Thuppakki Full Movie ||  Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, AR Murugadoss || Tupaki Movie

Thuppakki Full Movie || Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, AR Murugadoss || Tupaki Movie

What time will the train come?
It’s time for it to come.
It’s expected any time now.
Ask him exactly when it will come?
He says he can tell you that
only when the train arrives.
Call him and ask him where
the train is at this point.
Hello! Who is it?
I am Jagdish’s sister.
Yes! Tell me.
Our train has stopped here.
Is he there?
I didn’t dance!
I slipped!
Your kind attention please…
The Army Officers…
…special train from Jammu
to Mumbai Central,
train number; 12472,
Jammu Tavi Express is arriving
on Platform Number 5.
He’s the only one missing.
Bro’s there…
– Where is he?
Right there.
Hi, Bro!
– Hey, Deepti! How are you?
How are you?
What’s with the tiny beard?
That’s nothing, Mom.
Hello, Uncle! How are you?
– I am fine!
I don’t have the time to chat.
I’m in a big hurry.
All of you must come
home for a meal.
Don’t you ever eat?
Hey! Come on to this side.
I am coming, Dad.
Keep the bag in the Trunk.
Get in.
Go in.
Change to the third gear.
Where are we going
in such a hurry?
Don’t you know?
We are going to see
a girl for you to marry.
The inauspicious month
starts with tomorrow.
No one will let you see their
daughter during that time.
And the inauspicious time
starts in 25 minutes.
We have to see
the girl before that,
else you will remain
a Bachelor even this year.
Mom, what is the fuss
about auspicious time?
I’m in uniform.
Will anyone go to
see a girl this way?
Let me have a bath,
change clothes,
nap for a bit and
then go out for this.
You’re getting old!
I am going to be the same
age all of today, Mom.
Can all of you stay quiet!
Change to the fourth gear.
The appartment looks like a hotel.
Hasn’t the Groom come?
This is the Groom!
Is he the Groom?
He looks like he is coming
straight from the battlefield!
Please come.
Hey, where are you running away?
Come on!
Please come in.
Three people have fallen
for him already.
We have to see the girl before
the auspicious time gets over.
That’s why I brought him
directly from the Station.
Please ask the girl to come.
Sit down, dear.
Should I ask her to sing?
Any good song.
One can only sing the
National Anthem…
…for the clothes
the Groom is in.
Aren’t you happy, my Boy?
Dad, can you give me
their number?
I’ll give it to you.
Tell me.
Don’t make noise,
the Groom is on the phone.
Please tell me.
Sir, your daughter
looks beautiful.
But, our tastes
seem different.
I don’t know if we
will be a good match.
But, you will surely find a
better Groom for your daughter.
Please don’t get me wrong.
Hey! What is this?
He is not going to get
married in this lifetime!
Give me one reason for
not liking this girl!
I have three reasons!
What is it?
That girl has hair that is
a meter and a half long!
Is this even a reason?
Even girls with short hair…
…take ages to set
their hair before going out.
If she has to go out, I am sure, she will
take 3 hours just to set her hair.
Did I ask for this? Did I?
Did I ask you to
get me married now?
On top of that, she is shy.
Looks like she will be scared
of lizards and cockroaches…
Look at her,
slapping her own Father.
You should have disciplined
her while she was young.
You were the one who played
with her…
…asking her to “Hit Daddy”
I thought she would be
a stylish girl,
but even while she is
in Bombay…
..she looks like
a small town girl.
Why do you need so much money?
I’ve told my friends…
…I will host a party
if the Groom doesn’t like me!
Once I heard you are
coming here on Leave,
I wanted to say I’ve fallen
ill with Chikungunya…
…and get back home.
I wasn’t granted Leave.
Are you indirectly saying
that I am disturbing you?
No one in the world can tell
you this more directly.
And you claim this is indirect?
That’s how smart you are!
Come on!
What did I even do?
You will come on
a vacation each year.
Hang out with me.
You will interfere
in everything I do.
Just when I am about to get
promoted from…
…being a Sub Inspector(SI)
to an Inspector,
you will drag me back to
being an SI.
Why don’t you spend time
with your family this time?
My parents have given me
strict orders,
asking me to get out
of the house in the morning…
…and to return only at night.
They say I’ll get spoilt
if I stay at home.
Don’t you know that this is
the most atrocious lie ever!
Come on, now. Chuck it!
I will be with you,
but I won’t disturb you.
What function is it?
It’s some tournament.
It’s security for that.
Are the security
arrangements perfect!
Don’t send them in if they
don’t have an identity card.
Buddy, this is a ladies college.
They are all girls from Mumbai.
You can enjoy
their beauty quietly.
But, pretend
to be disciplined.
This is a bit too much.
Well! You went to
see a girl yesterday.
What happened?
That girl seems very shy.
Not just that, she seems soft.
I don’t like this girl!
Isn’t she the kind
of girl you expect?
This was the girl I saw.
That is just not possible!
He has gone mad!
He said he didn’t like her,
but now he says he likes her.
He’s got hold of a lame
Police dog from somewhere…
…and is trying to please me
saying it’s my birthday gift!
Is she a girl or a dish
that you can re-order?
If we listen to him,
we’ll turn crazy!
Hey! Tell them!
We can’t talk to them again!
Forget it!
What is it?
Is he kidding?
He said he didn’t like me then.
But, now he likes me!
After the wedding, he might
not like me again. Is that ok?
If a boy proposes,
you must right away say,
“I love you too”
and try being in love.
If you don’t like him tomorrow,
you can break up with him.
But, you must think
before rejecting him.
It’s only when
you are beautiful…
…and curvaceous that
boys will come after us.
In a few years from now,
we’ll put on weight
just like our mothers.
Before a girl says “No”,
they should think
of their mothers.
I don’t need to do all that.
I’ll go the Gym and
make sure I am correct.
He seems like a Tamilian.
Should we try saying “Hi”?
He is the guy I said “No” to.
Hey! Get down!!
Come on, get down!
What are you going to do?
He’ll be dead today!!
Why did you kiss me now?
Me… Oh me, yeah!
I only kissed the mirror.
This is my mirror.
I will do whatever
I like with it.
The mirror is yours, but
the reflection in it was mine.
That belongs to the Government.
I will kiss my mirror,
cajole it, break it.
That is up to me.
Why should you break it?
I’ll break it myself!
No violence, please.
This is a public road.
What cheek you have
to kiss on the road!
What kind of a Policeman are you?
You are sitting there like
a sack of potatoes!
If I complaint of Eve teasing,
they’ll put you behind
bars and beat you up.
She is worse than
my Mother-In-Law!
You can enquire about
“Boxer Nisha” at Shastri Nagar!
Had you said you liked her
at the first instant,
my bike mirror
would have been saved.
Isn’t this super?
She flicked the bike keys
as she was talking to us!
She wasn’t talking,
she was chiding!
What did my department bike
have to do with your fight?
I had 5,000 Rupees in my purse!
Where is my purse?
I had 5,000.
Don’t panic.
The thief must be in the bus.
I am a Policeman.
The two of us are Policemen.
We’ll check everyone.
We’ll find out.
Driver! Stop the bus.
No one will get down.
We’ll check everybody!
Balaji, check people here.
I’ll check people
on the other side.
Get down, one by one!
Sir, that’s my purse!
Hey there! Is this yours?
– No, Sir.
You go in and check,
check under the seats.
Check the bags as well.
Please open the bag.
You stole the purse.
My purse!
He is the thief!
Why are you running?
Why are you running?
Instead of enquiring him first,
they are treating him
at the Hospital.
Look at him making speeches
with bated breath…
…as though he caught him.
I should have been there.
You dragged me away from there!
Had I appeared on television,
my Mother-In-Law would be shaken.
Things would have been
different at home.
I would have become an Inspector!
The motive of terrorists could
not have been to plant…
…a bomb in the
State Transport Bus,
but could have gone off unexpectedly,
while in transit to another place.
The Minister of Home Affairs
has expressed…
…concern over the number of
terrorists like…
…Ajmal Lateef and their motives.
I’ve been waiting for you.
– Why?
Go in, I’ll tell you.
What is it at this time?
They work with me.
They’re off duty now.
They will stay on guard here,
just for tonight.
Leave to Tamil Nadu with
your family tomorrow morning.
Why are you doing all this?
He has escaped from the Hospital.
He has killed a Doctor
and two Police Officers.
I don’t know.
Fine, you go ahead.
It was you who caught him,
I suspect he might
come looking for you.
They are here anyway.
Both of you go to the rear side.
I’ll get going.
All brands have changed
these days.
What happened?
What did those innocent kids
in the bus do to you?
Do you know why I
chopped off your finger…
…without asking you anything?
I am going to ask you
a question now.
If you don’t answer it, you should
know what could happen to you.
One question.
Just one second to
give me an answer,
else, the other finger
will go as well.
That’s all. So simple!
Who is it?
– It’s me!
Who is it?
What are you doing here
at this time?
Who is it?
– I am coming.
I am asking you.
What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you.
Can you come up to the terrace?
What do you want at this hour?
We can talk in the morning.
The guy you helped escape is
now at my house as my guest.
Sorry, I didn’t tell you who I am.
My name is Jagdish, Indian Army.
But I am not just that.
One of the specialists at
the Defense Intelligence Agency.
A Secret Agent in the Army.
People who work with me.
My friends.
Even my family doesn’t know this.
Are you wondering why
I am telling you this?
Because, you are not going
to be alive any more.
While we are at the camp,
the other Country firing at us…
…and us firing in return,
happens often.
One day, at our Camp,
a boy called Selvaraj,
a chap from Puddukottai,
went missing.
We looked for him for 7 days
but didn’t find him.
We found him on the eighth day.
Poor thing, guess he got
caught in their Camp.
They tortured him for 7 days.
They dug out his eyes,
shoved a beer bottle
through his body…
…and broke it inside him.
We were the ones…
…who went home and
delivered his dead body.
His Mom was howling,
his Dad was beating
his chest in grief,
his sisters were weeping.
And on the fourteenth day,
his younger brother
joined the Military.
We die there every day, so that
you guys here can live happily.
This is a locally made gun.
This is my gun.
If I shoot you,
I will have to explain
why I did so.
Even when you are dead,
your family will slander you.
Your children will have
to beg on the streets.
Your wife will have to beckon
men on the roads at night.
But, if you shoot yourself,
it would be called a suicide…
…while on duty and someone from
your family will be given a job.
They’ll get your
Provident Fund money,
the monthly pension.
You take a call.
But if that gun turns
towards me, I’ll shoot you.
You are playing with danger.
I know the two of you are not
aware of everything.
Among us, she is the first one
to be getting married in our group.
Oh, yes!
She hails from Kallakurichi,
but has managed to charm
a man from Gujarat.
She’s a smart girl!
See how she is blushing.
I have an urgent doubt.
What is it?
Please! Just come aside
for five minutes.
How do I get away from here?
Else, my head might just burst!
Just come!
What is it?
In our group you are the next
most beautiful girl after me…
Fine! We are equally beautiful!
Your hostel room is filled with
posters of Ranbir Kapoor,
Shahid Kapoor and John Abraham.
And now, how did you get
married to a guy like this?
Look here, you need
to think practically.
He earns 2 lakhs a month.
What more do you want?
A handsome guy will
not be an achiever.
An achiever will
not be handsome.
Look there.
He’s posing for pictures
by himself at our Reception.
What if a guy is handsome
and also earns well?
Praise him and
get married to him.
Why are you sitting here like this?
I am thinking about something.
It’s not falling in place.
Tell me what it is.
Let’s see if I can
think of something.
I being a Policeman can’t do it,
and here you are thinking you can!
Do you know the difference between
a Policeman and a Military man?
You Military men don’t
have to use your brain.
You just have to put your feet
together for “Attention”…
…and split them
for “Stand at ease”.
And if you are told to shoot,
you just have to rapidly.
But, we Policemen
have to use our brains.
When we are going to
nab a pick pocket,
we have to think like him.
When we are going
to catch a murderer,
we have to think
like a murderer.
And when we are going to
catch a terrorist,
we have to turn
in to a terrorist.
I am a Policeman
and yet, struggling.
You go ahead and play.
Tell me what your problem is,
I’ll see if I can help.
I’ll tell you,
try and get the drift.
The night that
the terrorist escaped,
a Police officer shot himself
and committed suicide.
He was on duty when
the terrorist escaped.
My doubt right now is if these two
incidents could have any connection.
Firstly, that is not a suicide.
It’s a murder.
How do you say that?
I was the one who killed him.
Why did you kill him?
Why did he let
the terrorist escape?
He let the terrorist escape?
How do you know that?
The terrorist told me that.
The terrorist escaped from the Hospital.
Where did you see him?
Well! The Hospital.
The Hospital?
I am asking you
where you saw him.
Tell me what it is!
Jagga darling, you know
I can’t handle suspense.
Tell me what it is.
– Give me a minute.
Tell me.
Are you coming from
a class in spoken English?
Can I marry you?
When did you get this idea?
This morning, at 8.40am.
– What happened at 8.40am?
It was my friend’s reception.
She’s the most beautiful
girl in my college.
The guy she is marrying
doesn’t look one bit good.
I asked her about it and
she gave me some advice.
And then,
friends encouraged me.
But, we didn’t make a good
match right from the start.
I said “No” at first
and then you did,
and now you are saying
you want this.
I am only saying I want it.
Yes, but our tastes should match.
Do you smoke?
– Huh?
A Cigarette.
– No way! How can girls smoke?
That is not allowed in boxing.
See that!
I only like girls who smoke.
Well, I can’t say
I’ve never smoked.
I have smoked at Girls parties,
New Year and occasions like that.
What about drinks?
Liquor, my dear.
Yes, red wine.
That’s good for the heart and skin.
I’ve even tried Vodka once.
See there, I can’t stand
girls who drink liquor.
No! You are saying
different things on purpose.
You are in love with me.
You are purposely doing this.
– Nisha, wait…
I came here straight from
the wedding, just for you.
I didn’t even eat there.
If you want, I can get married
to you right away.
I was just kidding.
There is a small hitch.
Again? What is it?
Because I was angry with you,
I agreed to marry another guy
my parents found for me.
You said “Yes” to him?
That is not a problem.
Saying “Yes” at first and
rejecting him after that…
…is hardly a problem for me.
What I said to you is different
from what I told him.
He is from the Military too.
If I convince him,
all problems will be sorted.
He has asked me to come to
the coffee shop at 12.
Ok! I’ll come along too!
I’ll take care of it.
Shall we leave then?
– Yes.
He’s here.
Just wait a moment.
He’s a Military guy,
he’s here sharp on time.
I’ll go first.
You can come later.
Hey! I’ll talk to him first
and then will call.
Hey, Jagga,
what are you doing here?
How are you?
When I heard the loud voice,
I imagined we were
in the Parade Ground.
Ok, come on.
The girl I am going to marry has
said she would meet me here today.
All this is to meet her…
I am nervous because
this is the first time.
Please sit down.
Your Mom called to say that
you like me a lot as well.
Sorry, Nisha! Meet Mr.Jagdish.
But, he is much junior to me.
He makes mistakes and
gets punished very often.
He is a little more scared
of me because of that.
Nisha, what will you eat?
– No, nothing!
What about you, Jagdish?
– No, Sir!
Nisha, I have a get together
at the Hotel this evening.
Jagdish, you must come too.
– Yes, Sir!
Now! It’s 12.30.
We said we would meet at 12 O’clock.
So, we’ll meet in the evening.
Is he mad?
I’ll see you in the evening.
Is this how you planned
to talk to him?
That’s not it, Madam.
Whatever it is,
you are his fiancé.
Hey! Even after he left,
you are calling me “Madam”.
Aren’t we in love already.
We can break up with each other.
We’ve not been in love even
for an hour,
and a break up before that?
Look here, Madam.
He is better than me in every way.
It takes me 52 seconds
to run 400 meters,
but he can do that in 48 seconds.
In a High Jump,
I can get across a height of
6 feet and 1 inch,
but he can cover
6 feet and 4 inches.
In the Long jump,
I can leap across only 7 meters,
but he is 7.4 meters.
In Weight lifting…
Is someone recruiting people
for the Military here?
I don’t like him.
But, you didn’t like me
at first either,
but you like me now.
You don’t like him now,
but you could like him tomorrow.
They are two
different things.
Not just that.
I can find a match easily.
But who will marry him
at this age.
What do I do for that, why me?
Your phone is ringing.
It’s your phone.
Hey! Where did you see the terrorist
who escaped from the Hospital?
You don’t like suspense,
but I don’t like to
unravel the suspense.
The two of us have an
important job to do tomorrow.
Hey! Why are you
sitting here?
Like you don’t know
why I’ve come!
It’s not that.
Don’t come in to
my room all of a sudden.
Wait downstairs and call me.
Where did you see
that terrorist?
How did you catch the guy
who escaped from the Hospital?
After you left that day,
I stayed back at the Hospital.
We shouldn’t keep him here,
we must hand him over to the Police.
For him to escape again?
Only then will we know how
many more of them are around.
I know what to do.
– What do you know?
Why are you taking the injection?
Do you have fever?
Tell me why.
What is it?
Don’t untie him.
Where are you going?
How many questions will you ask?
I’ve injected him with Ketamine.
He will remain unconscious
for two hours.
Let’s go.
Where do we go?
To the Wedding.
My Batch mate is
getting married today.
Let’s go.
This is a bit too much.
You want to keep him at home
and go out to attend a wedding?
You’ve even untied him.
We’ll come back.
It’s getting late, let’s leave.
Who is this?
Hey, Jagga. Let’s leave.
We’ll leave.
What’s the hurry?
It’s getting late.
Hey, let’s go.
Why don’t you understand
the seriousness?
He is not even looking!
You are eating Cake!
It’s getting late!
He wants to play,
be it the Camp or…
…where the train stops,
now even at the Wedding.
Guys, this is a serious game.
We’ll only know who the
other team is in a while.
In two minutes from now,
a man will come out of
the back door of my house.
We will follow him.
When he meets a man after that,
our group will split into two.
One group of 6
will follow one man,
the next 6
will follow the other.
As they keep meeting
more people after that,
we will divide further
and follow them.
Keep your cell phones on.
Don’t attend any other
call but mine.
We will stay connected
through a conference call.
He is coming.
– Is he the guy?
Jagga, what if we mess up
taking a big risk?
It’s a risk only if
we don’t do anything.
Start the vehicle and
slowly follow him.
Who is the other guy?
Jagga. What if they don’t split
as 12 but stay at one place?
No, they have work at 12 places.
They will split.
Stop the vehicle.
You follow him.
Boys! We are 12 of us
for 12 of them.
The game is going to end now.
Look at the Case in your bag.
There is a gun inside.
There is a gun.
Let no one panic.
I was the one who give it.
The guys in front of you
are no ordinary thieves.
We are only going to do
what we do at the border.
We’ll show them that
we also know their…
…techniques of serial bomb blasts
and simultaneous blasts.
We should attack them
at the same time,
without a seconds difference.
The game is over.
We’ll meet in the train.
When is the Party?
There’s time for that.
We’ll take care of it in the Camp.
What happened?
As of today,
the most threataning issue…
…is about the sleeper cells.
Who are these sleeper cells?
Sleeper cells are present at places…
…Where terrorism is a challenge.
We can’t identify them, because…
Even these 12 men have led
a normal life with the public.
They are people who have druid
against the country and the government.
They are cultivated for years.
And their grudge is misused
for terrorist activities.
After 9/11 the U.S. is free
from terrorism because…
…only in that country,
sleeper cells…
…have been identified and
destroyed completely…
…and their further growth
was arrested.
Mom, Dad.
Who did all this?
It is still unknown.
Even the Policemen are clueless.
Did you get any clue?
The Police has seized the equipment
of all 12 sleeper cells.
But the non tracker phone
that belonged to one of them…
…has been taken by the person
who killed him.
Whose phone is it?
Adzar Ali, the one who was
killed at Dhobi Ghat.
Hey, come to
Lake View Café immediately.
If Sir gets to know,
he will mistake us.
It is your “Sir” who has
asked to come, hurry up.
Why are you standing here alone,
where is Sir?
Look there.
So, has he found another girl?
That’s enough!
He has found that girl for you!
For me?
As it is, he is posing
a problem for me.
And now he is soliciting
women for you!
Don’t say such things
about older people.
Have some respect for his age
and marry him.
Come on!
Jagdish also came home
for the Holidays…
…to find a girl to marry.
nothing worked out for him.
He’s junior to me, but in our
relationship, he’s more like family.
Well, I am like
an elder brother to him.
No no, something more then that,
I am like an Uncle to him.
I was just saying that.
Were you? Wow!
Sorry! I forgot to introduce you.
I’ve seen you somewhere.
That’s right.
I had the same doubt
when I saw her the first time.
That is when I thought of Jagdish.
As his Uncle,
I owe him atleast this.
The two of you exchange numbers,
talk to each other.
Check to see if you have some
biology going between each other.
It’s not biology,
it is chemistry.
Whatever it is,
they’re both sciences.
I want to speak to him in private.
They should talk to
each other in private.
If you want to talk,
that should be with me.
I want to encourage him
about that girl.
Ok! Carry on! I get it now.
Will you come?
Sir. She is calling me
right in front of you.
There’s nothing wrong
with that, Jagdish.
She’s calling you
when I am around,
it’s wrong only if she calls you
when I am not there.
You must not go along then, Ok?
You can go now.
What you are doing is wrong!
We are just trying
to start a conversation,
but you are trying to
meddle with this right away.
Do you know who she is?
I don’t know who she is.
She is like a call girl.
What do you mean?
Don’t you know?
Do you have an internet
connection on your phone?
I do.
Then, log on to
What are you going to do now?
I can’t go against
my senior’s command.
He will feel dejected.
Are you fine with that girl, then?
Ok! Well, Jagdish, another thing.
I mean, the earlier you discuss
this with your family…
… and arrive at a decision,
the better.
I want the four of us to get
married at the same time…
… and at the same wedding hall.
That is my wish.
What is the height of the wall?
They are good jumpers
What is the speed of the bus?
And good swimmer too.
All of the have been
shot in the forehead.
Running bus.
Dark theatre.
Fully crowed malls.
Even at a distance of 200 meters,
they have been shot in the forehead.
But they are not the Police.
Any other similarities?
There is something in common,
but its not of any use.
All twelve were
wearing suits and coats.
What did you say?
All twelve were
wearing suits and coats.
This you should have
told me first.
I thought is
common to wear coats.
Wearing coats in America
is quite common.
But wearing suit in India
is quite uncommon.
So, team wearing suit and coats.
They could be waiters from a hotel.
Businessmen from board meeting.
Softwere engineers from a seminar.
I need an entire list of
weddings and seminars…
…with formal dress code that
look place in mumbai on the 27th.
Do you think you did
something clever?
Had you caught
those 12 guys alive…
…instead of killing them, imagine the
amount of information you could have got!
We wouldn’t have got
any information…
…because they themselves
don’t know the plan.
In fact, the 12 guys
don’t even know each other.
Is that right?
Yes, they are Sleeper Cells.
One or may be two of their
heads will make the plan.
The Sleeper Cells merely execute,
and will even be willing
to lose their lives for it.
Even if one of them
does get caught,
there is nothing we can
get to know through him.
Does that mean Sleeper Cells
carry on life…
…as normal people
until they get orders?
Yes, they will wait for years.
Is there no way
we can kill them all?
We can’t kill them, but we can
stop them from functioning.
If we kill the main head
who gives the orders,
these guys will keep waiting
for orders all their lives.
That’s fine.
But, how will you search for
the leader who gives out orders?
I don’t have to go
in search of him.
I’ve made him come
in search of me.
If we killed the 12 of them,
he would retaliate by attacking us.
That was my assessment.
I was right.
He’s out to get me.
Oh, my God!
But, how will he find you
in a big city like Mumbai?
While killing the 12,
we would have surely left
behind some kind of a clue.
He will work towards finding that.
If we find out what that is,
we can catch him
before he attacks us.
Then, think of the route
he will take.
Think about it.
You will usually have
a million different thoughts.
Come up with something.
Hey Jagga, don’t attend that call.
It must be her.
Jagga, don’t.
I have shocking news for you.
So, you’ve started again.
I didn’t starting anything.
Your senior officer has asked the
both of us to come over to his house.
I am coming.
Jagga, this is wrong.
Look at what are you doing
amidst our important work.
Don’t chase a girl,
sit here and think of something.
I am going to tell you something
that will shock both of you.
The first one is for Jagdish.
The girl you met the other day,
Swetha, she doesn’t like you.
What happened?
He claims to be shocked.
Before I tell you the shocking
news that concerns you,
you need to meet someone.
Please wait, I’ll be back.
Why are you laughing?
I got away from the call girl!!
I was laughing at that.
But, why did you laugh?
Even a call girl said
she doesn’t like you.
Come here.
I don’t know which website
she is from!
She is my Uncle’s daughter.
She has been in love with me
since she was a little girl.
But I didn’t know about it.
when she got to know I was marrying you,
she attempted suicide.
Sit down.
She was admitted into the Hospital.
It became a big problem.
I’ve arrived at a decision.
I’ve decided to marry her.
I know how shocking
this will be to you.
It is wrong that I encouraged
your feelings for me.
Hey, these things happen in life.
I am going to ask
the two of you for something.
You came to Mumbai with
dreams of getting married.
And you wished to marry
a Military man.
Why don’t the two of you
get married?
Don’t get me wrong.
We were in love,
but never once did I touch her.
Have we ever touched each other?
Ask her.
We haven’t! Ask her.
I know you will find it
difficult to forget me.
Can I be faulted
for being handsome?
He responds like this
for everything! Fine!
Because you couldn’t marry me,
don’t rush to any hasty decision
the way she did.
Is that a promise?
– I promise.
What happened?
Is someone unwell at home?
It’s our first date.
As per rules the of dating,
I can’t refuse anything a
boyfriend asks of me.
That is why I am scared.
Hey! Come on! You’ve already
spent a lot of money for.
I don’t want anything,
don’t be scared.
Not that.
What if you ask me for a kiss?
How can I refuse that?
I have to kiss you.
You’re right.
I want a kiss.
Come on! Oh, my! It turned out
just how I feared it would be.
I don’t know how to kiss.
Close your eyes.
I’ll take care of it.
I have found the clue
on how he will get to us.
How will he know
we left from Church?
The only similarity the 12
shoot outs have is the dress code.
If he is intelligent,
he will come straight to Church.
Then hurry up.
Out of at the events
that took place on the 27th,
the marriage that look place
at this church is…
…the only event that
connected with our list,
because the groom was an army man.
Will they give out
the address to anyone?
Don’t they have to call
the people concerned.
We don’t have time for that.
Let’s go.
Uncle, but you have five teams here.
We got stuck in the end.
How to find one out of five teams?
I will find him.
Which camp did you
serve with Joel?
Kashmir, which year?
He was at Delhi in 2005.
After that he has not
been to Kashmir.
Can I see your I.D. Card?
Dad, will you let anyone inside
without checking about them?
They don’t seem to know
anything about his work.
I hate smart people.
He is faster than
I thought he would be.
Why has he circled everything?
He has picked one person per team to
find out which team it is of the five.
That is why he has marked this.
Intelligence reports say
you are in danger. Are you safe?
There’s no problem.
Just be careful,
if there’s a problem, call me.
If I do have a problem,
I’ll surely call you.
What is this?
Everyone he has marked is safe.
That is more dangerous!
If our guess is wrong,
it only means he is
making another plan.
Jagdish, this is Amar Singh.
Someone kidnapped
my brother’s daughter.
What are you saying?
Yes, she went jogging
with her friend this morning.
Someone forcefully dragged her
into a vehicle.
Make a complaint at your
Police Station right away.
Don’t worry.
Nothing will happen.
What happened, Jagga?
They know they can’t get any
information out of torturing…
…an Army man, hence, they are
kidnapping the girls in their house.
To identify the team that
killed the 12 of them,
they’ll kidnap them and then
threaten us over the phone.
I’ll send you the numbers of the
5 people he has marked in the album.
Call their families and get
the numbers of the girls…
…who are not home right now.
Go to your Control room…
…and find out which area
the SIM cards are travelling to.
What is it?
Where are you?
I am going to designing class.
Which area?
– Powai. why?
My sister hasn’t returned from
Yoga class this morning.
She hasn’t returned yet! Someone
has kidnapped her in a car…
…sent from home.
Jagga, I was about to call you.
One out of the 5 mobile numbers
has already been deactivated.
Another cell has been
deactivated now.
I just got a call.
They’ve kidnapped
another girl in 45 minutes.
We need to ask for
a massive Police contingent.
Their family has
given a Police complaint.
Don’t do anything
to confuse things.
What are you going to do?
I’ll tell you.
Where did the second phone
get de-activated?
The SIM card has been removed
at South Mumbai,
4 Kilometers away
from where she studies.
Even the SIM card of the other girl
who went missing in the area.
You too, leave immediately.
I’ll join you on the way.
Jagga, let’s call the other
3 girls and warn them…
…not to go alone.
Don’t do anything
and mess things up.
The Sleeper Cell Head is far
more important than the 5 girls.
My sister went
to College for a Seminar,
she isn’t back yet.
The fourth girl
has also gone missing,
Just one more to go.
The fifth girl
has gone missing too. Yes!
Are you human?
You are a sadist!
Are you even feeling bad that
the girls have gone missing?
You want to kill the
Head of the Sleeper Cell.
That is the only thing
that’s important to you.
Balaji, try and understand this.
By killing that one man,
Mumbai city will not have
terrorist acts for many years.
So you using the girls lives as bait?
Did you even think of what
their families will go through?
We don’t have the time for that now.
You will not say this if someone
from your family was kidnapped.
Yes, I don’t care about anything else.
My sister is one of the girls
they’ve kidnapped.
He will keep all the
kidnapped girls in one place.
We have to save them
and get him as well.
Instead of Ashraf’s sister,
the person in the 4th photograph…
I sent my sister Sanjana.
Where are you?
I am going to designing class.
– Which area?
Go to IBS College now…
…and bring, my team mate Ashraf’s,
sister Anisha’s bike.
Why should I bring her bike?
Do what I ask you to.
Fine! There is a
40 percent off sale at Levis.
Will you buy me a
pair of three quarters?
Fine, you hurry.
Are you mad?
Sanjana is a young girl!
I am getting scared myself.
How can you do this being her brother?
I won’t let them escape.
Why did you ask her to come?
This is Sanjana’s Dupatta.
Buy me a maroon colored top,
it should have embroidery on the sides.
You try searching with the dog,
I will look around for
anything suspicious. Let’s see.
Untie them.
Project the photos one by one.
Who knows him?
He is my brother.
Go that side.
That’s my Uncle.
Who is this?
Is he your Brother?
Show the other photograph.
This is my Brother.
Is your Brother
one among these 5 people?
Show the group photos one by one.
Is your Brother in this group?
That one?
Who asked you to get
the bike of the girl…
…who was going to be kidnapped?
My Brother asked me to.
Tell me.
The operation in over,
we have found the team.
One of them has replaced
and sent his sister on purpose.
We removed all their SIM cards,
there is no way he can find us.
If he has sent his sister,
he has a route to reach you.
He will get to you.
– What are you saying?
Before he comes, kill that girl
and get out of that place.
All of you, get ready.
Tie up the 4 girls.
Tie this girl up and
bring her here. Hurry up!
He has come.
He is trying to kill everyone.
You got me caught on purpose,
didn’t you?
Hey, it hurts!
He held a huge knife against me!
Right here.
He might have stuck it in.
Only because we risked lives
could we catch him.
You should have risked
your life for that.
What did I do?
Do only Policemen and Military men
have to die during troubles like this?
Will all of you do nothing
but swap news channels…
…and exchange ideas on what
should have been done?
What would have happened if a bullet
had hit me during your crossfire?
Then you would have been dead.
Those guys who want to kill
thousands of people…
…aren’t scared of
giving up their lives.
When we think of saving lives,
we shouldn’t worry about
our lives either.
The main man has been
caught alive now.
He is not the main guy.
Someone called him
and gave him orders.
They brought out their knives
only after that.
Why did you come here?
You left me half way.
That is why I came here.
You should not come here all of
a sudden and try to scare me.
You can’t be sure that I will be
the only person in this room.
Sand bag, dumb bells.
Do you work out?
Did you know?
I read this in an article.
40 calories get burnt
in one deep kiss.
If you want to be kissed,
ask me directly.
Don’t hint at it by saying you
read this in an article…
…or this is as per some rule.
You lead us on and then claim,
“These boys are so mean”.
You might as well
stand in a queue…
…and buy kerosene instead of
asking him for a kiss.
You are here anyway,
why the fuss?
Why burn 40 calories,
let’s burn 80 calories!
Not here. Let’s go there.
You are the one
laying down rules now.
Close your eyes.
If I close my eyes,
you will run away.
I told you.
My mom has come.
Oh God!
What do we do now?
Open the door first.
Where are you going?
I am going to hide
in the cupboard.
That cupboard’s engaged.
You get in this one.
What is it Mom.
It’s you!
Did you watch TV?
Is this on TV already?
Is there a camera in the room?
I am coming from there.
I saw what you did.
16 people have died. All of them
belong to the Sleeper Cells.
They lead normal lives.
Their families
are weeping for them.
None of them
believe this to be true.
This is what we expected.
Did you find a clue about
the Head of the Sleeper Cell?
I expected this!
He is not the main guy.
We missed the one giving the orders.
Why is he coughing
in a woman’s voice?
Don’t you have the habit of keeping
clothes or books in your cupboard?
Are you going to marry?
You want only the Petromax light,
don’t you?
– Then your life will be in a coma!
You go in, I’ll join you.
– Fine, come along.
Eat soon.
Do you want something else to eat?
Hey Jagga, how are you?
Senthil, where are you?
I have come out with my family.
– Yes, where?
There is a bomb in that building.
Get out now.
What are you saying?
There are so many of them here.
Listen to me, alert everyone and
get them out of there.
Come on, menthol out!
Got scared, didn’t you?
Who are these people?
We only know about Army officers
who died in the Border War…
…and Counter Terrorism activities.
These are people who have become
incapacitated because of injuries in war.
In other fields, people who
work sincerely get a promotion.
It is only in the Army and Police
that we are awarded with retirement.
I have already spoken
to each of you on the phone.
This is the moment
I have been waiting for.
We are going to execute
an assignment together.
Tommorrow I am going to meet the guy
who controls the Sleeper Cells.
No one can follow me
when I go to meet him.
Hence, even before I go to meet him,
I will insert a tracking chip
inside me.
You should track the chip
from the Control Room…
…and keep him informed
about its movements.
I have secretly procured explosives
that we use in the Army.
That should reach all of you
this evening.
You should make a C4 Plastic Explosive
using that and hand it over to him.
After you get to know about
my where-abouts through Balaji.
Take it there.
I think they will surely
take me to an isolated place.
You must leave the vehicle carrying
these explosives at that place.
I still don’t know
why they want me alive.
But in the fifteenth minute of me
meeting the Sleeper Cells Head,
the bomb must explode.
Along with me, the guy who gives orders
to the Sleeper Cells will be gone.
After that, all Sleeper Cells
will become Coma Cells.
They will not get any orders
all their lives.
Are you kidding?
You are talking about a suicide attack
and they are applauding.
He is a very dangerous guy.
But, why are you saying you will die?
Did you think about your family?
Who doesn’t have a family?
When the Taj was attacked,
the men told their children
that they would see them soon.
Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar
died in 20 minutes,
only their dead bodies returned.
Didn’t they have families?
What about these people?
They’ve lost their limbs
in the same war, yet are happy.
Don’t they have families?
An Army man has no better
opportunity than this.
Even the guys who want to kill…
…thousands of people
are ready to sacrifice their lives.
Those of us who want to save lives
should be ready to sacrifice our lives.
I have made a clear decision.
If you think you want to do
something for me.
People at home are innocent,
and I have two sisters.
If you are free,
check on them every now and then.
We have just four days left
for the engagement.
Why are you calling it off
all of a sudden?
Let’s not have it for now.
We’ll consider this
when I am here next time.
The wedding is only next year,
it’s just the engagement now.
Yes. Let’s not have it now.
First you said you didn’t like me,
later you said you did.
Do you not like me again?
Won’t you understand?
But I don’t know if I’d be able
to forget you.
It’ll take me a long time.
What is your name?
What’s your name?
My name is Jagdish.
He is a Tamilian.
I know a bit of Tamil.
I know a lot about Tamilians.
You don’t know why you haven’t
been killed…
…or our plan for you, right?
These are the vehicles
you have parked.
See what they have in them.
We are not going to let it explode.
We will inform the Police.
Questions will be asked about
who put them there.
And then…
…when the Police come
in search of you,
we would have killed you and
all your team mates.
Do you know who would
have killed you and…
…diffused these bombs
at the right time?
Look at the monitor.
Joint Secretary of Defense.
We will say that
it is his team that…
…killed the 12 people
during the earlier shoot out.
They will come to a conclusion
that you are a double agent.
He will get promoted as
the next Defense Secretary.
So far, it is only the Indian Army
that didn’t have Sleeper Cells.
Through him, we’ll get a lot of recruits
for the Sleeper Cells in the Army.
We’ll do whatever we want after that.
I shouldn’t die.
Sleeper Cells in the Army is akin
to the Nation suffering from Cancer.
I need to escape from here.
I want you to beat me to death.
I want you to kill me
with your bare hands.
Did you hear that?
His last wish is that I beat him
black and blue till he dies.
Release the lock now and hit me.
Your Boss beat me up
when my hands were tied.
I am asking him to unlock me
and he’s hesitating.
You broke my hand, you have
your men around, yet you fear me!
You better fear me!
You broke my hand,
you have so many men with you,
yet you fear to
release the lock and hit me.
I like that fear.
What are you doing, shoot him.
Listen to me, just shoot him.
You can’t beat him!
These two will beat
each other to death.
I can shoot him if you let me.
No! no! No way!
What can I do?
I am telling you!
Kill them both.
You are not smart enough.
Even if you kill me,
details that control
the Sleeper Cells are in that Ship.
They will continue.
You don’t understand, do you?
You can die with that suspense.
Had he said he liked this girl
at the first instance,
we could have got him married.
The same with her.
What do we do?
He’s not serious about anything.
They are a super pair, Sir!
If they are together today,
I am responsible for it.
You are?
– Yes.
On the very day we arrived,
his Dad rushed him to see this girl.
At first he said he didn’t like her,
and then she said she didn’t like him.
But when they both liked each other,
some idiot came inbetween them
and confused everything.
Things have been solved only now.
But how are you saying that
you brought them together?
You spoke about an idiot
that came between them,
I am the idiot!
Hey! What is it?
The Army is truly great!
For another 11 months,
you are going to be in a desert
or a snow clad mountain,
you will have to live your life
in some dimly lit tent…
…and thinking of these 40 days,
keep on looking at family photos
over and over again…
…and live with it, right?

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