The Wynn $225 Rebuy!

The Wynn $225 Rebuy!

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$225 buying $200 rebuy 25k guaranteed
lowest rate best structure on the strip
we should be taking this baby down
around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. a long day
ahead of us
no bagged and tagged possible just about
$10,000 waiting for us at the finish
stay focused make good decisions and win
all the chips with blinds at 75 150 a
woman opens the cutoff to 400 we’re on
the button with king queen off suit good
three bet but let’s just keep the pile
small gain some hedge post-flop putting
the call both the blinds call the flop
comes Ace King five with the two spades
we have the King of Spades action checks
to us on the button could put in a small
value but here but we like to check the
turn is the eight of Spades giving us
the nut flush draw and second pair queen
kicker everyone checks to us again so
it’s time to go for value 650 is the bet
a small blind and elderly gentleman puts
in a check raise to 1650
one thousand more when people do this it
is a huge sign of strength not only the
delayed check-raise but when the sizing
is one big chip more than your bet or an
even number they’re really trying to
incentivize your call make it easy on
you emotionally and mathematically to
give them some action everyone folds to
me and I don’t like this situation not
sure what he’s repping maybe a small
flush maybe a turn set I think our hands
a little bit too strong and we put in
the call in position the river is the
three of clubs and he checks at this
point I’m I’m putting him on something
like aces up maybe I could over bet jam
the river with the nut flush blocker get
him to fold but we decided to just check
it back in case he was semi bluffing
with a now straight and flush draw
he shows Ace King off suit for top two
and were down to 8,000 ships from 10k
starting with blinds ants 75 150 under
the gun plus two limps we’re in the cut
off with queen jack of spades
so we make it 500 same guy in my left
puts in the call big blind calls and
limper calls were three ways to a flop
the flop comes King is 75 with the 75 of
spades action checks to us definitely
good check here but I think I’m gonna
take the lead and try to take it down
so we bet 800 guy in my left calls and a
big blind check raises small to 2,000
Lipper folds and actions to us we have
about 6,000 behind does he have a ace
high flush draw just have a set it’s our
best plan of action with the queen-high
flush draw no real overs be dicey spot
but for 1200 I think we’re getting the
right price we put in the call guy
behind us also calls and were three ways
to adjourn the turn is the six of Spades
a great card a seemingly big blind now
checks makes me think he has something
like two pair or said a nice afraid of
the flush with fifty two hundred behind
we want to bet small to get value from
all worst flushes and two pair combo so
we’ve got two thousand guy and my left
makes it my exact stack fifty two
hundred big blind then shoves for eleven
thousand I have thirty two hundred
behind can I fold the queen-high flush
his Reve item it and yeah it’s not
looking good but we stick it in guy and
my left then folds for 6,000 more later
claims he has the ace of spades big
blinds shows pocket sevens for a set
let’s hope the board doesn’t pair 23k
pot the river is the nine of clubs and
we win we have 23,000
thirty thousand ships coming back to 150
300 with a 25 ante last level of rebuy
period in for 225 or the 10 percent
mutual swap with blinds at 200 400 with
a 50 ante action folds to the cutoff who
happens to be a shady looking French guy
with prada sunglasses a scarf I level
wrapped around his head in earbuds he
raises to 800 we’re on the button with
the jack 8 of clubs could 3bet but I
think flat calls a little bit better
being suited with position that the big
wine comes along the flop comes nine
eight three two clubs beautiful flop for
our hand action four checks to the
Frenchman who bets 1100 could raise here
but we’re gonna you know play in
position play various run outs so we put
in the call and the big blind folds the
turn is a five six seven gets there and
he bets 3,000 I started the hand with
about 25,000 he had about 40,000 and we
put in the call rivers the King of
it was barely barely with ace king he
got there he goes into the tank and puts
out a 12,000 chip bet very large bed so
he’s wrapping a polarized range of Miss
draws or two pair plus possibly ace king
the problem with our hand is that we
block his miss flush draws and the jack
and our hand blocks each we make the
fold an hour later after he was jubilant
about winning another big pot he
revealed that he had pocket nines I know
could be lying but I think he’s probably
telling the truth people usually don’t
in retrospect on hands like that so make
a good fool around second break and
we’ve chipped up to 25,000 we’re going
to 400 800
with blinds at 300 600 we have East Jack
suited under the gun plus to 11,000
chips in our stacks we make it 1,500 to
2.5 x a little bit bigger than normal
but show that we mean business
action folds to the small blind a local
reg makes it 4500 he’s well aware of my
stack size so he’s committed with this
raise I’d range him at East Jack plus
pocket eights plus against this range we
cannot probably continue and I make a
discipline lay down going down to about
15 big blinds raised folding ace Jack
suited I love poker
with blinds at 600 1200 with a 180 folds
us in bill position
I have 23,000 chips and King 10 off suit
so I raise it up to 2500 both blinds
called the flop comes King Jack for
great flop for our hands should have the
best hand here so they check to me and I
put in a bet of 3,500 the small blind
calls and the big blind calls pots of
Brewin let’s see what happens on the
turn turn is a king we got trips small
blind looks excited and shoves all in
what hands is here a pin that beat me
I’m not sure but the big blind goes in
the tank it puts in the call 16500 all
in in a call we have about 18,500 behind
so we put in the call let’s see what
happens on the river the river is a
big blind checks and we stand to have
the best hand so let’s get that extra
bit of value shove all in for 2,500 and
he calls small blind has Queen Jack
big blind has King deuce off suit our 10
kicker plays we get a full triple up
sitting on 70,000 what you think just
because I’m walking to the garage that I
busted run dinner break sit down 85,000
about to hop in hole PLO game eat some
delicious food from Jardine or was uzu
let’s finish out strong
with blinds at $1 $2 with a $5 bring in
we’re dealt in under the gun and we
looked down at king queen Jack ten with
one suit one of the best hands you can
get in pot limit Omaha our plan is to
limp re-raise old-school-style with our
$200 stack so we put in the call one
more call
under the gun plus two makes it 30
there’s two calls of the $30 an action
gets back around to us perfect spot to
pot it to 160 over limper folds guy who
made it 30 just calls other guy folds
and the big blind calls so now there’s
$500 in the pot and we have $40 behind
some dead money in there the flop does
not come good for us all low cards but
we still put in our $40 both players
call no one chooses to I so which would
have been a good thing in this situation
the turn in the river are checked and
the hands are shown we were up against
King Jack 10 9 which we had crushed and
King Queen five deuce King Jack five
deuce a horrible hand in Omaha let’s see
the odds of these three hands preflop
we reload fresh 200 stack there’s a limp
under the gun a raised to 10 and a call
we’re in middle position with King King
Jack nine double suited another top 10
hand in pot limit Omaha so we’re gonna
play aggressively with our $200 stack on
dinner break here and make it pot which
is $55 we get one call and then the
small blind says repot that usually
means aces but we’re not gonna fold
double suited Kings the other players
fold we’re all in for 200 and the other
person behind us who put in the cold 55
folds and this is what happens of course
you got the you have the Kings because I
just pulled it to Kings okay that’s
problem I got black cards I could hit
some black cards there’s two black cards
there’s another black card oh no you see
pretty Emmett cooler

51 thoughts on “The Wynn $225 Rebuy!”

  1. No wonder you don't get on with the stinky French dudes, it's that Hitler style comb over you are rocking…….😂😂😂😂

  2. I absolutely thought that you busted especially when you were walking out of the building and then the turn came a King I immediately thought you somehow would get sucked out on by something/anything. Can you blame me, it is part for the course for you ..

  3. Would love to see some kind of challenge or last longer bet in a tournament between Boski, Poker Kraut, Brad Owen etc where the loser has to get a "GOGAMBL" vanity license plate.

  4. You show 2 black kings and just moments ago, she said she folded 2 kings and then says I folded 2 red kings.!!

  5. You don't repot K high rundowns in plo, lol. You're crushed if someone has AAxx or KKxx. Even against AQxx or QQxx, you're in pretty bad shape. You're basically taking away all of the wonderful implied odds away from your hand by jamming.
    Notice how you're against two hands that you crush and somehow you don't even have 33% – omaha is a post flop game – use your implied odds.

  6. whenever it is more than 10 mins it usually means the Boski has made it pretty far.. Can we ship it!!!! for the vlog and bankroll challenge please!!!!

  7. Isn't the Wynn pro central? Wouldn't your odds be better at the less pro-loved rooms? I of course do not know I was just wondering.

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