This Gadget Claims To Make You A Better Gamer…

This Gadget Claims To Make You A Better Gamer…

din dong
so I think I might have a fun one today
this showed up it’s called the hip shot
dot and it was sent to me from the folks
over at live with YouTube gaming they
want to start sending me a couple of
cool gaming related peripheral
I have no idea what to expect it’s
called the hip shot got a red dot sight
attachment for first-person shooter
games compatible with xbox one ps4 xbox
360 ps3 pc wii u call of duty
battlefield titanfall and more
it’s got a USB powered LED which sits on
your display over top of your normal
sites easily attach and detach from the
television 72-inch USB power cord
alright you actually stick that little
suction cup right to the TV in a claim
you can name more quickly improve your
accuracy enhance reaction time to feel
like the real deal with the red dot
let’s crack this open i’m a little
skeptical who knows let’s find them so
this is the device kinda looks like a
piece of medical equipment your kind of
like keep any way you can power this
thing off any USB power doesn’t have to
be directly from your console and then
this little thing I’m going to show you
this just suctions right on right like
this right to your eyeball know
wow that’s actually on there right now
but the majority of the suction cup is
see-through and then the center portion
that’s what is going to illuminate
supposedly increase my accuracy which
that’s going to be quite the feat but I
mean I need all the help I can get
I just picked up battlefield we’re gonna
try it out together let’s do it right
now see somebody better
ok got myself a monitor got the ps4 that
I’ve got battlefield one boot it up i’m
at the very beginning of the game and
played it yet it’s pretty intense so far
i’m gonna take this little device and
plug it into the ps4 for power you can
see this lights up to we’ll see if Jack
can pick that up can you pick that up
so what you’re supposed to do to set
this up go in game
they’re firing and zoom in you want this
little dot to be right at your
crosshairs the second one just exist
pretension and then out of the way down
here now watch I’m talking about when i
zoom in see that how the dot becomes the
same even though I’m only in world war
one I got the red dot sight all that is
a flamethrower holy on fire I’m on fire
right now
Oh what did last log
now the cool thing is i mean lines up
with or without l2 oh no not again with
the flame door this guy and all right
Adam all you gotta shoot his backpack he
blows up
I can sense a lot of a lot of dying is
gonna happen you would his world war one
I mean beyond bye-bye
who’s tank is that it’s probably oh I
get what you’re doing here with the
thing you’re playing all the different
roles of different guys within the
military’s what’s going on
so what can i say like I think it
actually kind of does the job can you
can pick it up there it is called the
hip shot dot i think the name is fitting
because we’re this really stands to
improve your accuracy is when you’re
firing without zooming in without having
to cross hairs because then it becomes
really obvious to you where they would
be but you can fire from the hip shot
I don’t know all right listen you’re not
sticking this thing on your TV and going
straight MLG it’s not happening
alright there’s no easy way you gotta
put in the time you’ve got to put into
practice with or without the hip shot
when you get an extra kill I don’t know
maybe if you want to step your game up
to the highest levels it’s time to grab
that controller keyboard and mouse
putting those hours with those cheetos
all over your hands because you’re
special like that you’re going pro your
parents are going to be proud of you

100 thoughts on “This Gadget Claims To Make You A Better Gamer…”

  1. Ive been doing this since 2011 for hardcore modes.. I just use a black sharpie.. It can be wiped from the Tv Very easily.. I had an idea for this red light back then too for my brother, he is going blind and sometimes it's difficult for him to see the Crosshair when doing hip fire.. We just use decided to use orange reflective tape that was extremely bright we cut ittle pieces off at a time and place thrm on the cross hair when he wants to play..

  2. just use a red dry erase marker to make a dot if you really feel this will make you better. honestly, I doubt it makes a real difference though.

  3. Pretty sure this isn't meant for console gaming. Kinda useless when the reason you can't aim is because of joystick mush, not just accuracy issues

  4. Yah it just blocks part of ur screen. If you really want to get good at aiming getting a aiming sim and practice.

  5. I did the same thing by using a tiny cut out dot of red sticky note.
    No suction cups. No wires. Served the same purpose and zero wasted dollars.
    One could also use a piece of tape with a red sharpie dot on it. That works as well.

  6. It doesn’t work because of such games as rainbow six siege you have to aim down your sights otherwise your bullets will never hit your target

  7. I did the same thing on modern warfare 2 with a tape and a red marker to improve quickscoping and i think that was a 1000 times better than this bullshit wtf 😂😂

  8. It's great for games with weak or dim sights like GTA5 or RDR2. However would not recommend it for COD as it does obstruct making head shots and other focused shots.

  9. I just used a dry erase marker. It made me a monster at quick sniping. Its damn near cheating🤣🤣🤣🤣I don't use that method anymore, but I'm still an absolute beast.

  10. download kovaak's fps aim trainer on steam its 7 £ play it 30 mins a day for a week aim guaranteed to improve it won't do miracles but it will improve it won't make you smarter though and you are still gonna die in games 😛

  11. All this is marketing gimmick….its of no use whatsoever….Only stupids would buy and support such a foolish equipment

  12. If a shooter "doesn't" have a good crosshair, it's probably not all that well thought out of a game. "But" it's also possible that the game starts you out with a very basic scope/crosshair, but then you upgrade it later as you collect stuff as you go. In which case this device would ruin that intended experience. Well, assuming it's "actually" all that helpful. While it gives you a more visible dot, it also puts a wire (at the very least) on the low side of the screen, which could mess with you if you are shooting from high up looking for people lower and at a distance or something. The kicker to this though is the better you get, the less you actually need a sight because you move so fast that you get the hang of where your shots go by reflex. But assuming one "really" needs a sight like this, why not just put poster tack on the screen? Easier to set up and remove. I wonder if this would even work for every screen though. A matte surface for instance could have more difficulties with suction compared to a smooth surface due to air gaps. Finally, what if players play more than one genre of game, which most do? You'd have to take it off for other games unless you for some reason wouldn't mind it on there.

  13. A lot of monitors actually have a capability to put a crosshair on the screen at all times, and you can get software to do that as well. No wires. But still not really useful since most FPS games have crosshairs for hipfire now anyway

  14. my parents will only be proud of me when i get straight A+s but I fucking dont want that I just wanna play games

  15. dislike bro, years ago fps shooting games algorithms take in consideration when you fire a gun aiming or not, like shooting from the waist will gain recoil making your shots dirtier, I mean years and years ago XD

  16. At first I thought it was going to be some sort of projector that you place at the base of your tv and it shines a laser lol. This is horrible XD

  17. Man that thing you holding making you look silly dude… that shit won't save you, you ever heard of quick scope? 👻

  18. If you're not too worried about your monitor, a piece of scotch tape and a marker will get the job done for far less

  19. You could always do this really unbelievably cool thing that lets you change your crosshair by doing this one simple trick… changing your crosshair settings.

    Unless you're a Fortnite player lol

  20. It helps maintain your awareness of what your horizon is, i would use a piece of postit note sticky side to keep center on my screen.

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