The Rules of Slamball (Trampoline Basketball) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Slamball
The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. Slamball is a variation of the game of basketball
that is played with trampolines or springbeds built into the floor. Slamball is played with two teams of 8 players,
with 4 players on the court at any one time. Teams usually consist of one stopper – who
is responsible for guarding their own net. A handler who moves the ball up the court
and two gunners who are the high flyers who score the points. Once someone has won possession of the ball,
they have up to 20 seconds (or 15 seconds in some games) to shoot the ball towards the
opponent’s basket. Failure to shoot the ball within this time
results in a shot clock violation, and the other team is awarded possession of the ball. The baskets are 10 feet above the ground on
a court that’s generally about 97ft long by 57ft wide with trampolines built into the
floor. To move the ball up the court, you can either
pass the ball to a teammate … or dribble the ball, where you bounce the ball up and
down repeatedly whilst in motion. To score points, a player must shoot the ball
into the opponents’ basket. You get two points for any shots scored within
this arc. If a player scores from a shot outside this
arc, this scores three points. And if you dunk the ball, where you forcibly
put the ball into the net like so, this also scores three points. With the addition of the trampolines, this
makes dunking a lot easier and there are many gravity defying scoring plays. The opposing team will try and take the ball
off you by either blocking shots, rebounding missed shots, or by stealing the ball away
from an opposing player so that they can score themselves. The game is played in 4 x 5 minute quarters
for a total playing time of 20 minutes. The highest score at the end of time wins. There are no ties in Slamball, so if the scores
are tied at the end of regulation, overtime periods will be played to determine the winner. If you understand Basketball, Slamball is
an easy game to grasp, but there’s a few other things you need to know before playing
or watching Slamball. For example. Substitution – Unlike Basketball, there
are unlimited substitutions that can be made at any time, on the fly, at the designated
substitution area. Reset – once you enter the trampoline area
with the ball, you cannot leave and then carry on dribbling. One way to get around this is to use the barriers
to pass the ball to yourself, which is perfectly legal in Slamball, but illegal in Basketball. This is known as a reset. Three in the island – very similar to basketball,
a player cannot stay in the islands, which is this section between the trampolines, for
more than three seconds with or without the ball. Stay more than three seconds and the ball
is awarded to the other team. Defending – a defender may use the springbed
directly below the basket to try and stop the ball from going in. He is allowed to make contact with the arm
or hand so long as he is trying to get the ball. Any contact with the opponent’s torso results
in a foul. Popcorn – this is where a player intentionally
disrupts the bounce of another player on the springbeds. Doing so results in a foul. Fouls – In Slamball, contact is allowed. But take it too far and fouls will be awarded
against you. Illegal bodily contact that forcibly prevents
a player from scoring results in a foul, and once a player commits 3 personal fouls, he
is fouled out and can no longer participate in the game. Faceoff – there are no free throws in Slamball,
so if you commit a foul whilst the player is shooting, a faceoff will be given. This is a one on one contest between you and
their stopper only, and you get given the chance to try and score one on one. There are many other rules not discussed here,
so be sure to watch a few games to learn more. And I f you’re still not sure, it might
be worthwhile checking out my Rules of Basketball video to get a solid grounding of the rules. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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