‘There is Money to be Made’ | Bar Rescue S6 Sneak Peek

‘There is Money to be Made’ | Bar Rescue S6 Sneak Peek

Look at this.
So this is the original
Forth Worth Stockyards.
– Beautiful.
– It’s a really cool place.
It really looks like–
almost like the old
Wild West out here.
So there’s the bar.
– Whiskey Girl Saloon.
– Huh.
We have the weakest front
when you’re in an area
– where you need activity.
– Yeah, you do.
And I know that there’s
colleges around here, too.
So, where are these kids going?
They wanna come out
to a place that’s lively,
that has action,
that’s exciting.
That place is not doing it.
For the bar, Jon brings in
veteran mixologist Phil Wills.
Phil’s expansive expertise
will be essential
in order to create
an on-trend cocktail program
that will get the Fort Worth
Stockyards buzzing.
Jon: The owners are
in there cleaning,
but this is
not our typical bar.
They’re only open two nights
a week now,
so we can’t even do recon.
How do you even sustain
that way?
– You can’t. Especially
in The Stockyards…
– No.
– …when you all this
business to be had.
– Exactly.
So the problem is
I got a lot of choices.
– I got a bar there.
A bar there.
– Mm-hmm.
Bar, bar, bar, bar.
Why the hell would you go
to that one?
The hell if I know.
So this bar is owned
by three owners.
– Fred…
– Is that syrup?
– Keith…
– Need to go get ice.
…and a third owner
whose name is Luke.
Luke owned the bar
and talked Fred and Keith
into investing in it
and run
the day-to-day operations.
Luke was supposed to remain
the silent investor
through all of this,
but he’s not so silent.
So these guys are losing–
are you ready?
$6,000 a month.
– A month?
– A month. They’re ready
to close it.
Here’s my thought.
I was gonna go in,
talk to the owners.
I thought it’d be great
if you could walk around,
check out the competition.
Jon, I think
that’s a great idea.
I could report back to you
– and let you know what’s
going on in the city.
– Yeah.
Any intelligence
you can get
will help us
position that bar.
Sure. You got it.
( indistinct chatter )
– Hello.
– I really couldn’t
believe my eyes.
The bar is not open,
and out of nowhere,
Jon Taffer walks in the bar.
– Yes, sir.
– I’m Jon.
It was so unexpected.
I didn’t know what to do.
I was like a deer in headlights.
– Fred Barnett.
Nice to meet you, Jon.
– Fred.
I don’t have any idea
what’s going to happen.
– It’s gonna be interesting.
– I wanna talk.
– Let’s go sit down
for a minute. Come on.
– Okay.
Honestly, I’m super nervous
about the whole thing
because we don’t know
what his game plan is.
– So how long you been
in the bar business? 11 years.
– 11 years.
– And does this business
mean something to you?
– It does.
Now, we’re not open here.
And this is, what,
a Monday night?
– Correct.
– Now, I just sent
my expert Phil Wills
down the street
to go check out the bar scene
because we could hear the music
and noise from the street.
– Really?
– There is money to be made
that you’re
not tapping into.
The first bar I went to
was absolutely packed.
Welcome to
The White Elephant Saloon.
– We are most famous for
margaritas and tequila.
– I like that.
The most popular drink
is the margarita here?
We sell a lot
of margaritas, yes.
They had live music.
They had an unbelievable mix
of older people,
younger people.
It looks like you have
a pretty good mix as far
as demographics.
we get everything
– from all over the world.
– Yeah.
– We think that’s what
makes this place so special.
– Right. Cheers.
It’s earlier in the week,
so bars really shouldn’t
be that busy.
But there’s opportunity here
to tap into the local market.
People wanna go out,
they wanna have a good time,
and what I did see
is that people
are out and about
and they’re spending money.
What is our busiest night
of the week?
– Saturday.
– How much are we doing?
It– $2,500 if we’re lucky.
– You should be doing 6,
7 grand in this room.
– Yeah.
So, what do we do
for food here?
We had a, uh, air dryer oven.
– That didn’t work out so well.
– Okay, so we have no kitchen.
– So it’s really just
a bar operation.
– Yeah.

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  1. So paramount bought the show and now it’s heavily heavily scripted . I’m saddened and disappointed .

  2. "I'm super nervous about the whole thing cause we don't know what the game plan is."
    You shut the Hell up and do what Jon says!!!

  3. John: Hey Bill why don’t you go out there and check out some of these other bars?
    Bill: (sprinting towards the strip): consider it done!

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