Throwback Cases! The Catfish Trickster And The Cheating BBQ Chef | Couples Court

Throwback Cases! The Catfish Trickster And The Cheating BBQ Chef | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers.
This is the case
ofTaylor v. Taylor.
You all are married.
You’ve been together
for eight years.
You have three
children together,
but concerns
over cheating

are about to destroy
this marriage.
Miss Taylor, tell us why
you have initiated this case
today against
your husband?
I am here today
because my husband
that I have been with
for eight years
has cheated in the past
and I feel like
he’s doing it again,
you know, Your Honor.
He’s been sneaky.
He’s lying.
You know, I have
even created
a catfish page
to catch him up.
When you’re in a relationship
you don’t go on Facebook
talking to women,
“Ooh, you got
a big booty this,
big booty that.”
You know, putting hearts…
…and googly eyes
under women’s
Facebook pictures,
posting nude pictures
of women…
That is a lot.
It is. It’s embarrassing.
Mr. Taylor?
It is. It is.
Mr. Taylor?
GEORGE: Yes, sir?
She has run it down,
all the suspicions
she has about you…
No, no, no, honey.
She has unfurled
this list…
GEORGE: And I’m telling you,
see where she getting it
all from.
…of sins you have committed.
That is a lot
to unpack.
RANEQUA: And he always
saying that it’s in my head.
I’m not messing around
on her and she knows it.
She just feels this way
because she has,
I guess, in her head
that, you know,
this is what is going on
because she’s hearing things
from other people.
No, because you’re
showing me things.
And other people
is gonna do that anyway.
They gonna do that
to tear us apart
so then she can be happy.
So this is all in her head?
It’s all in her head.
a grip of what’s
currently going on,
but we need to find out
how we got here.
What was the roadmap
to this crazy?
How did you all
get together?
You know what, Your Honor,
we met on the bus…
Okay, she’s smiling,
so it must have been good.
BOTH: All right.
RANEQUA: He was stalking me,
scoping me out.
He had the nerve
to come up to
the front of the bus
to ask me,
“Do you know where
this bus is going?”
Why would you get
on the bus if you don’t
know where it’s going?
So, you know,
he followed me home.
I felt safe…
You felt safe?
…because, you know,
I’m not walking home
alone, but…
Wait a minute.
Did you know his name?
Did you ask…
I did not,
but when we got…
You know what, hon?
Wait a minute.
This is Be Careful 101.
Do not let the guy
follow you home.
Get his name.
So, Mr. Taylor,
this is all part
of your grand scheme,
wasn’t it?
It wasn’t… It wasn’t
a grand scheme.
I was on that bus.
I seen her.
She was beautiful.
Well, that’s… That…
That did it.
So, I was thinking, like,
“Okay, how am I
about to get her
to speak to me?”
GEORGE: I didn’t know
where I was going.
So, I…
RANEQUA:Why would you
get on the bus…

She know where
I was going

and she was like,
“Well, we going
in the same area.”

I’m like, “Well,
let me walk you home.”
JUDGE KEITH: All right.
So we have love
on the bus.
How did we
get down this road
eight years later
and you all are here
in this courtroom?
Because, like I said,
you know, he’s cheated
in the past.
And this time I decided
I’mma catch you red-handed.
So I catfished him.
Ah, the old catfish.
Me and my godsister
create a page
under her name
and I catfished him.
JUDGE DANA: Oh, okay.
Um, and we’ve been around
each other and it’s always,
“Ooh, she got
a big booty this.
She’s beautiful.”
So, you know,
I knew he would
fall for the bait.
Okay, so…
You… You put out there
what he’s been looking at?
All right, so what’d you do?
I have evidence here…
Oh, all right.
Let’s see that.
Ron, would you get
that evidence for us?
I took three sexy photos
that I know
he would fall for
and I inboxed him.
You put these up there?
She’s beautiful. I did.
JUDGE DANA: Yeah, please.
I asked him
to pay me money…
…to sleep with me.
Well, he thought
it was her.
That’s not…
And it was me.
And I caught him red-handed.
GEORGE: It was. It was.
But it was…
It was her godsister.
RANEQUA: He was falling for it.
It was her sister.
It wasn’t her.
JUDGE KEITH: So you write,
“Why your blank so fat?
Blank it up.”
And then she responds,

or you respond,
Mrs. Taylor…
As her. Mmm-hmm.
“Why you tryna talk to me?
I guess you like fat…

“something Ranequa
don’t have.”

I just wanted to see
how he was gonna
respond to it…
Hold up. Hold up.
So then he says…
“I smash you.”
“$500 and you can.”

GEORGE:That’s not
gonna prove…

And you respond,
“Man, what?
Where you at?”
“Can I come at 3:00?
“Babies got doctor’s

What? What?
Mr. Taylor.
It wasn’t no catfish.
She was trying
to get at me
and I shut it down.
Like, I wasn’t
trying to…
How did you shut it down?
That doesn’t sound
like shutting it down.
That sounds like,
“Can I come at 3:00
“’cause I got my babies’
doctor’s appointments?”
After she got to talking
about some other stuff,
I was like,
“I’m not even interested
in none of that.
“I got a family.
That’s your friend.”
But you were
interested to a point?
I don’t see that
anywhere in the messages.
I mean, she is
a nice-looking woman,
but I’m not about to
mess around with her
and jeopardize
what I got going on.
so why did you
write her back
and say, “Can I
come at 3:00?
“Babies got doctor
JUDGE KEITH: And this is
after she told you,
“You better have $500”?
I wasn’t paying
for that at all.
Can I add something,
Your Honor?
So, I started
texting him
these messages.
As I’m texting him
these messages,
like I said,
the sneaky behavior,
he, all of a sudden,
“Oh, I’ll be back, baby.
“I gotta go put
gas in the car.”
So as he leaves
I texted him again
from the page
and I hit him with the
“As long as you got
the $500.”
So he hits me up
and calls me, “Baby,
do you got $200?”
$200. It had nothing
to do with that.
for them new Jordans
that was coming out.
You asked your wife
for money to give to…
I asked for the $200
for a pair of shoes.
I wanted to get
some Jordans.
But he told me
he was trying
to go to the studio.
I think you wanted
something more than Air.
RANEQUA: And then…
It wasn’t no catfish.
And I shut it down.
Okay, well, have you
seen anything else
outside the catfish?
‘Cause this is pretty bad.
You know what,
Your Honor, I’ve
actually caught him
with another woman.
So him and my daughter
went to the grocery store.
And in comes my daughter
all jolly, “Mommy, Mommy,
I got animal crackers.”
I’m like, “Okay, baby.”
“Daddy’s friend
bought these for me.”
I said, “Daddy’s friend?”
She’s five.
“Yeah. She was
a girl, Mommy.”
I said, “A girl?”
I said, “Well,
what did she look like?”
And the children
will lead them,
won’t they?
RANEQUA: Oh, but if you
could have seen
the look on his face…
She told me…
She wasn’t my friend.
She was… She said,
“She was light, Mommy,
“and she had braids
in her hair.”
So who was your “friend”?
Your Honor,
she wasn’t a friend.
My daughter
assumed that
because she came
and approached me.
But it was just
some female
that I seen
in the store and thought
my daughter was cute.
My daughter wanted them
animal crackers.
I wasn’t about to
tell my daughter no.
And she was
offering to buy ’em.
I was, like, it was
gonna save me
a couple change.
I’m, like, “Go ahead.”
JUDGE KEITH: You know,
that happens ’cause,
you know, I’ve been
in grocery stores
lots of times
and strange women
just come up to me
and just offer
to buy me stuff,
you know.
Oh, okay.
‘Cause, you know…
I was gonna say, You Honor.
I was thinking,
“He got some
explaining to do.”
GEORGE: Your Honor…
He’s lying right now. That’s…
That’s why we’re here.
I went on his
Facebook page
and I did a little
A wife’s duty is to
always inspect things.
We have that
women’s intuition.
And, you know,
I’m look through
the recent activities,
who he’s interacted with
and what do you know?
I see a light-skinned woman
and she had braids.
This same woman,
Your Honor,
writes on his Facebook page
and asks my husband…
Is he at work?
But he’s claiming
he don’t know her.
GEORGE: I don’t!
But they’re friends
on Facebook.
I can’t stop a woman
from sending me
something on Facebook,
Your Honor.
I can’t… “Hey,
don’t sent me
no messages.”
RANEQUA: But the same woman
he said he didn’t know.
So you want
this court
to buy into
this woman
you don’t know
bought your daughter
a box of animal crackers?
Were they all lions in there?
Just lyin’ crackers in there?
In her head, it was.
It went… It went
from one thing
to another.
None of that’s true.
None of that happened?
None of that’s going on?
A woman that I seen
in the store bought my child
some crackers.
And that was
the end of that.
The Facebook stuff,
I can’t control.
She… She…
I have something
different to say.
That was certainly not
the end, Your Honor.
How did she get your
Facebook information?
If this was
a random woman
who just happened to buy
your daughter some…
It’s easy. She’s seen me
running down…
He’s lying, Your Honor.
…the friend
and was like,
“Oh, that’s him.”
He’s lying, Your Honor.
Mrs. Taylor,
what did you do
once she asked,
“Are you at work today”
of your husband?
Oh, he responded
back, “Yeah.”
And, you know,
she responded back
that she was on her way.
So guess who else
was on they way?
I was.
And I walks up
to both of them.
“Excuse me,
who are you?”
She looks at him,
looks at me and smiles.
“I think you need
to handle that.”
And so she walks off.
So I’m like, “So what is it
that you need to handle?”
Who is she? How did
you meet up with her
at the grocery store?
And furthermore, how did
she end up at your job?
Why does she even know
where you work at?
Come on, get it out.
JUDGE DANA: Do you know
this woman or not?
This is a yes or no question.
I don’t want “This happened…”
No, Your Honor.
I didn’t know her
until the store situation.
JUDGE DANA: All right.
How she end up
on your job?
I worked at a mall and…
JUDGE DANA: I worked
at a mall, too.
Didn’t everybody know it.
And she seen me.
Mister, please…
saw you at the mall?
Yes, ma’am.
So she just happens
to come to the
grocery store…
That he’s at.
…and the mall
that you are at?
All the malls
and all the stores…
And… And I was
shocked too. I was like,
“How did that happen?”
And you believe…
Come on, Mr. Taylor.
GEORGE: Your Honor.
So what… So when
your wife said to you,
“What you got to handle?”
What did you have to handle?
I didn’t handle nothing.
We was just talking
and she seen us
talking and…
I mean, that was
definitely bad
on my part.
I shouldn’t have
spoke to her
or said anything.
I was just being nice.
I’m at work.
“How you doing?”
type of thing.
It was like
a bad moment,
a bad timing.
Okay, now all of this,
admittedly, is suspicious.
It’s very suspicious,
Your Honor.
JUDGE DANA: But what
made you think
he’s actually slept
with this woman?
GEORGE: Never.
So, um, after that,
you know, I tells him,
“You know, you done
lost privileges
“riding round in my car.
Gimme my car keys.”
And as I’m
leaving the mall,
I happened to look over…
First of all, my seat
is leant all the way back.
It’s laid back?
It’s leant all the way
back, Your Honor,
and laid back.
Oh, it was like a bed.
Exactly, like a bed.
Well, I look down
on the floor
and I see two empty,
open condom wrappers.
That wasn’t mine.
And you’ve submitted
that evidence
to the court?
I sure did.
I took a picture of it.
And I called him,
I sent him these pictures
and I said, “So why
is there empty condom
wrappers in the car?”
“Oh, my cousin
got in the car.
“They must have fell
out of his pocket.”
They not mine!
But you just said
there wasn’t nobody
in the car.
We don’t even
use condoms,
Your Honor.
So, this is the cousin…
The old cousin…
The old cousin…
…dropped the condoms
in my car?
…dropped condom wrappers…
Your Honor?
JUDGE DANA: Mmm-hmm?
I don’t even wear
those type of condoms.
JUDGE DANA: But she said
y’all don’t use condoms.
We don’t!
And if I was gonna get
any kind of condoms
they would definitely be
some, some gold ones.
You know, I’m not
about to… I’m not
about to sit around
and claim some condoms
that I know that’s not mine.
And off-brand at that!
JUDGE DANA: All right.
Yeah, I think…
I… I know that
I have had enough
of evidence today.
So, Mr. Cutler, let me
share with you what we got.
Mr. Taylor was caught
meeting up with another
woman at his job.
She catfished him
with her godsister’s image.
And don’t you know,
he asked her for $200
to hook up with this…
Her… Her godsister.
And then the final one,
the best one…
In her car,
using her car,
the passenger seat’s
all the way back
and she finds
two empty condoms
and they don’t even
use condoms.
You have invested…
I have.
You have tried
to do the right thing,
but you not gonna
continue to be this person.
I cannot, Your Honor.
And if it comes out
that, in fact, your husband,
Mr. Taylor, is cheating,
you are done?
I’m very done.
I will be.
JUDGE DANA: All right.
Mr. Cutler, that’s what we got.
I will be.
This court has done a full
and complete investigation.
At this time the court
would like to call
former military interrogator
and expert, Lena Sisco,
to determine,
is he cheating?
Ron, please send
Miss Sisco in.
I told you,
I’m not cheating.
You better not be.
Good day, Miss Sisco.
Good day.
How are you?
Good to see you.
I am well. It’s good
to see you, Your Honor.
We’re glad you’re here.
You did a complete
and preparation
of Mr. Taylor,
is that correct?
SISCO: That is correct,
Your Honor.
I had the accused
write out
a witness statement.
So I analyzed
that statement
for any indicators
of deception
and truthfulness.
I read the case file.
I put together
an interrogation plan
and then I interrogated
Mr. Taylor
to see if indeed
he was lying about
cheating on his wife.
What were your
initial findings?
So my initial findings were…
I asked him some
questions about two
of his accusations.
And one was about
the woman
who gave his daughter
animal crackers.
The other was about
the condoms that
were found in the car.
JUDGE DANA: All right.
After hearing his responses,
what did you determine?
So I determined,
after listening to him
and trying to assess
whether he was
being truthful,
that he was
being truthful
about that.
And he wasn’t lying
about those accusations.
Well, you better be, right?
As part of your
did you find
anything concerning?
I did, Your Honor.
SISCO: I did, Your Honor.
So Mr. Taylor
did tell me
that his wife
is very controlling.
He also told me
that when he gets
kicked out of the house,
he does go
and seek attention
of other women
and has had sex
with at least
three other women
and sexual relations
with a few more.
He admitted
this to you?
Yes, he did,
Your Honor.
JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Taylor,
you have?
When she kicks me out
and say it’s over.
Married folks
is married folks.
You don’t get
a break from marriage.
It’s not a on and off
switch to a vow.
And you’re never
gonna find
the answer to your
relationship problems
with your wife
in another woman’s bed.
Not gonna happen.
So we’re at this point.
Where are you?
What are you
gonna decide?
I have enough
to worry about
that I should not have
to be worrying about,
“Is my husband
cheating on me.”
Because if this is not
what you want,
then this is not
what you should
have signed up for.
But when you marry somebody,
it’s for better or for worse.
JUDGE DANA: There it is.
And right now,
honestly, I don’t know
where we stand
because I feel like
I don’t even know
who this man is anymore.
JUDGE DANA: This is…
This is real talk.
‘Cause me and Mr. Cutler,
it ain’t always
been perfect.
If you don’t like
what she’s serving up,
you need to serve up
something different.
And I know
you can do it
because you told us
of how you all met.
In order to keep
what you got,
you need to do
what you did
to get what you wanna.
Your Honor.
We are gonna
order you all
to meet with Dr. Jeff.
He’s our counselor.
Because regardless,
you do have these
babies to co-parent.
We do.
we say in this courtroom,
do not cheat yourself
out of a happy, healthy,
trust-filled relationship.
Court is adjourned.
This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers.
This is the case
ofWilson v. Wright.
You two have been together
for six years, are engaged,
you have three
children together.
But you are not
going to the altar
if your fiance is cheating.
Would you share with the court
why you are here?
I wanna prove
if Robert is cheating.
He’s done it in the past.
And he’s doing it now.
His behavior has
not changed, not once.
He can leave for 12 to 14 hours
and not come back
till the next morning
at 9:00. In the morning.
JUDGE DANA: So you believe that
he’s going out,
staying out all day
and all night cheating?
You about to come over that
podium and tell me about it.
Woo! Okay.
All right, Mr. Wright,
she is ready
to jump all over this.
What do you have to say?
All the allegations
that she accuse me of,
is not true.
I’m letting you know,
I have business to conduct.
So, that’s all.
So, you got a barbeque pit.
You make ribs?
That’s what I’m talking about.
And you didn’t bring
a rib up in here.
I got lotta ribs.
But actually…
And that’s why
people call you about?
I’m the rib man.
That’s what they call me for.
And that’s why you out
all times of the day and night?
Because you trying
to make this business go.
I got to get this,
I got to plan, preparate
and get this, execute this.
Make sure everything is right
by every customer
and clientele
it’s been treated fairly,
and get that certain
amount of ribs per person.
The problem
is Miss Wilson thinks
you serving up more than ribs.
That’s the problem.
I’m his manager.
Yeah. That’s…
JUDGE DANA: You’re the manager?
I’m his manager.
So, you know what he’s doing?
WILSON: Exactly.
You tryna support
what his doing?
So how they calling your phone,
when they ain’t calling
my phone? When they
supposed to call in my phone,
’cause I’m your manager.
So, why they calling him
instead of calling you
to get the deal done?
Can I stop you right now,
please, Your Honor?
When you say
it like that, yes.
Can I slow it down, please?
They call me ’cause she
be having attitude with
some of my clientele,
’cause some of them
be women, you know?
And she’s a little
tight about it?
WRIGHT: She has an attitude
with them sometimes.
She think they might be
interested in me or whatever.
Whatever. I don’t think
that’s the scenario, you know.
Well, okay, Miss Wilson,
do you get a little
tight with the ladies
that are calling for ribs?
I might.
I might.
WRIGHT: She might. Yeah.
I can admit that.
I might sometimes.
Sometimes I might get,
but I know, though.
Oh, I’m not Boo Boo The Fool.
I know when a female
is trying to talk to my fiance.
See? There it is.
And the reason you
get tight about it
is because he has
cheated in the past?
Okay. What happened?
A woman sent
a video to my phone
on top of Robert.
And she sent it to your phone?
Yes. So I called her
and I asked her maybe
you have the wrong number.
Do you have the wrong
number or something?
She said, “No. I’ve been
having sex with your fiance.”
Now, wait. Wait, wait.
This video she sent, could
you clearly see Mr. Wright?
And that wasn’t
you on top of him?
It wasn’t me on top of him
and he told me
it wasn’t him either.
All right, Mr. Wright.
He went with the classic.
What’s the classic?
This is a classic.
It’s an oldie.
It’s oldie?
It’s sometimes a goodie.
All right, what’s that, love?
“Wasn’t me.”
But I see you.
Wasn’t me.
But I’m looking at your face.
It’s not me.
I know what you
look like. That’s you.
No. That’s not me.
Would you look at this?
Ain’t that you?
No. That’s not me.
Okay, Mr…
The hairline
was different.
It’s off.
Mr. Wright how are
you gonna have a video
of you with this
woman on top of you?
To tell you the truth…
Please tell the truth.
Give me one second,
give me one second.
Let me tell you the truth.
The truth is…
I really wasn’t
interested in her
or like that.
It was just more beneficial.
She know I like nice
things in life, you know.
I like to look good,
smell good, eat good, you know.
So, she took care
of that you know.
So, you took care of her
and she took care of you.
And so because
of this cheating in the past,
and what’s happened,
tell me about why
you think he’s cheating now?
What are the warning signs?
For example, Robert…
He started an argument
because it wasn’t
any ice in the freezer.
Okay, so I’m like,
“You couldn’t put it
in there yourself.
“You couldn’t
put ice in the freezer?
“You can’t do it?”
And he was like, “Well,
I’m just gonna leave.0
“I’m just gonna leave, then.”
So, he left
until 9:00
the next morning.
Well, how long was he gone?
For about 12 to 14 hours.
All right.
So, when he comes back,
I bet you had smoke
coming out your ears.
Yeah. I did.
But I calmed myself
and I was like, you know,
“Where were you?”
And he said just like this,
“I went to… I was in Phoenix,
Arizona with my home boy.”
And where do you live?
Fresno, California.
You submitted
a map to the court.
WILSON: Yes, I did.
We calculated how far it is
from point A, home,
to point B, downtown Phoenix.
And that is 592 miles.
8 hours and 34 minutes.

One way.
So, for him to get back home,
he would’ve needed
another 8 hours and 34 minutes.
And that’s just if he went,
stopped, nodded his head twice,
got back,
and drove back straight.
That would still
take him 17 hours.
So, you clearly figured out
he was not in Phoenix.
Yeah, I know. Yeah.
JUDGE DANA: Where were you?
He was not in Phoenix, Arizona.
Um, to tell you the truth…
JUDGE DANA: No, please
tell the truth.
WRIGHT: You want the truth?
JUDGE KEITH: The whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
We want the whole truth.
I… I went to Arizona
to meet a friend
and I actually came right back.
That was the truth.
I did go to Arizona.
It was
a physical impossibility.
JUDGE DANA: Mr. Wright,
this is a half-baked truth.
You are not telling
us the whole story.
8 hours and 34 minutes.
One way.

So what did you do
on this trip?
And who, moreover,
who did you do on this trip?
I didn’t do anyone on a trip.
What I did do is
I went on a trip,
I took the tools,
I came back, you know.
Actually, it didn’t take
that long ’cause I didn’t go
all the way.
Went half-way, came back.
Then I went to my cousin house.
Played a game, video games.
This is a half-baked story.
Like a half-cooked rib.
JUDGE KEITH: This story
doesn’t make sense at all.
Go ahead. Let it out.
JUDGE DANA: This is your time
to clear the decks.
If you gonna make it right…
Mr. Wright.
You need to speak the truth.
And the whole truth.
So, who did you see
beside the “person,” this man.
Which woman did you see?
And your “cousin.”
Who else did you see?
I’ll stick to my story.
I’m sticking to what happened.
JUDGE DANA: All right.
That was it.
Miss Wilson,
have you found anything
that makes you think
he’s cheating currently?
Tell me about that.
I found blue
panties in his car.
So you found some
woman’s panties in size small?
Yes. Those are
the panties right there.
And he told me
it was from him taking
his home girl washing,
and she left that one
pair of panties in his car
under the seat.
Under the seat?
WILSON: Under the seat.
And they was filthy.
So to be clear, Miss Wilson,
those are not your panties?
Those are not mine.
And those happened
to fall out in the car?
And not only did they fall out,
they fell out
and they rolled under the seat.
‘Cause she left
just that one pair.
Just that one pair.
And you know
underwear is known to roll.
Mr. Wright…
I have to clarify that.
She’s making it seem
like I’m a bad guy.
No. No!
No, you making you seem
like you a bad guy.
No, I’m gonna clarify that.
JUDGE DANA: Okay. Go ahead.
My friend called me.
She was in stress.
Like, she needed a ride.
Her ride didn’t come for her.
So I went over her
and gave her a ride.
And she was
washing her clothes.
But she didn’t have
enough money
for all her clothes
to get washed.
So she has some
dirty clothes still.
They were just overflowing
her bag, you know.
I dropped her off.
She might have…
The panties might have dropped
and fell under there or
something. I don’t know.
So she just dropped one pair
of panties? One pair?
I guess those was on
the top of the pile
of the bag.
It was on top of the bag,
so it fell out.
You don’t believe a word he’s
saying, do you, Miss Wilson?
I really don’t.
WRIGHT: I didn’t do anything.
They call me ’cause
she be having attitude
with some of my clientele.
Have you found anything else
that make you think
that Mr. Wright is cheating?
Yeah, empty condom
wrapper in his car.
Your car is a hot bed.
‘Cause that’s what
he’s saying. His car
is his dog house.
So tell me about what you found
and how you found it.
I found a empty
condom wrapper in the car.
Me and Robert,
we were getting ready to leave
and I was looking for my phone
’cause I dropped my phone
in between the seat.
And I’m digging on the side,
and I’m like, “I can’t get it,
I can’t get it.”
So I pull it up, I’m thinking
it’s my phone. It’s a empty
condom wrapper.
I can’t use condoms.
I’m allergic to latex.
So, they not for you?
WILSON: They not for me.
He told me he let his home boy
have sex in his car.
It’s like a car B ‘n’ B.
Boys ‘n’ Business.
Or Bad Boys ‘n’ Business.
What does this conversation
look like with…
Want me to tell
you exactly how it look?
I’ll tell you
exactly how it look.
I’m him. I mean, I’m me.
He him.
He’s standing right here.
“Hey, bro.” After we chill
and stuff, you know,
after we have
a couple of drinks, you know,
“I wanna go pick up my friend.
Is it cool if I use your car?
“‘Cause my car
is actually is in the shop.”
So that’s how it look.
JUDGE DANA: To pick up a friend
or hook up with a friend?
Yeah. He wanted
to hook up with his friend.
We’re family.
We’re like family, you know.
Make sure you clean up
after yourself, you know.
But obviously he didn’t clean
up all the way after hisself.
JUDGE DANA: Mmm-hmm.
And she came
and found the condom
and thought it
was me, you know.
Not cool to put it on me.
It’s this guy’s.
You know? That’s what
I’m saying.
It’s her side.
It’s his side.
And it’s the friend’s side.
The friend is here.
We’ll get some tests done.
Aw, hell yeah! Yeah!
Yeah. Yeah. Bring him in.
Bring my man.
Well, I hope they
took a lie detector test,
’cause him and his friend
is best friends.
They do stuff together.
Mmm-hmm. Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
JUDGE DANA: How are you, sir?
How you doing?
Thank you for being
here today sir.
MORGAN: Mmm-hmm.
Would you state your
name please for the court?
Andrew Morgan.
And what is your
relationship to Mr. Wright?
This is my cousin.
Best friend.
Mr. Morgan, you’ve heard
the allegations
that have been
made against Mr. Wright
about his cheating,
what do you know about that?
Um, Robert’s not a cheater.
Okay. Now, everybody here
would expect you as
his best friend to say that.
It’s the truth.
But we’ve heard
some specific allegations
that Miss Wilson has made.
For example, that she
found an empty condom
wrapper in his car.
Yeah, that, yeah.
It ended up in there because
I did have sex in the car,
but I didn’t use
this car just to have sex in.
I used this car
to go to the store
and one female that
I was dealing with at the time,
she called me up,
and she got in the car,
and we’re talking
and one thing led to another
and we was in
the back seat
and, you know.
There it is.
And that’s what happened.
I knocked…
I knocked it out the park.
You knocked it
out the park?
Here’s what’s causing
me some concern
because Mr. Wright said that
you and he were talking,
and you said, “Yeah,
I’m gonna go pick up a girl.”
You just testified that
you were out going the store…
And a female hit you up.
That’s different.
So which one of you
is telling the truth?
We both telling the truth.
Whose condom wrapper was it
that Miss Wilson
found in Mr. Wright’s car?
It was mine. I left it.
So, this is a family thing.
MORGAN: No, it’s not.
It’s a real thing.
That’s why I left
the condom wrapper inside…
So, he’s telling the truth,
and you telling the truth?
Both boys can’t be…
Mr. Cutler, I think we
have enough testimony.
It smells like
bad ribs cooking, so…
Oh! Not no bad ribs! No!
A really old sausage.
Something has gone awry.
My ribs is good.
So, what we have, Mr. Cutler,
is a pair of mystery
women’s underwear
found in Mr. Wright’s
car under the seat.
We have a empty condom wrapper,
and then we have
that he disappeared
and was gone
to Arizona and back.
And all of it
looked suspicious.
Every bit of it.
Every single bit of it.
And Miss Wilson has said,
“If he’s cheating, she’s done.”
And the relationship is over.
The relationship is over.
This court has done a full
and complete investigation.
And this time,
the court will like to hear
from former
military interrogator
and expert, Lena Sisco,
to determine,
is he cheating?
Mmm-hmm. Get ready.
Wipe the sweat. Get ready.
‘Cause I want
my wedding ring back.
How are you, Miss Sisco?
I am well, Your Honor,
how are you?
I’m great. Tell us what you
did to investigate this case.
I first had the accused
write a witness statement,
and I analyzed that
statement for any indicators

of both truthfulness
and deception.

And then I
interrogated Mr. Wright

to see if he has been cheating.
What were
your initial findings?
SISCO: During our interview,
he was very open.
He answered
all of my questions,

and he admitted
that he lied to fiance

about the blue panties,
because he was
covering up for his cousin.
He also admitted that
the condom that was
found in his car
was not his.
And I do not believe
that he traveled
to Arizona to meet a female
to have sexual relations.
Thank you. Thank you.
JUDGE DANA: All right.
Told you I was right
about Arizona.
Did you learn anything
else during your interview?
Yes, I did, Your Honor.
Learnt a lot more.
Mr. Wright did tell me
that he cannot see
himself with anyone else
other than his fiance.
he also told me that
he is still cheating on her.
And the reason
why he hasn’t told her
is to spare her feelings,
because he does
not wanna hurt her.
I thought you weren’t
gonna tell nobody.
With one woman
or more than one woman?
Multiple women.
JUDGE DANA: Multiple women?
SISCO: Yes, Your Honor.
If I can come across
this podium on you, I would.
So, just to be clear…
SISCO: Yes, Your Honor.
He admitted to you that he
has had sex with multiple women
since he’s been
with his fiance?
Yes, Your Honor.
And is still doing so?
SISCO: Yes, Your Honor.
I gave him my everything.
I really love
this man to death.
I would do anything for him.
This ain’t right.
This ain’t right.
I can see if it was back then
or we, you’ve cheated
on me before. Okay.
But that right there,
was the icing on the cake.
But the fact that
it still currently going on,
that’s too much
for you to bear?
It’s too much.
I don’t even wanna deal
with him no more. I’m done.
If you allowed me to prove
myself and accept me…
I can’t say that’ll happen
overnight, you know.
I mean, I’m just
gonna keep it 100.
But I can’t.
I could try my best.
Mr. Wright, you are past
asking somebody to wait
for you to get right.
If she’s that kinda loyal,
that kinda I’m-in-it-to-win-it,
she deserves a man
to be there with her.
Not somebody
who’s gonna be like,
“Oh, yeah.
I’m gonna try to do better.”
JUDGE KEITH: And Miss Wilson,
you have children together, so,
even if you don’t
move together as a couple,
you still have to move
together as co-parents.
So, we want you
to talk to our counselor
to figure out how
to put that together
as you move forward.
We don’t advocate in this court
that anybody be a doormat
or fool for anybody.
As we say in this court,
don’t cheat yourself out
of a chance for a good,
honest relationship.
Court is adjourned.

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