Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

With 2020 is just around the corner with it
looking ready to be another bumper year for new indie game releases. Welcome to get indie gaming and part 4 of
our series of the indie games we’re most looking forward to seeing out next year. Up first and coming in at number 10, Death
Trash is looking set to enter Early Access early in the New Year. Already a little over 4 years in development
from a single developer, Death Trash is primarily a single player ARPG within a semi open world
that will also come with option split screen local co-op. This co-op option will see a second player
being able to drop in and out of the action where NPC interaction is separated out and
movement on the map is shared. The levels are all hand crafted and will feature
ranged and melee combat, stealth sections and multiple branching dialogue choices. As for the art style well as you can see there’s
cyberpunk all mixed with a certain amount of horror and the grotesque which should make
for one almighty gritty journey. Death trash is expected to remain in Early
Access for around a year with the time being spent fine tuning games interconnected systems
and adding more content gradually over time. Next up at number at number 9 we have one
of the standout highlights of the E3 conference from this past June. Described as an interactive narrative thriller
featuring a man that’s stuck within a 12 minute time loop. The principle here is simple enough with you
going home to your apartment one evening to find your wife celebrating some unexpected
news. Theses celebrations don’t last long however
as not before as you soon answer your door to a police officer and for whatever reasons
soon to be understood, you get killed with the game restarting at the point where you
opened the door. It’s then up to you to play out this loop
to uncover the events and story as to what’s this all about Stanley Kubrick is cited by the developer
as one of the big influences in the overall cinematic look and feel and it clearly shows. Few games other than Braid or the Sexy Brutale
have gotten the time loop design concept right over the past few years although given the
buzz and hype this generated at E3, this might just be one to add to the list of time loops
done well. 12 minutes should be out in 2020 on home PC
and the Xbox One. Next up, and at number 8, if you like getting
to grips with strategy city building games then Industries of Titan is looking to be
one of the most promising such games out in the whole of next year. You begin as new settlers on Saturn’s moon
with just a few meagure buildings and like all city builders, the aim is to grow your
settlement into a huge metropolis. As you do so you’ll need to build and create
factories to turn the moon’s natural resources into the materials needed for ever more powerful
devices and building structures. There’s combat too with you needed to create
tactical battleships which also seeing off any potential enemies by political influence
or via the sheer productive power of our workers and factories. We love a good old city builder as much as
we know many of you viewers do so this will be a day one buy when it hits home PCs at
some point in 2020 Our number 7 is out in late January and like
another game we featured in part three of this series, you can find a link in the video
description and a card onscreen now, has a coffee shop as one of the main areas of the
game. In Coffee talk expected on home pcs, you play
as a barista in an alternate Seattle where fantasy creatures such as elves, orcs, dwarfs
and many others all live alongside humans in what seems a slightly troubled co-existence. You’ll listen to your customers problems
and help them out by way of serving them warm drinks while offering a kindly ear for their
thoughts. We’ve recently had hands on time with coffee
talk with a demo that runs for 10 to 15 minutes. It plays and feels all very much low key and
relaxing with chilled beats and beautifully pulled together pixel art animaitons. One of the characters you meet in the demo,
an aspiring writer called Freya is the high point and should others look and sound as
great at this, then graphically Coffee Talk could be onto wonderful things. As for the game, well it’s really a visual
novel with sections where you makes customers drinks according to their individual tastes
and given your stores inventory, there’s plenty for your creative side to go and play
with. At number 6. Minekos Night Market will have you play as
Mineko, a girl having arrived at her new home on a superstitious Japanese inspired island
where the locals worship the Abe the Sun Cat. It’ll be up to you to discover the island’s
secrets while getting to know and befriend the 80 + islanders at the weekly night market
where you’re able to sell items you’ve crafted from the islands resources while also
being able to buy goods created by the locals. While open ended, there’s around 20 or so
hours of story driven content which sees you setting off on quests, completing various
jobs and more. Expected on home PC and the Switch, Minekos
Night market looks to celebrate Japanese culture within a narrative story of tradition, friendship
and many, many cats. Up now and at number 5 with it coming out
in 2020 via Steam, Backbone looks to take inspiration from film noir and will deliver
a detective based adventure within a dark dystopian environment modeled on some of the
real streets and vistas of Vancouver. Backbone seems to be a new and different take
on the tried and tested point and click formular. It features extended and branching character
dialogue interactions like those in classic CRPGs and will also feature sections of stealth
and exploration. Back Bone also happens to look magnificent
with the pixel art having undergone several iterations over the years with each animation
being handcrafted frame by frame. Couple all this with high definition 3d effects
such as dynamic lighting, water and fog effects and also a original jazz soundtrack, Back
Bone with its smart self assured lead of Howard Lotor is one we’re super keen to keep an
eye on in the final stages of its development. If you fancy it too, there’s a link to a
free demo you can play today down in the description. At number 4 in Dreamscaper that’s coming
next year to Home PC, you play as a young woman called Cassidy in an action RPG where
you’re dealing with depression and other aspects of a troubled young life. One way in which Cassidy copes is to battle
monsters in her dreams which are depictions of negative emotions and thoughts. By defeating these creates in her sleep, her
days are made that little bit better. The day time night time cycles are an interesting
concept. By day you interact with NPCs and explore
the town of Red Have, this is all story driven with your experiences becoming part of your
dreams. At night, the game features procedurally generated
levels which end in a boss battle – if you’re successful you wake having unlocked new areas
or dreams to explore the next time you fall asleep. If you fail, then when you awake from your
dream you need to start over from the beginning of the dream sequences so yep, this ones has
roguelike elements to it sitting alongside the story elements. This feels fresh and yet a bold take on a
genre with a hardcore fan base and it’s going to live and die by how it merges these
themes together. So far though, from what we’ve seen from
the demo you can play via Steam, this could be one of the best surprises of the whole
of next year. At number three, Spiritfarer has you play
as Stella, a ferry master or Spirit farer for the recently deceased in what’s a cosy
looking adventure driven simulation game. At first you’ll be tasked with building
a boat and once done, you will be free to go about the place and pick up spirits before
guiding them across mythical seas before releasing them into the after life. While you do so, you’re able to fish, harvest,
cook and upgade your boat while in the company of your spirit passengers and their tales
and memories . Stella can be joined in the action by Daffodil
the cat which means co-op play and another thread to this one rather delightfully looking
bow. With around 30 or so hours of story missions
and hundreds more should you look to complete everything there is to offer, this like coffee
talk from earlier should deliver a memorable cast of characters all within a gentle and
ultimately heart warming overall tale about dying and saying goodbuy. Spirit farer will be avlaiable by way of Steam
and all of this generations usual consoles. In the runner’s up slot for we have Haven
which sees you play as two lovers having escaped to a lost planet to find somewhere to settle
down and stay together. Haven all boils down to what the team call
an accessible RPG all within a story rich adventure that’s been designed to have you
fall in love with the charcaters as you take and lead them though the challenges of everyday
life. As for the inspirations at play here, well
the game’s creative director has called haven a love child of journey meets persona
which is certainly recognizable having seen footage of a recent demo from Gamescom earlier
in the year and given the footage on screen now. What feels new in haven is the perspective
of you playing two people within an established relationship which isn’t usually the case
so we can expect the characters to interact together in a way that’s past the early
stages where people are really just getting to know each other. How this is fully implemented is along side
the draw of the graphics, the audio and innovative combat system is why we’re so keen to see
this when it’s out in 2020 on home PC, PS4 and the ninetndo switch. Of all of the games in this 6 part best of
games expected out in 2020, Last Night is the most risky one from a launch perspective
of the lot. First announced back in 2017, this visual
tour de force was originally due out the following year on Home PC and the Xbox One. However, in late 2018 creator Tim Soret took
to Twitter to say the game had run into legal and funding issues and with more news since
then, this one might be in gaming limbo. With heavy inspiration from Balde runner and
such games as Flashback and Another World both of these from the early 90’s, to us
like we suspect many of you, it would be a real shame if this cinematic looking action
platformer didn’t make it out into the market next year or any others that follow. If like us you want to see more of last night,
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loop on this one and all of the best looking and playing indie games as they come out to
market. So that just about wraps things up for this
episode of our most wanted games coming out in 2020. With two more episodes due in this series,
be sure to let us know which games you are most looking forward to down in the comments. Many thanks for watching and we look forward
to seeing you all here again soon for more indie game coverage.

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  1. Welcome to the 4th part of 6 videos where we take a look at some of the indie games said to come out in 2020 we can't wait to play. See anything you like? Let us know down in the comments. Oh and you're all subs to the cannel? Right? 🙂

  2. what an exciting year, and what a marvelous time for indie games in general. all of these look amazing to be honest.

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  4. Thoroughly enjoying this series!💜
    -Coffee Talk looks right up my alley ~ the pixel art is gorgeous (as it is for many on this list!), the drinks you can serve look precious, and the loving tribute paid to the importance of the café really resonates with me.
    Cafes have long been an important "3rd space" in my life, from which I draw energies of warmth, stability, inspiration, and renewed hope.
    The virtual equivalent looks just as magical!
    -Dreamscaper looks something special…
    While I feel an initial prejudice towards games that wear their gimmick on their titular sleeve, (and am always weary of rouge-like elements – favoring fixed linear design in their stead every time), this exudes much heart…
    The "real-life" setting where one can forge interpersonal bonds and spend time at the diner (3rd space 🙌) in order to be better equipped when facing her demons feels spot on…
    -Mineko's, Backbone, Spiritfarer, and Last Night are all just ridiculously gorgeous!
    Part of me really can't believe games look this good…
    -Haven elicits pain whenever I see it…
    Having played through Journey with my ex before we parted, I just imagine us playing this game whenever I see its trailer (and subsequently wonder if she'll be playing it with her current partner…)
    It looks wonderful, and I'm so glad to see such heart in indies such as this.

  5. Of course, we are most looking forward to our own game, Help! I am REALLY horny! which just got a new trailer on Steam. But we are also excited to see more of Haven!

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    Urtuk the desolation, Raji, BloodRoots
    , Fae tactics.

  13. A little bit too much storydriven, low pace games for my taste. I would love if these videos would mix the tempo more so there are a little bit for everyone in there, I'm not playong games for story, i play for good gameplay.

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  18. Just FYI, Industries of Titan has confirmed to have taken an Epic exclusivity bribe and will not be launching on Steam, as the lower third suggests.

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