re one of the coolest
dudes that I’ve met. Thanks brother, I appreciate it all,
all right? Health and happiness. Thank you for
everything, salut. Are you kidding me? That one came
out my nose, yo. Cheers. I’m gonna take off,
thank you man. All right, if that wasn’t enough
excitement, holy shit. I’m about to meet up
with the Palm’s head sommelier. You know I got
to be honest, the first wine I
remember drinking was Boone’s Farm
Strawberry Hill. There we go. Kind of what got
me started so. Duke does some pretty
progressive shit like pairing wine and
donuts. There you go,
that’s a nice cellar. Absolutely, full of
a couple thousand bottles in here
if we need to. So this is Justin Savant,
this is a central coast wine, it’s from
Paso Robles, so kind of right in between
San Francisco and LA. It’s Syrah based, yeah,
it’s really juicy and jammy, really,
really, tasty. And then the white
one we’re gonna do, it’s from the Rhone
region in France, it’s called Condrieu
by Guy Gaul. It’s a vignette,
it’s very floral, it’s very fruity, and this kind of works well
with dessert as well. And then the big boys, Krug Rose,
that we’re doing today. This is one of the great
champagnes and the Rose is really known
for its strawberry and raspberry character. What’s better with
raspberry sauce and doughnuts than
a little champagne? Champagne, the reason
it goes in a flute like this, is what you’re
trying to do is you’re trying to keep some of
the carbonation in it. When you put it in a big
wide big glass like one of these,
all the carbonation, all the bubbles go
by a lot faster. Which is what
works really well. If you stick
your nose in, it smells like strawberry
and raspberry right away. That’s kind of what
Krug’s Rose is famous for is that bright,
fruity character. There’s two ways
of pairing food. Take two things that have
a similar quality and pair them together, or
you can take two things that are totally
opposite and see if they can highlight
certain flavors in it. So take a bite
of the doughnut, dip it in the raspberry. That sauce right there
with the doughnut is really what I was
thinking Not bad, right? Mm-hm. So the next one we’re
doing is Condrieu, and what this is is
it’s vignette. Vignette is really well
known because it has a really fruity
character to it. First thing I want
you to look for when you smell it
is Froot Loops. Fruit Loops the cereal? Fruit Loops the cereal. Smells like cereal. You can smell the cereal,
I love it. Fruit Loops, right? That’s great. All right, so the last
one we have here. This is the one
I’m excited about, right here. This is a good one,
this is Justin Savant. See how big that
area is right there? Something a lot of people
do is they fill their glasses up really,
really high, they wanna big
glass of wine. But what you’re
actually doing is, you’re fighting against
the bell of that glass. You want as much air to
come in contact with the surface as possible because wine reacts
really well to oxygen. So what we’re looking at
with this one is really the caramel and
the toffee right there. This is
a Syrah-based wine. Syrah, by its
very nature, has a chocolatey
character to it, so really it works with any
of these dipping sauces. I guess we wanna
give it a try. It’s good huh?
Yeah, that one’s damn good. To me the perfect way
of pairing wine is, every time you take
a bite of food, you wanna take another
drink of your wine. You’re gonna take another
drink of your wine, you want to take another
bite of your food. So hopefully at
the end of your meal, you have an empty
plate and an empty bottle of wine. And you’re full and
happy and maybe have a little
bit of a buzz going. All right,
thank you again Jeff. Absolutely, pleasure,
nice having you in. I didn’t really
know much about it. I just knew I really,
really like it. It’s just kinda
cool to see that it’s such an art form. And I like that he taught
me some words, and some ways, and some things that I won’t
look like such a dumb ass while I’m sitting there
talking to somebody just swirling my wine
in hand for hours. Pray, I’ve done that. Can’t come out to the
Indian reservation and start blowing some
shit up real fast. I’ve been to some of the
best chefs in the world, and you kind of
nailed this one. They have steak and
lobster. They have steak and
lobster? Steak and
lobster’s on the menu. I guess I know what
I’m gonna have to try out today. The claims are so
high right now. Boom boom, boom boom.

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