Top 10 BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – December 2019 – PC, Switch, Xbox

Top 10 BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – December 2019 – PC, Switch, Xbox

With hundreds of games coming out it month
it’s hard to separate the asset swaps from the real indie game bangers. Welcome to get indie gaming and in this video,
we show off 10 indie games, our hidden gems for December 2019, you might have missed the
first time around. At number 10 and while recently featured in
one our mainstream videos, we want to give Valfaris another chance to shine. Developed by the team who made Slain, back
from Hell, Valfaris is a side scrolling shooter where you assume the role of a warrior lord
hell bent on eradicating the plague of monsters and nasties who have set upon his ancestors
once devine kingdom. While there have been a number of games such
as this out this year such as Blazing chrome none have quite matached Valfaris in terms
of the overall looks and how darn well it plays. It’s all so very fluid particularly the
boss and mini boss battles and when coupled with the huge array of weaponry at your disposal
which can be levelled up , This is everything I’ve always wanted to see in a modern nostalgic
side scroller. It’s an unmissable experience for anyone
who grew up with these games on heavy rotation in the arcades and earlier consoles. Valfaris launched this past October and can
be found on Steam and all the standard consokles. At number 9 and from the end of July earlier
this year, 1000 days to escape sees you given the responsibility and any means necessary
to arrange for the rescue of as many humans from earth as possible as the planet is due
to run out of oxygen in as the title suggests, around 1000 days. Despite the heavy nature of the topic, this
one’s essentially a reasonably light hearted space simulation and discovery game. One of the things I really like is how little
it tells you what you need to do – it’s all very hands off which means to get the
most out of it you need to experiment and play things at first a tad fast and loose. All in 1000 days to escape is perhaps not
something you will return to perhaps too often although the allure of trying to save humanity
does make it an initially enthralling little game to while away over the course of an evening. At number 8 and as they saying goes Stone
Story will be proper marmite with I suspect people either loving or hating it for various
reasons with the art style being particularly polarising. Stone story is a really an RPG mixed with
an autor unner where you are not given full control the character. What you can do however is shape how the character
is put together and in doing so, optimise its build and load out to create what’s
essentially a set of rules or AI to get you from point a to be while seeing away the various
enemies and bosses in your way. Stone Story came out in early access in August
with the usual statements of the full game being bigger and better with more levels,
an expanded quest system more bosses and generally more of everything. At number 7 and one of the games I’ve had
most fun with on Apple Arcade is similar to our number. While hardly revolutionary, Bleak Sword with
it being a retro-looking classical hack and slash brawler, what it does offer is a brutal
mix of action with the most challenging and fun boss battles I’ve ever played on a mobile
platform. Sure it doesn’t look overly pretty and yet
that doesn’t matter. The nine levels where you can build your character’s
abilities as you progress all feel measured with a fine difficulty progression from start
to finish. The controls are so simple – you attack, dodge
and use your shield by way of swiping or tapping the screen. To dodge you swipe in the direction you want
to go. A short tap on the screen enables you to parry
attacks and a longer hold while then swiping towards an enemy means you’ll attack in
that direction. I’m not going to say what this game reminds
me of although to get good at it you have to be able to recognise the enemies attack
styles and intervene accordingly oh and you will die an awful, awful lot. For a game designed for mobiles. This is top draw stuff. Up now at number 6, The Gardens Between from
September of 2018 is genre mash up of a time-traveling puzzle game that spins a single simple idea
into a glorious four hours of playtime While the control mechanism has you influence
each of the characters actions, you are not responsible for their actual movement. This sees you take a back seat in the proceedings
where you guide them by moving time backwards and forwards. By doing so, the characters use their abilities
to interact with the beautifully rendered environment. One is able to operate switches to manipulate
the aspects of the game to aid in the puzzle solving progression. The other carries the lamp containing the
orb of light you must deliver to the peak of each level to move on to the next. The majority of the puzzles are simple enough
where you observe the cause and effect of items moving during the passing of time. That being said, some do require a certain
amount of lateral thinking and a little thought. While wordless, the narrative design is also
a real winner with easily relatable characters and themes that left me honestly wanting a
lot lot more. Up next at number 5 Plunge came out back in
august of this year with it seeing you as the one billionth prisoner of an isometricly
designed prison full of traps, monsters and other convicts. The only way to escape is to descend further
into the prison randomised level by levels, of which there are around 400 of them. It’s a simple premise and yet this turn
based strategy roguelite with its beautifully put together art and animation feels wickedly
over looked. It’s one of the easiest rogelites to get
into I’ve seen all year and once you pick it up it’s one of those time oddly pleasant
time sinks you often hear about. There’s puzzle elements here too with you
needing to navigate the level which sees you slip and side your way turn by turn until
you strike an object or wall. The game does a great job of signposting potential
dangers while also giving you clear indications of your health levels, those of the enemies
around you and also imminent dangers such as highlighting sections that say ranged weapons
could strike. While plunge is available on iOS and Steam,
I spent all of my time playing this on the Switch and it feels designed for both long
and quick play sessions at home or for me, on my commute into the office. Up next from the end of October and out on
Steam, Brume is in the words of the developers and I completely agree, it’s inspired by
Dark Souls, the stories of Tolkien and Irish Castels. I can’t say I’m too well versed in that
latter character although I can hold my own in most discussions on those first two references. The format is clearly recognisable with you
going about a place full of forests, swamps and such and along the way you find plenty
of nasty enemies and critters that are quite happy to send you off to the ever after. When you die you come back into the game at
the last camp you visited before setting off once more. Brume is refreshingly sparse. There’s limited lore and no real gimmicks
or things to bog you down in what really is a fighting based exploration type of game
that puts me in mind of the recent Ashen and some such games from a generation or two ago. It is a hard little so and so at times which
can and will put people off it although within a genre that over the years has given us plenty
of beefed up such games, the simplistic nature feels so pleasingly paired back to the basics
which makes it really is so very refreshing. Onwards into the number three, and out in
late may of this year, smile for me is an unconventional point and click adventure that
comes in the unusual guise for this genre of being in the first person. You interact with the other characters by
shaking and nodding your head and while we were at first drawn to smile for me for the
art work that exudes class and style, it’s the overall writing and characterisations
that really make it stand out. While much of the game is spent on bring and
fetch quests, each of these offers a clever and witty little tale with added puzzle and
brief horror moments. The use of a fortune tellor to guide you along
in certain areas will be most welcome to some and while it’s a relatively short affair
and can be completed in single playthrough, smile for me will probably stick with you
long after it done. At number 2 and out late October onto Home
PC we have Mo Astray –You play as Mo with you essentially being a rather creepy version
of Kirby and Yoshi in terms of the gameplay offered here. On looks alone I expected this to be a metriodvania
and yet nope, the game is a old fashioned platformer that doesn’t have you going back
over and over the same areas. That said, as you progress you do unlock new
abilities although having done so, these new skills enable you again move forwards with
the levels adjusting themselves accordingly. Again, there’s no need to back track with
this one. Now this is quite macabre and gory with the
pixel art at work being as good in places as the more recent Blasphemous and like that
one too, Mo Astray feels a touch bloated in the story elements with it going just too
far into twiddledome for my personal tastes. Aside from the little gripe, the control system
is first class and the core platforming sections feel meaty enough to keep players busy and
happy with Mo Astray for a long, long time. Up now and at number 1 and a game that’s
only just out this late November and one that’s stolen our heart in the last week or so we
have bug fables, the ever lasting sapling. The game follows the RPG adventures of three
creatures within Bugaria on their quest to find the ever lasting sapling, a treasure
that’s said to grant immortality to those who have it. As other’s will have already said I’m
sure, Bug Fables really does look as if it is trying to emulate and build upon Paper
Mario the thousand year door from oh I guess nearly 20 years ago and you know what, it
gets so very close to pulling off something quite remarkable. All of the Paper Mario aspects seem to be
here from the flat 2d models with black backgrounds to them walking around and doing their tasks
all within a stunningly put together 3D background. The combat is also straight out of the paper
Mario playbook with the button presses and timing fighting scenarios being expertly curated
and with extra little differences, this fighting is not a like for like copy. Bug fables is one of those games that’s
not a clone of the game it’s imitating. It’s more like a tribute that while poking
you from the get go with its reminiscence of one particular game but also the platforms
from a good few generations ago, it feels plays and tells a story that is fresh and
one we enjoyed tremoundously. Bug Fables is out now via steam, PS4 and the
Nintendo switch. So then, what are you planning on playing
on playing in the run up to the new year, leave us a comment and let us know what you
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