The West 2019 Part 8: Lake Havasu City, Oatman, Kingman, and Laughlin

The West 2019 Part 8: Lake Havasu City, Oatman, Kingman, and Laughlin

(serene music)
– We are in Lake Havasu City,
which, besides the lake,
is famous for another
unlikely landmark.
It is the London Bridge.
Brought from London,
England, block by block
and finally reconstructed
here in 1971.
Today, we are going
to be staying at the
Islander RV Resort
and this will be our home
base, to explore the area.
(light rock music)
♪ I’m riding ♪
♪ Riding, riding ♪
♪ Riding in my RV ♪
♪ My RV ♪
♪ Wherever I want to be ♪
♪ Because I’m free ♪
♪ In my RV, yeah ♪
Here’s our huge site.
Before going to town,
let’s explore the
campground a little bit.
Here’s a nice little beach.
By the way, it is
pretty windy today.
(wind whooshing)
El farito.
There’s a small lighthouse.
(wind whooshing)
So windy.
It’s all so very
nice and pleasant.
But let’s go into town.
(country music)
Our RV park here is actually
located on an island
connected to the
rest of the town
by the aforementioned
London Bridge.
(country music)
If it says world
famous, you know
Let’s check it out.
Yeah, I always get
kind of suspicious
when something self-advertises
as world famous.
(water rushing)
Let’s teleport.
Yeah, they have fish and
chips like in London.
Yeah, this whole area near
the bridge, very touristy
with an obvious British motif.
There goes another one of those
Doctor Who red phone booths.
It’s very pretty.
(light rock music)
There’s the London Bridge
Resort and a bar called Kokomo.
(light rock music)
Geez, a little dirty, huh?
No, duckling, don’t
eat from there.
Ugh, that was gross.
(light rock music)
Wouldn’t it be cool if a
London double-decker bus
went over the bridge right now?
(light rock music)
Ah, it’s only an RV.
(light rock music)
So cute.
(light rock music)
There we go, the three
flags: USA, UK, and Arizona.
Let’s checkout the Kokomo.
Maybe it’s the off-season, huh?
Yeah, there’s no one here
and it’s not even that early
kinda kills the mood.
And it’s a Monday too.
Well, they have their own IPA.
That’s kind of a nice
view of the bridge
framing the mountains.
(light rock music)
We came to find out
about the boat tours
and the news is not great.
Here we are in Mudshark
Brewing Company
and I think they just closed.
Maybe she’s cold.
Yeah, let’s eat.
We’re hungry.
Mudshark Brewery.
(people chattering)
They’ve got nachos.
(country rock music)
It’s a pretty large
town, actually,
and larger than I
expected for sure.
(country rock music)
(water rushing)
Well, what I was saying
about the boat tours,
it turns out that they
are all done for today
and tomorrow, they are
expecting high winds.
So all the tours are canceled.
All except, well, it’s
not really a tour.
Our only choice if we want
to get on the lake today
is a ferry that goes to
the Havasu Landing Casino
on the California side.
So that’s what we’re gonna do.
It’s better than nothing, right?
(pleasant music)
Beautiful, beautiful
afternoon to be on the lake.
If, as I said before,
a little windy.
Although tomorrow, it’s
supposed to be a lot worse,
so not complaining.
So many RVs in RV parks.
At least we know in that sense,
the town is very RV-friendly.
(pleasant music)
There it is, the
California side.
(pleasant music)
I was expecting for the Havasu
Landing Resort and Casino
to be perhaps a
tad bigger, but no.
That’s the whole thing.
Very underwhelming
and anticlimactic.
I’ll tell you what,
the boat ride was nice
which is essentially
why we came.
(pleasant music)
Nice gin and tonic.
Here, contemplating
the view over the lake
until they told
me I couldn’t use
the camera inside the casino.
Oh, not the greatest
casino in the world
considering we are just a
couple of hours away from Vegas
but the views are nice,
the sunset is spectacular,
and this is the only
way we’re gonna able
to take a boat on Lake Havasu
because tomorrow they’re
predicting high winds
and all the boat
tours are canceled.
So this was our only chance.
(serene music)
Hmm, how about that sunset, huh?
(serene music)
Might as well enjoy the
sunset while we wait
for the return ferry.
There is one every
hour and here it comes.
– [Man] Oh!
– Oh, here’s our ride.
(serene music)
We decided to ride
inside on the way back
since it is starting to get
really chilly out there.
It does feel a lot more like
a commuter ferry at this time.
All right, that was our boat.
And here is the
original London Bridge.
The one in London
is a copy, I hear.
I’m kidding, of course.
(person singing)
(transitions to
pleasant guitar music)
They have live music.
(people chattering)
I gather this whole
area actually belongs
to the City of London.
Anyways, we’re gonna
call it a night.
And tomorrow, we’re gonna do
some exploring around the area.
(smooth techno music)
(wind whooshing)
Well for once, the weather
service was correct.
It is windy today.
By the way, good morning.
It is a brand new day here
at the Islander RV Resort.
Yep, very windy morning here.
And the moon is setting.
I bought some carnitas at
the last place that we were
and I made ’em like
their pork chunks.
I forgot to show you
how I made it though.
(wind whooshing)
(cheers) It’s really
windy out there, guys.
Oops, I almost ran over
that guy behind me.
Thank goodness I have camera.
Anyways, we made
those pork chops.
They sold it to me as carnitas.
In Miami, they sell
’em as pork for stew.
It’s pretty much the same thing.
And we used some of
that and marinate that
but it’s like…
What’s the name of that drink?
– [Ili] Blood Mary.
– It’s like a Bloody Mary mix
but it’s really a marinade
and it gave it a great
flavor, actually.
And I did chop some
onions and garlics
and I put a little of vino seco
which is my secret
ingredient of course.
That’s that dry
cooking wine that I use
and I put some paprika,
salt, and pepper,
and oh, they came out delicious.
I just cooked them there
kind of stew-like until
it really dried up
for about half an hour or so,
probably 45 minutes after
all was said and done.
Anyways, today
we’re going north.
We’re going to see the burros,
the donkeys at this town
and what is called Oatman.
We’ll see what else we can do.
(country music)
Here’s the plan for today.
We’re going to drive
to Oatman as I said.
Then, through historic
Route 66 to Kingman
then Laughlin, Nevada.
And finally, driving
into California,
we’ll make our way back
to Lake Havasu City.
(country music)
First, we’re gonna
go to the Craggy Wash
which would have been
our boondocking spot
if we would have decided
to boondock here.
I just wanna see it
for future reference.
Maybe next time.
(pleasant music)
Yes, this was going to be
our original boondocking spot
before we decided to
splurge at the RV resort.
It is through here, about
a mile on this dirt road.
(country music)
Here’s the camp host and here,
the rest of the camping area
which is pretty big.
(country music)
Yeah, very nice, very beautiful.
We could do this next time.
(country music)
We’ve reached the end
of State Route 95.
And we’re going to take
I-40 for a little bit here.
And there’s California
but we’re going to turn
right just before the border
onto the Oatman Highway.
(country music)
As we pass Golden Shores,
the landscape starts becoming
a little more interesting.
(country music)
Apparently, this is all
part of historic Route 66.
(country music)
Check out all the cholla cacti!
(pleasant guitar music)
I’m just gonna stop here
on this side of the
road real quick.
Definitely one of my favorite
cactus varieties here.
I mean, I’m still kind
of partial to the saguaro
but these are so beautiful.
Although, quite scary up close.
(wind whooshing)
Yeah, you don’t wanna
fall on one of those.
Maybe we should continue.
Such a desolate and
beautiful place.
(smooth techno music)
Doesn’t that rock formation
look like a giant turtle
or something like that?
(smooth techno music)
I wonder what this is.
The ruins of an old
ghost town perhaps,
surrounded by all
this cholla cacti.
(wind whooshing)
(techno music)
The desert’s beauty
never ceases to amaze me.
(techno music)
Let’s continue.
(wind whooshing)
(cheers) Windy!
(techno music)
Hmm, boondocking spot perhaps.
(techno music)
Here we are, Oatman.
Doesn’t look all that
great as you arrive
but that’s what it is.
(techno music)
And there’s the main
attraction of the town.
They have all these
donkeys roaming around.
Okay, by all means,
cross the street, yes.
(techno music)
Greetings from Oatman.
These are technically burros
which are basically
small donkeys.
Elevation: 2,700 feet.
Route 66.
This is basically
the whole town.
A bunch of shops, a
couple of saloons.
Yeah, it’s all very touristy.
(chimes ringing)
(country music)
– Look, these are
only five bucks.
– [Robert] Yeah, no lack
of wind power today.
(country music)
There’s a saloon
inside the Oatman Hotel
and maybe we’ll
check it out later.
(country music)
(metal clattering)
I don’t know what that is.
(wind chimes chiming)
(people chattering)
Well hey, hello there.
(wind chimes chiming)
What are you doing?
Of course, there are
several establishments
that sell burro
food as expected.
No wonder the asses
like to hang out here.
They are also milking good old
Route 66 for all its worth.
(country music)
(wind whooshing)
They are coming towards me.
Hello, fellas.
Well, hello, yes.
Thank you for welcoming me.
(country music)
They’ve got some art here.
And of course, there’s
gold panning, why not?
(country music)
Let’s check out the mine.
(country music)
Yep, this is the whole thing.
Kind of disappointing.
(country music)
All right, it was
the mine museum.
At least it was free.
(country music)
Let’s check out
the Oatman Hotel.
(country music)
(door bangs)
This is the bar which
is pretty much packed.
(people chattering)
– [Woman] What are
the chances of that?
– I don’t know.
– He wasn’t there.
Johnson’s brought
all days’ order.
– [Man] So did we.
– Oh, yeah?
(people chattering)
– The restaurant looks
pretty full as well
and it is like a
hundred degrees in here.
Well, there’s not a
whole lot more to do here
unless you’re really into
shopping for quirky stuff
or burros for that matter.
So once we’ve seen the
burros and the hotel,
we’re ready to go.
(wind chime chiming)
(wind chime chiming)
This is the other saloon.
(handle clanks)
Nothing to see here.
(door squeaking)
(wind chime chiming)
Well, that was Oatman.
Very picturesque
little town here
in the middle of
nowhere, Route 66.
(wind chime chiming)
Now, the journey continues.
(tense music)
It is almost too
windy for the drone
but I figured I had to try.
By the way, one of the
few places I’ve been to
that actually looks
better from the ground.
Except for this view, maybe.
(smooth techno music)
Something beautiful
everywhere you look.
I had no idea.
(smooth techno music)
This here to the left is
an actual active gold mine
as we approach Sitgreaves Pass.
(smooth techno music)
There’s the gold
mine down there.
(smooth techno music)
Let’s stop here real quick.
Now here we are at
Sitgreaves Pass.
Elevation: 3,550.
(wind whooshing)
It is pretty chilly,
44 degrees and windy.
(wind whooshing)
(smooth techno music)
Yeah, the views are
absolutely amazing.
(smooth techno music)
Let’s see the view
from the other side.
(smooth techno music)
Oh now, we’ll continue
down that road.
(cheers) It’s cold.
(wind whooshing)
(orchestral music)
Yep, Ed’s Camp seems
to be abandoned,
like so much other stuff
around the Route 66.
(orchestral music)
This coming up is the
Cool Springs Gas Station.
Unlike Ed’s Camp, this
one is not abandoned.
(orchestral music)
(wind whooshing)
Cool Springs Cabins, tasty
food, museum, and gift shop.
It looks like it used to be
an old, vintage gas station.
But whoever owns it has kept
it going and well-maintained.
(country music)
They have some
gems here for sale.
Before we go inside,
let’s see what else is
laying around out here.
(country music)
I got me one of these.
(country music)
At Route 66.
(country music)
Our next stop is
Kingman, Arizona
which happens to be
another Route 66 town.
(country music)
Let’s check out El Trovatore.
(country music)
All right.
(wind whooshing)
Well, besides its many murals,
the hotel claims to have the
world’s longest Route 66 map.
Well yeah, this is
El Trovatore Motel
and it holds a claim of
the longest Route 66 map.
And I was looking for the
map and it is actually this.
It’s has the names of oh,
the Continental Divide,
and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
They added the main
cities where Route 66,
the original Route 66
used to go through.
Each room has a name
like Marlon Brando.
For example, Clint Eastwood.
There’s Tweety.
Audrey Hepburn, Clark Gable,
et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
And here at the end, of course,
Route 66 would end
at Chicago, right?
Pretty cool, it’s quirky.
It’s horribly cold
today. (laughs)
Let’s continue
exploring the area.
(wind whooshing)
Well, yeah, if only
for the murals,
it is worth it checking
out the El Trovatore.
(light rock music)
Well, we’ve got one more thing,
one more point of interest.
And I’ll give you a hint.
It is not in Arizona.
(light rock music)
There’s the Colorado
River down there.
(light rock music)
On this side of the
river, Bullhead City.
On that side, Laughlin, Nevada.
(light rock music)
We made it to Nevada.
(light rock music)
Well yeah, it’s like a mini
Las Vegas Strip, isn’t it?
(light rock music)
All right, let’s go
back to the Riverside.
Let me tell you, this town
is like a big oasis here
in the middle of
The Mojave Desert.
(light rock music)
I think all of the casinos
offer some type of
RV parking so…
That’s a good thing.
(light rock music)
Here we are, Riverside Casino.
And they do have an RV Park.
(light rock music)
Not a bad RV Park, let me
tell you, I mean for a casino.
(wind whooshing)
With that, we say
goodbye to Laughlin.
I didn’t take any
pictures inside the casino
because they frown
upon those things.
But this RV Park,
next time we’re
staying here for sure.
All right, let’s
get into Colorado.
A beautiful afternoon
here in Laughlin.
(light rock music)
We actually won at the
casino, believe it or not.
So we cashed out
and decided to have dinner
back in Lake Havasu.
(light rock music)
♪ Riding, riding ♪
We’re gonna have dinner here
at the Barley Brothers Brewery.
Seems nice.
Barley Brothers Brewery.
We have a view of
the bridge, kind of.
They have nice IPA,
cream of broccoli.
Yeah, because today only
a good steak would do.
Oh, good morning.
It is our last morning
here at the RV Resort.
It was nice but
we barely knew it.
Nice to have unlimited water
and all the
amenities, of course.
But before we go, let me
show you from the air.
(pleasant techno music)
Today, we are not
only saying goodbye
to the Islander RV Resort
or Lake Havasu City,
we are also saying goodbye
to Arizona for a while.
On the next video, we’re
going into California.
And from the looks of it,
we are going to be in the
Golden State for a while.
(smooth techno music)
(transitions to pleasant music)

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