The Noninfluence of Video Games on Gun Violence | The Daily Show

The Noninfluence of Video Games on Gun Violence | The Daily Show

Trump is not
a big fan of video games, partly because
the controllers are too big, and also because he believes they inspire
real-world violence. So this afternoon, he summoned the heads
of the video game industry and their critics
to a round table discussion. Now, for a change,
Trump decided to be camera-shy, so there’s no footage
of this meeting, although we here
at The Daily Show were able to get exclusive audio
of what went down. (video game beeping) Ha, ha, ha. (cheers and applause) Now, Trump is hardly
the first person to blame gun violence,
in part, on video games. In fact, this has been an idea that’s been around
for decades now. This is the handheld implement with which you play the game -by shooting it at the screen.
-(video game trilling) Instead of enriching
a child’s mind, these games teach a child
to enjoy inflicting torture. Of course,
it affects our children, and it affects our kids
in a very negative way. Yeah, you see, it turns out, politicians have been warning
about the dangers of violent video games
way back when. I mean, like, this is back
when games looked like this. Remember this? Yeah? To them, this was
hyper-realistic violence. I mean, to me, it looks like you’re pointing a dildo
at a Nazi dance crew. I don’t…
I don’t see the violence. Here’s what I don’t get
about this argument. How come video games are
supposedly so influential, but only when it comes to guns,
all right? ‘Cause, I mean, if they really
were as influential as politicians say, then shouldn’t games
influence us with everything? Like, as kids, we spent
every day playing paper boy, but that never inspired anyone
to go out and commit
mass paper deliveries. No one was like,
“It’s because of the games! Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!” (laughter) And here’s the thing. There have been hundreds
of studies on this issue, and they have shown…
they have shown that there isn’t any connection between violent video games
and violent activities. Now, that doesn’t mean
that video games have no influence on you,
because, let’s be honest– everything we consume as human
beings affects us somehow. All right? Sex and the City might make you
want to go to brunch. Uh, Karate Kid might have made
people join the local dojo. Hell, if it wasn’t
for Instagram, I would have never gotten
my butt implants, okay? (laughter) Yeah, I got it on the back
’cause I already had a real ass. I just wanted another one.
It’s like… ‘Cause two asses–
I mean, come on. Why not? So, yes, I agree that video
games can affect your behavior, but so can TV and movies,
and I mean, hell, there’s even violence
in the Bible. Mother(bleep) killing people
with jawbones in there. Like, you can’t take violence
out of the world. What you can do is limit
the tools violent people have, all right, which is exactly
what they’ve done in Japan. -(rapid gunfire)
-MAN: The Japanese play many of the same violent
video games that we do. In 2015, gaming revenue
in Japan was over $12 billion, behind only the United States
and China. Japan has some of the strictest
gun laws in the world. In 2015, this nation
of 127 million counted only one gun murder. Wow. Only one gun murder. That is impressive. And I’m sorry, but if you’re
the only gun death in a country of 127 million people,
you-you probably deserve it. I’m just saying.
I’m just saying. (laughter) Look, man, the truth is, many countries around the world
have figured this out. The most effective and realistic
way to limit gun violence is to regulate
who has access to guns. And while the president is
talking about video games, interestingly enough, lawmakers in Florida
have decided to take action. MAN: New state gun legislation
is headed to the desk of Florida Governor Rick Scott
this morning after last month’s deadly
school shooting in Parkland. MAN 2: The bill raises
the minimum age for buying firearms to 21, imposes a three-day waiting
period for gun purchases, bans bump stocks, and establishes new mental
health programs in schools. I’m gonna say a sentence
that I’m assuming has never before been uttered
on this show. Well done, Florida. (cheers and applause) Well done. I mean, usually the news
coming out of Florida is like, “Man arrested for threesome
with two rattlesnakes.” (laughter) So this is a step
in the right direction. Now, the bill does do
one other thing that might not be as popular. WOMAN: The most controversial
provision in this legislation
is the marshal program. That’s a program
that would allow teachers and other school personnel
to be armed as long
as they go through training. In this case,
144 hours of training. Yup, Florida teachers
about to get strapped! Yeah, which means that kids are gonna be
a lot more engaged in class. Gonna be like, “Who wants
to answer the next question? “Wow. A lot of hands up,
a lot of hands going up. Two hands!
Look at you! Yeah!” (laughter) Here’s what I find interesting
about this law, all right? Florida lawmakers have decided that the teachers, the people
they trust with their kids, need to meet strict standards
before they can carry a gun. Right? 144 hours of training, and passing
a psychological exam, and random drug tests, and additional training
every year, which makes sense. But when it comes to anyone
outside of the school, they go, “Yeah, just give
that random dude a gun. I mean, what’s the worst
that could happen?” Right? I feel like you guys were
so close to figuring this out. Just take that same law,
cross out “teachers,” and write in “everyone.” -Problem solved.
-(applause, whooping) Why doesn’t everyone have
to go through those same steps? It makes sense. So, uh, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been playing a ton
of Angry Birds, so I’ve got to go outside
and throw some pigeons at pigs.

100 thoughts on “The Noninfluence of Video Games on Gun Violence | The Daily Show”

  1. i saw this in my recommended. and then i saw that this is from last year… america really does move in circles huh.

  2. Also like how playing violent video games doesn’t make me want to go out and kill somebody. Video games don’t cause male gamers to be sexist/misogynistic against women just because the female is dressed like a slut. Just because female characters are wearing nothing but bikinis doesn’t make me believe that women who don’t let me have sex with them deserve sexual assault. (Glares menacingly at people who demand censorship of sexy female characters)

  3. Can I just point out real quick, though, that Japan also has one of the MOST intelligent populations in the world AND they eat extremely healthy and they exercise more ETC. Whereas America….does NOT. Studies have linked lower IQs with higher rates of racism, lower emotional and critical reasoning, impulse control, etc. And obviously, lack of nutrition (on developing brains) does not smart a brain make.

  4. how many games are there about going out in the street and litterally punch every person you see? that doesn't happen.

  5. i'm not against ALLOWING teachers to be armed and trained. i was against FORCING them to become paramilitary. it sound like the provisions for florida teachers are the definition of "well regulated militia", which………is…what the…..2nd amendment……..was written to be about. well regulated militia. well……regulated. right there. in the constitution. regulation. right there. c'mon, it's english. why do so many americans pretend to not see that?

  6. I watched the whole video thinking that this was about the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, up until when the news mentioned that the Parkland shooting was ‘last month’. This only goes to show how the cycle practically repeats itself. There’s a mass shooting, people blame video games, gun control measures are discussed yet not put into place, then another mass shooting happens. The conversations are identical yet nothing is done by politicians. People wrongly accuse video games and religion and immigrants again and again and poor Trevor and others have to explain again and again that the only thing that can truly bring a stop to gun violence is getting rid of guns. They’re avoiding the problem, the guns. You can’t use religion or video games as a scapegoat for all gun violence, you need to actually fix what’s the real problem here: the guns. And if not, the cycle will continue forever. More mass shootings, more people blaming video games to avoid the actual problem and more instances of gun control measures not being put in place. It’s sad, really, and if America doesn’t get itself together, more people will die.

  7. I Am Embarrassed by Trump. I'm glad I didn't vote for that….. Creature. As far as video games it's odd nobody is talking about the positive game influences. Such as the Carmen Sandiego games Wich covered geography, math and reading skills. Or the Wii games that helped get you in shape and make it more fun. Why is nobody talking about the positives. The research that made it possible for people that don't have use of there hands but can still use a computer thanks to research that was funded by gamers. So I ask again why is nobody talking about stuff like this on the news when it comes to video games?

  8. Hey since video games are a problem let's also ban movies and TV shows because they promote violence, rape, drugs, murder, etc. We might ban music as well too especially rap and metal. Then we might as well just get rid of books as those depict all the same stuff too which would also include textbooks in schools because history is too violent to learn about. We should also enforce curfews because too much interaction with other people could lead to all those bad things.

  9. I find the joke about the victom of a gun murder in Japan distasteful. "You probably deserve it." Why would you say that?

  10. Looks like this criminal network and syndicates wetsite Wise Banc is shut down!!!But here is their bank account in JP Morgan Chase Bank money they have stolen from people all over the world!!! Read above…

  11. I think video games have a kind of positive effect on gun violence. For example, when I’m really angry, I go and play call of duty, so that I can just shoot someone without it having any consequences. Now you might say that that’s the point, but I think it’s a very good way to out your aggression. Just saying.

  12. Let's remember it's the left that brought up the video game issue in the first place trump is only doing it to please you left but seeing how you lefty's can never be satisfied you still bring up no matter what the nra blame it on the gun it's not the guns fault it's not like the gun can magically point and shoot on it's own if you want to point fingers it's the laws and the left that created those laws it doesn't matter how many laws you create or for that matter banning guns all your doing is disarming the good people that want to protect and putting guns in bad people's hands no matter the law the bad person will not follow that law feeling safe is not being safe

  13. It's not games if you want to kill that's what your going to do I watch horror religiously play shooting games and ect and I would never want to hurt anyone and if I could I would try my best to save someone from any form of violence and everyone is different but in that statement millions my want to kill but way multi millions dont why dont they because some want to some dont and some dont want fo deal with the consequences

  14. The Japanese have better discipline than Americans. Just look at their culture and upbringing. Compare that to Americans…. yeah completely different.

  15. Comic books, rock and roll, dancing, gay marriage, so many things that are causing the decline of western civilization! OMG!
    Just kidding! Our greed and lack of empathy are at the roots.

  16. I feel like we should have a government we all trust more before pushing government control over individual rights. Regardless how u feel about guns I think its weird to push this agenda while we're at an all time distrust with our government

  17. The hole of the USA is sick, it compleetly lost the plot. Teachers with guns to protect students, agianst students or others with guns?!. To teach about the bad things about guns and to be a role model for students?!… Its waiting to be happening that one of these overwrought teachers grabs his gun and teaches an other lesson.. sick country…

  18. Don't know about Florida but as a teacher who taught in both Maine and California I was required to pass a criminal background check. If it's same in Florida it's kinda redundant but still the idea is good but as TN said, replace "teachers" with "everyone". Furthermore as a teacher I never want to be in a classroom armed that's nuts.

  19. The Right: EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GUNS! Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns can't shoot themselves. Everyone should have guns like teachers/
    Also the Right: Games have you shooting in them. We should ban them all.

  20. Japan, where a kid with a knife killed 19 and injured 3x that many. Why because guns are not available. Not because psychos are not available. Less guns just means less “gun” violence. Not less violence.

  21. Hahaha! Yea, video games are the issue. What a load of shit. If you believe that then I'm sorry you are an idiot.

  22. It's really sad to see our smart people attempting to pry at a problem from one small piece of a puzzle. Is it really that much easier to try to disarm the people rather than to help the people? I can't believe that people making this argument can't see what will come after the guns, the guns go I guarantee the bombs will come. These people using guns, these kids using these guns are doing so to try to be heard. They don't believe the world around them can hear them. That's when they turn to the violence, their only shot at being acknowledged. Instead of trying to cut the mic how about you give them a better platform instead? How about we spread a message that we the people can have in our hands the courage and integrity to own any weapon, and to never use it as a violent message. I say we reform the platforms in which we've put our voice, in which we've put our trust. Its high time we've discarded the formula that the popularity contest winners are the only voices counted. And instead of trying to silence the suffering, we acknowledge them first, and guide them to a more peaceful path.

  23. Fun fact. Games do in fact often increase aggression after being played. I mean… Not enough to kill people by any means. But that's also ALL games. Chess can influence just as much aggression as cod… Sooo no games for anyone? Even golf?

  24. Video games an mental health bullshit lol come on you know damn well these white radical nationalist know exactly what the fuck their doing. With NRA an Trump on thier side " more innocent Americans will die an families will continue to cry. Neo Nazis don't love America , they wanna take it over. Don't hear Donnie telling them to leave America. Video games /mental sickness" lol gotta do far better than that Trumpublicans thinking people are that fucking stupid believing that buuuuuuulllllssshhhiiiitttt!!!!!!

  25. In the whole decade of 1950s there was ONLY ONE mass shooting, in 1960s two. If gun availabillity and gun laws did not change since then, but gun violence went up thousands percent, what changed in the society besides guns themselves? MAYBE THAT is what we should focus on, loneliness and isolation of people, and video games greately descreased amount of time kids actually socialize. Destruction of families, feminism which tells that women dont need men. BUT WE DO. Men in loving relationships are not likely to go shoot people up. Yes, if you get rid of all guns, the murder tools will not be available. But what leads to desire to kill in the first place? The frustration and mental illness in many cases and video games are partially the cause. Kids are getting used to photo-realistic mass shootings, so the idea is not so unthinkable to some who grow up to be mass shooters.
    I wonder how much Trevor's owners got paid for this infomercial by the video games conglomerates…

  26. Me after playing Hitman and killing Sean Beam six different ways: I'm gonna take a nap and then talk to my friends about a homework assignment.

  27. I feel like i lost half my brain cells watching this video. You guys are not liberals, nor proggressives, you are oppressive smartasses that think humans are dogs, and must be restrained as such. No, guns are not the main cause of violence, nor are videogames. The reason why there is so much violence in the entire world, even europe, is because of institutional fascism. When a close minded neo-nazi or kkk member tries to express his opinion in his classroom, the teacher will go "no, we dont say things like that in school" 99% of the times instead of listening to what he has to say, and explaining to him why he is wrong. I am not saying neo nazis are the reason why school shootings exist, i am just giving you an example. When people try to think outside the box, and voice an unpopular opinion, people shut them down instantly. As a result, these people get isolated, they are filled with hatred, and they do the unthinkable. We must allow unpopular opinions to be voiced, judge if they are right or wrong, and if they are wrong, we should try to educate them. With restrictions and laws you build a civilized society of sheep, with education you build a civilized society of men.

  28. Brilliant segment, that was posted a year and a half ago. Thought I was watching a current show. Some things never change.

  29. Funny to think that Americas government are trying to Ban games because they think it causes violence, and in the other han, they are legalizing Guns and weeds.. hahaha

  30. you can make guns illegal and still wouldn't stop what is happening in America the amount of guns out in America is an enormous amount not to mention the one that are brought in illegally with no serial number we need new ideas

  31. does anybody know if any of the mass shooters played these video games in their childhood? Funny , I don't see the evidence. Maybe, just maybe if it was a common thing among them, they might have a point. But apparently this is not even a thing. What a crock of bullshit.

  32. That’s so stupid. I play violent video games like Mortal Kombat, Call Of Duty and PUBG. I don’t feel like I want to go out there in real life and chop or shoot people up. For me playing video games is just something to pass the time with your friends. It’s really fun. It makes you relax and forget about the day for a while. Now, I’m 38 and I don’t play video games heavily but I still play them casually. What I mean by that is, I’m not a pro who constantly wins in the video games.

  33. Trevor, this time you are twisting the meaning. Banning guns is just as effective way to limit gun violence as much as restricting video games that train your brain to perceive murder as a banality.. It is not intelligent to throw this argument away just to spite the president.

  34. People who are trained into violence may not kill cuz they did not find a gun lying around but certainly will express their distorted view in some other way. The scale of bulling weaker kids in Japanese schools is horrendous. Happy kids don't do it. Sick kids do.

  35. It will be the LEFT DEMS that will be ANTI Game Gun violence, once DEMS can't remove the 2nd Amendment the next low hanging fruit will be the Dems moving against Gamers Guns. The mental health issue will morph into mental health of gun gaming. Gamers better stand up for 2nd Amendment that protects ALL AMENDMENTS and freedom of gun video gaming.

  36. to expect someone to run amok with an AR15 because he played CSGO, is as hilarious as to expect someone to throw fireballs because he played WoW. end of the debate. dot.

  37. Yeah noah….remember when Obama and Biden formed a taskforce against violent videogames??? You sad Leftist Mouthpiece.

  38. Violent games probably work more as a valve to let some steam out than give you the tools to act out violent thoughts.
    I mean which is more probable to permit you do shoot some people out in a craze? The fact that you played a shooter? Or that you have your own pink/camo painted gun from the age of 10, which you shoot every week and have easy access to it?

  39. Guidlessness from a childs parents is why people are dumb and stupid.
    Ive played games for like 10 years and ive never wanted a gun or wanted to hurt anyone

  40. The bit where he's impersonating a gun-toting teacher reminded me of the scene in "Class of 1984" where the pushed-over-the-edge teacher is pointing a .45 at the violent gang members in his class while pop-quizzing them and telling them "You simply can't afford to fail this class!"

  41. Grew up playing Mortal Kombat and I never had the urge to rip out
    someone's spine before uppercutting them into a pit full of spikes!

  42. I am a gun owner in the south and think we should have required safety and training courses to own a firearm. And I am not the only one. I am a democrat though. Just don't try to ban every gun outright, it's not going to work because you lose too much support from the right when people try that. Making training courses like that will save lives and so will the school mental health programs

  43. Teachers in school who carry guns: learn from the police. Carry two guns: one for shooting unruly students & the other for planting on shot students who do not have guns.

  44. Hey we're not that dumb I have a brain but I have the dream of invading the gulf of Mexico but still we're not complete idiots

  45. Just cuz you play shooter games like call of duty doesn’t make you want to shoot people. Theirs no evidence or backup for that

  46. Japan’s murder rate is far lower than ours because of their culture, not their gun restrictions. Also, if you removed the cities in our countries from the statistics, our country would be very safe as well. Please don’t mislead people.

  47. 1st mass shooting came after doom and halo, Columbine killers were avid halo gamers. I love games but also realize that they normalize killing. USA has both violent games, guns, and gun culture. The combo is deadly, but gun laws won't change anything for years… gun culture.

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