The National Lottery Big Surprise – Knights Wheelchair Basketball Club

Knights Wheelchair Basketball Club is a charity
sports club that was set up with the aim of improving the physical and mental
well-being of people with disabilities in Northern Ireland. Tthe Knights for me
personally is very important it’s a massive part of my life it gives people
like myself the chance to play competitive sport to a very high level. Jason’s been really a strong influence in any of the players who come through
our doors. Being a part of the Knights Wheelchair Basketball Club is absolutely
fantastic. Inspired on a daily basis. Tonight he thinks he’s won tickets to
the Harlem Globetrotters but with the help of the National Lottery we set up
a bit of a surprise. You’re gonna love this Jason We’ve heard about what you’ve been doing with the Knights Basketball. Tonight we want you to do the honorary tip off for us. Let’s hear it for Jason Kennedy. Tonight has just been fantastic. It was great to see Jason get recognition for all the work he’s done
with the Knights over the years. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life
I’m grateful to the people who play the national lottery because it helps to
fund clubs like ours.

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