Top 10 Best HTC Vive VR Games | PC virtual reality games

Top 10 Best HTC Vive VR Games | PC virtual reality games

These games are ranked by PlayScore.
A standard rating that averages GAMER and
CRITIC reviews.
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Opening our list of the Top 10 HTC Vive Games
is Project CARS 2
VR may be at a standstill right now but the
HTC Vive is still trying new ways to reinvigorate
the virtual reality scene.
Opening this list would be Codemaster’s
realistic racer.
As mentioned, it contains the trifecta of
the genre.
It’s realistic, authentic and beautiful.
The sequel to the gorgeous-looking original,
get ready to put the pedal to the metal with
graphics so gorgeous and physics so accurate.
Note that its driving tends to be pretty stiff
due to its highly accurate car-handling.
For a game tested with real-life race car
drivers, it’s crafted to perfection.
Experience VR racing like never before with
a dynamic day and night cycle with weather
effects popping out every few minutes.
It looks really beautiful on VR.
The game has over 180 cars, 35 elite brands,
fully licensed and fully approved.
It also offers the largest track roster on
consoles, totalling to up to 20 fully scanned
tracks and 60 venues for a more varied racing
It receives a PlayScore of 7.73
Sublevel Zero Redux
Filled with tight spaces and flashy neon lights,
this roguelite shooter is almost pixel perfect.
Strap your VR gear and engage in a procedurally
generated world where reality is falling apart.
Take control of your gunship in zero-g fashion.
Use its six degrees of freedom to carefully
move around its world.
Loot advanced weapons and take down hostile
threats filling down your screen.
With HTC’s gear, feel Sublevel Zero Redux’s
restructured campaign and balanced gameplay
design in full form.
It has an immersive cockpit view and weaponry
exclusive only for the VR.
For experienced users who like Descent, this
feels like a breeze.
But it’s randomly generated possibilities
make it difficult during higher levels due
to its perma-death system.
Craft materials to power up your gunship and
collect blueprints to create the perfect weapon.
It is highly recommended to play the game
on VR otherwise you’d lose the game’s
reality-warping touch.
It receives a PlayScore of 7.75
Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Just in time for their newly released Netflix
show which garnered critical praise, this
VR game takes you to the final frontier.
Although it’s loosely related to the new
TV show, this game is set in an alternate
reality between 2009’s Star Trek.
Lead the U.S.S.
Aegis in a quest to find a new homeworld for
the Vulcans after their planet’s destruction.
As a captain, command your crew to maneuver
different parts of the ship.
For multiplayer, each of your friends get
to take control one machine at a time.
Order them to repair your engines, or maybe
let them shoot using your cannons.
Communicate with your friends and they will
help accompany you through thick and thin.
However, if you want the single player experience,
you have to do things on your own.
It’s a chore, but it does pay off in the
Unfortunately, as successful the franchise
is, the game has its fair share of negative
reviews due to its obvious cash-grab and Ubisoft’s
suspicious game designs.
Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile VR experience…
especially for the HTC Vive.
It receives a PlayScore of 7.76
If No Man’s Sky was perfected on launch
day, then Everspace wouldn’t be a thing.
This roguelike space-exploration game from
ROCKFISH takes you to a vast procedurally
generated cosmos with a fascinating story
and well-developed characters with full voice-acting.
Similar to most exploration games, players
fight, craft, explore and survive in the enveloping
cosmic dark.
Go on a challenging journey while scavenging
blueprints, meeting new and interesting characters
and maybe, just maybe, find something unexpected.
But space isn’t always easy.
Encounter hostile threats and take them down
with your powerful metallic baby.
Choose from its three distinct ship types
and blast off to the great beyond.
Its insane dogfights dazzle when you’re
on VR.
Nominated for Best Design, Graphics and Indie
Game by the German Developer Awards, it’s
definitely gonna take your breath away with
its gorgeous sights.
Despite its ambitious take-off to space, it
has its fair share of flaws.
It’s strictly a single-player experience,
which makes it a bummer.
But the good thing is, it’s all yours.
It receives a PlayScore of 8.12
Redout: Enhanced Edition
This vertigo-inducing game is inspired by
notable vertigo-inducing legends like WipeOut
and F-Zero.
Strap in your seat belts and prepare for a
high-speed ride across the game’s rich variety
of neon-covered tracks, cars and power-ups.
Experience an arcade racer like never before.
Set in the near future where where humanity
has advanced in technology and interstellar
travel, beat your friends in competitive multiplayer
or simply progress through the game’s extensive
career mode that spans with over 100 levels
and realistic handling.
Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, feel every
light particle in every direction.
It’s as uncompromising, fast, tough and
satisfying like its inspirations.
Experience the Enhanced edition By donning
your HTC Vive, feel the rush it’s hyperkinetic
blaze coming at you every second.
Step into its online multiplayer and race
against 12 people from around the world, or
make your own adventure in its career mode.
It’s one of VR’s fastest racing games
to date and it kind of reminds us of Star
Wars’ Pod-Racing.
It receives a PlayScore of 8.14
Arizona Sunshine
A culmination of two great achievements in
the world of virtual reality.
Arizona Sunshine brings out the best in in-your-face-horror
and satisfying first-person shooting.
Move in to the sunnier side of the Arizona
deserts, and prepare to meet your lovely,
decaying neighbours.
Jump into their story mode where you wake
up in the middle of the deserts to search
for the source of the hopeful distress signal.
With their movement-based weapon tracking
system, mowing down zombies is as satisfying
as ever.
Fend off the rotting appendages with your
arsenal of over 25 different weapons, and
show those ghoulish monsters who’s boss.
Enjoy the blistering heat of the sun-soaked
world and scavenge around for useful items
to aid in your escape from the looming apocalypse.
If the southwestern environments become too
lonely, you’re also welcome to bring along
a few of your friends to some multiplayer,
zombie-killing delights.
With its realistic weapon controls and unprecedented
graphics, it receives a PlayScore of 8.14.
As a relatively young genre, many VR developers
take to experimentation to bring its thriving
audiences a taste of something new–whether
in highly replayable minigames, or in short,
but thoughtfully engaging releases.
Form is an example of the latter.
While it only has an hour of content, it offers
a masterclass in polish and execution as it
takes you on a surreal science fiction experience.
Step into the shoes of Dr. Devin Eli, working
alone in the isolating silence of an Alaskan
Research Facility.
With his supernatural powers of geometric
visualization, traverse the psychedelic realm
of the mysterious Obelisk and solve the puzzles
to unlock its many secrets.
Free of the burden of deaths and time constraints,
FORM lets you meander around their strange
world at your own pace.
Dig into every corner, scavenge for clues,
and embrace their absorbing atmospheres.
With talent and creativity invested into each
minute of the game, FORM is easily worth the
It has a PlayScore of 8.22.
The Lab
From one of the most respected studios in
videogame history, Valve puts on the whimsical
Top Hat to play the Willy Wonka to their science
fiction Chocolate Factory.
Trying their hand at virtual reality, they
open the doors to the legendary Aperture Science
laboratory, filled not by tortured test subjects
and world-dominating AIs, but with the friendlier
wonders of interactive minigames.
Unsurprisingly one of the first VR titles
to take the world by storm, travel from pocket
universe to pocket universe as you discover
each of their eight vastly different games
that range from the epic to the bizarre.
Take care of a bionic canine, repair robots,
explore human anatomies, defend castles with
archery, become a Xortex ace, unlock secret
rooms, and so much more.
All the fun and merriment of virtual reality,
for absolutely free.
It’s a satisfying sampler that aims to demonstrate
the power of the platform.
In this world, pretty much everything is a
lie–but it’s all the better for it.
It has PlayScore of 8.49.
Atmosphere is what makes a VR game, and Drool’s
rhythm game definitely has that.
Much like the wondrous sights of Rez Infinite,
this unique take on the genre also takes you
on a ride through a dangerous and eerily peaceful
A mix of violence and music, guide a lowly
space beetle through a kaleidoscope world
of towering monsters and neon-colored space
Released on other platforms, Thumper can be
played without virtual reality, but it’s one
of the games that seems to really benefit
from the treatment.
Immerse yourself in the sensory experience
as you dive into a colorful world filled with
the harmonies of heart-thumping beats, and
breathtaking tranquility.
And, at the end of every gruelling stage,
use your perfectly timed beats to send ripples
through their highways and into the hearts
of their terrifying villains.
Thumper manages to turn something simple,
into something of a spectacle.
Which is probably why it received almost universal
acclaim among critics and game reviewers.
It receives a PlayScore of 8.54.
And the best game on the HTC Vive is Keep
Talking and Nobody Explodes
Virtual reality specializes in bringing us
to the world of the imaginary, where damage
and death are nothing but a digital tick.
On the other hand, that doesnt stop the adrenaline
from pumping in this explosive little party
game from Steel Crate Games.
When the timer starts, begin to feel the rush
of blood, the dripping sweat, and the onset
of panic as you struggle to defuse a ticking
time bomb.
And, all this game really asks is, “how good
are you at following instructions?”
Get yourself a team of “experts” with access
to a helpful manual, and let them guide you
through the bomb’s intricate set of puzzles.
The only twist is, you can’t see the manual,
and they can’t see the bomb.
With a randomized selection every time, the
fun begins as each of you rely on your skills
of language, memory, and coordination to deal
with the combustible trial.
What kind of wires need to be cut?
What curious-looking symbol should you press?
And…what the hell is this supposed to be?
Frantic, fun, and utterly addicting.
It has a PlayScore of 8.67.

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  1. Project Cars 2 is not developed by codemaster but SMS. And it's VR implement, same as Project Car is 'just there' and not really optimized. If you want a driving sim with good VR go with Assetto Corsa, Race Room Racing. Even rFactor with it's VR in beta runs better then PC2.

  2. Ever heard of "Sairento", "Gorn", "Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades", "Pavlov", "Onward" by any chance ?
    Sairento has 530 reviews, 94% positive.
    Oh and since you include sitting games well then where are Elite Dangerous and Assetto Corsa ?

  3. My favorite ones are Onward, VTOL, Ironwolf, Star trek Bridge crew, Bigscreen and Payday 2. Payday VR 2 is the most fun game I played of all my life.

  4. Just played it today.. And it was a hella boxing. Big opponent so fun! Don't play too much with it, after I played, I feel like I've drink too much alcohol. Wew!

  5. A great game that I feel should be included here would be SuperHot VR, it has hours of challenges and fun and is highly replayable

  6. vive games look basic and sucks compared to psvr, vive use pc, they should create more powerful games like syrim, witcher, not a typical shooting game same to mobile vr, RE7 on psvr is a good example.

  7. This is the worst list I’ve ever seen😂😂💀where is super hot, onward, rick and Morty vr, vr chat, office simulator and all the other games people ACTUALLY PLAY.

  8. you had me 'till #2 Thumper..a metal beetle on rails set to random music i don't like, 3rd person view not VR immersive, skipped so many games. why not even Serious Sam VR betas?

  9. ok this list is just fucked.

    my top 5 favourite htc vive games:
    1) Gorn
    2) beat saber
    3) superhot
    4) fallout 4 vr
    5) skyrim vr

  10. That last one sounds like it involving teamwork and intelligence to disarm a bomb. That should be great for anyone that like to join in a bomb squad.

  11. Gorn, Pavlov, SuperHot, Skyrim, Job Simulator, VRChat, SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics, GTA V (Mod), Minecraft (Mod), Beat Saber. In 15 minutes of research in the comments and searching for games in google, I made a better list.

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