The Run Braid Combo | Hairstyles for Sports

hey everyone I’m Mindy from cute girls hairstyles and today Brooklyn’s gonna help me out from Brooklyn and Bailey hi guys and we’re going to show you how to do the running braid combo so I saw this picture pop up in my Instagram feed from Lululemon and you guys are always asking me for hairstyles that you can wear if you’re doing athletics you know that are still cute but pulled back and out of your face so this one I knew needed a tutorial so we’re going to film this one for you guys today so we have just started by Brooklyn washed her hair and slept on it last night so it was nice and clean but we haven’t done anything with it and I’m going to begin a regular French braid right here at the top right just at the top of our forehead and I’m going to just to begin we’re going to run a basic French braid down the top of her head and we are going to pick up hair all the way pretty much to her ears so this is pretty basic just french-braid you could even do a Dutch braid if you really wanted to if that’s the one you’re more comfortable with and a French braid that’s fine too now I’m going to continue the braid all the way down just all the way to the very ends that Pisa hair out of there and when I get to the end I’m going to secure it with an elastic and just for the sake of doing my next step I’m going to take this and just flip it up and over so it’s out of the way now I’m going to take the rest of her hair and I’m going to pull it up into a ponytail right where the braid ends so you can just use a comb you can use some water or some hairspray for me too on Brooklyn she has like a lot of little fuzzies so I’m actually going to just spritz a little bit of hair wax through it to help kind of tame some of that flyaway issue for her okay and when you have that pulled where you pretty much want it then I’m going to add this hair back in and secure it all together in one ponytail elastic make sure you have all your pieces where you want to laying into a nice high ponytail well she’s got so much hair really did I know that elastic was tight too oh okay so now we have the one braid and the remaining hair and I’m going to take the braid again and flip it on top and I’m going to divide the rest of this section of hair into three pieces just pretty much even pieces sure and then you’re going to braid each of those sections when you’re done breeding those three sections go ahead and pull that fourth grade back down in and I’m just going to split two braids in my right hand and two braids in my left and I’m going to just take them and twist them together all the way down and then when you get to the end secure it with an elastic all together and then woo that elastic did not last right here it’s too thick secure them all together and then you can even go back and pull out the others if you’d like since you have it nicely secured together now and then just let it loosen up a bit and sit like this and you have the running braid let’s do a final spin it’s just a great little French braid into a ponytail of braids would you wear that to your dance class definitely says yeah it’s everyday at school they should stay in really well if your perfect keep it out of your face Sammy and if you’re all sweaty or gross it doesn’t look that bad Sajida Frontale that’s right perfect okay so if you guys want to see some really old pictures of Brooklyn and our hairstyles be sure to check us out on Facebook be sure to give us a like over there and well done follow them on facebook we’ll put a link in the description box below you can find it at cute girls hairstyles of course and we will see you guys next Sunday bye you guys bye wait tell me what you’re so excited about your first day of preschool right now are we going right now okay let’s go okay

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