Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

Hey there and a warm welcome to get indie
gaming and to part 5 of our 6 part series of the indie games we’re most looking forward
to seeing and playing in 2020. Be sure to let us know your favourites indie
games you want to see down in the comments. Let’s begin with Circuit Superstars, a top
down physics driven racer that combines classic arcade gameplay with realistic physics driven
handling. From 60s inspired single seaters to modern
GT racers, Circuit superstars features traditional time trial against the clock races, couch
co-op and plenty more including the management of your car’s wear and tear and pit crew
strategies. The team developing the game have more than
15 years real motor sports experience behind them and having played the demo at this years
EGX in London, it’s clear this passion and expertise has been applied here in droves. If you loved the accessibility of arcade racers
of old and fancy mixing this up with the authenticity of modern motor sport sims, get yourself ready
to race in 2020 when circuit superstars comes to home PC and all of the usual consoles. At number 9 in Yes Your Grace we have a kingdom
management sim where you play the part of King Eryk, ruler of a mediaeval realm inspired
by Slavic Folklore. As king you face an uncertain future. You have no male hier to continue your legacy
and war is always just around the corner. Having had an hour or so playtime over the
past couple of weeks, yes your grace as far as kingdom management sims go truly benefits
from its stellar narrative and the stories you see and hear of the villigers and other
petitioners who come to see you for help, advice and assistance. Coupled this with the nuanced needs of managing
to forge alliances with other Lords and of course hunters and witches to keep your kingdom
safe, it really is up to you as king in how you decide what’s important. You can’t keep everyone happy and with minimal
supplies this really does all feel like your spinning plates with one or two crashing to
the ground should your attention wane in certain areas. Do you have what it takes to be a wise king,
a true leader, father and husband? Well you can find out in early 2020 on home
pc with consoles to follow. Next up at number 8 following a number of
requests from viewers, we have Prodeus, the first and only FPS game within our list of
those we’re keen to see more of in 2020. Prodeus comes from a small team with history
in delivering triple A FPS games such as the Call of Duty Black Ops series, Wolfenstein
and Pay Day 2. Their stated aim with this new title is to
bring modern triple a inspired gameplay within a first person aesthetic more in harmony with
the graphical limitations of the consoles from a generation or two ago. From the looks of things we can expect a truly
visceral experience with plenty blood, guts and dismemberment when this comes out next
year onto home pcs with it perhaps coming to cosoles at some point in the future/ At number 7 and time for something completely
different. Squarely dripping with Monty Python imagery,
kids ask your dads or more likely your grand parents, The procession to Calvary is the
successor to Joe Richardson’s critically acclaimed Four Last Things. While the holy war is over with thousands
killed and the churches of the old gods now in ruin, heavenly peter has escaped and it’s
up to you to find him and we suppose bring him to some kind of justice. Very much a traditional point and clicker,
the procession to cavalry while set in the same world as four last things is it’s own
standalone story meaning you can pick this up with ease should you not have played its
predecessor. Sure this looks all rather silly and yet how
good though does it all look. Featuring many renaissance artworks from the
likes of Rembrandt, Micalegelo, Botachelli and many more brought together within a consistent
way that remains sympathetic to the original works. The soundtrack is also a fine match for the
visuals featuring Bach, Vivaldi and Handle and many other period pieces
This is to quote a phrase proper nonsense and yet delightfully and subversadly appealing. The procession to cavalry is due out in early
next year onto home PCs. At number 6 and another game from the suggestions
in the comment section of earlier videos in this series, Book of Travels is like the game
before it in this list, something quite different. It’s described as being a TMO or a tiny
multiplayer online game. Having created your character the rest is
up to you with there being no underlying plot as your guide. While touted again as a online multiplayer
offering, like Journey and Sky both from that game company, book of travels wont allow players
to converse in the usual way but will need you to learn and understand various symbols
to be able to communicate with others. Of course, you don’t need to bother with
all of that and you’re free to wonder across the country side alone, collecting a kind
of xp by way of trading and gathering resources and from also being kind and courteous to
others so that does suggest learning some form of communication will help your overall
progress. There are battles and fights to be had here
although the developers have gone on record to say while such confrontations can be rewarding,
you’re more likely to learn more in defeat than you are in victory. We’ll be honest, this looks a stunningly
rendered game and one we suspect we will play for the relaxation and discovery wow factors. Book of Travels is looking to release on Steam
at some point next year. At number 5 and picking up the pace once more
is Death Carnival which as you can see is quite the intense looking top down arcade
shooter. In a dark future, Death Carnival is the number
one show across the galaxy. People travel from all over to compete for
fame, fortune and power. With a story driven procedurally generated
single player or up to 4 others in couch and online co-op, we really think the online and
local PVPs options will appeal most to us here at get indie gaming. Going online will see up to 8 players battle
things out with you and 3 other pals being able to do the same from the comfort of your
home setee. The addition of mixer and twitch integration
should also make this appealing for streamers since they will be able to let their viewers
take control of certain areas of the game which makes the potential for some great interactive
player and viewer experiences. Death Carnival is likely to launch on Steam
in August of next year and boy would we love to see a port onto consoles at some point
as well. Next up at number four and something new to
bring down the heart rate and blood pressure. To be honest, with self loss, there are more
than a few question marks hanging over it although we wanted to give it a little signal
boost in the hope more people get a chance to take a further look. As far as we can piece together, self loss
is a adventure featuring and elderly man and his magic staff that’s inspired by a fantasy
setting said to take inspiration from Ancient Russia and the features of Iceland. You’ll explore the world on foot or by way
of your boat as your make your way from island to island with the remains and left overs
from a war a few years before visible from time to time. Your staff is said to be central to the games
story and overall mechancis with it interwoven with everthing you do. As for combat, well again your staff is key
to the action with it being used in attack and defensive modes within a system that will
see a mix of strategy and dynamic components. So yeh, we suspect calling this a 2020 offering
may be stretching things a little too far. If like us you want to know more on self loss,
make sure you’ve subscribed to the channel to keep up to date with this one and all of
the other games featured in this video and series overall. Moving into the top three and first up we
have Say No, More and with it’s tricky phrasing we have a office based power fantasy we can
really get behind. While on the face of things a fun and perhaps
silly looking game where you play as a new office intern. Underneath like any clever piece of satire
it’s bubbling away with office politics, bullying and power balances seen all too common
within the work space. We love the idea of the intern going up against
the managers and other people within the so called leadership team and the use of the
main character finding a self help tape on saying no more often within a world where
saying no is essentially outlawed is a great little touch. As you play you’ll find more of these tapes
which gives you power boosts and more ways in saying no more often. This one should be out at somepoint next year
by way of Steam and iOS although We’ed not be too surprised if it didn’t make its way
onto other platforms for launch or at a time soon after. At number two Iron Harvest is a classic real
time strategy game set in an alternate reality soon after the first world war with it featuring
roughly 30 or so steam powered mecs and exo skeletons. Iron Harvest had a playable demo at Gamescom
in late August with it attracting large crowds to their impressive booth on the main show
floor. The single player option with more than 20
missions and three separate campaigns and 9 different hero’s looks decent enough and
can also be played in two player co-op. We suspect however the long term draw of iron
harvest will be the competitive multiplayer. With all good RTS games there’s so much
going on it’s easy to see how new players and those not used to this type of game could
quickly be overwhelmed. The action is relentless, often insanely brutal
as really you should expect. While we don’t usually drift towards too
many RTS games there’s something here that feels like a goldie locks just right kind
of a moment. We’re keen to play more when it comes to
home PCs, PS4 and the xbox one in September At number 1 in this penultimate episode in
our most wanted games out in 2020, Axiom Verge 2 was a huge surprise announcement at the
end of the recent Nintendo indie showcase of December 12th. Aside from what the info on the switch e shop
says, there’s not too much to report on this successor to the number 2 indie game
we’ve ever played and to be honest that doesn’t bother us one little bit. We can however expect plenty of action platforming,
lots of enemies to fight and stunningly rendered pixel art. At the moment the game seems a Switch exclusive
although it seems unlikely it wont also come out on other platforms at some point towards
the end of next year. With that short and concise overview of axiom
verge 2, that’s all we have time for in todays video. Please give the lick button a little tickle
and subscribe if you haven’t already done so – as for why, well it really does work
to help bring more people into this wonderful indie game community which also helps drive
awareness of the scene as a whole. Many thanks for watching and we look forward
to sein gyou all here again for more indie game videos.

43 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One”

  1. Welcome to the 5th part of 6 videos where we take a look at some of the indie games said to come out in 2020 we can't wait to play. See anything you like? Let us know down in the comments. Oh and you're all subs to the cannel? Right? 🙂

  2. There's a game with a nice cartoony art style and unique setting called Little Devil Inside. It seems to be an open world game with survival elements. I still really hope the dev's are still working on it. I'm not sure if you guys have mentioned it but even so it's a great game to look out for!

  3. My top 5 smaller games of 2020:

    Hollow Knight Silksong
    Streets of Rage 4
    Jets n Guns 2
    Wrath Aon of ruin
    Hammerwatch 2. I hope.

    Top 5 aaa:

    Cyberpunk 2077
    Doom Eternal
    Dying Light 2
    Borderlands 3 ( Through Steam )
    Psychonaughts 2

  4. I laughed so much while playing Four Last Things. I had no idea there was a follow-up to anticipate. Eager to check it out.

  5. Mythic Ocean is going to be released on January 9, very soon! This game has interesting plot with diverse choices, and it is a mix of visual novel and open world exploration game. Also the graphics are awesome
    You should really wishlist it on Steam now!

  6. Que canal maravilhoso, alem de ser sobre indie games todos os videos estão saindo com opção de legendas em PT-BR!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

  7. "The Book of Travels" looks lovely…
    Unlike any other game I've seen in terms of it's aesthetic ✨
    And I love seeing the intimate good-will multiplayer experience birthed by Journey continue on in other projects 💜

    While I'm not one for violence, I couldn't stop looking at "Prodeus" – very visually captivating. (That lighting!)
    Something that retro esthetic superimposed over a beating heart of modern technology and fps sensibilities.
    I'd love to see this style implemented more ^^

    I love that "Selfloss" features an elderly protagonist – and a visually burdened one at that…
    Wringing all you can out of a prop/accessory – in this case his staff – is also something that excites me!
    (This is the one criticism I have of Shovel Knight – which I love.
    So little was done with the actual titular prop in comparison to its potential…)

    "Say No! More" utterly delights me.
    (And what a clever power explanation her cassette player is!)
    Having just begun "Wattam", I realize how I've undervalued feel-good indies that don't necessarily ask a lot of the player gameplay-wise.
    Now I realize this doesn't take away from their impact, or even player expression, if done well however 🙏

  8. Thanks for this video.I was happy to help in the funding of Book or Travels. As a past player of Glitch, this game reminded me so much of this. Really looking forward t this one.

  9. Must say get indie gaming is my favourite channel on YouTube. Yes your grace looks interesting hopefully it will come to Xbox

  10. I really liked the look of Circuit Superstars, Book of Travels and Yes, Your Grace.

    Of course, we cannot help but scream for our upcoming "Help! I am REALLY horny! which just got a new trailer:

  11. Prodeus looks amazing. I love the on-the-fly generated sprite graphics – the game IS fully 3D, but renders the models into 2D sprites. This means while the game retains that chunky 2.5D look, all sprite are shaded accurately according to the dynamic lighting. It's quite something to behold in motion. That, plus DragonFly of Eviternity-fame mapping and Andrew Huslhult doing the score, it's a very safe bet.

    On a related note, Hellbound is shaping up to be fine throwback FPS as well. If you're into 'Classic FPS' renaissance going on, give it a look.

  12. Hey! Love the content as ever!

    I really would love to see our wee game, Cake Bash, featured! We're due to release in 2020, and as a core team of 3 ex-AAA developers we love to hear peoples' thoughts on our first indie title!

    Go on, tell me you don't want to play as a murderous chocolate eclair!

  13. Prodeus looks incredible. It has a slight Quake feel…digging it. Circuit Superstars looks really good too. Liking the visuals and old school racing gameplay.

  14. If all the games in my Top 10 would come out in 2020, it would be the best year ever.

    Hollow Knight: Silksong
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps (not really indie, is it?)
    Cyber Shadow
    INMOST (already released on Apple, which does not count!)
    Once Upon a Coma
    The Last Night
    Flynn: Son of Crimson
    Minute of Islands

  15. I was wondering if you could have a look at the game Beekeeper by Absolute Horizon? I'm not sure if it comes out in 2020, but it's in early access on Steam, and reminded me of this wine-grower game you showed a while ago.

  16. Selfloss looks like Flame In The Flood, but without the horrible inventory management that killed all the fun in that game.

  17. Why do you never add Playstation in your titles when you have Playstation games in the video? I don’t get it. Before I never watched your channel when you popped up on my recommended since I only have a Playstation and thought none of these games would apply to me.

  18. I'm glad to see how much your videos has greatly increased views reflecting your excellent work :D. Also being a Doom fan can't wait for prodeus it looks absolutely amazing

  19. What a surprising number one! I didn't even know it had a sequel in the works, the first game was phenomenal and I can't wait to dive into the new one!!

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