The Time Zack Morris Lost His Friend’s Dog In A Poker Game

The Time Zack Morris Lost His Friend’s Dog In A Poker Game

♫ Zack Morris is Trash.
– [Voiceover] Zack Morris
heard Screech’s parents
are going out of town
for their anniversary
and shows up like he owns the place
before they’ve left the house.
He carelessly picks up Mrs.
Powers’ prize Elvis statue,
making her scream she would die
if anything ever happened to it.
Mrs. Powers hands Screech
a huge list of rules,
including no girls and no parties,
which Zack urges him to ignore.
Slater says they can still have fun
hanging out doing guy stuff.
Hold that thought.
Jessie, a decent human,
sees Violet getting harassed
by her nerdy boyfriend
Max and stands up for her.
Max responds by forcing himself on Jessie.
That’s gonna be important later.
Hey, remember that guy stuff?
Turns out to be this, which okay,
looks like a good time I guess,
even though surfing on the
couch and dropping your nuts
on the floor are probably
against the rules.
The girls show up to point
and laugh at these losers.
Screech tries to kick them out,
but their dance moves are contagious
and they knock over the Elvis status.
Zack, who knows how
important the statue is,
stands there and does
nothing to try and save it,
then decides now is a great
time to try some fresh material.
– Looks like the king is dead,
– Screech passes out and
has a nightmarish vision
where he’s visited by his deceased mother
who died as a result of his negligence.
Zack tells Screech not to worry
because they’ll get a replacement statue,
even though he has no idea if one exists,
where to buy it, or
how much it might cost.
Lisa miraculously finds
an identical statue
that costs $250 doing all of the legwork
while Zack sat on his lazy blonde ass.
Zack sees Max harassing
his now ex-girlfriend
and decides to teach him a lesson.
– $250 lesson.
– [Voiceover] Because robbing this nerd
will definitely teach
him to respect women.
Zack organizes a poker
game at Screech’s house,
breaking the house rules yet again,
and everyone unsurprisingly
loses all their money to Max,
who is dressed like he
works at a goddamn casino.
Zack is down to his last
dime when he gets a hand
he proudly shows to all his
friends with a big dumb grin
like all great poker players do.
Unable to come up with the
$50 necessary to keep playing,
Zack bets Screech’s dog.
Zack assures Screech he
cannot lose with this hand
and pressures Max into
going all in for $250
against the value of this live animal.
Zack has four queens,
which would be great,
except for the fact that Max
beats him with four kings.
Max takes the dog and Screech drifts
into a catatonic state of shock.
Also, there are 42 poker hands
that can beat four queens,
you fucking genius, but don’t worry.
Zack assures everyone he’ll
teach Max another lesson.
That lesson, stand behind
Slater while he threatens Max
and takes all the risk of
getting caught assaulting a peer
when the principal shows up.
Max says he’ll give the dog back
if he can get a date with Jessie.
Zack tells Max he’ll happily make
one of his best female friends
spend the night with a guy
he knows abuses women and
sexually violated her yesterday,
but not before Zack announces
they’re going to have a
party at Screech’s house.
That’s right, Zack finally
gets to have his party,
only now he’s charging an entrance fee
so they can buy the statue
and maybe make some
extra cash on the side.
When Jessie says she won’t
go on Zack’s arranged date,
he guilts her into it by reminding Screech
of the dog he lost to make him cry.
Zack ignores Jessie begging
for help at the party.
– Help me!
– [Voiceover] And they get enough cash
to buy the statue just
in time for Screech’s mom
to come home early and catch them.
Zack convinces her it’s a
party for their anniversary
thanks to a banner he rigged,
because apparently he knew
they’d probably get caught
but still had the party anyway.
Let’s review.
Zack Morris tried to get his best friend
to have a party against
his mother’s rules,
did nothing to stop her
statue from shattering,
did nothing to help find a replacement,
lost all his friend’s
money in a poker match,
gambled away Screech’s dog,
forced his best friend to go on a date
with a known sex offender,
and threw a party anyways
knowing he’d get caught.
Zack Morris is trash.
♫ Zack Morris is trash

100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Lost His Friend’s Dog In A Poker Game”

  1. Well, it’s no surprise Max is a sex offender. Why else would a 45 year old man pretend to be a teenager so he can go to high school?

  2. waiting for the 'Braer Rabbit is trash" series. Maybe even tigger as well, since you're keen to attribute malice to characters who are just dumb.

  3. Saved By The Bell was my brother's favorite show. I always wanted to watch it from start to finish but I don't think I'll be able to now XD

  4. Everything from the 90s is Trash now that Political Correctness nonsense has become the social norm. Too bad it was all suppose to be satire. Yay! Conformity!

  5. Thank you for making these. I only wish it'd existed back in the 90s when my fragile psyche was exposed to this shit w/out explanation.

  6. Only here because I watched a poker video where the commentator mentions he once watched an episode of saved by the bell where quads was beaten by higher quads 😂😂

  7. Okay, I'm just wondering if that Elvis statue is so important to her, why is she just leaving it out in the open when she KNOWS Zack is going to be staying there for a while. Put that shit behind lock and key while you're gone, like a normal person, if it really means that much to you.

  8. I watch these knowing I was always. Slater girl, but now I truly see WHY I just never felt right about Zack.

    Now I'm pretty sure my best friend is trash cause she is ride or die for garbage bag Zack…

  9. I wonder if the guy who creates these videos hated Zach as he he grew up watching this show 😂😂😂 Or if he only now realized, much like us all, that he was not "The Man" like we were brainwashed to believe as kids, but in fact Trash.

  10. Zack Morris is trash if you were willing to resort to animal cruelty then what even is the point of being a human

  11. Zack didn't have time to react when the statue fell. You can't blame him for that you dumbass. Violet accidentally knocked it over while dancing.

  12. This was my first Saved by the Bell episode I ever saw, and wow my first thoughts about Zack was stupid, compared to how I see him now. (I thought he was kinda cool, but yeah heck no he sucks.)

  13. Quads in draw and stud poker are something you only lose with if your opponent is cheating 99.999% of the time. In hold'em (which they were not playing at the time), your hand is made with the community cards your opponent uses; so you can tell if you have the nuts or if there are potential hands that beat you. As far as disobeying a the guy's mom's rules, that's not really something I care about. As far as giving his friend to that pushy nerd, that's probably why she became a stripper once the show was over (in a movie.)

  14. Zack takes control of Screeche's house, he loses his dog for losing at an illegal gambling at his best friends expense, and they're still friends with this maniacal pos??!😤😡

    Zack👏🏻Morris👏🏻is👏🏻Trash👏🏻,…………………………. and his friends are a bunch of idiotic masochists

  15. jessie provoked the dancing that killed the statue, she's the trash in this episode. zack morris, who is definitely trash, was just trying to clean up jessie's mess.

  16. Zack probably went on to run casinos, race tracks, state lotteries, and every other form of gambling he could promote because Zack Morris is trash.

  17. I just watched every episode of this and am shocked at how Zack is a sociopath who repeatedly ruins his classmates' and teachers' lives. Who knew this show was so dark?

  18. Omg "sexualy violated her" really? I know you are overdoing stuff but come on. Dont be that SJW woke ass snowflake.

  19. Zack Morris sounds more and more like a sociopath with every episode of Zack Morris Is Trash, lmao.

  20. I AM HOOKED! These shitz are short, SMART & way better than the goddamn show! I was never really into Baywatch when I was younger. This show was more on my older brothers' radar. I know of the main characters & seen plenty enough episodes to KNOW that Zack Morris Is TRASH. I'm just happy to see this show LIKE THIS!!!

  21. How did anyone let him seriously bet screeches dog…. Honestly Zack is a daedric lord and bayside is his plane of oblivion

  22. Zack Morris is not trash you Fucken twat !!! Also there is not 42 poker hands that can beat 4 Queens you Fucken psycho idiot

  23. Zack wasn't so bad in this episode tbh it's the girls fault for coming over uninvited and breaking Elvis

  24. All dogs should get a restraining order against Zack. He keeps on taking them from their owners who love and care for them

  25. 1:55
    Zack’s face is priceless!! He’s like: “Oh crap, I f’d up!!”

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