returned a favor
very nice
what an amazing year it has been for
gaming mice we’ve seen over 20 excellent
releases so in this video we’ve teamed
up with our good friends I from Rocketjumpninja
to give you our top 10 we also
wanted to have some fun with it talking
about the mice as we use them in game of
course full reviews will be listed below
it’s just I panic when I play with you
better relax man
fill this in what challenge here is to
pick our top 5 from the list all with
the best optical sensors and the only
differentiator would be the shape the
buttons the cable etc so let the coin
toss decide who chooses first the Lanco
2 enclosure by Liam Lee is the $89 case
to beat that packs a lot of features
with user-friendly assembly and high
performance functionality in mind like
do OTG side panels with separate shroud
doors for easy access to the included
hard drive cage the interior is well
equipped for cable management on ATX
motherboards once you flip the cable bar
while the back section is covered with
panels for best visuals the top is also
air flow ready with multi Lane fan
installation but this front fan bracket
is next level with four positions
available to suit your cooling style
check out the Lanco to buy Lele down
below coin toss boom cooling 10 you
gotta call it alright tails why don’t
you win alright let’s do it I’m gonna
pick my all-time favorite at the moment
the finalmouse ultralight 2 good choice
I don’t have that so that’s an easy pick
for me to go next I would choose
surprise to everyone and maybe to you
even the mm710 by Cooler Master oh
wow I hate you I mean now you’re cool
all right next to my lists you know I’m
gonna take like the number one now even
though it’s a bit too big for me the
Razer Viper ultimate you know I’m gonna
go with the the Razer Viper wired
because that that stuff is good you know
what I’m gonna go with the XM1 in my
opinion underrated underappreciated big
getting some traction my pick would be
the xtrfy m4 as my third choice good
choice very popular massive one I’m
gonna throw out another random one kone
pure ultra lightweight version of the
cone pure beautiful mouse I’m gonna
choose the model oh that is the first
like wait mouse that was in my
collection still fits me very small
choice all right tough one I mean I
could just go with the model o- here
but yeah I better I need that in my
arsenal whoo so my final pick would be I
think the razor basilisk ultimate Wow
it’s it’s a bit heavy but I think the
wireless that’s my my only wireless
advantage here so wish me luck we’re
gonna start off with the from 5 all the
way into the 1 so that we finish off
with the best Mouse forest so that would
be finalmouse for you I’ll be the mm710 for me are you ready to start the
game let’s get it on you sound so
confident like this the subtlety of your
of your confidence well just I was no
I’ve got 21 using quake and Dimitri has
about 21 days so uh I could do fine I
know wish me like everyone wish me luck
oh very nice Oh tell me about that mouse
you got all three in a row
come on
oh all right so that’s that’s the
basilisk ultimate my god the wireless
speed on this thing is I’m where you at
I don’t know if I can focus and speak
about the mouse at the same time but the
razer basilisk man this thing is such
a good I’ll turn it into g5 or two
because usually the g5 or two is kind of
heavy and a bit too slim I love the fact
that this thing is a bit wider it got a
cool feature of being able to customize
the scroll wheel scroll wheel actuation
look low tactility of it and it’s only
just over 100 grams so you can still
perform pretty well when it comes to fps
like that it’s a lot of seconds of the
can we do it oh no nice all right
that’s all
so it became pure it’s a pretty odd
shape when it comes down to it but if
it’s your style you’re going to love it
if it’s not then you’re gonna hate it
one of those love or hate bus that said
Roccat quality is amazing some of the
best scroll wheels on the market buttons
feel great the textures everything about
them just is top-notch high quality mice
but it just depends if you like the
shape or not and now ladies and
gentlemen we’re on the model o and the
XY’s on the model O- let’s see who
wins coming after you oh there you go
so what do you like about the model like
I mean it’s so good to be go to go back
to the shape but just feel so familiar
and as you normally call it so safe
I love the lightweight nature this is my
first lightweight Mouse sort of that got
me back into training for csgo or hello
yeah it’s like fantastic buttons nice
scroll wheel really good control and
nice tracking – as you saw there and 69
grams that’s brilliant
nice shot so the model o- how do you
feel about it so I was a big f k2 fan
and the fact that they made a smaller FK
– so I call it the FK 2.5 from Zowie I
actually love using this mouse it’s a
lot of fun it’s extremely lightweight I
mean the new cables as well as so good
when I reviewed it it didn’t actually
have the new cable so I’m very happy
using the ones with the newer cables
everything is pretty much right with
this mice lightweight good size for me
great shape obviously modelled after the
sale we have Pacers as I said sorry up
there – so yeah just really saw the
choice and actually pretty cheap so
definitely worth a look
you don’t you don’t find it too small
definitely not love small muss
boom nice flick there so I’m using the
extra fiim for and this thing I love the
the lightweight economic style I love
the shape it’s perfect for my slightly
wider hands I have the full review on it
so you can check out all the details and
it’s one of the few lightweight mice
that’s actually designed for right hand
juice only that’s true first please
what’s my first place with the extra
fiim for Luna good let’s see where you
oh just over there so the reason this
mouse is kind of underrated right now is
cuz we’ve had such good masters here
with this shape if you’re a fan of the
sensei you might actually recognize the
feel of it in a few ways sorry it’s
designed by the same person or partly
designed by cara member who was actually
designed the sensei completely designed
by the same person and has a very
similar shape but he’s just basically
narrowed the sides to a much better feel
in my opinion I really like how this
feels in the hand it took me a while to
actually get used to it it’s very wide
on top compared to a lot of mice there’s
such a narrow did you to fall off you
did but such a narrow sided Mouse but
yeah once you get used to it I think the
aim is really good on this because the
button height is actually quite low
spoke about in that spoke about that in
my review though so I’ll leave it for
that but yeah definitely most people
should be checking out and don’t sleep
on it even if there are like a heap of
good micelle right now this deserves it
someone in the top 10 I am impressed
that the the fact they removed a whole
sore they started without the holes as
the whole perception of like mice have
originated from you need to have this
sort of body that has holes all over the
place and I’m using the Viper Wired’s
which is slightly lighter but you’re
right the the lack of cable does give
you a little bit more flexibility but
they’re both excellent
it’s my so so fun to use love the Vipers
and the latency on these things is
actually meant to be better than most
other mice they don’t know what Razer
have done exactly but they’ve done
extremely well oh come on you’re such a
good easy target in the air like you
just said yeah looks like wow this is
winning so far oh damn never mind sorry
I ruined your streak and it’s okay I got
another one it’s all about the streaks
right now I know I miss you you see one
I’ll hit that one so I’ve actually got
the wireless ranked higher than the
wired version and I think it’s because
there’s only four grams but not having
to do with the cable even though the
cables are extremely good on these mice
now it’s still worth it going Wireless
if you can’t afford it that said I
wouldn’t actually mind using the wired
version either and going again with the
Zoe FK sort of shape I think that’s been
heavily inspired by it so this thing
these things I should say the Vipers
amazing shapes really low weight without
holes surprisingly top senses
everything’s right as we’re saying it’s
just the beautiful mouse this fiber
ultimate and I can say the same about
the Viper wide but if I could just
choose out of the two a definite go the
oh that was amazing
good job the MM710 is the lightest
Mouse in my collection
it’s the mouse that I feel like I have
the most control with because it’s so
light and you can’t have to train to use
the mouse that is this lightweight like
I know my Coney burn when they’ve used
it they were like it’s too light but for
csgo it’s awesome and for flicks and
like following up with your targets it’s
just so effortless like right there you
know I knew exactly where I needed to be
the mm710 it’s well-priced to the
cable I like the scroll wheels awesome
the switches are nicely tactile and
crispy the only thing would be like
probably build quality is the only
complaint may be a long term see how
this thing will stack up I must say
that’s one of my favorites to absolutely
love playing with the mm710 as well and
one thing I will say is that the shape
will allow for palm grippers and palm
clogger a lot better than a lot of the
other mice so you’re talking Zoe F K’s
and all that the better choice if you
want palm and claw or palm core and you
definitely want to look at the mm710
because it’s got that high wide back as
ultra wide – I mean this doesn’t have a
high back and it doesn’t quite suit my
group it kind of forces me into a more
pure fingertip probe that said it’s so
small and so lightweight and the shape
is actually one of the best on the
market I still absolutely love it
unfortunately for everyone watching this
you can’t really buy it anymore
I’ve seen a few come back in stock but
it is discontinued find a mouse not
gonna make it anymore so it’s just I
want to use it because it is my main
Mouse but otherwise it’s not actually
recommendation these days simply because
they don’t make it but if we can get
more mice like this one day I’m happy to
give the recommendation now to the
companies and say yeah this is what I
please make more if you can
Oh No
of course I died still I’m gonna give my
shout out of the G pro wireless right
now cuz I code to major in
counter-strike she’d never have happened
haha right now even a year on so I can’t
believe how well logitech did we’re just
talking about how even so long after
they’ve still managed to be so far ahead
of the competition that the other Mouse
companies are only catching up now
so still an incredibly good choice in my
opinion being beaten by the Razer Viper
ultimate and the reservoir but still
like if you have one of these don’t feel
amazing mice playing with the the G pro
hero beautiful update
it was fantastic shape this is the mouse
that got me back into playing CS and
just training more and being more
comfortable with with flicking in
fantastic choice and there’s a g305 which is viola sit slightly heavier
but exactly the same shape last forever
G pro hero tell Logitech were killing it
last year hoping for some more excellent
options from them in 2022
thanks I’m gonna hit my stomach but
right now just as he killed me didn’t
calculate an even plane all right so I
do want two things I for joining on this
incredible project 2019 was amazing for
four mice hoping to see more cool
options in 2020 and I hope you guys
enjoyed our collection of best mice of
the year my top five and XY’s top 5 – I
think the teams I matter one but we
might have to leave that up to the
people in the comments because as always
with – no matter what we say it is
personal preference but I must say all
the mice we tested tonight are amazing
so you can’t really go to wrong in debt
we can end it on the hood alright I hope
you enjoyed thanks so much for watching
what is your favorite mouse of this year
and what are you looking for in 2020
let’s try me in the comments below I’ll
be down there answering questions and
just engaging in conversation thanks for
I’ll talk to you guys in the next video
time to see us go

100 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST GAMING MICE OF 2019!”

  1. I'm still rocking a G402. I buy more whenever they come on sale cause the shape is the best I've found for me thus far (and the scroll wheels do die eventually)

    If they could do a wireless, hero update for it, maybe w/ some weight loss and perhaps moving the curve back just a bit, I would be soooo happy (but I don't think it was popular enough for that to happen)

  2. Real talk: Model>All. It’s the total package with excellent shape, weight, buttons, wheel, build quality, and cable while being one of the cheapest top tier mice you can buy. Plus you’re supporting an American small business that takes feedback seriously, fixes any issues within one revision, and offers amazing customer support.

  3. Is the G502 not good anymore? I have mine (non-RGB model) for years and it still works amazing to this day except the rubber peeling off. Planning on buying a new mouse soon but I'm scared of switching brands as it might not last as long as this one. I had a Steelseries before I jumped to Logitech and had to replace them once every year.

  4. I'm sad every mouse review pretty much only revolves around fps games. What about the rest of us who don't really care od the mouse weights 70 or 120 grams? There are more things that are not really being talked about in the reviews.

  5. UL2 is always available on max gaming and it resells for less than market. As you can see everyone definitely likes the mouse (is actually garbage).

  6. This video is full of lies.

    The best mouse (approved by former President Barack Obama and my friend Vladimir Putin) is the Logitech G502 LightSpeed

  7. Does the hyperx cloud stinger sounds like the hyperx cloud2
    Please answer and is the cloud stinger good enough for mobile gaming

  8. Bought the Model O when it launched because of your video and wow , what a mouse. every time I go back to my gaming computer and use this mouse I am impressed. (old G502 user)

  9. What is this game?
    I recognize the map from old Quake 3 Arena but I'm out of FPS since Q3A times, this makes me wanna play it.

  10. why would a company wont make anymore of a product whuch is rated the best on the PLANET !? There must be a very good explaination

  11. Still rocking the white g203!!! The shape fits my hand perfectly and you can't beat the price 😎 switching from an ergo shape (kpoe) I find my aim is better with an ambi shape.

  12. I am not a QC PRO player but I am good enough 🙂
    Have you guys checked your ping during the gameplay? You have about half a second delay if not more haha.
    Anyway I am glad you've chosen QC for demonstrating mice performance. I think QC is one of the best games for it if not the best as of today. 😉

  13. Zy would have been on at least 100 ping in quake, unless Dimitri is in australia. guessing they wouldve switched servers on csgo

  14. Got the Normal Razer Basilisk recently. I play a lot of FPS and so far have been really enjoying it. Couldn't get myself to get the PRO version though… I have no real need for RGB on my mouse or charging dock// play while charging function. Great for my big hands

  15. G pro wireless is still my favourite mouse, I customized it with hard rubber side grips, tiger skates and swapped out the mouse buttons for kailh reds which have no double click issues and feel super crisp, shape is just perfect for me and the battery still lasts 64 hours full charge.
    I keep a viper ultimate on my desk as well to switch to every now and then when I want to shake things up or when I want to give my gpro a quick charge, shape isn't as nice and the mouse clicks feel really mushy by comparison, plus this mouse forced me to swap out my mp510 for the g640 as tracking was super jittery otherwise, still a great mouse though.
    MM710 is my backup wired mouse of choice, shape is great, like the gpro wireless it's got a really nice hump which suits my palm claw hybrid, cable is one of the best I've tried and the weight is honestly just the cherry on top.
    Great video as always

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