The Week Ahead | 9 Dec 2019 | The Lott Australia’s Official Lotteries

Are you dreading hitting the shops to complete your Ever-growing list of Christmas shopping, or do you enjoy finding that perfect gift for your loved ones? well either way The whole experience could be a lot easier if you scored a major prize with one of this week’s offers from the Lott Hi, everyone I’m Bronwyn from the Lott and I’m here to let you know what our elves have been cooking up in our workshop this week. Imagine becoming a multi-millionaire right before Christmas well If you won this week’s Oz Lotto prize of ten million dollars your windfall would land in your bank account on Christmas Eve The same time Santa’s sleigh is landing on rooftops all over the country. Would you celebrate Christmas in style after scoring a prize of 12 million dollars in this week’s Powerball draw? You could really play Christmas by your own rules with that kind of cash. Instead of Rudolph the reindeer bringing you gifts this year it could be another four-legged furry friend with Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot offering a massive prize of over 8 million dollars. As always there’s a chance to win a division one prize of an estimated four million dollars in Saturday Lotto. Imagine popping a share of that prize in your family’s Christmas stockings this year. These are just some of the amazing offers available from the Lott this week. To find out more Make sure you head online to, check out our the Lott app or visit one of our friendly retailers. Have a very merry week everyone.

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