Top 10 Best City Building PC Games

Top 10 Best City Building PC Games

Opening our list of Whatoplay’s Top 10 City
Building games on the PC is Cities XL
Yes, it wasn’t a very good game to begin
But amidst the massive backlash, it’s still
a City Building game worthy to sink some of
your time in.
Instead of the usual little metropolis you
create with Cities Skylines, Cities XL grants
you an extra large world for you to play god
in mayoral position.
Link up cities, expand, and shape a world
like never before.
The game contains over 1,000 buildings, 50
brand new structures, 60 gigantic maps and
a gorgeous detailed world to tweak.
As the mayor, solve the city’s various concerns
such as economics, transportation, finances
and so much more.
Take note that once the city grows, it’s
needs requires more maintenance and the problems
go bigger everyday.
But that’s not a problem, with your thriving
community, all is well.
Except MAYBE for the game’s numerous game
breaking bugs and unresponsive UI’s.
Just give it a try.
It has a PlayScore of 6.44
ANNO 2205
Take civilization to the next frontier.
Expanding its reach like never before, 2205
is a futuristic entry from the notable Anno
franchise, go into the 23rd Century and develop
your very own civilisation.
Nourish them through different biomes and
manage each the city’s problems in rich
topological climates.
You can even rebuild an entire colony to the
Similar to most Anno games, conquer the Earth
and beyond with the gift of industrialization
and economics.
With its futuristic setting, experience scientific
breakthroughs that make everyday living easier.
From the Earth to the Moon, bask in its hours
and hours of content with wonderful visuals
and complex strategic depth.
However, due to its performance issues and
a weak single player campaign, it was bogged
down from becoming a perfect city-building
game compared to its predecessor 2070.
It receives a PlayScore of 6.57
Aven Colony
Aven Colony manages to create a unique ecosystem
of science fiction wonder unlike the Earth
and Moon areas compared to most of the games
on this list.
The extra terrestrial flora and fauna makes
up for a very interesting synergy between
city-building and the survival of the human
Think of it as SimCity in space.
In this alien-planet light years away from
Earth, players must nourish the human race
and help them adapt to the many problems this
planet can offer.
Protect your species by adapting to the environment,
conserving oxygen, and multi-task using various
resource-producing buildings.
But despite its many praises, the game was
criticized for its heavy chore-work.
For a game about casual city-building, it
seems like a busywork when it comes to its
various multi-tasking tendencies.
It wasn’t for everyone, but it’s still
a fun game to try.
It receives a PlayScore of 6.62
Anno 2070
Ubisoft’s pioneering city-building game
takes the effects of Global Warming into a
creative way.
Although climate change is still bad, step
into Earth, a once beautiful planet filled
with green fields and sun-soaked beaches,
but with the rising water levels causes some
land uninhabitable.
Master the art of diplomacy, resource-collecting,
and trade in Ubisoft’s most comprehensive
economic management game yet.
Shape the world of tomorrow by constructing
buildings that transcend modern architectural
feats and experience the evolving nature of
a changing world.
Explore the vast depths of the ocean, or focus
your energies on land.
Mysteries are lurking all around the sunken
Earth, from the deep dark abyss, to the bustling
metropolis surrounded by glass walls.
It was Anno 2205’s predecessor, but it’s
still better in comparison.
The game was praised for the amount of things
you could do but since it’s a Ubisoft game,
much of its criticisms were pointed at its
terrible Uplay system.
It has a PlayScore of 7.15
Caesar IV
Let’s head back for a few decades.
Before there were any of these games on our
list, there was Tilted Mill Entertainment’s
Roman city-building game.
Technology wasn’t very smooth during this
point but it was created on an engine that
renders three dimensional animations individually.
It’s one of the stepping stones to the future
of city simulations.
Embrace the accurately depicted beauty of
the classic Roman architectures because it’s
a product of Sierra Game’s dedication for
Experience life in Ancient Rome and expand
your economic control with over 30 tradeable
goods, 10 industries, 4 markets and foreign
trade routes.
The game has over 100 hours of gameplay.
Secure your civilization by controlling your
Legions, or focus on your city-planning and
infrastructure woes.
You can’t beat the classics, and this game
has a PlayScore of 7.44
Tropico 5
Before El Presidente’s scheduled return was
announced last E3, Tropico 5 was the latest
title in the well-loved city building series.
Known for its warm, friendly, and fun gameplay,
the series offered a welcome change to the
optimization-crazed builders of its time.
But in this fifth installment, the beloved
dictator is bringing the tropical heat to
an all time high, taking management up a notch,
and adding a healthy dose of challenge.
Unlike their previous titles, 5 takes on a
more Civilization route as you begin your
dictatorial journey at the dawn of the 20th
With this, it not only improves on gameplay,
but also on their signature tongue-in-cheek
Move from era to era; supplying weapons for
the World Wars, assassinating rivals, alienating
whole groups of people, and other fun and
lighthearted totalitarian activities.
With their era-exclusive buildings, and risky
decision-making, you’ll actually have to BECOME
a dictator to survive the tides of time.
While it’s a lot different than their usual
fare, it’s still fun, interesting, and hysterically
political, it has a PlayScore of 7.59.
A city-builder with a strong blend of survival,
Banished brings the best of both worlds.
An indie game by Shining Rock Software, it
rose up to the top of the charts when it released
last 2014, and it still currently maintains
its thriving community of fans.
Like what the title suggests, Banished puts
you in charge of a remote community of outcasts,
operating at an individual level instead of
state affairs.
Assign your citizens into specific jobs, and
use them to funnel resources into the town.
As a product of its survival elements, the
game puts a premium on the products you collect.
It gets especially diffucult with slow-growing
trees, breakable tools, and the ravages of
the winter season.
Manage your resources carefully, make your
citizens happy, or risk the death of hundreds.
While it’s arguably more survival than city-builder,
Banished is said to be a great change of pace.
Take off the godly omnipotence, and prepare
for a humbling management experience.
It has a PlayScore of 8.1.
Tropico 3
The third in the Tropico series, and the first
game handled by Haemimont games.
Having had a rich background in historical
games,Tropico 3 was the perfect game to begin
their run in the franchise.
Set in the eponymous Caribbean isle, play
as the fascist El President as he attempts
to bring his people through the struggles
of the Cold War.
With their setting, you’ll have to manage
your controversial diplomatic relations, along
with micromanaging your growing city.
Aiming to revitalize the charm of the original
Tropico games, this third title offers a balanced
perspective on the dictatorship.
Your choices have a direct impact on the citizens,
and they’re not always good.
The game has 7 different factions vying for
your attention, each with their own interests
to take care of.
Juggle each of their demands to retain your
position of power…or put for authoritarian
foot down and show them who’s boss.
Praised for its fantastic soundtrack and improved
visuals, it receives a PlayScore of 8.23.
Tropico 4
Built using the same engine, UI, models, and
voices as the previous title, it’s easy to
say that this 4th installment is essentially
the same game with a different coat of paint.
But this title managed to edge out the competition
by improving on many of the franchise’ core
elements, topping it all off with a handful
of expansions that add new elements to the
political and technical gameplay.
Return (again) as the customizable El Presidente,
and prepare to face a new array of problems
and obstacles.
Providing intricate optimizations while keeping
the outrageous charm of the original, it serves
as an excellent middle ground between the
two Haemimont productions.
Rule the island with clichéd iron fist, or
become a benevolent people pleaser–anything
to achieve the status of economic powerhouse.
It’s this choice of gameplay that makes the
game stand out, putting political twists on
the usual city building.
Listen to advisors, manipulate nations, manage
the economy, and build, build, build.
With its addicting gameplay, the game will
keep you coming back for more despotic conquests.
Play it, and that’s an order!
It has a PlayScore of 8.42.
And the best City Building Game on the PC
is Cities Skylines
Considered one of the greatest achievements
in the City Building genre in the last decade,
Cities Skylines is a masterclass in style
and simulation.
The game was responsible for bringing a host
of new features and gameplay elements that
adds even more realism to the overwhelming
thought of managing a whole city on your own.
Take up the mantle of Mayor and watch the
town come alive as buses full of new citizens
drive in with all sorts of needs, wants, and
Just like real life, planning is an essential
part in building efficiency.
With traffic playing a key part in development,
plan your roads properly to ferry all citizens
and services to their destinations with relative
Connect them to powerlines, set up water supplies,
and watch it grow into a bustling metropolis
that holds even more challenges to overcome.
Manage education levels, leisure, criminal
rates, and jobs, and so much more.
With citizens voicing out their opinions in
real-time, you’ll have a better feel of how
you’re doing as a Mayor.
The game has an active modding community that
continues to improve the experience, and make
it grow even better with age–especially,
along with a handful of new expansions.
It has a PlayScore of 8.82.

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  1. I think you could have lumped all the Tropico games into one spot on your list, then you could have added other games. I like how you included Banished in there since it was a little different, I would have liked to see a bit more of these different types of games like maybe Prison Architect. Since a basic city builder list is just kinda boring. I'm sure at least one of the SimCity games could have made it also

  2. This must have been specifically for city building games, because there are games that have building in them that were better than the games on this list………. Ill use ARK Survival as 1 example

  3. Where are Pharaoh, Emperor and Zeus? They have unique mechanics which make you stay interested and they definitely deserve to be on this list.

  4. Tropical 4 is so good looking and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love the elections! My one criticism is that it’s too easy. But unlocking all the features and the DLC features kept me hooked! I just loved crafting my island and tinkering. Viva la rèvolucion!

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  6. If ya'll want a good city management game you should check out Frostpunk. It was released after this video came out and would have made the list easily.

  7. Caesar 4 is inferior to Caesar 3 , Pharaoh , and Zeus and is a bad representation of one of the best game series of all time for me .

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