This Is Why Psychics Don’t Win The Lottery…

This Is Why Psychics Don’t Win The Lottery…

Hey everyone!
I’m Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes,
the channel that is dedicated to your spiritual
and personal growth.
In this video, we are answering the age old
question of “If psychics are real, why don’t
they win the lottery?”
It’s a good question, right?
I mean psychics are supposed to look into
the future with great accuracy, and if that’s
the case, why aren’t they able to predict
winning lotto numbers?
Well, let’s take a look at the interpretation
of the word ‘psychic.’
First of all, let’s keep in mind that psychics
are human.
There is no human on the face of the planet,
nor has there ever been a human on the face
of the planet who had all of the answers to
Not even the sons and daughters of ascended
masters or gods and goddesses had the entire
And when you put that type of pressure on
a psychic, when you think, “Well, they’re
supposed to know everything.”
What you’re really doing is attributing
them god like status, which is dangerous for
And you’re also setting up the expectation
for them to fail.
You’re setting up the recipe, the foundation,
for them to fail.
Because that is an unrealistic expectation,
The second thing to keep in mind is that,
when a psychic uses his or her abilities to
seek into the…to peek into the future, to
gain insight or understanding or evidence
of something that has happened or is going
to happen, they’re really doing that under
the guidance of the spirit world.
So it is the Universe itself, it is God itself,
it is the Spirit world, whatever label you
want to put on that other dimension, on that
universal energy is fine.
But it is responsible for what psychics and
intuitives are able to see, because we’re
not suppose to see everything.
There are things in this world that we’re
supposed to experience, that we’re supposed
to learn on our own.
So the Universe is selective in what it will
show us.
So if you can understand that the Universe
is love, and the Universe provides information
to psychics and intuitive people that are
meant to enhance them in some way, then you
start to understand why psychics can’t predict
lottery numbers.
Now there’s this whole other thing we can
look at and, I might as well explain it, I
mean…why not?
When it comes to winning the lottery, the
reality is that the lottery goes against the
universal laws of nature.
And here’s what I mean by that.
When you look at someone who wins the lottery,
you will notice that most people who win the
lottery are bankrupt within 5 years.
And most people who win the lottery are, of
course, ecstatic when they first win it, but
then, within a year or two, they report being
severely depressed.
They can’t manage that amount of money that
was given to them, and they also have all
of these people, strangers, family members
that they haven’t spoken to in years, friends
that they haven’t seen since Kindergarten,
all flocking to them, asking for favors.
Asking for money.
And when this happens, a lot of them begin
to feel this feeling of worthlessness because
how their friendship has a price tag attached
to it.
And how can that make anyone feel comfortable,
valued, loved and accepted?
While winning the lottery sounds great, it
comes with a very severe downside.
And the inability to take care of this huge
responsibility, which is money.
We are not meant to collect money in that
We’re not supposed to achieve any type of
success overnight.
Well, not huge success.
And we see this with celebrities too.
Whenever you have a celebrity who seems to
be this overnight success, what usually happens
to them?
They end up in the news a few weeks later,
or a few months later.
Because they shaved their head, or they were
drunk driving, or they hit another car, or
it was a hit and run, or they murdered someone.
There’s all of these horrible things that
can happen when people are not groomed, slowly,
for the amount of success that they would
like to achieve in their lives.
You see that with fame, and you see that with
That’s why it’s important to grow your
That’s why it’s important to learn about
money, learn about finances, learn about investments
and stock and whatever it is that you can,
um, whatever type of information you can get
your hands on to become more knowledgable
and informed with money, and how you can grow
your wealth is what you want to do, because
the Universe typically rewards responsibility
and not irresponsibility.
That’s why there’s a consequence for all
of our actions.
And we do live in a Universe that honors consequence
and rewards.
On a spiritual level, we call it karma.
So winning the lottery is almost a curse.
People who win the lottery usually do not
have a happily ever after.
Once they win the lottery, terrible things
happen to them.
You hear about it all the time.
We love to hear about these winners, and we’re
curious about what made them choose those
numbers, and where they bought their ticket,
and what their life situation is like and
what are they gonna do with the money.
But if we were going to go back to them a
year or two later, most of the time, you’ll
find that the money destroyed them.
People seek to win the lottery because they
think it’s going to solve their problems.
But it doesn’t.
It adds to them.
So perhaps the reason psychics don’t win
the lottery is because they’re not supposed
Because the Universe doesn’t want them to.
Because the Universe needs them to continue
to be ambassadors for the truth, and for the
spirit world.
And how can they do that if they have the
curse of winning the lottery over their head?
It’s a big responsibility.
So, there’s a lot of different places that
we can go when it comes to this, but from
my perspective, that’s what makes the most
So I’d love to hear from you.
If you’re an intuitive and people have asked
you this question regarding, “hey, if you’re
really psychic, if you really believe in this
stuff, why haven’t you won the lottery?
Why can’t you give me the winning numbers?”
What’s your answer to that?
I would love to hear more about your views
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24 thoughts on “This Is Why Psychics Don’t Win The Lottery…”

  1. you got beautiful smile and I do love about afterlife I was watching one of your videos, im feeling really great now since I saw that video about afterlife, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, do you know about any healing stones and how easy too use them? is it bad idea or no?

  2. Hi Nicole
    Thanks For Your Input.
    I believe It Depends On The Person; There's Nothing Wrong With Having Money As Long As You Pray About It First & Ask God To Direct Your Steps. Winning The Lottery Is Not A Curse Again One Needs To Take Time And Pray About First! I Rather Be Rich In Money & Spirit Any Day😃👍🙏

  3. Whether we like it or not, money can be the root of evil. We all need enough to pay our way in life but huge amounts of money brings out the bad in a lot of people. I couldn’t think of anything worse if I was to win $200 million, I’d never know who truly valued me for me ever again. Though $1 million would be nice lol

  4. Well, as you mentioned about universe, just leave your lottery dream to the universe with your perfect plans and goals.

  5. From the universal perspective, true wealth isnt measured by material things that money can buy. Experience and the wisdom it brings and your soul's growth is true riches. Having a lot of money seems like it would be useful in helping others but often times easy money tends to shock the receiver and they tend to lose their minds because they werent prepared to stay grounded in gratitude. And as you said, they are not prepared to see the ugly side of human behavior that suddenly having wealth can bring. With all that being said, i still think id like to test the theory that money cant buy you happiness! 💜

  6. It depends on the person and their level of maturity. As a psychic if it is meant for you to win or give numbers to someone to be bless with those winnings then it will happen. It can be a blessing to someone who is wise enough for it.

  7. I have met several people over the years who live here in orange county who are rich. Usually those people don't have 2 say anything, fo r it shows up in their personality. I find it very much a turn off more then anything cuz there r a lot of people who are unfortunate and who r homeless.

  8. Time or space being real would amount to a division of Consciousness, and energy is indivisible. With that in mind, the frames on the film reel of life are finite (How could there be anything new in a single moment?), and, as such, all of the cause and effect variables associated with winning lottery numbers must align in order for one to win. For example, if all of the metaphorical movie frames revolving around one's lottery win include a loved one who is alive, one is not vibrating with a lottery win if that loved one is departing "prior to" the win. And that's only one of myriad variables in this hypothetical example. The proverbial wind from a butterfly's wings generating a hurricane on the other side of the Earth is quite relevant.

    Also, in addition to the lottery balls not caring whether or not they're selected, they're at the mercy of the spinning mechanism, which also doesn't care. Consciousness is projecting the ideas of balls and spinners, but unlike retrieving human memories, which allow for emotional linkage, there is no such connection with lottery balls. Additionally, subsequent lottery ball selections are in no way tied to previous ones. That any given ball will not be selected again during a draw produces no cause and effect relationship between the balls. While juggling, ball 1 being in one's right hand while 2 is in the left and 3 is in the air establishes a rotation sequence making it easier to predict where every ball is when the location of at least one is known. That's a gross oversimplification analogizing intuition with human behavior, but point being that the lottery balls, unlike human cause and effect relationships, are disconnected from each other's outcomes.

    Finally, that which is being perceived is desired by Consciousness. The lottery does not violate any laws of the universe. If it was doing that, it wouldn't be happening. However, your point is well taken in the sense that a polarity balance exists, and that doesn't even factor the emotional elements. If one doesn't feel worthy of being so wealthy, that is a toxic emotional state. Just as stress can induce physical illness, negativity influences perceptions. Thought is the only thing happening here.

  9. How come I can see future price movements in currencies and stocks, but in 2 years I've not been able to profit from this ability at all? The first time I was able to predict the stock market that accurately I thought to myself that I'm gonna be the richest person on the planet :D. Every time my trading was going too well to be real, I got a "false signal" from the universe. It's like they want me to know that these things are possible, but I'm not allowed to reap any benefits from it…(why do you do this to me universe T_T)

  10. You dont need a Psychic to win, just manifest it into your reality, Law of Attraction really works. Also, Sorry but, your explanation is contradicting to human experience on earth because if winning a lot of money is all negative like you say then that would just be a lot of great life lessons for spiritual growth in my opinion. Everything happens for a reason

  11. I wore a gem necklace that was suppose to bring wealth. Being that I work with lottery, I found that I was handing out small winners to everyone, but nothing came my way lol

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