Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

2020 is almost here and as the final year
of this generation, we’re expecting great things. Welcome to get indie gaming and to the final
part of our series showing off some of the indie games we most want to see more from
next year. See anything you like, be sure to let us know
your top choices down in the comments. Lets begin at number 10, Eastward comes from
a small indie studio based out of Shanghai. Eastward sees you play concurrently as an
elderly gent called john and a girl, Sam. You can switch between the two and so by doing
so, use their individual skills and abilities to solves puzzles and defeat enemies. From the info we’ve seen so far and a short
15 or so minute demo, Eastward looks similar to a Zelda type of thing with it having some
of the most impressive pixel art within this genre for many year – saying how gorgeous
it all looks just about does it justice. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds
and objects feel and look spectacularly vibrant with and while this game is set within a post
end of days environment, the design ideals the developer has worked towards was to emphasise
a warming and not altogether too downtrodden aesthetic. We’re really intrigued to see how this all
comes together with Eastward looking likely to come out at a time to be advised next year
across home pcs and the Nintendo Switch which it looks and feels a perfect match. At number 9, Pardise Killer which is a free
form open world first person exploration game. You investigate the mass murder of an island’s
ruling council by assembling the evidence in any order you wish. You’re free to play this how you desire
with no rails and minimal handholding. You choose who to speak with and how to interrogate
the islanders with the aim of finding the truth which you shape and craft as you play. Paradise killer comes with a fully interactive
story and features cryptic puzzles. At number one and the top hidden indie game
gem from EGX 2019, Edgar Bokbok in Boulzac casts you as an eccentric outcast called Edgar
who lives out in the woods and has a chicken for a companion. It’s all beautifully put together and so
very comic book like. I was really taken with the characters and
the snappy writing of the demo and there’s something deliciously dark going on here under
the surface. Game play wise it’s a point and click affair
and for me it’s just so very charming. While there is no word on release dates just
yeat, if you head over to the steam page with the link to that down in the description,
you can go and download a demo to play today and that’s something I recommend you do
once we’re done with the rest of this video. Coming up now at number 7, Ministry of Broadcast
is billed as a narrative driven 2 d cinematic platformer with a story set within a country
divided by the wall and the only way to cross from one side to the other is to win a reality
TV show that’s organized by the administration. Said to offer something that’s Orwellian
mixed with a dash of prince of Persia, Another World and Flashback, the story covers themes
such as the power of group think, obedience to authority and the pervasiveness of fake
news. Rife with dark humor and the absurdity of
the world around us, Ministry of Broadcast will come to Steam, the ps4 and the Nintendo
switch. At number 6 we have an open world first person
3D puzzling platformer expected out in the summer of next year onto home pc. You take control of a legendary alchemist
and his robot companion on a quest to cure a terrible affliction known as the Great Rot
that has taken hold across the in game world. While much of the footage here is in an alpha
state, from what we’ve seen of it and played so far Project Grove as the potential to follow
on from similar games such as QUBE, The Sojourn and perhaps at a push The Witness. One of the most interesting elements here
in Project Grove comes from how you interact with your robot companion with it being used
amongst other things as a freely moveable platform by which you’re able to move around
the map. Another aspect which feels pretty interesting
is comes from the harvesting and crafting options. You’ll collect different ingredients from
around the world which you can then combine into different potions. Each one grants new abilities and skills;
affecting you, your companion and your surroundings that will see you cast magical fireworks,
ride water jets across the sky within in enchanted bubbles and lots, lots more Couple this together with lush looking environments
and a narrative design that’s full of quintessential elements of what many consider central to
the British sense of humour Project Grove could be one of next years most interesting
hidden little gems. At number 5 and first shown off during E3
2019, Cris Tales is a JRPG tribute and ode to such games of the past. However, while it might openly show off it’s
classical inspirations it looks likely to deliver something far above what could be
considered a clone or tribute to the genre. You play a character called Crisbell who is
able to view her past and future self from where she stands within the present. Naturally enough this time based mechanic
is at the heart of the game with actions you take in the present timeline based on what
you know of the past has the potential to alter outcomes and events in the future. Combat looks decently solid with it putting
us in mind of say Final Fantasy 7 and other JRPGs such as fire emblem. The time travel concept also works here too
as you can send enemies onto the past or future which alters the fighting dynamics based on
the age of your opponent which offers an interesting tactical and strategic premise. Series Cris tales is all fully hand drawn and the
animations look so very silky smooth and if you play only one JRPG in 2020, this might
be the one for you. Cris tales is to launch some point next year
on PC, ps4, xbox one and the Nintendo switch. At number 4 and from a booth and all round
staff looking after it perspective, Roki was one of the stand out winners at the EGX show
in London. The demo was enormous fun to play and gave
a fabulous overview of what players can expect when it comes out next year. Inspired by Scandinavian folklore, Roki has
a touching narrative and back story within a charming looking style that together with
the audio creates something rather pleasingly menacing. You’ll play as Tove as she sets about an
adventure to save her family within an ancient wilderness with puzzles to solve, animals
to befriend and non violent gameplay – with it’s universal themes and accessible controls,
Roki should appeal to many and offers a truly modern take on the adventure game genre. At number three, Welcome to Elk has been on
our watch list since spotting it within the indie village section on the show floor at
this year’s games com. Expected out next year on Home PCs, this one
sees you play as Frigg, a young carpenter having made her way to the titular island
to undertake an appreciate. Being used to a hectic life in the city Frigg
womnders quite how she’s going to cope on an island with few young people and apparently
no internet. Like many of the games in this series, we’ve
collectively spent time with Elk’s demo and this one really is all about memories
or more accurately memories of stories of past events and goings on. In parts this one is damn funny, joyus even
and sprinkled with fun and quirky mini games. It’s also surprisingly dark and grimy – a
layer below the comic art is dank, distressing with more violence than you might expect – the
demo finished off with a video clip of a man retelling the tale how it was told to him
and again we see an uplift in the violence which in turn paints a heightened sense of
the associated disturbing imagery. Welcome to elk has the makings of something
unique and very special – from what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem too much of
a stretch to think this might be spoken about when it comes to steam next year in the similar
terms to those we hear of what remains of edith finch. We first noticed Genesis Noir back in early
2018 when we covered the game in our now discontinued kickstarter review series – back then we
past comment on the delectable art style and its inspirations being listed as those of
psychedelic poetry and jazz alongside examples of abstract story telling and William Blake. While sounding a little noodly, Genesis Noir
is really best approached in terms of an adventure game with a strong focus on exploration and
generative art. Set during, before and after the big bang,
the crux of the story is of a romantic nature played out in vignettes that can be altered
in what are really environmental based puzzles. Much of not all of the attraction in Genesis
Noir comes from wanting to really get to know more of what it’s all about. There’s a brilliant little interactive introduction
on the developers website which gives a fine taster of what we might expect. Genesis Noir is currently in development for
home PC and the xbox one and should be out next year. At number 1 in the final episode of our most
wanted indie games for 2020, recompile also happens to be one of the most visually intense
and striking games of the whole series. Taking place within a digital world called
the mainframe, recompile tells a tale of a rouge piece of code that’s up for deletion. We spoke with members of the development team
at a number of events over the past year, particularly at Gamescom where we discussed
the various mechanics such as the platforming, hacking and puzzle elements and how everything
fits within the games overall metriodvania premise. Recompiles environments shown off within this
trailer are looking simply magnificent – there’s also a branching narrative story line with
multiple endings as the game adapts to your playstyle and the decisions you make while
playing – we assume this relates to how you go about tackling the many enemies you
come across and while we’ve had around half an hour play time, there’s still a few questions
on recompile we can’t wait to find the answers for when it arrives next year on home PCs. So there we go, recompile bookends the top
60 indie games we would like to see more from in 2020. If you haven’t seen them all just yet, there’s
links to all 5 of the other episodes in this series down below in the description. Many thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this
video and the series overall, please like this video and if you haven’t already, now
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soon for more indie game goodness.

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  1. Hi and welcome to part 6 of our indie games to look out for in 2020.  This has been a wonderful series to pull together.  Many thanks to you all for the feedback, hints and game suggestions over the past 6 weeks.  Hope you enjoy this one and if you do, please give that like button a gentle wee tickle.  Cheers all!

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  7. The two games I'm looking forward to the most in 2020 are GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath and the Henry Stickmin Collection.
    The former is the latest entry to my favorite tower defense series while the later is not only the latest and final game of my favorite CYOA series, it'll also contain visually remastered versions of the entire series.

  8. Eastward is just full of personality, gives me Earthbound vibes, definitely looking forward to that one, on a side note, every time I watch the Genesis Noar video I feel is one of those games you shouldn't play while drunk…or maybe you should?

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  12. Eastward is in a league of its own when it comes to pixel art and visual world building ✨
    It's also wonderful to see a spiritual successor to Earthbound that looks to incorporate the tender nuances and heightened emotional intelligence commensurate with current indie projects and works like Steven Universe 🙂

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