This Mini PC Can Game at 4K

This Mini PC Can Game at 4K

I don’t know what to do with my hands. Hey guys, this is Austin. This tiny computer is
packing some serious power. So, this is the ZOTAC Magnus EN1070. So, if you guys remember
a couple of months ago, I did a video on the Alienware Alpha R2. Now, that was a great
little console killer PC, however it was really aimed at 1080p. This is focused on VR,
and especially, 4K gaming. So, when ZOTAC offered to send
this out, I couldn’t say no. So, first of all, we get, wow, that’s actually a lot of paperwork. Oh, wow! I almost threw this away, I’m like, oh, a disc, who cares. However, inside there’s
also a flash drive. So, this has all of our drivers, which are still probably out of date, but at the very least,
we can actually use it. Those drivers actually
might come in handy, too, since this is a barebone system. So, that means is, it’s somewhere in between
building something yourself, and having a completely pre-built system. So, it comes with most of
what you need in the box, however, you still get
the option of putting in your own SSD, your own memory
and your own operating system. Moving on, we have the power adapter. Now, it would be nice to not have to deal with an external power brick, because the system is so
small, I can understand. Besides, it’s not that big. Ooh. So, here is the PC itself. There’s something so powerful,
this is pretty small. So, for comparison, this is what it looks like next to a PS4. As you can see, even though
it’s packing a lot more power, it’s still a really small computer. And really, that’s one
of the big advantages of getting a system like this. Sure, you can build something yourself that’s going to be more
powerful for the same money, however, it is not going to
be easy to build anything anywhere near as powerful
in such a tiny package. Oh, you know what? (knocking) That’s actual metal, wow. So, on top, we’ve just got some plastic, as well as on the bottom. However, we actually
have a fair few ports. So, up front we have an SD card reader, USB 3.1 port, as well
as a 3.1 enabled USB-C. Might be a mouthful, however
this guy is rocking some ports. And around back, you have four more USB, as well as a pair of HDMI,
a pair of DisplayPort, and a pair of Ethernet jacks. And since this a barebone system, it’s also going to be easy to get into. So, ZOTAC includes a pair
of thumbscrews on the back, and then, if we push the back off, Oh, yeah, super easy. So, inside is where we’re going
to install all of our parts. Not only do we have two DDR4
SODIMM slots for memory, but you also can use
either an M.2 SSD slot, or you can also use the 2.5″ drive bay, which can work with either
a hard drive or SSD. What you can’t as easily upgrade are any of the core internals
such as the CPU or GPU. As you can imagine with
something like this, they didn’t exactly just cram
a normal GTX 1070 inside. However, there’s a big Warranty
Void sticker right here, so you might wanna think twice about that. So, for this system, I’m
installing a Samsung 950 PRO. If this was going to be my main system, I would probably also take advantage of the 2.5″ drive. So, something like a really fast NVMe SSD paired with, maybe, a
two terabyte hard drive, would really kind be
the best of both worlds. For RAM, we have 16 gigabytes
of Crucial DDR4 memory. One thing you need to keep in mind is that these are SODIMMs, so unlike normal desktop RAM, this is gonna be a lot smaller, which considering that
this is a small gaming PC, that kinda makes sense. So, as far as getting this operational, that’s pretty much all you have to do. The last step is to install
your operating system, I’m gonna be using Windows 10, and we’re good to go. Inside the ZOTAC, we’ve got
a Core i5-6400T, a GTX 1070, and with specs like this, well, the CPU is a little
bit on the weaker side, it still is quad-core, which means that, not only should you be
able to play some 4K games, but it’s also VR-ready. So, the first game
we’re going to be trying is Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Now, this might be a couple of years old, however, especially at
4K, this thing is no joke. Man, so intense, so intense. (laughing) So, we’re playing Shadow of
Mordor on 4K, on high settings. Now, for something that’s this small, nice. (laughing) For something that’s
this small, it’s not bad. We actually could crank the
settings up just a little bit, however, we’re getting a
pretty solid frame rate here without even needing to deal with, Oh! (laughing) So good. Next, we have The Witcher 3. Now, this is a game that
absolutely holds up graphics-wise. I would be surprised if
we can actually run this maxed out at 4K. So, here, with medium settings at 4K, things are pretty playable. It’s still not perfect, so we’re getting upper
30’s in the frame rate, however, this is not an
easy game to run at all. Next, we have Battlefield 1. This actually isn’t a
game that I’ve been able to test too much, so I’m curious how it performs. God, this game looks so good. So, for now, we’re playing on 4K medium, and immediately, it looks so nice. There’s really something to be said, I know that some people talk
about 4K is not worth it, and depending on what you’re
really doing, it might not be. But, if you actually have a proper TV, it makes a big difference. Oh. Wow. Not to your gameplay, it makes a difference to
how pretty the game looks. God, I’m actually kinda terrible. So, yes, the ZOTAC is expensive, and I’ll have a link in the description if you guys wanna check it out. However, considering just
how much power you’re getting in such a small package, it’s actually not that bad. So, what do you guys
think about the system? Definitely be sure to let me
know in the comments below, and I will catch you on the next one.

100 thoughts on “This Mini PC Can Game at 4K”

  1. Me: Hey that looks pretty cool just gonna go to amazon and see it….
    looks at price
    Me: nope walks away

  2. with a thousound bucks i could build my whole gaming setup and still have the right amount of money left for my os

  3. fps matters to me alot… its a big headache for me to play below 55.. 1080p res is just enough for good gaming if its 60fps and kept on high sett.and i think it can handel it. i am just wondering about the cooling system on this device.. the frames drops like shit when any device starts heating…

  4. really 1200 for this shit I'd rather buy a ps4 pro which will also give me great exclusives I dunno why pc 's are so expensive to build

  5. Same build and a setup as well in $1200…🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. Is it worth it???????????

  6. you're better off building your own mini-ITX system and you could put a more powerful CPU, though the 1070 is good for most games. The real limiting factor in this mini-pc was the CPU, it's actually bottlenecking the 1070, otherwise with a good cpu you could crank up the settings.

  7. I can't believe that no one else has commented this yet, but no, this mini pc is not worth it. YOU ARE PAYING FOR A GRAPHICS CARD THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UTILIZE.

    The i5-6400T is a lower powered cpu with lower clock speeds, that will severely bottleneck the GTX 1070. You are wasting precious money on the 1070 that you will never be able to effectively utilize, instead of saving a significant amount of money on a more cost effective (and actually usable) combination.

    i5-7500T and a GTX 1050
    i5-7500T and a GTX 1060

    Honestly, the stronger i5-7500T can barely handle a GTX 1060. Forget a GTX 1070 with a i5-7500T, let alone an i5-6400T.

  8. For fucks sake. Everyone rekts price-performance relation but doesnt look on the size and form factor. Eh it's 1200 rather build my own pc…. proceeds on building an atx/micro atx pc. Fuckers

  9. guys this pc has a rating of 3 stars on amazon and most people saying that the graphics card just stops working. This guy is just getting paid so you think it is good

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  11. But, can it play minecraft?
    (My gaming computer can handle skyrim with 100+ mods, mabinogi, multiple browsers with multiple windows with 20-100 tabs per window, imvu, and some other stuff at the same time, but minecraft java keeps crashing with an optimization mod as the only mod, and minimalistic settings with NOTHING else on. I bought a pc just for Minecraft, and it can barely handle modded minecraft. It's the one game I betted money on, and it just won't work.)

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