Hello guys it’s Remus here, another year gone
and lots of new games released over the year, so as always since 2012 let’s take a look
at my top 10 favorite games from the year, note that I didn’t play everything and they
are only PC games since I’m a greedy bastard that has no consoles and PC master race, even
if this year was quite frustrating with games like God of War, Spider Man, Detroid Become
Human and Red Dead Redemption 2 all being only on consoles and I would have loved playing
them, but let’s take a look at 10 of my favorite PC games from this year with some honorable
mentions. It’s been a big year for recently released
games like Fortnite or PUBG but we’re only including games that officialy got released
this year, I had both of those in the last year’s list. Also more Neeko codes hidden in this video
since I’m in the League Partner Program, and let’s go! Number 10 A recent game that I got for free from the
Fortnite partner program, Ashen, it’s surprisingly good, even if it’s obviously taking every
single mechanic from Dark Souls and implementing it to the game, it feels nice, the art style
is really unique and good looking, you don’t even have a face, and the combat is very familiar
if you’ve played any Dark Souls games, you have lots of weapons to pick from, hold a
shield and block and have light or heavy attacks and you get souls from killing enemies but
you don’t use them to level up, you use them to upgrade weapons or armor and craft different
things, there are also some sort of bonefires where you save and revive at, heck even the
name is inspired from Dark Souls, Ashen one, but it’s clearly an homage to the game. I didn’t find it as hard, maybe because I’m
used to dying from Dark Souls 3, I defeated the first boss without dying once here but
it’s a nice game. Number 9 The game was out for a while in early access
but the full version was just released this year and I’ve only played it now since I also
got it free on the epic launcher, Subnautica is a really deep game, it will really get
you wet, get it? It’s no man’s sky in the ocean, you crash
there, are the only survivor and have to craft things to go deeper and eat/drink to remain
alive, it’s quite scary considering how infinite everything feels, but there is a story that
guides you on the way and you go look for more survivors and find new blueprints to
craft tools or vehicles that help you on the way. Number 8 Frostpunk is a survival and city builder game,
in a timeline where the snow took over the world you have a small colony of londoners
and need to gather the few resources around the crater you are in, heat it up and keep
building to improve the lives of your people as well as search for more survivors in other
frozen areas and bring them to your place, it has different modes to pick from and it’s
quite a nicely done game, too bad there are not many strategy or builder games made these
days. Number 7 Another addition to the series, thought it
feels pretty similar to the older ones, Far Cry 5 is a really fun game, I think the third
one is still my favorite, I really liked the island setting there and the art style and
villain, but this one is great too. You are now in the US, going as a rookie soldier
to arrest the main villain that as always shows up in the first scene of the game and
fucks you up, then you have to get to him by freeing all the areas of the map from the
cult, take out outposts, save people, make friends and so on. You can also choose your gender in this one
and customize your character as well as buying new clothes, I have no clue why since you
never see yourself though but your character never talks and the endings are a bit annoying,
thought they already picked the cannon one for the sequel coming out soon. Number 6 This is more for the idea of the game than
the game, this was the game I looked forward to the most when it was announced but the
launch wasn’t that exciting, having played in every alpha and beta test, there was not
much new when it came out, but they kept improving it with free updates and listened to what
people wanted, so the game just keep getting better, and I think it has my all time favorite
graphics in a game ever, look how beautiful that art style is. The game is simple, you buy treasure maps
or riddles or bounty hunts and go find them and take them back, you can play alone on
a small ship or with friends on bigger ones and all the gold you get is used to customize
your ship or character and weapons, there are lots of achivements you can do too and
big boys to fight. Number 5 I was sad when they announced this game because
it didn’t continue the story of Max & Chloe, depending on what you picked at the end of
the first one, I picked Chloe over bay, yeah I’m a psycho, but the first episode of this
was really good too. Kept the awesome art style and nice music
and introduced the characters pretty well. This time to story is around 2 mexican brothers
that run away from home after the incident and the younger one is the one with powers
here, and that’s a bit strange, since it feels weird not to have a power mechanic like you
could turn back time in the first one, now it’s more of a visual novel with lots of racism
involved, though it started good and I think it will keep improving, captain spirit will
also be back in the 2nd episode, they made a free game with him before this one came
out, and you also can say at the start if you sacrified arcadia bay or not and you see
it well or in ruins depending on it. Maybe we’ll get to see Max in future episodes. Yet I feel like the choices don’t make much
of a difference, whatever you pick the same main event happens, and the adults feel eighter
very kind or very bad. Overall it’s a pretty strong start, but I
liked the other 2 more, the first one was one of my all time favorite games and Max
and Chloe are Life is Strange for me, feels weird without them, I prefer being a lesbian
girl apparently, wait what. Number 4 A welcome surprise to be sure, I didn’t enjoy
a Call of Duty game as much as Black Ops 4 in years, Black Ops 1 was my favorite COD
game, and this one resembles it in a way, they didn’t go that futuristic and it’s finally
boots on the ground, though I’m not that happy that they removed the campaing, at least they
made some boring specialist missions that give some interesting cutscenes after you
finish them that could have been an amazing campaign, and Woods is your virtual trainer
too. Apparently it would have involved Mason and
Woods and Reznov ressurected by Mason’s daughter and Menendez would have been back as well,
it would have been nice to have a campaign but the Multiplayer is fun as always, it has
lots of maps from older Black Ops games remastered too, Zombies are great, you have 3 maps to
pick from at launch and I think they are some of the best ones so far, and of course the
Battle Royale, one I’m finally good at even if I don’t like the map that much, it’s nice
how it’s made out of old multiplayer maps and it includes lots of things from all the
games like zombies, and they also added levels sepparatly in those 3 modes and free battle
passes that you upgrade and get skins and more. Pretty solid game, though I enjoyed multiplayer
and zombies more, I still find Fortnite the most fun and action packed BR in a way, and
their business model with the season passes and skins are the best imo. Number 3 Okay calm down, I know what you are going
to say: “man BFA sucks and Blizzard fucked up this year, they really went down in the
last few months and their stocks did too!” And yeah, true, but still, I love WoW, I always
did and Battle For Azeroth is the game I played the most from this list this year, I said
from the start that it feels like Legion 0.5, but Legion was an amazing expansion, my second
favorite after WOTLK, and indeed they now seem to focus on what keeps people playing
instead of what’s fun and funny how that made people stop playing, it’s full of grinding
and RNG and it feels like you level down when you level up with the new scaling system the
Hearth of Azeroth and Azerite gear are boring, they try to take the place of the awesome
artifact weapons from Legion as well as tier sets, we got no new spells even some got removed
and the island expeditions and warfronts are a bit underwhelming, not to mention allied
races from the main page of BFA are not even in the game yet, but the start of the expansion
was awesome, I really loved the new zones and the quests in them, even if the story
of A and H fighting over rocks feels a bit stupid after defeating the damn burning legion,
I think the end of the expansion will be great when we get even more zones and Azshara and
finally N’zoth, and I did pretty much everything, it kinda feels like it’s lacking content,
I finished everything apart from Uldir on Mythic becasue fuck that, but I always like
collecting mounts and transmongs and achivements so I always keep doing older content for them
too. Number 2 One of my all time favorite series after the
Arkham Games, Assassin’s Creed is back again, after going more RPG in Origins and having
a great success, even if in a way I was more of a fan of the action adventure style from
older ones, the ones with Ezio are still probably my favorite, but Odyssey, just like Origins
did a great job but this one is a bit sillier! It keeps most of the elements from there but
improves upon them, and you can also pick to play as Alexios or Kassandra at the start,
I chose her, thought it’s even before Origins and that was the start of the Assassins when
Aya formed the brotherhood, so my complain from Origins it even bigger here, it’s not
really an old school Assassin’s Creed game and the modern day scenes are not that many,
I still miss Desmond and the first Hidden Blade only comes in the DLC and you still
need to grind XP from side quests to progress in the main story and beat bigger enemies,
that I find a bit frustrating, but again it takes place in a great location at a great
time, now it’s in ancient Greece starting with the spartans but it’s not linear like
the old ones, it looks gorgeous, the combat is fun, it includes naval battles as well,
has a nice story, awesome music, and they still kept the classic Ezio’s Family soundtrack,
great customization, a huge map and you can now chose what to say and what to do for once. Before number 1, some honorable mentions. The Crew 2 is pretty nice, they upgraded from
only cars to boats and planes as well, thought I’m not a huge fan of racing games. Realm Royale was what I wanted to make or
see as a BR game, a medieveal fantasy one, but they kinda fucked it after with many changes
and adding automated rifles instead of keeping it medieval. Hitman 2, pretty similar to the first one
but good anyway. BF V, I didn’t get to play it yet apart from
the beta, it fells ok, quite similar to the previous one too. The Forest, this one was out for a while in
early but I only played it this year and this is the year when version 1.0 came out. The Walking Dead: Final Season, it’s sad what
happened to Telltale, they made so many awesome games over the years, I was really looking
forward to The Wolf Among Us 2 and I liked many of their other games like the Batman
ones or Tales from Borderlands or GOT and the Walking Dead ones. Monster Hunter: World, didn’t get to play
it yet but from what I’ve seen I don’t think I’ll like it that much. Fallout 76, never was a fan of Fallout games,
but this one looks like the worst one so far, I don’t know why Bethesda keeps using dated
graphics and interfaces and mechanics, and Darksiders 3, an easier Dark Souls where you
play as Fury. Number 1 And finally, my favorite game from the year
from another of my all time favorite series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, it’s the only one
from this list that I’ve finished 100%, and by that I mean every single collectible, side
quest and challenges in the game. The game looks very good, I like playing as
Lara and the locations and tombs are amazing as well. It has less combat and more exploration compared
to the other 2 from the reboot but that’s not a bad thing, though the combat is upgraded
from the last one with more mechanics and stealth options. I feel like this one was a bit under rated
compared to the previous 2 and I’m not sure why. It was longer, the plot was interesting, you
are stopping pretty much the end of the world, lots of nice tombs and crypts and different
challenges to tackle and very good graphics too and Square Enix were nice enough to send
me a free Croft Edition when it came out but this has nothing to do with it being first,
I really loved the game and the series, and it’s the only one I’ve fully finished this
year. Alright, that’s it for my list, let me know
your favorite games from the year in the comments, thanks for another year of watching and have
a happy new year!

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