Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : How to Deal Texas Holdem

Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : How to Deal Texas Holdem

Hi, I’m Melissa Powell with Expert Village.
And right now we’re going to be going over
the basics of Texas Holdem. Texas Holdem poker
deals with a typical 52 card deck. And its
a gambling game as I’m sure you know. And
it can be from two to ten players. So in our
examples today, we’ll have five players doing
the game. So we’re going to start with the
dealer button. This is the position of power,
and we’ll go over all the details as to why
it is later. But the dealer will always start
with first, going over who gets the dealer
button. So if I have five players, I deal
five cards face up to my five players to determine
who gets the button. The highest value card,
the Jack in this case, will be the dealer
button. I continue on the two to the right
of the dealer, the players left, are what
are called the big and small blinds. Now it?s
important to note that in each hand, there
will be forced bets. These two players will
be the forced bets in the hand. As we continue
in every single hand the button will move.
And accordingly, the players to their left
will have to be the forced blinds. Let?s make
it in this case one and two. So this will
be the small blind. And this will be the big
blind. You have one coin here, and two chips
here. So that would be the equivalent of the
big and small blind. Continuing on, we start
the shuffling of the game. I would deal two
cards to each player. Each player has two
cards. Everyone looks at their cards and determines
what they have. We continue on without looking
at their cards and getting specifically into
what a fold and all of those things are, we’ll
just go strait to the flop, the turn and the
river. As the dealer, let?s say that everybody
has made a bet. They’ve all agreed to put
in two chips. And that’s called, everyone
around has made the same bet. They’ve all
checked. As the dealer I tap the table. Pick
up all the chips. And now we’re ready to continue.
I burn the first card. That’s just to ensure
there’s no cheating, nothings going on. There’s
no funny business. I put that under the chips,
and I deal the first three cards face down.

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  1. ok i burned the first card but whats the best way of putting out the fire? secondly when we dealt the flop face down there was not much action our hands did not improve? Then when we played the next hand we noticed a card was missing from the deck. what now expert village? And i have no buttons left on my shirt!!

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