This Is Billy Idol’s Life Today

This Is Billy Idol’s Life Today

English rocker William Broad, better known
to the world as Billy Idol, was no less than
the spiky-haired, bleach-blond, sneering face
of the ’80s.
He had plenty of success, but eventually he
just disappeared.
Here’s what he’s been up to.
It will likely come as a surprise to no one
that at the height of his rocking and rolling,
Idol never met a giant truckload of drugs
he didn’t immediately want to ingest.
“I couldn’t do it now, I couldn’t do it now.”
In his autobiography Dancing With Myself,
he characterized his 1990 motorcycle accident
as the catalyst for his finally getting off
opiates, saying,
“I was in the hospital.
[…] I was probably on morphine for two weeks
but I was in the best place to get off it.
I would be sweating all night long, it was
a horrible experience coming off.”
He claims to have overdosed several times,
but one incident notably occurred in the public
In 1993, not long after the death of River
Phoenix in an extremely similar incident,
Idol collapsed outside a nightclub due to
an overdose of GHB.
By this time, his son Willem was old enough
to question what had happened, and that’s
what finally put the brakes on his drug use.
Idol explained,
“Eventually there was a bit of a wake-up call.
I had young children and eventually you think
about, do they want a dad who’s a bit messed
And they don’t want that.”
In 2000, guitarist Steve Stevens — who was
more than a little surprised that his old
friend was still alive — reunited with Idol
to go on tour, and the pair returned to the
public eye.
Stevens told VH1 that during their time apart,
when he would read or hear things about Idol,
“A lot of it sounded a little bit scary, to
be honest.”
But during the 2000 tour, Stevens was shocked
to discover that times had indeed changed.
He explained,
“His son came out on the road with us.
We’d check into the hotel, and Billy would
be asking for a roll-out bed for Willem.
I’d burst into laughter… how different this
The pair made a well-received 2001 appearance
on VH1’s Storytellers series, in which Stevens
and Idol — backed by Billy’s current band
— knocked out a killer semi-acoustic set
full of hits, covers, and even a few Generation
X tunes.
The set was released as an album as well,
and later that year, Idol’s first Greatest
Hits compilation hit record stores.
Having waited 12 years between albums Cyberpunk
and Devil’s Playground, Idol decided it would
be prudent to keep himself in the public eye
with a quick follow-up to Playground.
But, being Billy Idol, he did this in a way
that absolutely nobody could have predicted.
Just over a year after his return to blazing,
hip-grinding rock, he graced the music-buying
public with Happy Holidays in 2006, which
is exactly what it sounds like.
The album delivered what it promised — just
Billy Idol singing earnestly straightforward
versions of a laundry list of holiday standards.
This was, of course, greeted with widespread
confusion, but more than one music critic
declared it to be an absolute must-listen.
Alongside a three-star review, The Guardian
“There’s an undeniably surreal appeal to Idol’s
‘Silent Night’ […] and a sherry-sodden ‘Auld
Lang Syne.'”
Idol and Stevens spent a number of years largely
out of the public eye, but rather than playing
hardcore shuffleboard in a retirement home,
they were doing what they’d always done: writing
In December 2014, they dropped Kings & Queens
of the Underground, Idol’s seventh studio
album, and critics were mostly kind.
Rolling Stone spoke highly of standout track
“Can’t Break Me Down” and Ultimate Classic
Rock praised Idol for being, quote, “more
interested in exploring new, more mature territory
than in recapturing his Rebel Yell heyday.”
2014 was also the year he released the autobiography
Dancing With Myself, a New York Times best-seller
which didn’t skimp on the sordid details of
Idol’s hedonistic early years.
In it, he wrote,
“I am hopelessly divided between the dark
and the good, the rebel and the saint, the
sex maniac and the monk, the poet and the
priest, the demagogue and the populist.”
Way back in the day, before the release of
his first solo record, Idol had announced
his arrival in New York with the release of
a little-heard EP called Don’t Stop, a title
he has since seemed to adopt as his personal
He’s now over 60, but it doesn’t appear he’s
going to stop rocking anytime soon.
He’s long since tamed his drug demons, saying
on his website,
“Now I live for going on stage, that’s the
biggest drug, the biggest high.
I still have a couple of drinks but I don’t
need to be up there drunk or f—– up, I
get high off the music, whether it’s new music
or old.”
“I want to be here enjoying today, I don’t
want to be brain dead.”
In September 2018, he announced that Steve
Stevens would join him in holding down a ten-date
Las Vegas residency at the Palms Casino Resort
— the ultimate destination for a man who
has been on the road to Sin City his entire

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  1. They all say they cleaned up and gave up drugs only to hear later that at best they slowed down. Look at Whitney Houston….she supposedly cleaned up, quit drugs and was making a comeback only to find out after she overdosed that she never quit drugs. His son questioning him about about an overdoes was his wake up call? Like that was the only way his kid would find out he did drugs?? I bet if you laid out to fat lines of chop his nose would be sucking up the table it was on. Idol sucked anyway…a pretty boy acting tough.

  2. All I know is someone has been spray painting Billy Idol all over my city😅 the city workers paint over it but 2 days later it's all back.

  3. Billy get back on the drugs dude. You sounded much better when you sang high!!!!! SEx DRUGS AND ROCK & ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Billy Idol thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us. I truly appreciate you and your music it is so important. Once again thank you.

  5. The Music Business and its creativity was erased 30 years ago by corporation-plantation market research and Satanism. Hence, the only way to gossip about it is to exhume an idol from the 1980s. The music of the 20th century musical revolution is archived on You-Tube and preserved by as underground culture by mostly Blacks & Latinos and is doing fine abroad well away from The West diseased by NWO

  6. Why can't these guys, as they grow older fucking grow up and and stop wearing eye liner and painting their fingernails black. The jig is up. You're old. Steve Stevens looks like a complete idiot.

  7. Kings & Queen's Of The Underground was the last music recorded at SARM Studios Basing Street, before they moved to SARM Music Village and re-modelled it to flats. It was produced by (Our Lord) Trevor Horn, and it is bloody good! the title track is the story of his life/career. if you've not had a chance to listen yet, I suggest you do.

  8. I'm 50 Billy idol was my 1st concert and I've seen him many times in Los Angeles riding his motorcycle back in the late eighties.i.rock on Brother!

  9. People tend to forget that he still sings this guy still has it and he's putting out amazing records kings and queens of the underground was fantastic there wasn't one track I disliked.

  10. You left out the biggest news: Billy just recently took his citizenship oath and is now officially a U.S. citizen. Congrats Billy!

  11. I saw the Rebel Yell tour(Damn I'm Old). Half way in to the show. He was sing the wrong song to the wrong tune. Not mad,because he seemed to get back on track after that song. One pill make you smaller and one pill make you tall. I Just Saying.

  12. Generation X were my favourite band as a young teenager.
    They did reform briefly on the cyberpunk tour and to be honest I wish they hadn't.
    It was a massive disappointment.
    But good on him for facing and beating his demons.

  13. Omg, I'm so happy he had gotten of taking drugs. I'm glad he wants to live a better life and be there for his children. ❤ That reminds me, I gotta finish that autobiography! 😱

  14. Wait, what? A singer sings some songs and people get mad because they are not what they want. Welcome to the year 2019

  15. TODAY——–"With a rebel yell,she cried huh?……..whats that?….uhhhh what was i saying again?" Lol he was great in his day but seeing these guys try to sing today just doesnt do it for me

  16. God bless you Billy Idol I'm praying for you and all your fans that they turn to Jesus funny but when we all get older as soon as I start to realize I want to stay alive and continue living but I can't do that by being hardcore rocker Drinker drug user turn the Jesus people

  17. Old ass fuck..LOL. He should have died of a heroin overdose like a real rock star. Instead, he continues to make a fool of himself. So sad..cuz I liked his stuff in the 80s. Sad old sacks of shit have no business being on stage anymore. That goes for ALL rockstars.
    Research FLAT EARTH TRUTH:
    "Globebusters", "Eric Dubay", "Jeranism", "Stargods".
    Hail Satan.

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