The Untold Truth Of Michael Jordan’s Wife

The Untold Truth Of Michael Jordan’s Wife

After Michael Jordan’s divorce from his first
wife was finalized, he surprised us all by
giving love another shot when he met Cuban-American
model Yvette Prieto.
But while much is known about Jordan’s iconic
basketball career, when it comes to Prieto,
she tends to fly under the radar.
A muy famous ex
Becoming romantically involved with His Airness,
Michael Jordan, wasn’t Yvette Prieto’s first
high-profile celebrity relationship.
Back in 2003, she was spotted at a soccer
game alongside Latin superstar Julio Iglesias
Jr., according to HOLA! magazine.
By that time, Prieto and the singer appeared
to be serious.
But of course, this romance wouldn’t last.
Her $10 million slam-dunk wedding
For their 2013 wedding, Jordan pulled out
all the stops, giving Prieto “everything she’s
ever wanted,” according to People.
Thanks to celebrity wedding planner Sharon
Sacks, who reportedly staged two of Kim Kardashian’s
weddings, Jordan and Prieto enjoyed a slam
dunk of a special day.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, nearly
300 guests listened to tunes spinned by DJ
MC Lyte, while Robin Thicke and Usher serenaded
the happy couple and their guests.
For their first dance, Jordan and Prieto shimmied
to K’Jon’s “On the Ocean,” according to Us
Superstar guests, including golfer Tiger Woods
and film director Spike Lee, enjoyed a fireworks
show and indulged in an “all-white, seven-layer
white rum wedding cake,” as noted by The Hollywood
So, what was the total tab for Prieto and
Jordan’s magical day?
An estimated $10 million, per Us Weekly.
A charitable bride
Long before Jordan’s net worth skyrocketed
to $1.65 billion in 2018, according to Forbes,
he and his then-fiancée Prieto, were hardly
strapped for cash.
Even then, they probably had everything they
could possibly need, including a private jet
and a mega yacht dubbed “Mr. Terrible,” according
to Money Inc.
So what type of wedding gift do you give a
couple who has everything?
For their celebration, in lieu of gifts, the
couple asked guests to make a donation to
the James R. Jordan Foundation, a charity
named after Jordan’s father, James, who was
killed in 1993.
And instead of tossing her wedding bouquet
at the end of the night, The Hollywood Reporter
revealed Prieto “donated [the flowers] to
the Jupiter Medical Center.”
Does she have secret motives?
Perhaps Jordan didn’t hesitate to get married
for a second time because he had learned from
his past, costly mistakes.
This time around, he allegedly made sure to
draft an ironclad prenup to protect his fortune,
which was estimated at $650 million at the
time, according to the National Enquirer.
The tab alleged Jordan only agreed to marry
Prieto if she quote, “signed a prenup giving
her $1 million for each year they are married.”
If their marriage would last over ten years,
she would allegedly receive an increase of
“$5 million per year.”
The gossip rag also claimed that Prieto, dubbed
a quote “gold digger” by an insider, wasn’t
going to “settle” for the original conditions
stated in the prenup.
A source told the tab,
“The child support payments alone would add
up to more than $1 million a year for each
kid, and the money would keep rolling in for
at least 18 years.
She told a friend, ‘If I have Michael’s
babies, I’ll be set for life!’”
Growing the family
And according to Us Weekly, Prieto and Jordan
didn’t waste any time expanding their family
after they tied the knot.
“Part time Jupiter resident and former NBA
superstar Michael Jordan is a dad again times
Seven months after their lavish, multi-million
dollar wedding, the couple announced they
were expecting.
But there wasn’t just one bun in the oven:
there were two, identical twin girls.
In 2014, Prieto gave birth to Victoria and
Ysabel, as a rep for her husband told the
Associated Press, adding,
“Yvette Jordan and the babies are doing well
and the family is overjoyed at their arrival.”
As with most things surrounding Prieto, little
is known about her daughters with Jordan,
but we’re sure they’re just the cutest kids
Living like ballers
According to realtor Jeff Lichtenstein, before
the birth of their daughters Prieto and Jordan
began construction on a Palm Beach, Florida,
mansion fit for royalty.
Building the sprawling 28,000-square-foot
home took “18 months of construction” and
“6 months of planning,” according to the website,
and they moved into their new digs in 2013.
Situated in legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus’
Bear’s Club development, the home features
“18 separate roof structures” that create
“houses within houses.”
The Jordan manse also has 11 bedrooms, a basketball
court, a gym, and a rumored cigar-friendly
“media room,” which is perfect for Jordan,
a cigar aficionado, who was once quoted as
saying that lighting up a smoke “is the most
relaxing thing.”
He even told Cigar Aficionado that he wants
to visit Cuba, partly because of the cigars.
“My wife is Cuban, you know, her family got
a lot of memories about Cuba.”
The couple reportedly paid $4.8 million for
their Florida property’s land alone and an
additional $7.6 million to build the estate,
making their crib, what the realtor called,
quote, “probably the most expensive non-waterfront
home in the Palm Beaches.”
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