The One Thing I Hate about SMM2, my Thoughts on the Game and More!

The One Thing I Hate about SMM2, my Thoughts on the Game and More!

Hello, you lovely Mario, person, my name is
ceave, and welcome back.
So a while ago I asked all of you wonderful
ladies and gentleman whether you got some
questions for me.
Aaaand, wow, as it turns out questions you
I got almost 7000 comments, most of them asking
First, huge thanks for all of your question!
I had a lot of fun reading through them!
Second, well, uhm, as it turns out, answering
7000 questions in a single video isn’t possible
since, if it takes me about 20 seconds to
answer a single question, then the video would
run for 140000 seconds, or for about 40 hours.
So I went over the comments, and tried to
collect the questions that popped up the most
for this little video.
There were tons of questions on my thoughts
on mario maker 2, and tons of more personal
or silly questions, so we are going to do
this in two parts.
First we are going to discuss lots of general
mario maker 2 questions, since I put that
into the title of the video, and afterwards
we are going to discuss the more personal
So are you ready?
Let’s do this!
Alright, so a random person asked: Have you
stopped entirely with smm1?, Do you like Smm2
and how it turned out?
What do you think nintendo can make better
with Smm2?
So first no, I haven’t stopped entirely
with mario maker 1, returning to that game
every once in a while could definitely be
fun, but the sequel just came out, and there
is so much new stuff to discover that it just
makes sense to focus on that game for now.
As for my general thoughts on Mario Maker
Well, I’m actually a bit conflicted about
the sequel.
On the one hand they did a really great job.
There are tons of awesome new additions, on/off
blocks are a complete game changer, the new
themes and the night variants add tons to
the game, there is definitely enough new content,
almost everything that was in the first game
carried over.
Overall everything looks like Mario Maker
2 is a perfect sequel, yet there is still
a lot of wasted potential in the game.
Lots of the new stuff just feels overly restrictive
to me.
Why can’t we put liquids into every game
Why can’t we choose night theme effects
in every game theme.
Like a jungle stage with the lights out modifier
could be fun, or a snow stage that uses the
wind effect.
Why are so many items restricted to the 3D
world style when it doesn’t really make
Like why not have fire bros in all game styles,
or clear pipes, those blocks that make more
blocks would be a great addition as well,
the same is true for the track blocks.
I think it’s totally okay to make the 3D
world style a bit different, and not to port
all the new stuff over, but as it is now there
are so many things locked behind certain conditions
that we just can’t mix stuff together.
Like we can’t make a stage that contains
a poison mushroom, the wind effect, those
blocks that make more blocks and I dunno,
maybe rising lava.
Mario Maker is all about mixing different
stuff in interesting unexpected ways, and
I think there is really a lot of wasted potential
So that’s the one thing, the other thing
is, that I can’t shake off the feeling that
they ran out of time during the end of development.
There are just a couple of things in the game
that are masterfully implemented.
Like seesaw platforms, or on/off blocks.
Those work really brilliantly, they really
went out of their way to implement those things
in a way that fits perfectly into the game.
On the flip side there are things like twisters,
that just don’t feel finished.
Why can’t we put twisters into pipes?
Why can’t we stack them like other gizmos
like cannons or blasters?
Why don’t they go on tracks and so on?
It’s just feels like a couple of new items
had a lot more time and effort put into them
than others.
But to actually answer the question: Overall
I’m quite happy with how mario maker 2 turned
out, and I think it is a worthy sequel.
The sequel is definitely better than the first
game, and the first game was already one of
my favorite games of all time, but there are
so many unnecessary restrictions, that I wouldn’t
say they did a perfect job.
To answer the third part of the question:
What do you think nintendo can make better
with mario maker 2? *click* *sigh* … Let’s
talk about cycle menus.
So there is one change in Mario Maker 2 that
I literally hate.
The button placement of the select and the
copy tool.
I have honestly no idea why they changed the
perfectly fine system from Mario Maker 1 for
the sequel.
So we have three states: Normal mode, when
neither copy nor multigrab are selected.
We have the copy state and we have the multigrab
In the original game, copy was mapped to one
of the shoulder buttons, and multigrab was
mapped to the other one.
So if we wanted to copy, we pressed down the
shoulder button and we were in copy mode.
And once we were done copying all the wonderful
things we wanted to copy, we, well, we let
go of the button and we were back to the normal
So we have three modes, one of them being
standard and two special modes mapped to the
two shoulder buttons.
That’s as flawlessly designed as it gets.
But … for some super stupid reason, which
we’ll talk about in a second, they decided
to rework this perfectly fine system for the
Instead of keeping the two states mapped to
the two buttons, they mapped both buttons
to a cycle menu.
Meaning that now both shoulder buttons do
the same, namely, they cycle between the three
different modes.
One click brings us to the multigrab menu,
another click to the copy menu and then we
are back to normal.
And I hate that.
Let’s say we want to copy a bullet blaster,
put it on top of a brave monty mole, then
copy the mole and blaster four times, select
all four moles and copy them again.
Which, you know, happens.
In the old game we need 5 shoulder button
presses to do exactly that.
First we copy the blaster, then we select
them with a new button press, copy them, select
and copy again.
In Mario Maker 2 it takes 9 presses of the
shoulder buttons to do the exact same thing,
and that is if we never overshoot the cycle
menu which, let’s face it, never happens.
It often takes double the amount of menu uses
to do the exact same thing in Mario Maker
2 than in the first game.
The reason why this makes me so grumpy is,
that there is only a single possible reason
why they changed the old system, and that
is so that the controls work exactly the same
when playing with a single joycoin.
A single joy-con only has two shoulder buttons
instead of four, so nintendo decided to downgrade
the complete input system, so that it is the
same with the control scheme that is very
likely the least used one.
Just to be clear here, it’s a perfectly
fine solution for single joycon play, but
what I don’t get is why there isn’t an
option to switch it back to the old, and better
system for people who prefer the old shoulder
button mapping.
*Hooof* sorry for that rant, but I really
think nintendo should start to give us more
options on how to play their games in general.
So if there is one thing I would change in
MM2, it is to simply add the option to play
it with the old shoulder button mapping.
*woof* Anyway, so let’s start to actually
answer questions.
“What is your favorite addition to SMM2
besides icicles?
That’s easy to answer On/off blocks and
the seesaw platforms.
What one item from any previous Mario game
would you like to see added?
Hm .. there are actually tons of cool things
that I’d love to see added to Mario Maker
2, the obvious answer here is fantastic fuzzies,
though some of the koopalings would be great
as well!
What one item that never appeared in a Mario
game would you like to see added?”
One idea that I’ve seen thrown around often,
and that probably would fit the game perfectly
are physic blocks.
Like the option to create physical shaped
blocks, that do nothing, but behave the same
way like bullet blasters.
So they interact with conveyor belts, they
drop down, they destroy bob ombs and so on.
That’s something that would be unbelievably
useful for building contraptions, and for
making crazy puzzle levels.
“Are we ever getting another Tips, Tricks
and Ideas video now that there are new items?”
Yup, the next video is planned to be about
different tips and tricks in the 3D world
style, and twisters and seesaw platforms will
probably definitely get their own little video
soon too!
“What are your thoughts and opinions on
3D world in Mario Maker 2?
Is it too different or is it fine?”
Well .. it’s kind of both.
I think it’s totally fine to add a completely
different game style to the game, that allows
to use Mario Maker in a completely different
The only problem that I have with it is that
lots of the 3D world exclusive items would
be unbelievably useful in other game styles,
but at the same time some of the most important
items are actually missing in 3D world.
There are no munchers, there are no placeable
shells, there are no tracks, there is no enemy
stacking, and so on.
As it currently is there really isn’t that
much crazy stuff that we can do in 3D world
besides building traditional platforming stages.
Which is cool, but it would be amazing if
there was one gamestyle that had placeable
shells and exclamation mark blocks, or track
blocks and munchers.
Those combinations would allow for so many
crazy shenanigans if we were only allowed
to mix them!
“Which mario game style do you think Mario
Maker 2 could benefit the best assuming we
do get an extra game style?”
Hm … so generally speaking I think it would
actually benefit the game more to get new
items that work in all already existing game
styles, then a completely new separate game
style would.
Though a new game style would obviously be
awesome as well.
There are kind of two game styles I’d like
to see added.
One is a super Mario Bros 2 theme, with tons
of pick-up-able, enemies and items, since
such a gamestyle could be unbelievable cool
for puzzle stage creation, the other style
would be a Mario Galaxy theme, that works
like those 2D sections in the galaxy games,
with tons of gravity shenanigans!
Hooray, so let’s switch over to the less
mario maker focused questions!
What non platforming games do you like to
Puh, there are lots of other games I play.
I play basically everything that isn’t a
first person shooty shooty bang bang game.
Lately I’ve been playing almost exclusively
indie games.
I’m really into slay the spire, which is
a brilliant rogue like card game, I recently
did my fourth playthrough of hollow knight,
which is probably one of my all time favorite
games ever made, and I recently played through
outer wilds.
For anyone who isn’t familiar with outer
Outer wilds is a really, really interesting
It’s a space exploration game, where all
progress you make is tied to knowledge you
gather about the world.
It has the best exploration gameplay I’ve
ever seen in a game, like seriously, the exploration
part in that game works better than in breath
of the wild in my opinion, and the whole premise
of the game is just utterly brilliant.
It’s definitely not a game for everyone,
but anyone who is interested in what games
can do as an art form, like everyone who is
interested in less traditional gaming experiences,
I’d recommend to take a look at the outer
wilds, I don’t want to spoil anything, but
the game is really unique.
Do you have any experience in technical fields
like engineering, mathematics or computer
Yup, I was studying computer science before
I started to do youtube.
What is the most thrilling roller coaster
you’ve been on?
So … I have a confession to make … I hate
roller coasters.
They are like train crash simulators.
They are like, overpriced we make you feel
sick machines, they are, pay me five bucks
and I make you vomit attractions.
I love theme parks, but I seriously hate roller
What inspired your famous “surprisingly
simple” line?
Well the answer to this question, is actually
.. no I’m kidding.
For real though.
Actually, I was a bit afraid that people click
off the videos once I start to explain how
contraptions work.
So I thought it might be a good idea to say
beforehand that the explanation isn’t terribly
complicated, and that we aren’t going to
spend the next five minutes of a video discussing
terribly complicated mechanics.
So it was actually just meant to be a bit
of a, don’t worry, we aren’t going to
do math now, thing.
But yeah, then I threw the line before actually
really complicated stuff as a joke once or
twice, and then I kind of memed myself into
a corner.
What’s your favorite Mario enemy, if we’re
pretending fuzzies don’t exist?
So I refuse to imagine a world without fuzzies,
since that’s a thought that makes me feel
very uncomfortable, but I can answer the question
which mario enemy is my second favorite one.
Coin coffers.
Thats 20% because their design is just cute
and ultra silly, and 80% because the coin
coffer cloning glitch in mario 64 is possibly
my favorite glitch of all time.
Have you been involved in acting, public speaking
or comedy?
Well actually yes.
I’ve been taking acting lessons for fun,
for basically all of my teens, also I’ve
been quite active in local politics for a
couple of years, and got a bit of public speaking
training during that time.
But to say it with the immortal words of our
savior mayro.
Politics is confusing man.
Can we all just play mario maker.
What kind of accent do you have?
That’s actually an austrian, styrian accent.
So the thing is, in austria we do speak tons
of different german dialects.
Like someone from the very east of austria,
has a really hard time understanding someone
from the west and someone from germany has
a really really hard time understanding many
of the austrian dialects.
Since we all speak very different types of
german, we also end up having slightly different
english accents once we learn the language.
The most famous person that, at least in theory,
shares my accent would be this little guy.
Have you played Doshin the Giant for the Gamecube?
That’s a very specific question, and the
answer is actually yes.
For anyone not familiar with the game.
Doshin the giant is a really really weird
game where you play this giant, who is a god
and either help people to live their lives,
or become evil and cause mayhem.
A friend actually burrowed me the game about,
uhm, about 20 years ago.
Now that I come to think about it.
I really should give him the game back!
Anyway, I just got a job writing video game
What are your top 3 games mario or not that
I should study the music in depth?
So first congratulations on your job.
Let’s see.
The best soundtrack I heard this year is the
soundtrack of outer wilds.
That’s one of the very few gaming soundtracks
I still listen to regularly.
It’s also really interestingly done, since
the whole game is about exploring space, but
the soundtrack is really guitar heavy, which
wouldn’t have been the first instrument
that jumps to my mind when I think about space.
But it’s really done brilliantly.
My favorite Mario soundtrack of all time is
super mario sunshine, it just fits the game
perfectly, but the very best soundtrack of
all games of all time, is, at least in my
opinion this one.
God, the majora’s mask soundtrack is so good!
I just can feel what it is like to play majora’s
mask as soon as I hear this track.
So good!
Can you sing the beginning of the Austrian
National Anthem for us?
*ugh* I’ve got a horrible singing voice
and we are just listening to the very best
gaming soundtrack of all time.
But alright, I’ll give it a try.
Dei längste Zeit, is long vorüba, und a
die höh host hinta dia. *click*
That was a little inside joke, for the five
people from austria that are watching.
Why do you refuse to say the word ‘gear’?
I do not refuse to say the word gear.
Gear is a perfectly fine word.
Which youtubers do you like most?
(no matter if Mario-related or not) Let’s
go with non nintendo related stuff.
I watch a lot of gaming retrospective videos,
like the stuff that joseph anderson, matthewmatosis
or kingk put out.
I recently binged through all of mandalore
gamings stuff, he does, weird gaming reviews
with a lot of humor about really obscure old
For non gaming related stuff, I really enjoy
the movie discussions Lindsay Ellis puts out,
like her take on the hobbit movies is honestly
better then, well the hobbit movies.
I watch a lot of jacob preston, who is probably
best described as game of thrones conspiracy
theorist, I love the stuff mossbag puts out
there, mossbag is probably best described
as hollow knight lore, well conspiracy theorist.
Oh, also mumbo jumbo.
I love mumbo jumbos minecraft stuff!
Okay so before we wrap this little video up,
I also got a question.
So youtube user mashmallow, how are you doing.
A&Q I’m doing fine, thanks for asking!
Well glad you are doing fine.
Finally “What are you feeling especially
like today?”
Well, I’d say I’m feeling especially grateful
that all of you are watching my silly videos.
In all honesty, it’s almost scary how many
of you are there by now, I really just wanted
to take a second and say thanks that all you
wonderful ladies and gentleman are watching
my stuff.
It honestly means the world to me.
Alright, so thanks for watching this little
video, I hope you enjoyed it, if you enjoyed
it, don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up
and maybe you feel especially, like your all
your answers are questioned today, and want
to hit the subscribe button as well.
I hope that all of you have a wonderful day,
and to see you soon.

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