The Poker Hand Hierarchy

The Poker Hand Hierarchy

Hi, I’m Martin from I’m gonna very very quickly now run you through
Hand Hierarchy. In the game of Poker, you
need to know how strong a hand you’ve got and
I’m gonna teach you from bottom to top
the different hands that you’ll
hopefully be winning with
in the game of Poker.
Now sometimes, just the way the game works, you’ll get to the end of a hand of Poker and
there won’t be any very good hands out there,
but somebody’s got to win, that’s the
lovely thing about Poker every hand somebody
It’s possible to win with a hand just
like this one;
Ace, 9, 6, 5, 2. Whats that one?
That’s just, there’s not even a Pair there is there? That’s just an Ace High, where you’ve got 5 cards that dont match
each other,
so what do we do? We figure out what the best
card is. That’s an Ace
High. An Ace with a 9 in fact, if two of you had an Ace
then the second card would be the judgment
of who was the winner in the hand. Very very weak hand, it does happen quite often,
that just an Ace or just a King as a High Card is enough to win you the hand.
A little bit more commonly,
you’ll see this all the time, the hand will be won by just a Pair.
A Pair, a Pair of 7’s in this case, any
two cards that match, they can be
one that’s here and one’s that’s part of the Flop. One Pair,
that’s your next one. Just two cards. Of course a Pair of 10’s
will always beat a Pair of 7’s.
Moving up through the Hand Hierarchy, your next one here is a Pair of Queens with a
Pair of 8’s.
We call that Two Pair, Two Pair beats the
One Pair,
It beats the single High Card. Two Pair here, Queens and 8’s.
Again, if two of you have got Two Pair, it will
go on the first
Highest Pair. So, if you’ve got
and 4’s, you would beat Queens and 8’s
because your higher Pair, the Aces
beats the Queen’s there. If you’ve got 6’s
and 7’s,
you wouldn’t beat Queens and 8’s.
Moving up then, beating all of these hands is Three of a Kind, a Prial.
This one, three 4’s,
maybe with a 4 and a 6, because you haven’t got anything else with it to match it up with.
Three 4’s would beat all of these hands below, but of course,
if you get a higher matching three, three
9’s will beat three 4’s.
Moving up through the hands,
you don’t see many of these really, a Straight.
A Straight is when you get 5 consecutive
Five consecutive cards in ascending order.
Of course, you can use the ace to be high or low.
This example here; 9, 10, Jack, Queen and
King. There’s your Straight, 5 cards together.
Maybe you could have a straight; 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of course, wouldn’t beat this Straight here, it’s a five card winning hand there, we’re using our
maximum number of cards you can use to win the game of Poker is five cards. We’re using all five
The lowest ranking five card hand is the
Straight and there it is, because
they’re all different suits if you notice, it doesn’t matter what
suit they are to get a Straight. You’ve got five different suits, five cards in ascending order, theres your
Next one up, a very nice hand to get, this one
is the Flush. What do we notice about the Flush here? They’re all Diamonds.
You’ve got five Diamonds out of the seven cards available to you,
That’s called a Flush.
The highest card here is the King, so
we’d call this
a King Flush. So you’ve got five cards of the same suit,
the highest card signifies how strong the hand is.
A King Flush of course, would beat maybe a 10 Flush where you had five Diamonds and
the highest card is a 10.
And again, any Flush beats all of the
hands that we’ve already mentioned.
Moving up through the hands to something a little bit more exotic,
which is called the Full House. The Full House is a lovely lovely hand to get.
Again you’re using five cards, the maximum you can
to make a lovely strong hand. Here’s our
example here, you’ve got
three 3’s and two Aces. Three of one kind
and two of another.
Now we’re getting to the land of fantasy,
the sort of thing we don’t see very often.
The sort of hand
that can get us all a little bit nervous, if you
get one of them. You don’t see these too often.
This one is called a Straight Flush. We talked about a Straight earlier on there,
those 5 cards here, that all went in ascending order is called a Straight,
this little bit differently is a
Straight Flush and that’s because they’re all
of the same suit. 7, 8, 9, 10 and Jack. This time of
clubs, a Straight Flush, five cards of the same suit.
It certainly beats all these hands
here. There’s only one hand that can beat a
Straight Flush
which we shall talk about in a minute. If you’ve both got a Straight Flush, again, exactly like all of the other
hands earlier on,
the highest card here is the Jack, so it’s a
Straight Flush
to the Jack. If you were maybe lucky enough
to have,
not that 8 but the Queen, you’d beat this hand. Very very unlucky,
if you’ get beaten by a Straight Flush. The Holy Grail of Poker,
I’ve only seen a couple in all of my many, many years and
it’s this beautiful thing here, it’s called the Royal Flush. The Royal Flush is the
10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit
in order. If you get one of those, you can
tell your friends and brag about it
because that
is absolutely unbeatable. There is
nothing nothing in the game of Poker
that can beat a Royal Flush, That’s your best
potential winning hand we go down through the
Straight Flush,
the Full House, we go down through the Flush 5 of a kind,
there’s your Straight, there’s your 3 of a Kind, there’s the 2 Pair.
Quite often good enough to win with just a Pair or just the single
High Card. All the different ways
potentially, top to bottom
of winning a hand in Poker.

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  1. How can a three of a kind say 3 jacks get beaten with 3 deuces?
    Do i win if i have a deuce and two deuces in the community cards when my opponent has just 2 jacks but there is 1 jack in the community card? Or the other way around
    Me 2 AOponent J J
    2 2 J 4 4
    DO I WIN?

  2. "all the ways, top to bottom, of how to win a hand of poker"

    …except four of a kind because fuck the rules youll never get it

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