Tootsie (1982) Dustin Hoffman – Reveal Scene

Tootsie (1982) Dustin Hoffman – Reveal Scene

Quiet please on the floor – standby!
>>Hold it, hold it
>>Let’s all raise our glasses
to our guest of honour
Miss Emily Kimberly
We are all looking forward
to having you
grace us with your presence
for many years to come.
>>Thank you Gordon,
I cannot tell y’all
how deeply moved I am.
I never in my wildest dreams
imagined that I would be the object
of so much genuine affection.
>>It makes it all the more difficult for me to say
what I’m now going to say.
I do feel it’s time to set the record straight.
You see, I didn’t come here just as
an administrator, Dr. Brewster.
I came to this hospital to settle an old score
>>What score?
>>Now you all know that my father was a brilliant man he built this hospital.
What you don’t know is that to his family
he was an unmerciful tyrant
an absolute dodo bird.
>>Oh no not live
>>Get her back to the prompter
>>… drove my mother, his wife, to – to drink
In fact she, uh, she went riding one time and lost all her teeth
>>What?! What?
>>.. son Edward became
a recluse, and the oldest daughter,
the pretty one, the charming one became pregrant
when she was fifteen years old
and was driven out of the house.
In fact, she was so terrified
that she would, uh, that, uh,
that, that, that the baby daughter
would bear the stigma of illegitimacy that
she, she – she decided to change her name
and she contracted a disfiguring disease
after moving to Tangiers
which is where she raised the,
the, the little girl as her sister.
Her one ambition in life
>>Any preference to shots on this one, Rita?
>>..was to become a nurse, so
she returned to the States and
joined the staff right here
at Southwest General.
>>When she worked here, she knew she had to speak out wherever she saw injustice and inhumanity
God save us – you do understand that,
don’t you, Dr. Brewster?
>>I never laid a hand on her!
>>Yes you did.
And she was shunned by all you nurses, too…
>>Give me something, One,I don’t need backs
Two and Three, go left and right
>>.. what do you call it..
>>No, Two go left
Three go right!
>> you doctors who found her
outspokenness threatening
but she was deeply
deeply deeply deeply deeply loved
by her brother
>>Her brother?
>>It was this brother
who, on the day of her death,
swore to the good Lord above
that he would follow in her footsteps
and, and, and, and, and, and,
and, and, and, and, and just
just, just, just, just, just, just, just, just
>>Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t panic
>>just owe it all up to her.
But on her terms.
>>God here come the terms
>>as a woman
and just as proud to be a woman
as she ever was.
For I am not Emily Kimberly
the daughter
of Dwayne
and Alma Kimberly
No I’m not
I’m Edward Kimberly
the reckless brother
of my sister Anthea
>>Holy Christ!
>>..I’m Edward Kimberly
Who has finally vindicated his sister’s good name.
I’m Edward Kimberly.
Edward Kimberly. And I’m not mentally ill
>>I’ll be damned
>>.. but proud and lucky,
and strong enough to be the woman
that was the best part of my manhood.
The best part of myself.
>>That is one
nutty hospital
>>I knew there was a reason she didn’t like me
>>Cut it!
>>And Cut!

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  1. Recently saw the movie. Had to go here. Had the best laugh in years. Literally i screamed in laughter like hysteric woman as i never did in my life, after seeing this hilarious scene. All film builds to this very moment.

  2. Just read the script for school and had to watch a trailer after finishing it. Had no clue any of these actors played the characters! WOW!

  3. Thanks for that!
    It's been in my own head.
    See how gas-lighting messes men up, to mess women up, to mess each other up?
    Blackwellians are not Orwellians, we have GOD (St. George, etc)
    Blackwells = NON-conformist, mind body and spirit
    Arcadians build Arcades
    Orwellians build FEAR, n shit.

    I'm Rev. Andrea Maria Monica BLACKWELL, missing to the Elizabeth Blackwell legacy since 1965!
    or 1981, I'm NOT extinct!
    I'm also not a man, but played a BROWN auntie in the 1948 Wichita version of HMS Pinafore because after Dad's job in DC, we never made it back to Kansas and I'm apparently been in escrow since 1981 when they setup a foundation after using survival benefits as a slush fund.
    One of mine is at Harvard (for the greyhounds)

    This was 8 years after they changed Blackwell's Island (Welfare Island) to Roosevelt Island, and pissed me off.
    Nellie Bly much?
    Harvard, 1981 Elizabeth Blackwell Foundation but nobody told me about it while my parents were boozing it up in Martha's Vineyard?
    Gee, thanks
    Playing piano (CHAINED TO A PIANO) when I wanted to play guitar
    but nooooo.. gotta bitch me out to the US Navy after tryna feed me to West Point cheaters?
    I think Shirley MacClain's movie was out about this time.
    "Being There"
    she's so ….awesome. Caycean
    so, about that "Do No Harm" rule?
    Hogwarts role players …. foul
    EA Games …. foul
    Broke the golden rule with that crap on the net.

  4. Haha, fantastic scene! One of my favorite scenes in the movie, this is one of my favorite films & I never get tired of it! Dabney Coleman is so good at playing the smarmy, sexist director lol!

    Tootsie…..Mrs. Doubtfire
    In 1982, the holiday season's biggest movie is a man-in-drag comedy.
    In 1993, the holiday season's biggest movie is a man-in-drag comedy.

  6. This is the first movie I ever saw in a theater, I was 5 yrs old in '82 and I never forgot it! couldn't quite get my 5 yr old brain wrapped around why a man was dressing up as a woman, but I remember that everyone else in the theater was laughing like hell, so I just went with it!

  7. Out of all of Teri Garr's movies, Tootsie is my absolute favorite. Teri Garr wonderful comedian wonderful actress now diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

  8. It's so weird…I was just watching this last night while Mrs. Doubtfire was on CMT.
    I had a hard time switching between them cause they all had good parts. Lol!

  9. As a kid when I saw this movie, I thought the only reason he/she did the revealing was because he/she inadvertently made a pass at Jessica Lange. I didn't see past the business part of Michael trying to get out of the role because he now got what he wanted raising money for a future play.

  10. This is the only scene where I sympathized with the soap opera director 🙂 It's just about the only one where he's justified in flipping out.

  11. My favourite part of. the whole movie, second would be the part where Michael Dorsey as Dorothy Michaels argues with another actress. who plays a patient
    who has a violent fictional husband.

  12. This movie is funny. In contrast, Mrs.Doubtfire came across as a horror movie. I think because Tootsie is about a guy learning about women's rights, whereas Mrs.Doubtfire is about a guy realizing that men have no rights, only responsibilities.

  13. I guess I am looking at this through 2018 eyes but had that happened in this day and age ratings would have went through the roof.

  14. When I first saw this movie, when he reveals himself, the screams and laughing in the packed theater were INTENSE !

  15. I swear I watch this movie just for Doris Belack going “I’ll be damned.” Her face is classic picture perfect “wtf” and since she was always in Dorothy’s corner it’s just just just just just just just a great moment.

  16. People's reaction if they see that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond in Single Pale Rose episode of Cartoon Network's Steven Universe.

  17. That was still one of the funniest things I've ever seen, the big reveal. Almost 40 years old this movie is now, WOW! Big shout out to all those still watching and remembering in 2018!

  18. The sickies who think this has to do with trans and homos and stuff and will come to the comments to get you down. Don't reply to their sick ass.

     Reason I come here is cause this crazy scene. This scene with the wig removal is way more developed than thought on even the 15 or 50th watch. You really gotta go back over it and listen to the story they edited or wrote or whatever. It's fruckin intricate. It's like this:

    She returned to southwest general to battle injustice…and settle a big score…

    as everyone knows her father was the genius who built SW General

    but they don't know he was an unmerciful tyrant to his famly, an absolute dodo-bird…

    the father drove the mother to drink, and one time to lose all her teeth. The oldest son (Edward) became a recluse (obscured by the other words spoken simultaneously by Coleman)

    the daughter became pregnant as a teenager but she was so afraid that the baby would bear the stigma of illegitimacy that she contracted a disfiguring disease

    and moved to Tangiers, where she raised the baby as her sister (no names given)

    …and returned to Southwest General as a nurse to right injustice wherever she saw it (you do understand Dr Murdoch? Don't you? (I never laid a hand on her) Yes you

    but was deeply deeply deeply loved by her sister who swore to god above that he would avenge his late sister,

    and returned as an admin to continue in her footsteps…forI am not Emily Kimberly…daughter of Duane and Aalma Kimberly

    but he is Edward Kimberly, the recluse brother of Anthony Kimberly

    this "Anthony Kimberly" is the first mention of a name for the fictitious sister made up during the monologue, presumably by Dorothy.

     So he must have been practicing script writing in his free time and decided this was the only way to inject his script e'd been working on…

  19. You know in that movie’s world this is a show so decades later this would’ve been on countless lists about the “Most Shocking Moments in TV History”.

  20. I saw this movie in a theatre when it first came out. People really enjoyed this movie, especially the big reveal scene! We laughed so much, we missed most of the one-liners that followed the reveal! 😂

  21. I like women like tootsie. Feminine and masculine qualities, no nonsense, direct, no valley girl voice, no ugly yoga pants, no big breasts staring at you and you know they are fake. No long straight hair with the bitchy arrogant attitude. Big glasses are nice but no ugly horned rims!

  22. Hoffman and Kingsley could have easily shared the Oscar that year, this is so damn funny, so perfectly written and acted to this day.

  23. I saw Tootsie when it came out and once again recently. It's much funnier the second time around. I could not stop laughing. Hoffman at his best with an astounding ensemble. Pure gold.

  24. I finally got what he said, "The recluse brother…." when I saw the making of this film in a book. Couldn't understand that originally with his voice.

  25. The reactions from the people when he reveals himself are so funny: One guy faints, Sandy screams, Jacqui drops papers, Les drops his sandwich and doesn't realize it, etc.

  26. Even though Sandy screams when she finds out Dorothy was a man and it was Michael, she still did that play with him Return to the Love Canal.

  27. My favorite scene from the 1982 Sydney Pollack hit comedy film. i would truly like to see a twenty-first century retooling of 'Tootsie' starring Zach Braff (of 'Scrubs' fame) as Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels. There is absolutely no doubt that the essence of 'Tootsie' is inherently Jewish. Boy have i always loved Jewish humor. Here is my 'ideal' cast for the retooling of 'Tootsie': Zach Braff as Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels; Jennifer Lawrence as Julie Nichols; Katherine Heigl as Sandy Lester; Michael Cera as Jeff Slater; Paul Giamatti as Ron Carlisle; Tina Fey as Rita Marshall; Amy Poehler as Jacqui; Robert De Niro as John Van Horn; Anne Hathaway as April Page; John Goodman as Les Nichols; Rosario Dawson as Jo; Jason Reitman (Director) as George Fields; etc.

  28. "i'm Edward Kimberly, the reclusive brother of my sister Anthea!" Sandy Lester's reaction – PRICELESS.

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  30. Love when the station manager woman (or producer? I forget her role) says, "I'll ….be…damned…." Perfection.

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