Times Tables for Kids: Fast, Easy and FUN! 2 to 12 Times Tables

Times Tables for Kids: Fast, Easy and FUN! 2 to 12 Times Tables

Do you struggle with your times tables?
Well, get ready! Because you’re about
to smash that problem for good
with something completely new
that you’ve never seen before!
You won’t find anything
like this anywhere else!
I’m going to be walking
you right through my simple
3-step process and each
of my picture-stories,
to show you exactly how
every one of them works.
You can use these to solve
all of the basic problems
in all of your times tables
but you’ll also discover
how to use them to go way beyond
those problems and solve much
larger multiplications
in your head too.
Hello Internet friends! I’m Leigh Cook,
the guy they call the Numba Ninja!
So, this video is in response to a
question from Jazzmean251 who asked:
My son gets so upset with times tables
and it’s really holding him back.
I hated these when I was at school but it’s
even worse watching him suffer like this.
When he goes to bed in tears I end up
crying too coz I really feel his pain.
I’ve seen some of your videos and your approach
looks like it could really work for him
but I don’t know where to get started.
Please can you help?
Thanks Jazzmean. I know that pain, and
this video is going to really help you.
Try watching this video with your son.
So, here we go. This is how it works.
It’s a simple three-step process.
The first step with any multiplication is to
spot the fastest key to solving the problem.
It’ll be one of the numbers in the
problem or the x in the middle.
My system teaches how to do that easily.
The second step is to link the key you chose
to its special picture, which as
you’ll see is really easy too.
And lastly, you just use the story related
to the picture to get quickly and easily to
the answer. Now, if you’ve
not already seen any of my
videos about those simple picture stories, be
sure to check those out, either right here
on this channel or the more detailed
ones over on my numba.ninja website.
You’ll see how, with just a few stories
you can multiply many problems.
And I’m not just talking
about those up to 12 x 12.
You can use these for many
problems way beyond that!
Let me show you some examples.
Let’s start with 10 x 9.
You’ll learn it’s much quicker to multiply
by 10 than by 9 so we choose 10 as the key.
Now, the picture for 10 is a snail. Can
you see how that snail looks like a 10?
Well, all of my pictures
have an easy link like that.
Next we play the snail story in our heads
using the other part of the problem, the 9.
So, in our story, the 9 is
a snail who lost his shell,
so we just need to pop one on. We pop
a zero on the end to make 9-0. Ninety.
That’s our answer! Of course, the
snail works for any whole number,
as large as you like. For
another example let’s try 11 x 12.
You’ll learn that 11 is the fastest key here,
as the 11 story is quicker than the 12 story.
The picture for the 11s is the sandwich.
Do you see how that sandwich looks like an 11?
Like I said, there’s always
an easy link like that.
And so for step 3, the
story we run in our mind
is to make a sandwich using the
other part of the problem, the 12.
It goes like this. We put the
1 and 2 on the slices and then,
for a filling, we add 1
and 2 together to get 3.
So we have 1-3-2, our answer is 132! If you’ve
ever tried to memorize the 11 times table
then you may have thought that
11 x 12 was hard to memorize.
But you’ve just seen why you
don’t even need to remember it.
And yes, it’ll work for 11 x 11 as well.
You break the two 1s apart and you add them
together to make a filling
of 2, giving you 1-2-1, 121.
In fact, it’ll do a whole lot more too!
You see, most of those kids at the top of
your class may have no problem remembering
those answers up to 12 x 11, but they’re
often stumped by problems like, say 11 x 53,
which you could now work out in a flash
in your head, even if you never saw
that problem before in your life!
In step 1 you’d spot that 11 is the key.
In step 2 you’d remember that the 11 looks
like a sandwich. And in step 3
you’d simply make a sandwich
using the 5 and 3 on those two slices of bread.
The story leads you to simply create the filling
to put in the middle by adding
those two numbers together.
Go on! Why don’t you see if you can do that
right now, and pop your final answer down
in the comments below! And don’t
cheat! I mean feel free to check
your answer on a calculator after you’ve done
this in your head, but notice how much longer
it’ll take you to do that, compared to just
looking at the problem and calling out the answer!
You see, running up
these three simple steps
is quicker to do than fetching your
calculator to work it out for you!
Of course, you can also make a sandwich very
easily with those smaller numbers up to nine.
The easiest way to think about those is to
just put that number on both slices of bread
and forget about making a filling.
It doesn’t really matter with any
of these problems if you don’t choose the
fastest key, as you’ll still
get the right answer anyhow.
But I show you how to choose the fastest
key, as you’ll get to that answer quicker!
For example, you’ve seen how the snail works
for 10s and how the sandwich works for 11s,
so which one would you use
if you had to do 10 x 11?
Would you find it faster to do that snail
story, and put a zero on the end of 11
to get to 110? Or would it
be faster to make a sandwich,
with 1 and 0 on those two slices and then adding
them together to put another 1 in the filling?
You see, you still get
to 110, but the snail
was much faster. Now we’ve looked
at the 10s and 11s just so you can
see how my system works. And it’s
just as easy to use this system with
those so-called harder tables too, like
the 6s, 7s and 8s, which we’ll be looking
at next. But before I move
on to those I want you to
fully grasp how these 3 simple
steps make my system unique.
You see if you’re trying to memorize answers,
you’re trying to jump straight from the problem
to the answer by memory. And that
only works after you’ve memorized
all those answers. With this system,
you just take those 3 simple steps
each time and they lead you straight
to the answer, even for problems you’ve never
handled before. And then, for the
ones that you keep coming across,
you end up remembering a
lot of the answers anyhow!
So this is a great way to get those answers
into your head quickly and easily, so that
you can leap up those steps if you want to,
but this way, you’ll always have those steps
to fall back on in case you’re not
completely sure of your answer.
Do you see how this makes it really easy for
you to master these problems without having to
memorize those dreadful tables?
So far I’ve shown you my 3 simple
steps and 2 of my picture-stories.
That gives you a quick overview
of how my system works.
And if you’re still watching right now, you’re
probably wondering how this would work for
some of those tables that are
much harder than the 10s and 11s.
So, we’re going to dive right into those.
Up next, I’m going to show you how to use
my musical note picture-story
when multiplying by six!
Then we’ll have a look at some of those other
nasty tables, like the 7s and 8s which many
people dread, but you’ll be amazed at how
easy all of these are with this system!
I’ll pop a link to that next part of this
video series somewhere on this screen at the
end, as soon as it’s ready, but if you’re
watching this video before that link shows up,
it’s because that video’s still being edited
which would mean it’s not quite ready for
you yet. But be patient.
I’ll be uploading that next
part very soon, as it’s the very next one in
this video series I’ve been recording for you.
So be sure to subscribe and
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Do you see how simple and powerful
these steps and stories are?
You may have come across some methods like
this sandwich before but this is the first
time you’ll see a complete set of pictures
that cover the whole of your times tables
and beyond. And it’s also
the first time you’ll find a
system that uses these 3 simple steps to help
you quickly choose which story to run with.
Now you’ve only seen a couple of those picture-stories
so far, and the rest are short and sweet just
like these two. Can you see
yourself using a system like this
to get really good at multiplication, without
all the effort it takes to memorize those tables?
And remember, you can
use these to solve all
of the basic problems in all of your times
tables but you’ll also discover how to use
them to go way beyond those problems and solve
much larger multiplications in your head too.
So, what’s coming up? I’m going
to be showing you how to crush any
multiplication up to 12 x 12 without memorizing
any of those terrible tables of answers,
so you can kick that problem
right out of the park for good.
I’m going to show you how to multiply way
beyond 12 x 12 in your head using the exact
same system. I’m going to
be walking you right through
my simple 3-step process and each of my
picture-stories, to show you exactly how
every one of them works. And I’ll
be telling you how you can get to
play my Numba Ninja Game with me
right here on YouTube, for free,
during some live-stream
coaching sessions.
I’m super excited about this
because I get a real kick out of
helping people like you. I’m just
really excited about this opportunity
for you to get really good with numbers; and
I’m excited to be here for you; to be able to
help you out like this. So that you
can become a Numba Ninja yourself!

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