Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

Welcome to get indie gaming and to the third
part of our most wanted indie games expected out in 2020. If your best of the bunch isn’t
featured, we’re doing a video in this series each Wednesday until the New Year, so let
us know down in the comments. Let’s begin with this rundown with Raji:
An Ancient Epic which is due out next year has had a checkered development history with
a failed kickstarter campaign in 2017 before being picked up by the publisher Super in
the early part of this year. Raji is a classic tale of revenge, rescue and adventure wrapped
within Indian mythology all played out in what looks to be a glorious isometric setting.
You naturally enough play as Raji chosen by the gods to deliver human kind from a demonic
invasion while also rescuing your younger brother in the process. I’ve had a few hands on with Raji over the
past year and one of the criticisms I have of the coverage and available footage of the
game shown out so far is that it doesn’t overly do a great job of showing fluid and
satisfying the overall combat elements can be. Watching others play the demo particular
at EGX Rezzed earlier in the year where it was demoed in the id at xbox section of the
show was also a joy – there’s something with Raji that when you play, well it really
does click – I’m sure this is all down to the stunning mix of the enchanting visuals,
the comabat as we’ve already touched aupn but also how responsive Raji feels as she
runs, jumps, dives and dashes. Raji An Ancient Epic is expected out on home
PC, the PS4 and the Xbox One next year within a q2 timeframe At number 9, and one that had a steady stream
of impressed looking people playing it at Gamescom back in late August, Necrobarista
looks equally inspired by film and anime and is likely to deliver a new and unique take
on the visual noveel medium. All of this takes place within a café in
Melbourne Australia where the dead can spend one last evening whiling away their time by
mingling alongside the still living. Likemost of the games in this video, I’ve
played the demo – this feels more than a visual novel given the focus and use of its
animation and cinematography that in my short time with it, had me calling Necro barista
part game part luscious cinematic adventure. At number 8 Hundred Days is the one of two
management simulation based game to feature in this video countdown. I had noticed this earlier in the year although
having spent time talking with the developer and playing the demo in late October I’m
pretty smitten by it all. Now I know almost nothing about wine or how
it’s made although I do grasp it’s not exactly something that’s overly accessible
to me and I imagine 99.9 percent of viewers of this channel.
Like many simulation games, the goal is to make your vineyard profitable while taking
care of the numerous processes in getting wine into bottles while also managing the
vines all in keeping with weather cycles, seasonal changes and their overall health. There’s clearly an aim here with 100 days
to demystify much of the overall winemaking processes and to give access and opportunity
albeit in a virtual way to something very few of us will ever be able to do outside
the confines of the home. While I’ve yet to see past a 15 minute demo, I’ve already
a soft spot for one hundred days which made it a dead cert for inclusion in this countdown. Coming up at number 7, unto the end is another
one I played back in October at EGX in London. While this would be easy to do, don’t take
or think of Unto the End as another generic side scrolling hack and slash brawler.
I get the feeling it’s much more subtle and nuanced than people might give it credit
for and the demo really does bring this out to the front and centre.
You play as a father looking for his family in a brutally hospitable landscape that does
it’s best from the outset to give you a firm kick as and when it can . To reiterate Unto the End has more depth than
most like it, I understand from the demo you are at times able to decide which enemies
to fight or those you might simply avoid or pass them by without needing to cross swords. This happened early on in the game where a
quick prompt from the gentleman looking after the booth had me put away my sword and in
return rather than being quickly dispatched as I later saw happen to another player, the
character offered a gift and leave the area unscathed. As for the combat when you do fight, you need
to watch what the enemy is doing and I found my attacks were often countered which reminded
me of how it plays in this aspect to one of the biggest games of this past year. Unto the End looks and plays highly promising
and is expected to come out next year onto home PC and all the usual consoles. Up now at number 6 we have Nuts and something
I can really only describe as being a narrative adventure surveillance game where you head
into the forest and keep tabs on the movements of some of the native squirrels. It’s up
to you to record them on camera, figure out where they go, what they do and later on,
understand why they are acting so very strangely. Now I know what you’re thinking although
trust me, it’s really enjoyable and way more fun hands on than I initially had given
it credit for. Once you’ve set up your cameras and other gear which your able to upgrade
by passing tasks and various missions, it’s then up to you to analyse the footage to find
out what’s really going on. This seems a fun and delightfully silly puzzler and should
be out for home PCs at a date next year that’s to be confirmed. The other end, our number 5 in this most wanted
of 2020 countdown is a mobile puzzle game that would feel equally at home at some point
on Nintendo’s Switch. Based on children’s story and colouring books, risograph prints
and screen printing methods, just looking at the trailer has me feeling all warm and
cosy. The story will have you following a group
of ghosts who are looking to discover who they where and why they are still hanging
around in what’s described as a family friendly puzzler with a tale of grief, loss and acceptance
as you help the spirts reach over to the other side. At number 4 Scroungebringer comes from the
developers behind NeuroVoider with it offering a rapid paced free moving rogue lite with
platforming elements in what the team behind it are calling a cross between dead cells
and celeste. Well if that’s the case fans of the channel
will know I’m going to be all in on this one right from the get go. Unlike many in
this countdown series, I’ve yet to get hands on with it and yet from the available footage
the gameplay with the shooting and slashing together with the platforming look super graceful
and almost fluid like in its movement. These type of games are made and broken for
me at least with the tightness of the combat and in particular how the boss battles play
out and from what I’ve seen, I’m reasonably confident this one will scratch the itch I
have for this particular genre. With the audio coming from the same person responsible for
the sounds of Downwell, Nuclear Throne and Bro Force, this will be a day one buy when
it comes out next year on home pc and also to consoles with their platforms yet to be
confirmed. At number three, Dead Static Drive has over
the years been compared to something like a grand theft cathulu and sees you taking
a road trip in a desolate US a month or so before an impending apocalypse. You’re more
likely to meet Eldridge nasties than people and as you’ve already guessed it, you’re
going to need to scavenge supplies if you’re going to survice and if you’re lucky, you
might just put a stop to the end of the world. I played the demo back in the summer and totally
loved everything about it. There’s an understated elegance at play here which covers the illustrations,
the audio and the gameplay which had me grinning from ear to ear as I went about looking for
things to find and nasties to kill while driving a hot rod racer from arguably another era. Dead Static Drive is here in this list as
a hunch it will launch next year. The developer has been cagey on time frames although it
will be coming to home pc and at least one console. Fingers crossed it is out in 2020
as if the final game is as enjoyable as the demo, this could be one of the most handsomely
received indie games out all year. At number 2 and something that caught my eye
at The Dutch Game Garden event again from earlier in the summer, The falconer is an
RPG fantasy set within an open world where you control a devastatingly armed areal mount
as you take on and do battle with other falconeers, lumbering airships and many other animals
both great and small. With this being essentially and airbone game,
the dog fighting looks pretty darn solid and while I didn’t get a chance to play it when
I first spotted this, the recently launched trailer does a decent job of showing how everything
comes together particularly in showing how agile these birds appear which should have
you pulling off some incredible feats of flight As for aspects of the RPG, well you’ll begin
at the bottom of the pile so to speak and work your way up the ranks. As you do you
will upgrade your bird with new armour and weapons with there also being quests and other
traditional RPG goings on to keep you busy. At number 1, buildings have feelings too is
a city management game where the buildings are able to walk around the place and talk
to each other. They also have their own hopes, dreams and fears. Starting in the Victorian
era and going as far as modern day, with you needing to bring life to and provide for the
needs of the city by way of you encouraging the buildings to grow and adapt as life changes
around them. When I say adapt, well that’s all down to
you forcing your will onto the sentient buildings which when bundled with other instances where
you need to destroy a building that’s no longer fit for purpose or moving it from a
nice part of town to somewhere less salubrious has an overall touch of the melancholy. Buildings have feelings too looks a charming
dose of the very different and should be out on Steam in 2020 for home PCs and all of the
common consoles of this generation. So which of these are you most excited to
play? Drop me a note down in the comments and if you’ve liked the video, please give
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