The top 50 games of the decade, in 7 words or less

The top 50 games of the decade, in 7 words or less

Polygon’s top 50 games of the decade in
7 words or less. Hey you, you’re finally awake. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim No escape from Todd’s cold world Sea of Thieves Swashbuckling, skeletons, and sloops — oh
my! No Man’s Sky Comeback Player of the Decade Award Dota 2 Auto Chess It’s just wizard’s chess for muggles. Give it here Malfoy or I’ll
knock you off your broom. That’s my Harry Potter impression. Fallout: New Vegas War never changes, but developer do. FIFA 17 Imagine Rocket league but no cars Thumper Cyber devil rhythm hell. Should we do that at the same time? Cyber devil rhythm hell. Cyber devil rhythm hell. CYBER DEVIL RHYTHM HELL CYBER DEVIL RHYTHM- Superhot John Wick in a china shop. The works of Michael Brough Shareware is art. NBA 2K12 Actually, basketball peaked in 2K12. 2012. (laughs) Celeste Berries and therapies. Firewatch Did you think there were aliens, dipshit? God of War (2018) Daddification complete. Kratos: the original wife guy. Destiny 2 Rootin’ Tootin’ shootin’ an’ lootin’ (in space) Titanfall 2 Trust us, we’ve done the math. Red Dead Redemption collection I have… a PLAN, John. I HAVE a PLAN, John. I HAVE A PLAN, JOHN. I HAVE A PLANNN JO- Tetris Effect Getting high without the devil’s lettuce Kerbal Space Program Complex space simulator packed full of minions Divinity: Original Sin 2 Can I Talk to the Dog? Yes! A good source of quality RPG fun! It’s funny because the source is a different
type of magic that you can use in the game. It’s sort of like mana if you wanna think
about it that way. It’s not, It’s a play on words. I’m making a joke about source. in this one. Bloodborne Dark Souls’ Adult Steampunk goth son. Bloodcore Darks souls adult bloodcore goth nope. Blood souls. Bloodborne. Dark Souls’ Adult Steampunk
bloodcore goth son. Dark Souls’ Adult Steampunk bloodcore goth
son. Adult core? Dark souls blood borne! Dark souls. Bloodborne. GOTH SON… Dark Souls’ adult bloodcore
Steampunk goth son. Nice. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey My big strong greek waifu. Was that italian? I don’t know. It’s kinda King of the Hill. Dang it Bobbie, i’ve got a big strong greek
waifu. Florence Warioware Therapy Hour. Portal 2 Now you’re thinking with sequels! Doom Fracking hell was a BAD IDEA. SHOOT. SHOOT. SHOOT. SHOOT AT THE DEVIL! Dishonored 2 Take your daughter to work day. Outer Wilds Figure out fife’s mean… The Outer Wilds Figure out life’s mean in 22 minutes or less. No over less. What. The Outer Wilds Figure out life’s meaning in 22 minute can
I take it again? The Outer Wilds Figure out life’s meaning in 22 minutes. TowerFall Ascension Luck? Skill? Who cares, it’s Wizard Dodgeball Rocket League Soccer cars. That’s it. That’s the game. In Europe it’s called football cars. FORZA FIFA! (honks) Stardew Valley Tomatoes are worthless. WORTHLESS. Growing crops AND relationships is easy? Inspirational! Counterstrike: Global Offensive E-sports titan and money laundering operation! Journey Heaven is other people … without voice chat Overwatch Who needs story when you have ‘ships? Her Story/Telling Lies Full Motion Video is BACK, BAYBEE Persona 4: Golden Let me date Yosuke, cowards. COWARDS. Nier: Automata It has how many endings? Everything Pigs. Forest. Toaster. Supernova. Amoeba. Literally. Everything Super Mario 3D World Mario stole my pajamas. Super Mario 3D World Meowrio. FUCK OFF FUCK OFF Gone Home Surprise! It’s gay! Did you think it was ghosts, dipshit? Return of the Obra Dinn Agatha Christie wishes she had written it Who needs story when you have ‘ships? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Where we dropping boys? Fortnite BR Where we dropping boys? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt High Fantasy: Pony Tail Man Has Sex $60 digital card game Dark Souls Prepare to Die…… -iscourse The Dark Souls of Dark Souls P.T. The scariest thing? Accidentally deleting it. League of Legends Good game, better k-pop. (excellent K-Pop music) Stay in my tempo Simone! Pokemon Go Good game, defintely not a cult. Kentucky Route Zero Interdimensional Appalachian beureacracy class
struggle simulator anothology. Point and click is back BAYBEE! Spelunky Wow, this game is super cute FUCKING GHOST! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Skyrim, but make it Zelda. Hey you, you’re finally awake. Thirst. Trap. More like Rip van linkle. He went to sleep for 100 years! Minecraft Some sort of computer lego? Ok Boomer. The best game Hatsune Miku’s ever made! Wake up, punch trees PUNCH TREES PUNCH TREES PUNCH TREES PUNCH TREES This is the game that never ends They’re gonna keep licensing it for the rest of our lives. And it goes on and on- The game that launched a thousand youtubers It is what you make of it… LITERALLY.

100 thoughts on “The top 50 games of the decade, in 7 words or less”

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  2. Spelunky or the game I've bought on every console I own is my favorite game of all time and I'm blown away they ranked it so high.

  3. Why does your website keep giving a platform to a psychopath? She has bullied someone to suicide, allegedly stabbed someone at a party, keeps drawing money without delivering and I have read several indie devs now saying they don't like her presence because she keeps talking over stuff and making herself into a victim. As time goes on more and more things she said turn out to be lies. She has been continuously insulting whole swaths of people and Polygon just seems to gobble it all up without question. She needs treatment, not a platform to spread her hate.
    I want to call your sponsors about it but maybe you can talk some sense into your editors. You can't expect people to just let themselves be insulted over and over again without any consequences.

  4. No Super Mario Odyssey, no Persona 5, no Monster Hunter World. Do you even play any games.
    Oh, and let's not forget the game who ONLY won awards for best game of the year AND best game of all time. Fucking Undertale.

  5. Cool and all, but I respectfully disagree with a lot, especially on Skyrim being 50 on the list. It had objectively MUCH more success and impact on gaming than most if not almost all titles higher on the list, and it's a great game. Even if you didn't like it, if should be ranked way better imo. I mean ranking it straight after Sea of Thieves is kinda like a joke, but I understand it's your experience with the game.

  6. Rip Van Link-le's plot is that LInk got drunk on Goron Booze and when he wakes up his Master Sword degraded to a stick.

  7. Bruh where's Smash Ultimate, Batman: Arkham City, Persona 5, Pewdiepie's Pixelings, Mario Odessey, Undertale, Farming Simulator 2020, Shovel Knight, Fallout 4, and A Hat In Time?

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