Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Armageddon

Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Armageddon

The summer movie season is in full swing,
and we’re looking back 20 years
at the smash hits of 1998. And since the Cinefix suits wouldn’t
sign off on any talking animal or hair gel things, we went for that
blockbuster to end all blockbusters, and possibly any credibility
that Michael Bay ever had. So strap yourselves in for seven things
you didn’t know about Armageddon. Probably. Thanks to the favorable light
it casts on the space program, the production of Armageddon was
granted unprecedented access to many of NASA’s facilities and equipment. Like this vacuum chamber that can
fit a space shuttle inside, and has a 40-ton door. This hangar, which is so
tall they had to constantly run the AC so clouds don’t form in the ceiling. And the neutral buoyancy pool for
simulating zero g in astronaut training, which is 40 feet deep, and
holds 6 million gallons of water. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck were actually
the first people to go inside it who weren’t affiliated with the space program. But with all this access, Michael Bay
declined to shoot at the real mission control, (Sound) citing that
it just Wasn’t sexy enough. Instead, they slapped a NASA sign on the
front of an herbal supplement company for the exterior, and
the rest was shot in a studio. And that’s pretty much
Bay’s mantra right there, why be accurate when you can be sexy? (Sound)
You probably already know that Deep Impact came out just two months
before Armageddon, giving moviegoers two asteroid movies
to choose from in the summer of ’98. Well, technically speaking,
Deep Impact was a comet movie. But my point is, competition was stiff. What you probably didn’t know was that
Godzilla taking his bite of ticket sales was almost the bigger concern. In fact, the only reason
Armageddon even had a soundtrack was because Godzilla had one. In the final weeks of production,
they slapped together a few tracks and Bay brought in his old buddies,
Aerosmith to record an original song. The previous year,
Bay directed their video for Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
and, as you can see, they even reused some of the props and
tasty hoots.>>You know how much I love jugs. (Laugh)
>>The soundtrack hit number one on the charts for two weeks, and Aerosmith’s
I Don’t want to Miss A Thing was nominated for an Oscar, and became the band’s
very first song to debut at number one. Boom, bonus thing, which makes this
the first time anything positive ever came from being chased by Godzilla. (Sound)
Hard to believe, but Armageddon started Ben Affleck’s transformation to
the Hollywood superstar we know today. And by transformation, I mean literally. In the wake of Titanic,
pun very much intended, Affleck was cast opposite Liv Tyler
to boost the movie’s love story. But Michael Bay had just one problem
with the fresh-faced indie darling. His teeth.>>I’m at a loss for words.>>According to Bay,
Affleck had baby teeth, and they spent $20,000 of the budget for
Ben to sit in a dentist chair for a whole week, getting his teeth capped. Much sexier. If you take a second
look at Goodwill Hunting, you can kind of see the difference. I guess an apple a day doesn’t
keep the director away.>>How do you like them apples?>>(Laugh) Moving on. (Sound)
>>What are you doing with a gun in space?>>It seems impossible that
a popcorn movie thrill ride might be counted alongside the classics
of Fellini and Kurosawa, but Armageddon was released on
the Criterion collection. It was actually the last movie to be
released on laser disc for Criterion, but that’s not really the thing. What you may not know is the Criterion
commentary track with Ben Affleck is one of the most brutally
honest in history. He pulls almost no punches, pointing out
some of the more obvious plot holes.>>They don’t know jack about drilling.>>I mean,
this is a little bit of a logic stretch. Let’s face it,
they don’t know jack about drilling. How hard can it be? Like, somehow they can build rocket ships,
but they don’t understand
what makes a good tranny? (Laugh)
>>Taking jabs at the director.>>This is where you just have a random
helicopter in the background for no real reason, just because you’re a big
movie, and you’re expensive, and you can. I asked Michael why it was easier to train
oil drillers to become astronauts then it was to train astronauts to
become oil drillers, and he told me to shut the (Sound) up. I was like it was a real plan
at NASA to train oil drillers? He was like just shut your mouth.>>Even throwing a little
shade at Bruce Willis.>>None of them want to pay taxes again.>>Bruce is a big no taxes kind of guy. So that was close to his heart. You know, he’s Republican, you know that.>>Bear in mind, he had just won
an Oscar at the 70th Academy Awards, which still has the largest viewer
rating of any Oscar ceremony ever. Boom, bonus thing.>>So, he was probably feeling a bit
untouchable when he recorded it. And he even does a legitimately good Sling
Blade impression for Billy Bob scenes.>>Now take a look at this here,
I’s draw it there. Can’t you see it, slaying NASA.>>And
I’m sure Billy Bob was cool with it.>>I reckon we drill. (Sound)
>>Now that I think about it, some of that commentary griping
from Affleck might be because he almost died a few times while filming. Fresh on the set of his
first action movie, Affleck insisted on doing his own stunts.>>I’m a fool. That was idiotic. I mean, that was stupid. I’m an idiot.>>But he gladly left it to
the professionals after this very real fireball flew past his head and he was
almost smashed by this door blowing off. Then, there was the first
day wearing the space suits. Ben had to stop the scene to look for
a rock to break open his helmet because he was suffocating due
to an air supply malfunction.>>It’s been a nightmare when
it comes to the space suits.>>And
there was a different take of this shot, where Ben lost his balance
after being grabbed and almost fell into the neutral buoyancy pool
while wearing a hundred-pound space suit. Thankfully, he didn’t fall in, but
you have to admit, what a sexy way to go. (Sound)
Setting aside his later work on Transformers, Bay was
never a big fan of CGI. He took every opportunity on Armageddon to
use real explosions, flip real cars, and drop actual heavy things
around his actors. Which is how Bruce Willis’ stunt
double almost died when he took one of these pipes to the head,
boom, bonus thing. So it might blow your mind that
the asteroid was an actual physical prop. The arts department spent months
fashioning one large enough to actually fit a camera inside,
and get all those close angles. Gases and debris were later added
digitally to finish the look. Then, a crew of 150 spent another
three months building a set for the actors to actually walk on
the surface of the asteroid. It was constructed inside
the biggest stage they could find. And since Bay loves his low angles,
they ended up excavating 20 feet below the floor of the sound stage
which was reportedly expensive. But why worry about money
when you can be sexy? (Sound)
>>Listen, this is a kick-ass ride!>>Let’s finish it off with one
crazy thing about working with NASA. This blast-off wasn’t stock footage. And it was the first time an outside
crew was allowed to film a launch. Cinematographer John Schwartzman set up 14
individual cameras to capture the take-off of space shuttle Endeavor on its
way to the Mir space station. But because of NASA’s 48 hour
lockdown before a launch, he had to set up the cameras
pre-loaded with film two days prior. Then, after recording was activated
remotely, they needed to wait another four hours so the hydrochloric acid gas that is
generated after a launch could clear out. Apparently the brave soul who went out
there to retrieve the first camera, puked his guts out from the smell. But thankfully all that sexy
footage wasn’t destroyed, and that’s really all that matters, right? That’s all for today, but hit the thumbs
up if you think Armageddon is a super fun time that was unfairly scrutinized,, as if
it was a serious piece of filmmaking and be sure to let us know in
the comments if you want a part two. I’m thinking yes.>>Way wrong answer. (Sound)
>>Thanks for watching, and subscribe to Cinefix for
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