TIMBERWOLF SLOT * HUGE Hit! Multiplier Madness! |  Casino Countess

TIMBERWOLF SLOT * HUGE Hit! Multiplier Madness! | Casino Countess

He’s away from 800
Take in the bank
Any more than your
And we’re gonna try got another put five dollars in this machine I’m up to ten
And I’m going to try let’s get one of those jackpots
Work that way
Give me a jackpot one and then we get to spit again
As a worst luck on that always just get spins to be a jackpot one
even the minor
No, keep going the Super’s
$955 the same thing I got earlier
A multipliers heroines on the flare. Oh, okay. $15
That’s how much my entire bonus was last time
I’m already better than my last bonus
Oh, can I get some of those with a little fire how about some wolves and I multiplier
Come on where my multipliers
Oh my gosh my heart attack there go more. Yes
Okay, that’s just it’s not that much. I guess that doesn’t count because it says Oh times five
Yeah, okay how I got a coin show for?
$20,000 I think
All right
I mean other one of those kids or we trigger would be great, too
I don’t know if only two owls will return or a bonus. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I needed a wolf over there
All right, not a bad bonus this time
Much better than last time
I started with $5.00
I’ll take that all day long
I’m ready to go. I’m ready to go after that. I have a headache
Now if I could just get one of those I never got them. I always get the spins
Yeah, I got the most games that I’ve had I would have taken that major plus 28
My third bonus on this machine played at different times during the day
You can use a reed trigger. I don’t know if you can reach it was just two or bd83
1875 times four. Yeah, yes
Let it go for a minute we got to enjoy this massive thing is massive
Alright have the button
It’s more about suppliers
Well, yeah, I need more multipliers
I’m there’s a lot of dead spins on this game
Their times 5/12 dollars
No multiplier on that
Rico would be sweet, but I don’t know
Now multipliers coming out and I’m almost out bears bears bears emil of their multiplier
Last minute make it a biggie. Nope. I’ll take out her buns Sarla
41 the breath
All right whoopee whoopee
The major time generally
And we gonna kick cannonball
All right, 12 games multiplier
Yes, yes
Well in football
Awesome whimpering
The fireball right there only have the Kings all the way to has to be huge
Come on okay, that’ll reach them on
Oh see there’s a baccarat spent three three
We went to three someone’s there that was been huge

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  1. Nice comeback! Haven't seen a win like that in awhile on min bet👍 Good Luck and have a great Friday! 🎰💰💰💰

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