The TRUTH about Green Valley Ranch Casino

The TRUTH about Green Valley Ranch Casino

– three into folk Snoop Doggy Dogg and
dr. Dre is that better
ready to make an entrance so back own up
give me the microphone first so I can
bust like a bubble popping in Long Beach
together that you knew you were trouble
ain’t nothing but a cheap bank babe and
too low death take us over crazy
with so much drama in the LBC it’s kinda
hard being it’s no deal GG but I somehow
someway keep coming up a funky ass shit
like every single day may I take a
little something for the cheese hands
make a few ears if I breeze
– in the moment in the party still jump
and cook my mama
today begins my across city tour of all
the best one to No Limit cash games Las
Vegas and Henderson has to offer I’m
gonna start with the closest proximity
to my house which is the Green Valley
Ranch spa casino one two is the only
offering tonight we’re on the list
hopefully we get a seat right away and
I’m gonna report back with everything
you need to know before you dedicate an
evening to a poker room in Las Vegas
under the gun plus one limps I’m next to
act 8 handed with pocket fives so I
raise it to ten I get five callers so
for six ways to a flop
you know what I always say no set no bet
the flop comes Queen eight five two
spades check check
I bet $40 action folks the small blind
who puts in the call her heads up to a
turn turns a six he has about $60 behind
he checks I put him all in he puts in
the Colin says you’re way ahead okay I
hope there’s no Spade on the river
the river is an ace of spades he doesn’t
want to show I show my set
in felt an opponent we now have almost
450 dollars in our stack the very next
hand were under the gun with pocket eats
raised it up to ten under the gun plus
one puts in the call and the big blind
calls three ways to a flop the flop
comes seven five three two diamonds
I bet $25 elderly man on my left puts in
the call I always been playing very
tight so I’m not too happy that he’s
continuing the worst hand he can have as
a flush draw I think it’s very likely he
has a bigger pair or a set at this point
big blindfolds the turn is a beautiful
off suit eight is about a hundred and
seventy dollars behind I think if I
track he’s gonna bet about a third of
that and I can set up a perfect
check-raise Jam I check
he quickly bets $50
I shove all in and he snap calls the
river is a brick I ask him if he has a
set he shows pocket fives we set over
set him and we now have $600 back to
back sets even at 1/2 no limit that’s
still a rush
three hands later there’s three limps
I’m on the button with Ace King offsuit
and I make it $15 the blinds fold an all
three limiters call the flop comes King
Jack five two diamonds one club under
the gun limper leads out for twenty
there’s a fold and then there’s a call
tempted to put in a value raised here
but in position I think we can get away
with just calling under upping our hand
in playing future streets if there’s a
clean run out so we just call the 22
assess the action we definitely don’t
want to raise and get jammed on and have
to fold our top pair
because they’re likely Holdings would be
King Jack pocket fives and like a
straight flush draw which we’re flipping
against so we can’t really continue
against that range the turn brings a
nine of clubs definitely at the best
card now that Queen ten gets there under
the gun checks and other guy checks
average age at this tables around 55 to
60 I’m definitely the youngest guy at
the table so they probably think I’m a
big Bluff er even though I don’t be too
much other than King 10 Jack 10 and
diamond draws I think it’s a good time
to put in a value bet I bet $50 under
the gun folds and elderly man on my
right thinks about it for a while and
eventually puts in the call I definitely
think I have the best hand here let’s
hope for a brick on the river the river
brings the queen of clubs
one of the worst cards in the deck I do
have the king of clubs
but I don’t think we don’t want it gonna
turn our hand into a cloth he checks I
check and he shows jacked an off suit
for the street we’re now down to about
five hundred and twenty dollars
the action is died down at Green Valley
Ranch we’ve now consolidated to one
table of 10 people there is a button
straddle for $5 under the gun limps
under the gun plus one who has $800 I
think I have a pretty good tell on with
his timing fast means strong slow means
weak pretty reliable he makes it 15 old
guy on my right the flats the 15 I’m
gonna cut off with pocket kings I make
it $60 action folds to under the gun
plus one who puts in the call and we’re
heads up to a flop the flop comes East
five four two clubs
he takes about five seconds and
announces all-in over $700 I have about
550 dollars behind wish I had aces
instead of Kings here or even a set but
I don’t and I put in the discipline fold
he probably shows East five for two pair
a lot of action a lot of opportunities
to win a lot of money in these cash
games if you just play a solid and let
opportunities come to you
I end up racking up 538 dollars I
believe for a profit of two hundred and
thirty-eight dollars
overall a pretty good experience at
Green Valley Ranch not trying to be
results oriented based on my win
but the players were pretty cordial
not too many pros if any at all everyone
was just old having a good time
knew the floor as soon as I got my ships
the guy I knew my vlog and the floor
manager was a previous manager from the
Venetian it was always super friendly it
was nice to see him at Green Valley
Ranch if you’re the area I would
recommend you check it out I don’t like
the wood railing around the table that’s
kind of weird
chairs are give about a 6 out of 10 on
the dealers are very upbeat and good so
overall I would recommend Green Valley
Ranch check it out when you’re in the
Henderson area not many tourists mostly
vocals but that doesn’t mean they’re
good players that just means they’re
locals until next time I’m out

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  1. First in Texas with 3 🐶 #mansbestfriends BTW we know your are active in that GTO wannabe controlled 2+2 Vegas Vlog forum. Those are the most miserable Nancies on 🌏 But their clicks are 💰 so I understand why. But truth be told, your core audience needs to be 1/2 recreational players to increase views & comments. Vlog like this & San Diego are money in the bank👍 Keep them coming 💰 💰 💰 💰

  2. Step 1: start playing $1/2 nlh
    Step 2: spend all your profit(?) on overpriced cups of sugar water at the nearest Starbucks
    Step 3: buy a boosted board to remind everyone how cool you are
    Step 4: ?????
    Step 5: profit

    The transformation is almost complete for you Boski

  3. Love you chilling at the beach with the dogs at sunset. While I do not live in Vegas and do not play no limit, I find the series detailing the lower limit NL games around town interesting. But the thing I like most about the blog is your hand breakdown – especially when you throw in why you make certain moves and sometimes more importantly, why you to not do something. Excellent job sir!

  4. Dude…that intro!!! Boski you have leveled up sir! Multiple level jump brooooooo! Loving these vlogs..

    Smiling WIDE watching these!

  5. Follow me on Twitch >
    I will be streaming the $265 $1,000,000 guarantee tournament on ACR today!

  6. There locals that doesn’t mean there good players 😂😂 you savage boski love it. Also the cash vlogs are much more interesting than tournaments that’s only my opinion but really enjoy it cheers

  7. This is the future…no more tourneys…you can make a nice living off playing soft 1/2! Let me know your thoughts Jeff

  8. A 5x bb raise is gonna generate roundabouts the same number of folds as limping along to set mine in 1-2. That works out to be…let me do some math here 0 + 0…carry the 0…uhhh, yep…0 folds.

  9. I have to admit…with all the porn star and gentelmen club content you have in your vlogs i mistakenly thought this was going to be a review of The BUNNY RANCH! My bad Boski…….

  10. green valley ranch USED to have the softest O8 game… 4/8 limits but 1/2 blinds… it was like printing $$$, but the game died 'cause the regs pissed off the fun players

  11. When you were dropping sand in front of your dog I kept thinking the dog was going to stick his/her tongue out. Great format and very informative reviews, Jeff. thank you for your efforts.

  12. Boski damnit get your ass on 5 10 or bigger, this 1 2 doesn't even relate to bigger games.

    The small games are all in or fold by the river. The deeper cash will suit your style, but you better tighten up!

  13. Can you help me edit a vlog, or who can do that for a charge? I'm gonna cover SoCal! Most gamble in the world! Lol

  14. Lol..bro. I usually play limit. Cause the closest place mainly does limit. NL offered but few takers. 4 8..8 16.. and 20 40. Anywoo..was drinking the other night ,and 3 bet with a 9 2 off on the button..why? Cause of beer lol. Flop came 9 4 2…lol . Still more action. Turn is another duece!..peep are like What the eff!..ive been loling about it ever since!🤣😂🤣

  15. "Older Caucasian Senior Citizens SS $$$, We Love Older Caucasian Senior Citizens SS $$$!!!!" #BagAndTagStackNRackManzCoinzNationz 😎♠GtzPdz♦💸💰♣GtzLdz❤🍻

  16. This is cool. I used to play in Boulder and Sams Town if I’m not playing at the strip. And learned Tournaments at the Plaza with them small 25 dollar buy-ins. I played at the Sahara too.

    I liked playing live at Luxor, Mirage, Mandalay Bay and Belagio. Uh and also at the Wynn. For Tournaments though, I like Aria’s 100 dollar buy-ins. I saw you win that one. We chopped it up 4 ways. That’s a soft game, you should play that Tournament every day and do The rounds after. Unless they kept the buy-ins big at Aria now. I couldn’t play it when I went down there for the WSOP because it was like 400.

    I can’t wait for the future Poker Room reviews ☺️

  17. Thanks for visiting GVR and playing in poker room. I’m “that guy that knew of your vlog when you came in” lol. Hope to see you around in the near future.


  19. Great move playing at Green Valley Ranch…Looks like a super soft game where the locals were playing their cards face up. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would focus on playing those soft games on the regular. A bunch of older dudes giving away chips. Why get involved in the bigger name card rooms where you're going to have more pros playing. Stick with the easy money until you've built up a nice bank roll through the cash games. I'm sure there's a lot of other card rooms in Vegas where games are just like this one. Side Note: I think the pups were loving the beach, doing that amped up boxer snort…

  20. If you put V on set/higher overpair or flush draw on 753dd, why not just bet turn when you hit the 8? It’s a disaster if he checks back his FD, and all his made hands will call or raise turn anyway, no?

  21. The name alone sounds like an old timer place. Something out of the 50s or 60s. Btw…get used to going 5 or more ways to the flop in these games. Of they limp…they will come…

  22. I hope you asked the yoga girl if she had any sand in her vagina that she needed help removing….bitches love getting asked if they have sandy vagina's!! Good ol A 5 suited…gotta love it…

  23. This one's got everything: Clyde and Duke at the beach, awesome music and great poker action. Boski continuing the vlog domination.

  24. So the boxers are yours lol yoga chick was so funny lol Snoop doggy doggggg lol nice sunset
    Pullin out of here friday first stop indiana then Tennessee see some fam. Then to vegas going through new mexico never been before soo pumped. Whats ur dogs names by the way ?

  25. Glad to see OMC get destroyed for his passive play.. lol that was brutal though I bet that guy sat there all day waiting for that set of 5s only to have Boski crush him.

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