Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Evaluating Hands of Texas Holdem

Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Evaluating Hands of Texas Holdem

Hi, I’m Melissa Powell with Expert Village.
Now, that we’ve gone through all of that.
Let’s go through one fake game just so you
can make sure you know all the rules and how
it works. Now, who would win this game? So,
let’s start over here. This player has a nine
of hearts and an ace of spades. Let’s see
what they have with the community cards. Well,
they don’t have a flush. Because, they don’t
have any more diamonds. There are only two
hearts and the third doesn’t help much. So,
the only thing that this player has is ace
high. Assuming nobody else can beat the ace
high that could potentially win. Let’s move
on to the next player. Let’s see what we have
here. A five of spades and a two of diamonds.
The two of diamonds could help here, but you
need five to make a flush. That doesn’t help
out very much. However, we do have a pair
here and this two and that two make another
pair. So, at the moment this hand has two
pairs. The five doesn’t help out at all. But,
they do have two pairs. Which, already beats
the ace high. But, let’s move on. This player
over here has a four of spades and an ace
of clubs. Once again, the four doesn’t help.
There’s nothing it can do. And, the ace high
is the only thing this hand has. As we’ve
determined earlier though, the two pair beat
the ace high. That player does not win. Let’s
move on to the final hand. We have a seven
of hearts and an ace of clubs. The seven of
hearts doesn’t help. However, the eight makes
a pair with this eight and the other pair
of the two threes. Easily beating the two.
So, as you can see this player would win with
a pair of eights and a pair of threes. The
pot would easily go to that player.

8 thoughts on “Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Evaluating Hands of Texas Holdem”

  1. For chrissake, why are all poker rule videos 2 or 3 mins, containing only partial information? Won't someone make ONE 10 or 15 minute video that explains all the betting rules in one video please?

    Where does the dealer button start and which direction does it move? What about antes? What are the small and big blinds and where are they in relation to the dealer button? In a single round of betting can the players keep reraising or is there a limit to how many times a player can reraise?

  2. this is where you are wrong sometimes i check with good cards just to make it look like i don't have a very good hand with draws other players into raising it

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