The Walking Dead Video Game For Ethics Class

The Walking Dead Video Game For Ethics Class

Moving on to another school In a video game, the person who plays often must make many choices That is it also the case in a zombie game That has become part of ethics teaching At a high school in Bergen A gaming console is part of The teaching method in this class I’m playing and I am trying to get through The game where we mostly do the Appropriate ethical choices in relation to What the class has determined The zombie computer game The Walking Dead Is being used for religious instruction To teach students ethics in an engaging way. I want a good catalyst for discussions About ethical theories or ethical dilemmas. This game provides the students with a space They can navigate and discuss within Based on the curriculum. For two weeks the game has been used in this class With positive results. The students are very motivated and they are committed. And when one is engaged in the subject at hand One will learn better As well, The Walking Dead presents some dilemmas They probably would not have thought of otherwise That makes their answers to a greater extent their own. Is Glenn doing the right thing by trying to save this woman? Here are four options you can vote on. Pupils take anonymous polls When ethical questions come up. Oh, that was even. So that is 15 for and 10 against. Afterwards, they discuss the results. I think they do it to help people. No I know .. I see .. I realize what you mean. Ethics is now our subject. And the way they do it in that we discuss All ethical dilemmas that come up Has helped me learn more About different ethical models And ways of thinking. Do you feel that you learn better? When it comes to ethics I feel that it Helps quite good, actually. It’s not normal that I remember everything After a lesson. Often one learn all one has to learn Prior to a test. But now I feel that I know the subject very well. In 5 years I hope that There are more people who use this similarly. That may well be the case.

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  1. The use of the game in the classroom is an awesome idea, but wow, that's what a HIGH SCHOOL looks like in Norway? There are plenty of U.S. universities and colleges in the U.S. that don't even have that kind of technology, let alone a high school. I guess that's what it looks like when a country invests in educational infrastructures.

    Or am I just old and wrong and haven't actually been in a high school in too long?

  2. THIS is what I call "lessons".. why the fuck can't they combine games with school more often… you can learn so many things from games.. eg. Assasines Creed

  3. TWDG is indeed superb for this kind of discussion. I'm just a bit surprised that apparently nobody cares about showing R rated content and violence to high school students. Interesting. It'd be a scandal here.
    Two lessons here: 1) Great content and great stories can be used as teaching tools and should be used. 2) Don't worry about your children seeing "bad" things. They understand better than you think.
    Great idea.

  4. Words can not express how epic this is, oh my god, I would love to play this in school, even though I've played it over 9000 times.

  5. Ugh a bit funny and sad how this would never go down in an American high school. Parents would bitch and moan about the school showing "violent content" to their kids when they probably don't know that their own children have seen worse stuff on the internet. I remember when I went to high school we had a movie club where we would watch all kinds of movies that we voted on then we would discuss the movie. If we wanted to watch R rated movies we had to get permission from our parents (mine did not care as did the rest of the class) and then the teacher had to submit a request into the school getting approval. It was such a hassle. I love this way of teaching. It gets into the nitty gritty. Gotta get your hands dirty if you want to learn something sometimes! 🙂

  6. Great idea 🙂 It sure makes the thought process a lot more meaningful when it has choices from within the world they're learning from. The only bad thing I can think of is if you were a student who had bought it and didn't want spoilers 😀  Also… This is random, but how come other languages always pronounce titles in English? :S AKA he says "The Walking Dead" instead of the words that make up that title in the native language. I always found that odd ^^

  7. Fox News be like: "ADOCTRINATION: Wicked teacher TERRORIZES young CHILDREN with VIDEOGAME that GIVES POINTS for KILLING BLACK PEOPLE with an axe. Parents are concerned"

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