The Woman Gambler 1965 1080p

The Woman Gambler 1965 1080p

Here we go!
– Miss, one moment please!
I’d like to see the dice.
these dice are correct.
Oh’? I saw you replace them
with those hidden there.
An accusation of cheating is very serious.
Please find out for yourself.
I would not take that lightly.
If I hid something.
So I ask you to search well!
Writers: Kenz6 ASADA
Cinematography by
Music: Tomokazu KAWABE
(Yukiko EGUCHI) Yumiko NOGAWA
(Seiji ASAN) Hideaki NITANl
Tatsuya FUJI
Ryji Kita, Fujio SUGA,
lchiro SUGAI
Director: Hiroshi NOGUCHI
I am Yukiko Eguchi.
My late father made rigged dice.
That’s what made him fall.
I chose to avoid his ways.
What would you do if I cheated?
You have a lot of courage.
Too pretty to be damaged.
I’d just take you back home with me.
It’s a little early to say
that the dice are rigged,
just because it’s a girl.
Check the dice first.
This man too was a croupier.
It was the first time
he saved me from demise.
I trusted him.
Shoji Ito.
I will never forget him.
Women can only rely on their
sex appeal to get there.
First your legs.
Not too far apart. Conceal yourself,
but without hiding too much.
Tempt them. Draw their attention there.
Then throw.
Got it?
When you have completely
captivated them, lift the cup.
Then came, the day of the big tournament.
One moment.
These dice are rigged.
A false accusation!
How dare you?
They are rigged using melted lead by
Kinjiro Eguchi, master ivory cutter.
Why does Goryukai have them?
Ito, come back!
Ito, do not die!
Before dying…
Here, the dice of your father.
But never use them again.
Ito is gone.
Our happiness was brief,
and will not come back.
I will not follow the ways of
my father, playing with them.
That’s what I promised this man.
He who marked me forever
with his tattoo.
You’re doing it too hard!
That’s it, I’m done.
Sister, do you also
massage my clothes?
You checked my pockets?
No, I did not check your pockets!
– I took your hand from the side pocket.
– I was straightening it.
Straitening what? Putting back
what you just took out’?
The classic answer.
I’m not done here!
If I tell boss Kowakai,
he will not be happy.
He will not mind if I
have a little fun.
This is his territory after all.
What are you doing?
As if you did not understand!
I will enjoy you.
And I wouldn’t say anything.
We could be seen.
What are you saying?
Nobody will come to disturb us.
– And besides, everyone does it.
– I don’t do it!
Don’t play around. I love that, see?
So, that’s what you
hide under your blouse!
You know now what
kind of woman I am.
Not that I wanted
you to know it.
I’m the most annoyed!
Your guy is in prison,
so you have to work here.
Ah, sorry for you!
– He got caught for murder?
– Yes.
– In which gang war?
– I’ll leave it to your imagination.
Is he in Abashiri prison’?
Abashiri? Ah, hard!
– Do you remember something?
– Yes, I spent three years there.
But you must stop stealing.
Even if you got that,
what would you be doing?
It’s all the more troublesome
if a woman gets locked away there.
Especially in prison, we think
only of our girlfriend.
If he comes back and you’re locked up…
Happy to have met you!
We have stories in common.
In common?
Here, a little bonus.
I came on a little strong.
It’s not a lot but
it’s all I can spare.
– Tetsu, what are you doing?
– I’m looking for someone.
– Whom?
– Come along, you’ll see.
Who’s that?
You, Ito!
I’m being pursued. I will
explain it to you later.
This window is weird, let’s have a look.
A suspicious type tried to
enter here. We’ll have a look around.
What do you want?
Hold your horses, that’s Yukiko!
Don’t you remember me?
Tetsu, I was at Goryukai!
Ah, Tetsu! How are you?
– You know this girl?
– Yes I know her.
She is incredible. On ten throws,
she can come up ten times with an ace.
I was a little player at the time.
Hooked at her from my carpet comer.
But why do you work
in a place like this?
Everybody must eat.
Okay, but it’s not
your level here.
Come back to us.
Big brother, her man is
in Abashiri for murder.
What, Abashiri?
Matsu, don’t speak nonsense.
But what? He’s
really in Abashiri!
Wait, I’ll congratulate
you in my own way!
She does not have a guy.
If not, he must be in paradise,
and not ready to return yet.
I do not know, but it
looks like it hurt him.
I’ll go talk to my boss, if
you want to work at Kowakai.
If you came, you would
increase my prestige.
I swore I would not play anymore.
Matsu told you…
Some things can’t be told to anyone.
So you work at Kowakai?
The time of Goryukai
is well over,
so I was recruited.
Kowakai was in a bad place,
they offered me a
management position!
You are an executive now!
By the way, you
didn’t notice a suspicious guy go by?
A guy?
What are you talking about?
Something happened.
Matsu, we’re leaving.
So where is this guy?
I’m sorry for disturbing you.
– It’s nothing.
If you ever spot him, warn the Kowakai,
in remembrance of the good old days.
I understand. It’s your territory,
I’ll do the right thing.
So go to Kowakai, the boss
will be happy to see you.
Thank you.
It’s OK, you can come out.
Thank you. This heat, I
thought I was dying!
Ah! Are you all right?
What’s wrong?
Pull yourself together.
He looks like him.
A true copy of Ito.
But who is it?
I would have liked it so much.
I’m glad you’re better!
I worried!
Everything is fine.
The futon was not very
fresh, it was my father’s.
For me it was better than in prison!
I killed someone
during a clan war,
and spent 3 years in Abashiri.
Three years in Abashiri?
That’s exactly what
Matsu said yesterday!
Are you kidding me?
Not after you saved my life.
Somewhere there is a
woman waiting for you?
– No, that’s not the case.
– Don’t you have anyone?
I bring tea.
It would be dangerous to go out now.
You can stay.
Thank you. My name is Seiji Asano.
Yukiko Eguchi. You already had
hear my name at the baths.
When I fell, you
said weird things.
You called me Ito.
That I can not explain to you.
We searched the whole neighborhood.
You have not found him.
We do not know what he looks like.
We saw him but…
he was too fast.
– What did he steal from you?
– Nothing.
I think he was looking
for something.
You did not see his face?
No, it was too dark in the offices,
I only saw his figure.
But what could he
have looked for?
Maybe dope?
No that’s not it.
He wasn’t the type.
If we do not catch him, this will go badly.
– Yukiko!
– Hey, Commissioner Kinoshita!
How is it going at the Turkish baths?
How do you know
that I work there?
I’m a detective. As if I
wouldn’t know that!
– You do not like Turkish baths?
– It’s not for everyone.
I do not like you to be there,
strange things are happening there.
I am not that kind of woman.
Except if you come!
Do not make fun of an old man!
– So?
– Not much. He’s not speaking.
Hello, happy to meet you again.
At the time, you told me, you didn’t count
on the police to catch your father’s murderer.
Sorry, I did not think
badly of the police.
But I did not want anyone to know
that my father made fake dice.
I understand.
Well, see you later.
He will go around there.
Don’t run away again!
What’s the matter?
Leave me be!
Not like that
When you prefer not to meet us,
don’t try to run off.
What were you doing?
I’m standing on a corner,
not doing much.
That’s is not true.
You are into selling guns.
No, too noisy, I
do not touch that.
I do not speak of sellers.
I am looking for a Beretta caliber 32.
I am looking for someone who has one.
Commissioner, Sakamaki has some.
Belonging to the Kowakai, that’s for sure.
How come?
The Tempu boss,
Sakamaki, was killed,
because of the war
with the Kowakai.
At the beginning, three years ago,
Otaki from Kowakai lost
Matoba, his best man.
Otaki is not a smart guy, and
he’s worthless without Matoba.
Otaki was angry with Sakamaki
for the loss of Matoba.
What do you think?
We already had this kind of hypothesis.
But we cannot trust appearances.
It’s more complicated.
True… true,
but the motive justifies many things.
I did not expect to receive
investigation lessons from him.
I have been keeping an eye on you
for a long time!
We wanted to know about the gun,
but you’re also talking about the
murder of Sakamaki now… Why?
We never talked about
the murder weapon.
I am an informant. If I don’t at least
find out something, I don’t eat.
– Hey, hello!
– Hello. How are you feeling?
I’m OK thanks.
Get well, I’ll come back soon.
– Who was that?
– The boss of Akatsuka.
He knew father well.
This is the boss of Akatsuka?
He has launched several
businesses that work,
unlike father.
Your kindness touches me.
We are the same!
But since father is dead,
the youngsters of the clan have left,
even the most faithful ones.
Even though we took care of them!
Don’t worry.
These kinds of worries
prevent you from healing.
Once you get better,
everything else will get better too!
– Mr. Seiji has just arrived.
– What, Seiji?
– Do you know Yukiko?
– Yes.
– I owe her a dinner and an evening out.
– A dinner…
It’s my duty!
I have to chat with you.
– Do you want to go out?
– What’s going on, Seiji?
Do not worry.
What’s the matter?
Since how long have you been visiting here?
– Why would I tell you?
– Answer.
You work for the Kowakai.
Who killed our boss?
You know it.
– What do I know?
– You must have known it.
I resembled someone
and you hid me.
And you did not know I
was from this clan?
You are wrong all the way.
But soon we will have to
talk about certain things,
you have to help me.
– What are you talking about?
– I can not tell you anything.
Besides, why did the guys
from Kowakai look for you?
I went to get a Beretta 32
hidden in the Kowakai office.
Everyone knew where it was.
But… it’s gone.
Journalists accuse us of not digging
into it, because the victim was yakuza.
We got stuck, right.
Whether it’s a yakuza or a monk,
we don’t see a difference!
As long as we haven’t identified him,
they will be on our backs.
But if he fell into our lap as if by
magic, it would be too easy!
I’m looking for the pistol
from which this bullet came.
There can be no mistake,
it’s this bullet that has been
removed from the body of the victim.
However, we found him there.
But one could have killed him
elsewhere and brought him there.
By car, I would say.
Commissioner, we did a
good job on the spot.
Witnesses heard the shots,
and the investigators believe that
the blood has gone to the sewer.
Certainly, however…
I can not imagine anyone
in such a gloomy place.
And one can fire a shot
afterwards to cover the tracks.
If he was transported, there
would be blood in the vehicle.
So we are not only looking for
a weapon, but the car too.
If we limit ourselves to yakuza
cars, it’s not that much work.
You’re right.
Our specialists will
check some of them.
Hi. When did you get out?
Twenty days ago.
Boss Akatsuka, thank you for
everything you did in my absence.
It’s nothing.
The Tempu clan and we
are like brothers.
You must have been surprised
to learn of the death of
Sakamaki, when you were in prison.
I never imagined my boss being murdered,
not even in my dreams.
It seems that Otaki
was angry with him.
This is not true.
Three years ago, my boss
tried to fix things.
Otaki put oil on the fire,
which was to be expected.
And I planted Matoba
to protect my boss.
The boss did not want me to.
If someone were to blame,
it would be me.
That’s right, but Otaki
isn’t as foolish as that.
It’s well said, but I
want to find his gun.
I understand that. We will work
together as much as possible.
Thank you.
See you later. I have things to do.
Wait a minute, I have something
very important to tell you.
Do you still have things to look into?
Akatsuka boss,
I would like to restore the
territory of the Tempu,
that you have kept
for Mademoiselle.
What does that mean?
Seiji, don’t you get excited
a little too much there?
Sakamaki’s daughter could no longer manage
this territory and entrusted it to me.
And now I have to give it back.
That’s not convenient.
Not convenient!
The clan has no activity.
Besides, I came back. Now
you have to think about it.
I can, but there
is nothing to think about.
For me everything is in order.
I was asked to guard it. I
will not give it up like that!
Each month I gave a percentage
to Miss Mitsue Sakamaki.
You have nothing to blame me for.
– The benefits of the games are…
– seam!

Do you want to recover the
territory through Mitsue?
I will not shut up!
I am Seiji Asono, of the Tempu clan.
So what? I am Tetsuo Akatsuka,
you have nothing to blame me for.
Taketo, accompany our guest.
It’s dishonest.
Do not bother. I am Seiji
Asano of Tempu, remember.
Boss Akatsuka said that?
It’s weird.
He’s the one who suggested
taking care of the territory,
and to restore it to you once you returned.
It’s his way! From the beginning
he thought about keeping it.
Seiji, are you sure you’re not exaggerating?
Mr. Akatsuka is not
that kind of man.
He came to visit me every month.
He has done well, but
it’s just comedy.
– It’s not comedy!
– Miss,
you’re putting too much trust in people.
I saw through his game clearly.
He does not want to return the territory.
I alone can fix it.
Akatsuka took the
territory of our clan.
In memory of our boss, I
cannot let that happen.
The heiress of the
Tempu clan is me!
I do not want anyone to fight.
Do you want to recover the
territory through Mitsue?

Me too.
I put in everything.
Now, I’m picking up all that too?
Akemi, you’re going to burn a hole
in your quilt with your cigarette.
Yukiko, do not worry
about our quilts.
Too bad for the quilts,
you who know everything!
But that did not stop you from losing.
Because Akemi cheated.
Who cheated?
Yukiko, how can you say that?
You did not cheat?
I’ll show you what cheating is.
You won all the races,
you bet your winnings.
Even, odd – as you like.
4-1, odds.
Thank you for the bet.
When one starts, one doesn’t try
to do like the big shots.
Cheating is for the pros.
Beginners just enjoy
Here, share it.
– Yuki, phone!
– I’m coming!

Thank you.
Hello, it’s Yukiko.
It’s not a child who
does silly things.
It will be fine.
I understood. Goodbye.
Thank you.
For Yukiko.
– Can I be your client?
– Of course, I was waiting for you.
You didn’t come for
a massage, did you?
What are you doing?
I’m looking for a gun.
Mr. Ugly!
I don’t have one.
You have the one that I cut out.
Now I am looking for the real one.
From Mitsue, who is sick,
they try to take
Tempu territory.
So I want you to tell me everything.
Akasaka does not want to
return the territory,
but I’m not here for nothing.
– How can you know that?
– I got a phone call.
Mitsue was worried because
you want to face them alone.
To have received that, I see
you must be very close to her!
A sister, there’s no denying it.
A sister?
Are you Mademoiselle’s sister?
Since I know her, I
have never heard that.
It’s certain.
Until my father died,
I had no idea
Mitsue was my sister.
So I would be mistaken.
If you are sisters,
do you have proof?
I have never told it to anyone.
It’s only up to you.
The newspapers talked
about my father’s murder.
That day…
I just learned that
Kinjiro is gone.
Please forgive me,
to have come so late.
Please excuse me,
but what was your
relationship with my father?
do you know your mother’s story?
When I was little,
she had to leave my father…
who was an alcoholic.
did you know that you
had a big sister?
I knew.
Small, my father tried
to raise us together.
When my mother left,
she took my older sister.
Did you have a relationship with my mother?
You know her?
Please, tell me everything.
You will meet each other.
That’s why I came.
Where are they’?
Before that,
I have something to tell you.
You can only meet your sister.
Your mother is no longer of this world.
She is dead’?
Before she died, she was
very worried about you.
Anyway, she did not want
to come to see you.
It was that kind of woman.
Maybe because of me.
Because of you?
So, your mother remarried
with my last boss.
I was really happy-
Sakamaki was killed
in an ambush.
With the sadness of
my father’s loss,
I know the injury it causes.
I can understand the
sadness of my sister
and I wanted to avenge myself.
Why is your link a secret?
To find the murderer.
It is not so easy.
That’s also why I started
working in this salon.
It is part of Kowakai territory.
And what’s more,
it’s easier to search through
a naked client’s stuff.
I understand.
Here, I’ll give you this.
I did not tell you everything
while you told me all,
– I am sorry.
– Don’t worry.
I only wanted to say it to you.
– Why?
– Why not’?
We have the same goal.
In addition, for my part…
I have another
important reason.
Yes, to forget this man.
The man you remind me of…
Who do you want to forget?
The man who drew this.
Do I look so much like him?
No, it’s you I love!
I love you!
But this tattoo embarrasses me,
It will never fade.
I want to be with you.
I would like you to redraw
it with your hands.
I love you too.
Because of that,
my suspicions towards you
drove me crazy.
Hove you.
I erase the old,
and I raise it from my hands.
No, I never had a car
with traces of blood.
Thank you.
There are more garage
owners than I thought.
It may not have
been a good idea.
And they probably cleaned
the car at home,
not in a garage.
I came hastily
to hear this?
At the moment,
it was agreed that Seiji would
take over when he returned.
That’s why you have kept it safe.
I said that,
but he didn’t have take me at my word.
Take you at your word?
Until now,
I didn’t want to talk to you about it.
But in fact,
your late father had borrowed
a large sum of money.
He drew up a declaration of debt
with Tempu territory as collateral.
But that’s ridiculous!
Obviously a clause provided
that you should not know.
He might have his personal reasons for it.
Here is the document.
I didn’t want to tell you,
but I had no choice.
Don’t take it badly.
show me please.
It’s signed with his name,
I cannot believe it.
You have his seal?
You accuse me of producing a fake document?
Don’t you know my
relationship with Sakamaki?
You can verify.
Kenkichi, get the seal.
There is no doubt about
the seal, sorry.
It would be time to
cut your finger.
I will not go that far,
but I do not want to hear about
you and the Tempu anymore.
I’ll take care of this territory.
Be happy to be well taken care of.
Recover from your illness soon!
take a seat.
In front of the stele of the boss.
Was it you who used the seal,
while Mademoiselle trusted you?
– Never!
– Confess!
The writing was false but
the seal was genuine.
You were the only one to have access to it.
You act like a thug,
but you are trembling like a little girl!
I hope you measured…
the consequences for the Tempu clan.
You knew?
Seiji, stop!
If you kill him, you will
disappear in your turn.
What am I going to become then’?
Have you thought about that?
I do not have the strength…
if you go to take refuge at Akatsuka,
they will make you disappear.
I heard the conversation.
Tempu territory,
it’s mostly the gambling
halls, isn’t it?
These are no classic stores.
He cannot sell them.
If he doesn’t give them back,
he’ll have to fight for them.
I will try to fix that myself.
Sister, what are
you talking about?
Akatsuka should not be underestimated.
He is ready for anything…
even the use of falsifications.
My sister, I would like you to know
this world better.
It’s the boss who did
not want her to know.
It’s not his fault.
And I did not tell him anything.
Big sister,
let us fix that…
together with Seiji.
You must heal first.
Anxiety is the worst
poison for the body.
I know I’m a good croupier.
You can ask Tetsu of the Kowakai,
he will confirm it.
I thought I already
saw you somewhere.
Do you know Tempu?
It’s possible.
I roll the dice
a little everywhere,
over here and over there.
Since the boss of
the Tempu is dead,
business did not flourish,
I did not go there anymore.
Over here there are
no more good places.
It’s very sad not to go out!
I understand.
We will have lots of
very interesting games!
You have decided.
This tattoo has not
been seen for a long time,
it’s a real green carpet bird!
I go.
Bets are set.
2-6, even.
I go.
Bets are set.
5-6, Odd.
I go.
Bets are set.
5-3, even.
Excuse the inconvenience.
He comes as a customer.
He just wants to play a bit.
Let him play.
Mr. Seiji, please.
Sorry to interrupt you, but
I stop there for today.
Good bye.
I go.
Bets are set.
6-1, odd.
I go.
5-2, Odd.
4-3, odd.
6-6, even.
5-5, even.
It hurts me that you
let him win so much!
This is not a joke.
After the departure of this
client, I had no one to win anymore.
I started normally.
He got lucky.
I have nothing to blame myself for.
I’ll arrest you!
Ah, it’s you, Commissioner.
It really looks like you’re praying
at that temple. It’s surprising!
I have a hangover.
I’m recovering a little.
Drinking that much, do your
affairs go well?
No, it’s the informant
who invited me.
Kamei is doing well, it seems?
I like that girl, Michi.
But Kamei left with her
when I was drunk.
It’s surprising that Kamei
has so much money.
He found information
that pays off.
It has something to do with our business.
Michi, police officers
would like to see you.
The police?
Are you really Michi?
– What’s the matter?
– Do you know a certain Kamei?
Yes, he was with me all night.
Business is good for him!
Wait a minute. I
still have a number
and then I’m done.
I found this bullet at your work.
You’re going to have big problems.
You want to laugh!
I was only keeping it.
Keeping it for whom?
You keep it for Kamei, right?
6-1, odd.
I go.
Bets are set.
2-6, even.
4-4, even.
I go.
She cheats.
Seiji, how do you want to get out?
You don’t fool me.
You’ve traded the dice.
Ta keto!
Let him check as much as he wants.
Hold on,
I do not know what you
will do with your hands.
I’m fine, I do not
need anyone’s hands!
Check from one end to the other!
If there is nothing, what
are you going to do?
I am a professional.
Do what you have to do.
Well, tell me!
Do you think you’re worth that much’?
It’s not you who pays the price.
Well, how do we do it?
I want a round face to face.
Face to face?
You’re joking?
You have no more money.
I still have my life.
– What?
– I put in my skin.
Against what?
My life against this hall,
formerly Tempu territory.
Your life and this hall?
Come on, let’s play.
Once we have settled
this cheating story.
If there is no fraud, it
is not even worth playing.
in one way or another,
you are a dead man!
When you have finished speaking
you will be able to search me.
Can we move on?
What are you doing?
The clothes alone are not enough,
you have to see the bun.
Akatsuka, this is not cheating?
As agreed, we will play
the game face to face.
Here we are at the
Tempu’s game room.
Shall we take a look?
We’ve been spotted.
First we go to
Kamei’s apartment.
We were disturbed.
Here are honest dice.
It’s all right.
I throw.
It’s I who provided the dice.
It’s up to you to announce.
3-6, Odd.
To be sure, check.
As promised, you make
this room Tempu territory.
Akatsuka, nothing to say?
Good evening, Kamei!
Who disturbs me?
What is happening?
I take you to the post because of
the investigation of this bullet.
It’s from a Beretta 32.
Did you know that’s the same
caliber that killed Sakamaki?
According to the findings of the experts.
– I don’t know.
– Don’t say stupid things!
You used it for blackmail.
Or did you kill him?
But no!
I’ll lock you up.
Whom did you bring to sing?
I did not threaten anyone.
And the money? Did it fall from the sky?
To tell you the truth,
I found a wallet.
The bullet was in it too.
You found it?
We smell the old journalist.
Between that and the murder,
it’s not the same smell.
It’s a beautiful wallet!
A little too beautiful for you.
The bullet had fallen into my lap.
I thought of using it.
But the wallet also contained a lot of money.
I’ll postpone the blackmail.
Why not?
It’s makes sense.
How much money was in it’?
130,000 yen.
It is a serious mistake.
We know who it belongs to,
here is his card.
here is his card.
Let’s go see.
He provided normal dice.
I could not get
everything I wanted.
He was lucky. I can’t help it.
That’s not what I meant.
It’s because you missed
that we had to play.
If you had succeeded we
would have avoided that.
Ah, that’s it!
You take it lightly.
I’ll have nothing to do
with you anymore, go away!
Very well.
But I have one thing to say,
for my pride as a player.
I did not undress for pleasure.
Someone else would not
have been a problem.
But he was a professional.
He knew where to look.
What I mean is, why didn’t
you tell me before?
Enough excuses.
If it is so…
But there are few who
can win against a pro.
Tell me to go out if you
have nothing else to say!
gOOd bye,
Hold on!
How are you doing it?
Like that.
I did not use my hands.
It’s clear.
We will play another round.
But this guy keeps a cool head.
You’ll have to make sure.
Sorry Aniki, I could
only pick this up.
What, three bullets?
Not terrible.
Yes, it is the wallet I lost.
It contained a revolver bullet!
A revolver bullet?
It’s related to a murder case.
A murder case!
I found it in a dumping ground.
A dumping ground?
It’s this way.
I am in recycling, sol
also pick up scrap metal.
There is a lot of it here,
so I come to look for it.
And I saw something shining.
As I handle machines, I
thought it might interest me.
But it I would never have believed
that it would prove to be
a bullet linked to a murder case!
– This factory was already closed?
– Yes.
Recently many have been closing
because of the crisis.
So it did not surprise me.
A trace of a bullet!
Looking at its direction,
the shot came from there.
Endo! A socket!
Looks like it happened from here.
I do not want you and your sister
to be affected by this affair.
It’s nice that you think of me.
If you falter, what am I going to do?
I will not falter for you.
If you couldn’t
what would become of my sister?
I’m taking care of it.
There are other ways to get there.
I do not want to feel responsible.
Do not try by force,
You will go back to prison.
If you would be sent there…
what will I do with my sister?
Seiji, you’re the only
one we can count on.
A woman to succeed
the head of a clan,
is not honorable,
but she cannot give up now.
Even though he is not her real
father, he has raised her well.
He was murdered in
a horrible way.
If she wants to make
the Tempu clan legal,
business would be easier.
Maybe that’s what she thinks.
– And I understand her very well.
– I understand too.
By knowing that,
you understand that I can’t
abandon my sister.
I know that too.
But I do not want to
expose myself to others.
I’m happy.
You know.
If I am with you, I can wait.
Seiji, be patient.
They’re not shy, these two.
They’ll make the sky blush!
That wouldn’t be Yukiko?
Yes, it is!
And with her, is
Seiji of Tempu.
We found it here.
So he was moved.
The question is,
why did they move it?
The place would give a
clue to the killer?
We need to know if the
dumping ground manager is involved.
He must be hiding something.
Bets are made.
3-2, Odd.
Please, dear guests, I have
a request to make of you.
We have to close early tonight.
I have a private
party in three sets.
I am really sorry.
We have to close the hall,
thank you for your understanding.
the name of the dumping grounds
owner is Akatsuka.
It’s enough for us to have a warrant.
It is necessary to be watchful,
it is not an easy type.
It’ll be OK, let me do it.
I guess it’s to retrieve
the game room, this game.
– But this is the last time.
– Do not get angry.
We keep our commitments.
We play the game in three rounds.
It’s me who announces first.
That’s okay with me.
L~ ‘¢ I~ fl ifi § ‘K.
no cheating this time.
I let her roll the dice,
but I check them first.
Be my guest.
One more thing,
if I win, the whole territory
returns to the Tempu.
And if you lose?
I give you back what I got back.
That’s it?
What more do you want?
Before it’s worth
anything anymore: your life.
All right.
And, as to not
cause us more trouble,
it will be up to you to finish it yourselves.
Yes, OK.
Well, we understood each other.
I go.
You announce first.
– Odd.
– Game!
2-2, even.
At first she lets him win,
the second throw it’s our turn.
And the third?
At the third the two dice come out stacked.
We only see one face.
– Only one?
– Yes, only one.
When she removes the pot,
the second is revealed.
This is the specialty of this girl.
5-6, Odd.
This is the decisive round.
The last game.
The last round!
The highlight of the spectacle.
Let’s look at what’s going on.
I too would like to
become a dealer!
You’ll see,
one of the dice will disappear.
Third round.
Are you ready?
I throw.
– What is it again?
– There is only one die in the pot.
Yukiko, did you
do something again?
Not at all.
You said that this method could
not be seen by the player!
What are you talking about, boss?
Are you kidding me?
You said you were the only
one who could cheat in this way,
and that no one could detect it.
To miss at the most important moment…
is there only one?
They are right where
they’re supposed to be.
It was you who spilled the beans.
You lost face.
Is that a real boss?
I explained it to you.
A professional scammer says
anything to upset his opponent.
Have everything revealed yourself,
and put it on my back.
That won’t happen.
I did what I was
committed to doing.
now it’s up to you to
get by, isn’t it?
So it’s me who
wins, as promised.
You stole it with a fake document,
so it’s justified to give it back.
What’s up, asshole?
It has been fairly regulated.
You’ll become everyone’s laughing stock.
look, Seiji is with her!
I saw you at your
little meeting,
you were not supposed
to know each other!
It is true,
but we were not plotting.
You are accomplices?
Hey you, make them pay!
I got screwed.
Kill them! Don’t hesitate.
That’s enough!
‘Tug QVQI’7h!
A Beretta 32!
It was he who killed my boss!
I wanted his territory.
I had to get rid of him.
– Akatsuka, dirty coward.
– For my old boss!
Calm yourselves!
Sakamaki, I’m arresting you.
The dumping grounds belong to Jiro
Harikawa. What is your real name?
You took the corpse with your own car.
We are not blind!
I hate yakuza!
– Seiji!
– My sister!
You do not have the right to die!
Hang in there!
If you die, how
am I going to survive?
I cannot do anything…
without you!
If you’re not here,
nothing interests me anymore!
I beg you, doctor.
Save him please!
– Seiji!
– It will be fine,
in three weeks he
will be on his feet.
Don’t fear for his life.
I’m happy-
It’s better like that.
I loved you, Seiji.
It hurts!
It never happens the way you want.
Make her happy.
it’s not because
you look like Ito,
it’s really you that I love!
Whatever happens,
my feelings will not change.
My sister?
I am leaving.
Somewhere far away,
where I do not know anyone.
© Bach Movies 2018
Subtitles translated from French subs
by Eus

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