Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Minimize Bluffing in Texas Holdem

Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Minimize Bluffing in Texas Holdem

My name is Melissa Powell, and I’m with Expert
Village. We’re going to continue our discussion
on what some mistakes are that new players
make to the game of poker. A big mistake that
new players typically have is bluffing beyond
requirement. When you sit down at a table
of poker players, they can typically smell
a newbie a mile away. You got to be clear
that you’re bluffing when its appropriate.
And don’t bluff too much. There a really good
middle ground, that when you bluff because
you know other players don’t have good cards
and when you bluff because you think you should.
Now all of these things are taken into account
when players who really play the game well
and play consistently know how to play the
game. So when you sit down at a table, things
like body language definitely come into account.
You’ll notice if you watch some pro players,
they wear sun glasses so people can’t see
their eyes. Because when you look at a card,
and you have a great feeling about it, your
eyes will light up. And you don’t want the
other players to know that. So wearing sun
glasses can be a great way, if it?s legal
in certain poker rooms. And if it?s okay to
do it, it?s a great way to hide what’s going
on. Other players wear baseball caps or even
listen to iPods, music, so they don’t really
have to focus on the other players in the
game, but just their own cards. And those
are some good tricks. But if you’re not really
good at the game and you’re just learning,
I suggest you just keep quiet, learn a poker
face, practice in the mirror and make sure
that you don’t bluff too much. You want to
make sure that you bet on the good hands,
and bluff only when it?s necessary. It?s a
good trick you got to learn. But its all practice
in the game.

14 thoughts on “Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Minimize Bluffing in Texas Holdem”

  1. heck yes!! i watched the video and was gonna comment something like "She should say 'easily' a few more times…"
    But ya beat me to it. lolz!

  2. lol, u are silly. y do u turn the 9 over with the A? the 9 is still part of the 5 card hand!! lol, stupid!! y have u wasted ur time??

  3. Play to win, if you can bluff your way into winnign then go ahead. Bluff when you got position and you think you can win, play your cards when you got something.

    Best combo is a semi bluff though, when you ahve something, it's not strong but it's decent. Then even if you do go all the way to show cards at least you got something to show. Bluffing with 3 high is not a good idea.

  4. Well, either she doesn't know how to play poker, or she didn't even noticed the hands that she was describing: 2 times mentioned Ace High, having a Pair of 3s on the board, making the hand as "a Pair of 3s WITH AN ACE AS A KICKER", and, in the 8 of Clubs, at the first time, she clearly mentioned ACE, not EIGHT… But, for beginners, that's not a bad explanation…

  5. 2 more things: In the Details of the Video it mentions that she's a "Dealer"… To the Casino employing her: Fire the Employee…
    2nd: starting at 0:21 ->9 of Hearts, and highlights the DIAMONDS mentioning that the player wouldn't have a FLUSH… One HEART and a Flush draw??? That is new to me… is it possible? -.^

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