The new Google Calendar app for Android and iPhone

The new Google Calendar app for Android and iPhone

This is the new Google Calendar.
It looks like this
It looks like this
And this
and this.
Hey guys!
It can take this
It can take this
and this.
And put it all here, automagically.
It helps you do this.
So you can go there.
With him
With him
And him
and him
and her
To see this guy.

It works here,
It works here,
and here.
So you can do this,
So you can do this, that,
And the other thing.
Whatever the other thing is.
A new day for Google Calendar

100 thoughts on “The new Google Calendar app for Android and iPhone”

  1. hi looks well cool, but it is very slow and laggy and with jittery scrolling with the android one devices micromax cancas A1.  its strage because it can some heavy games quite well, but google calender becomes tremendously laggy, god knows why??
    Fix it google….

  2. Nel video gli eventi hanno delle immagini, l'applicazione la uso abbastanza attivamente ma non ho ancora capito come poterle mettere(a parte le immagini di posizione).
    E' una feature non ancora disponibile o c'è qualche modo ? 

  3. I dont know what you were thinking making this video, the phone is in the middle so people focus on that instead of the stuff that goes in the background that tries to explain how good and well done the new calendar app is. If the phone would be on left or right side, then I think it would be more natural way of trying to explain it. Then peoples attention would not be divided to 3 different parts, left middle and right side of the screen.

  4. If I get this calendar will I have another 365 days that I have to deal with this year or can I put those extra 365 in the I cloud?

  5. انا احب Google افضل شركة على الاطلاق… تحياتي لكل عملاء جوجل وشكرا علا خدماتكم الرائعة 😍😊

  6. Needs full calendar widget on android 6.0.1 …and if its there I absolutely cannot find it (S7 Edge)
    I dont wanna use another widget for the calendar overview 🙁

  7. It now working as required in people.
    bday or event cant come in one click.
    all time need one by one find.
    there is no search option.

  8. It lets u spend less time planning your day, and helps Google to earn more milliards selling your private information

  9. Foraday – a calendar that's directly on your clock face

  10. Google calendar is one big mess. Tasks, Reminders, Events, each works differently. To make reminders sync with desktop calendar and Android is impossible job. Something is wrong…

  11. really sad that i can't add picture to Event or reminder in the planning main view… I'm a visual person… The only way is to link a place or with attach… Exemple : For a birthday, I would put a balloon picture in the scrolling part.

  12. Thumbs up! ^^ Look forward for more video from you. (=

    Anyway, i was hoping if i could get some feedback on this open source android app I have posted below? I am a beginner and hope to learn on how to improve it…

    Just need to search ' pub:Path Ahead ' in Google Play (P & A are case sensitive).

    appreciate !!

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