They Said What? (GAME)

– Celebrities say the darndest things.
– Let’s talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
– Good Mythical Morning!
– Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, I hate
quotations. Tell me what YOU know. Well,
Ralph, you were a buzzkill! Because
we love quotations around here, so much
so that I have designed a game for you
and for you, Link. You ready to play…
(laughs) You were looking over there…
– I just…
– You were makin’ me nervous.
– (laughs) I’m ready, Rhett!
– Alright! Don’t ever do that again! But let’s play:
Which Marvelous Mouth Mentioned
These Memorable Memos?
Okay, very simple, Link. I am going
to read a quote…
– Uh huh, you’re gonna “quote” it!
– …and then I’m gonna give you three
choices, three different people that
may have said that quote, you have to
tell me the right answer, of course.
– Alright.
– This is a game where you come up with
the right answer, not the wrong answer,
just…you clear?
– O-okay. So it’s gonna be more difficult for me.
– Sometimes, sometimes I wonder if you’ve
got a different philosophy.
(Link & crew laughter)
Okay, uh, six questions in total. If you
get four right you win the prize which
is a handy-dandy Darth Vader voice
translator tool, uh, voicechangertool.
– Oh, okay.
– ‘Cause Darth Vader speaks English.
– English, yes he does.
I want that!
– You have…
– I wanna sound like Vader!
– Link, you have two lifelines.
– Okay.
– Six questions, two lifelines.
– Alright, alright.
– Uh…
– Which are…?
– It involves a mystery box, you’re gonna
reach your hand into the mystery box,
there will be a clue in the mystery box.
– I don’t like reaching my hand into
any mystery boxes.
– Okay! Let’s get started! Who said:
Nothing in life is promised except death.
Was that A. Ernest Hemingway in his novel
For Whom the Bell Tolls
B. Kanye West while accepting the award
for best Rap album of the year at 2005 Grammy’s
or, otherwise known as THE 2005 Grammy’s,
or C. The Grim Reaper – Finally coming to collect
Larry King. Because Larry King’s really old.
– He’s old.
– He could die any second.
(crew laughter)
– Uh…
– Any second.
– Nothing in life is promised except death.
Uh, Kanye can say anything.
– Mhmm.
– That’s the great thing about Kanye.
– Yeah.
– He’s always saying anything…
– One of the MANY great things about Kanye.
– But, as part of an acceptance speech?
Even more so he could say anything. I’m…
I’m hoping, I’m hoping that it’s Kanye and
I’m believing that it is.
– Is that your answer?
– I’m giving Kanye as the answer.
– Congratulations, Link!
– Alright, that’s a good start.
– You’re one for one! It was Kanye. He
also said at one time, Do you know
where to find any marble conference
tables? I’m looking to have a conference
but not until I get the table.
– That was a tweet.
– Yeah. He – he said that.
– I read that tweet.
– He said it in tweet form.
– I don’t know if he said it out loud, but he tweeted it.
– He probably was sayin’ it and somebody
was like, You should tweet that!
See if you get some help.
– (laughs)
– Who said: Don’t interrupt me while I’m interrupting?
A. Winston Churchill, speaking to his son
Randolph at a family dinner
– Could happen.
– B. Whitney Houston in her 2002 interview
“Crack is Cheap”….
– Hmm.
– …that was the name of her interview
with Diane Sawyer. Or C. Your Mom.
– I thought bringing Whitney into this was
sad but then you brought my mom into it?
– Yeah.
(crew laughter)
– What’s up with that?
– Your mom…your mom has a way with words.
– Uh…
– I love her though. Sue, I love you.
– I think my mom has said this, but
I think you put it as a joke.
– Oh. Really.
– Winston Churchill…
– Hmm.
– Uh…with his son…
– (mimicking Link) Hmm Winston Churchill.
Mmm let me think about that, Winston Churchill.
– I don’t know. I don’t like giving Whitney
as an answer for anything.
– Oh, really?
– So I’m going for uh, Winston Churchill,
interrupting his son, interrupting him.
– Link! Did you take some vitamin
supplements over the weekend?
– (laughs)
– Because you’re two for two!
– Yeah! Yeah!
– Are you taking some B6 or something? What
are the ones that make your brain work better?
– Well when there’s three possible answers
I’m much better. When it’s four, it’s just,
I’m off the rails.
– Alright. Who said, I’ll keep the peace at
all costs, even if I choke to death on
my tongue? Was that A. Franklin Delano
Roosevelt in a speech to his cabinet when
he first suggested The New Deal
– Keep the peace.
– B. Paula Deen in a Vanity Fair article explaining
how she keeps the family together at
Thanksgiving dinner, or C. A Mall Cop
on a seg-way, chasing a thief who just
stole a pair of velour track pants with
the word: Succulent on the butt.
– Do those exist?
– I hope so.
– Because, I’m in the market.
– Yeah.
(crew laughter)
– Um, Paula Deen. I’m sure she would….
– Have a pair of sweatpants that say
Succulent on the butt?
– No. I think she would uh, she wished
that she had choked on her own tongue
instead of saying a couple of things she
said in the past.
– Oooh. I see where you’re goin’ with that, Link.
– Um. Hmm. Roosevelt, should I…what’s the…
– Now, you do have…
– I’m gonna use the box.
– You have two lifelines. So…
– I’m gonna use one.
– Bring the box in.
– Cause, I…
– Look at that. Just stick your hand in
there. Don’t look in there, just stick
your hand in there.
– There’s a hole in here, I’m supposed
to put my hand in there?
– There’s a hand-hole.
– And do I…
– Just stick the hand in.
– And do I feel?
– You do not remove. You feel.
It’s a feeling thing.
– (laughs) I didn’t know that.
– It’s allll about the feel. Just feel in there.
– You can, I guess you can smell. But
you should, just, how’s it – how’s it feel?
(crew laughter)
– Ooh. It’s, it’s square.
– Mhmm. What does it feel like? Because….
– And mushy. And soapy. Ooh, greasy.
– Soapy?
– It’s like, it’s like that homemade
soap that some people make, like,
(girl voice) Use some of my soap, I been
makin’ this stuff but no one’s buyin’ it.
– Are you sure?
– Either that or it’s, I think it’s grease.
I mean, I’m thinking like a cube of grease?
I’m just thinking it’s something that
Paula Deen…
– A cube of grease?
– Paula Deen cooks with grease.
– Hold on. Think about it though. What
else does Paula Deen cook with, Link?
That would be, that would feel like…
– Soap?
– …a cube of grease? Really? You basically
have said, described this thing as something
– Lard?
(crew laughter)
– Why don’t you smell your fingers.
– What is that?
(crew laughter)
It’s like.
– Man, those vitamins…
– It smells like…
– …those vitamins aren’t working.
– …it’s fat! It’s just fat!
(crew laughter)
– I take it back.
– It’s just a cube of fat. There it is.
(eruption of laughter)
– It’s like, you, you…
– I looked at it, and I still thought it was fat.
– You took it out!
– It’s butter.
– And were like, Cube of fat. BUTTER!
– Alright, so I’m sayin’….
– It’s like a caveman that’s just discovered
that butter exists.
– Paula Deen!!
– Okay, Link.
– I gotta get that right.
– You’re right.
– A cube of fat.
– You got it right. I mean, you did end
up looking at it…
– That’s all that matters. I got it right.
– Wow. Don’t ever let me put
you in a feeling contest.
– Alright. Alright. I’m three for three, y’all!
– You are. You actually only gotta get
one more to…
– In fairness, that doesn’t smell like butter.
If you didn’t know that was butter.
– There’s something else on your hands.
– It smells like soap?
– You been stickin’ your hands
somewhere else.
(crew laughter)
It’s mingled. You got somethin’
mingled in there.
– Soap!
– Who said, Again and again we must rise
to the majestic heights of meeting physical
force with soul force? Was that Martin
Luther King Jr. in his famous
I Have a Dream speech
– Physical force, soul, yeah okay that seems…
– B. Charlie Sheen in his famous Tiger Blood
interview on The Today Show
– Again, he could’ve said anything.
– Or C. Snoop Dogg while aboard the
maiden voyage of the Soul Plane
– Soul Plane, soul force? Usually that’s
the, hmm. I don’t know. MLK could
say this sincerely, ’cause like, y’now.
– Mhmm.
– Anti-violent. Hmm. Pro-soul force. But when
Snoop Dogg says it, it’s more like something
James Brown would say it, like
(James Brown voice) Soul Force.
– Uh huh. Right.
– Um. I know this may sound crazy
but I’m going with Snoop Dogg. Soul Plane.
– Okay.
– I believe he said it on Soul Plane.
– Well, typically the C’s are always wrong,
and in this case, it still is wrong.
(Link & crew laughter)
– You could’ve tricked me, man.
Was it MLK J?
(crew laughter)
– I thought. Ithoughtwe had established
a pattern here. But maybe,
maybe there was something in that butter.
– Alright so A. Martin Luther King Jr.
– Uh, Link, you already said C. and you’re WRONG.
It was…Martin Luther King Jr.! A!
(crew laughter)
But you didn’t say it in time.
– But have you seen Soul Plane?!
– Yeah. He doesn’t say that in it.
– He could’ve said that.
– Who said, He pulls off that top-hat pretty well?
A. Walt Disney, the first time he saw a
prototype of Mickey Mouse’s costume,
B. Olympic Champion swimmer Ryan Lochte,
talking about the number one reason he would
like to party with Abraham Lincoln, or
C. An Oompa Loompa on why he continues to
endure grueling indentured servitude for WIlly Wonka
– Hmm.
– Pulls off that top-hat pretty well!
(crew laughter)
– Uh, I’m not going with C. Thanks for, thanks for
tryin’ to, uh….
– Yeah. To help ya?
– Let me smell the hand. Hmmm.
– I’m gonna go back with the box.
Bring in the box.
– Now, please don’t remove the clue
from the box this time. Just feel the clue.
– Alright. Okay, this is wet fabric, covered
in butter, nope, the butter’s coverin’ my hand.
– That’s right, yeah.
– I’m uh, alright, okay, it’s got an elastic
band so I’m definitely thinking wet
swimsuit. I was thinking wet underwear
but then I realized that one of the guys
is a swimmer.
– Wow.
– And I’m definitely thinkin’, Rya-!
Oh, they’re white. Is this a swimsuit?
– Well, what were you gonna say?
– Ryan Lochte.
– That’s, you’re right Link he actually said that.
Also, he also said…
– Let me put these back in here.
– …about a girl he was dating, he also
said, We have a lot of stuff in common,
she likes salt and vinegar potato chips,
the white gummy bears, and she lives
here in Miami.
– I remember, I remember that that guy would say…
– He actually said that.
– …a lot of quotable things.
– Alright, Link! You don’t even have to take
the last question. We can move the
last question…
– Woo!
– …to Good Mythical More, because you got
five out of, you got four out of five!
(award winner music)
This is the best you’ve ever done!
And you win, my friend!
– And I’m still certain that Snoop Dogg…
– The voice changer!
– ….has said that about Soul Plane.
(Darth Vader sounds)
– So you can speak like Darth Vader now.
– (Link’s normal voice) Thanks for liking and…
is it working?
– You have to press the button on the microphone.
– Oh. (still Link’s voice) Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing (weird reverberation)
– (Rhett’s voice) You know what time….
(sounds a little more like Vader)
You know what time it is.
– “Hello. I’m Alexandra from
Romania. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality!”
(kiss sound)
– Download the trivia app that we helped
developed – Trivy, available in the
App Store and soon coming to
Android. You can get over 60 different
YouTuber packs including Yours Truly!
– We truly are! Click through to Good Mythical
– Are what?
– …where Rhett’s gonna ask me some more
quotable questions? See if I can dominate some more.
– World’s Worst Architect!
– Um. Knock, knock, knock?
– Hello, are you the architect that I ordered?
(crew laughter)
– Yeah I’m here and uh, what is this
an office building? Or uh, your home?
I can’t really tell. First off. Where
you even, where this place is, like.
– This is a port-a-john, sir. I was gonna
meet you at the curb.
(Link & crew laughter)

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