Top 10 Best PC Fighting Games

Top 10 Best PC Fighting Games

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 When it comes to the pinnacle of crossover
fighting games, CAPCOM’s popular fighting game takes the world by storm. This is an updated version of The Fate of
Two Worlds which adds 12 new characters from both CAPCOM and Marvel universe including
Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Phoenix Wright, Vergil and more. Together they go out in a 3 versus 3 skirmish
of epic proportions. Although the gameplay is still similar compared
to its original, the game’s noticeable change lies in its aerial combat and X-factor systems. These upgrades provide new balance to the
combat, offering a new challenge for veteran and amateur players. Also, the HUD received a revamped aesthetic
flair. Originally part of the planned DLC’s for
The Fate of Two Worlds, CAPCOM decided to make this a Standalone Title instead due to
an unfortunate disaster. It was a very smart move. Gamers and critics praised the game’s expanded
character roster, enhanced online play and added a sweet new visual flavour. For a game that started during 1996, the series
has come a long way. It has provided players the opportunity to
create their dream battles with their favorite characters. We can’t wait for its sequel, Marvel vs.
Capcom Infinite which is scheduled to release sometime this year. Opening our list of the Top 10 PC Fighting
Games is Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition If there’s one thing Mortal Kombat achieved
other than its fluid fighting mechanics, it’s the gore. The satisfying, eye-popping gore. Since time immemorial, the series is never
afraid to show off the brutality of death. From decapitation, freezing, stabbing, head-cracking,
impaling and more, Mortal Kombat succeeded at every possible death. Komplete Edition contains all the Downloadable
Content from Netherrealms’ first Mortal Kombat game. This includes all the new characters like
Kenshi, Rain, Skarlet and the notorious Freddy Krueger. Experience the deadliest tournament with all
the iconic Kombatants in MK history. Picking up after the events of Armageddon,
stop an evil emperor hell-bent from taking over the world. Pretty generic, but that’s how most MK deals
with their story. Considered as a Reboot of the entire franchise,
feel the new yet familiar combat that the series was once known for. With the Unreal Engine, experience high quality
overkills in the most satisfying ways especially with the game’s new X-Ray supers. Choose and play from its dynamic gameplay
modes such as Tag Team and Challenge Tower. Lauded for its smooth optimization to the
PC, this is Netherrealms’ proof that they can make a decent Mortal Kombat game. It has a PlayScore of 8.13 9. Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition Two NetherRealm games in a row shows how much
they love the fighting genre. The glorious superhero powerplay from DC Comics
makes a grand debut to the videogame industry. Superman loses his faith to humanity and our
favorite superheroes are at a brink of civil war. Watch Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more
DC characters as they test their moral compass to ensure the safety of humanity. Ultimate Edition is pretty much every other
“enhanced” titles. It’s smoother, better and it contains all
the Downloadable Content from the original such as 6 new characters, 30 new skins, and
60 new STAR Labs Missions. It’s the definitive Injustice experience. The original made a good impression to the
fans and critics due to its impressive story, fluid fighting mechanics and refined visuals. There’s no other way to experience the first
Injustice game without this one. It receives a PlayScore of 8.15 8. Lethal League Games like these are always a big surprise
when they successfully gain the love of gamers and critics. Team Reptile’s fighting game mixes two unlikely
genres: Sports and Fighting. It’s a competitive fighting game where players
fling an anti-gravity ball to defeat their opponent. It’s not your everyday ball, it’s a continuously
speeding projectile that feels like it’s about to go boom. Featuring a unique bunch of characters, these
street-level heroes unleash their batting skills to remove their opponent from the map. It’s similar to Super Smash Bros but it
involves a constant moving projectile instead of big punches and kicks. The game’s best feature lies in its versus
mode. With up to 4 players and a banging soundtrack,
go in an all out batting war in local or online play. Provided with GGPO technology, feel the high-speed
nature of Lethal League in a seamless online experience. It’s in a league of its own, this game has
a PlayScore of 8.20 7. Nidhogg Step into the dueling pits and witness an
award-winning fighting game with an unlikely combination of mechanics: Fencing and Tug
of War. Deal out ripostes, thrusts, and any exceptional
fencing movements to take down your opponent. Be on your most vigilant state because any
point of opportunity is the key to victory. It’s fast, graceful and it’s full of yelling
and stabbing. Packed with a jumpy electronica soundtrack,
revel in your sophisticated fencing abilities and take down waves and waves of enemies in
its single player mode. It’s ridiculous and oftentimes serious when
played with a friend. Multiplayer is much more enjyoable. Do you want to engage with fisticuffs or do
quick successive lunges to your opponent? There’s just so many things you can do in
a limited environment. Nidhogg gained positive to both gamers and
critics. Calling it an exhilarating experience, if
not downright crazy. It’s a fun fighting game and its sequel
is just around the corner. It has a PlayScore of 8.21 6. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full
Burst Mashashi Kishamoto’s masterpiece has taken
the world by storm with the series’ long awaited finale. Full Burst packs together the complete Ultimate
Ninja Storm 3 experience. Which means all the DLC’s are present, new
content, and refined visuals. CyberConnect2 grants us the opportunity to
witness the 4th Great Ninja War. This is CyberConnect2’s beginning on their
improved dynamic ninja fighting action with the series’ iconic roster of characters;
and that includes the great Jinchuriki’s. Storywise it adds new chapters including Itachi’s
life after he breaks away from Madara’s seal, and a Director’s Cut that features
a different viewpoint during the Great War. Additionally, the game offers 100 new missions
and over 30 additional skins to choose from. If you’re a Naruto fan or anyone that loves
the good ol’ ninja action, then this game is the closest thing for becoming the best
Naruto game to date. It was praised for its excellent fan service,
responsive controls, and a story mode that takes you deeper into the lore. However, the lack of exploration and the dumbed
down difficulty was a tad bit annoying. It receives a PlayScore of 8.26 5. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Another case of Japanese name oddities, the
Melty Blood series is known for pioneering the visual novel and fighting game hybrid–well,
among others. It’s also known to be developed by Type Moon,
which rose to fame for their now established Fate/ series, and of course, their 2000’s
eroge visual novel Tsukihime. But, despite featuring the characters of the
same Tsukihime series, Melty Blood is fluid, smooth, and decidedly wholesome. The game is set one year after the events
of Shiki Tohno’s investigation into a mysterious series of murders. This particular title, while the being the
first made for the Ringwide Arcade Board, marks the end of the long running series. It features a whole collection of playable
characters, including the previous PS2 exclusives. The freedom of choice is evident in the game,
as you pick from a total of 31 different fighters, each with three separate playstyles to discover. Weave through its intriguing narrative or
compete with players around the globe in Rank and Player matches. Waiting 15 years for a western release, this
has been the fulfillment of many fan’s dreams. And while it’s not exactly friendly to curious
newcomers, their top notch animations and fast-paced combat can definitely make up for
the grind. It has a PlayScore of 8.3. 4. Street Fighter IV Following it’s successful premiere on the
PS3 and Xbox consoles, Street Fighter jumpkicked its way to the PC in an unexpected but much
awaited release in 2009. It gave the once-envious and console-less
population their first taste of the franchise’ new generation. A culmination of the lessons learned by the
franchise in ther 20 years of experience, Street Fighter IV has nailed the fundamentals
of their formula, finishing it off with a polished glint. Compared to V’s more narrow approach to competitive
fighting, IV seems more diverse and welcoming. With their refined lineup, every character
has their own edge in the fight. One thing that’s different in this iteration
is the Focus Attack that lets you charge and absorb attacks to bring your opponents down
in battle. It’s special move that will give you an advantage
in both offensive and defensive play. While everything’s been vastly improved in
their recent Ultra version, they’ve sadly been left wanting for more reviews. But, despite their vanilla roster and balance,
IV still has much of the charm of the series. Learn your moves, time your combos, and demolish
whoever stands in your way. Or you could just participate in some heavy
button mashing to catch victory. It has a PlayScore of 8.35. 3. Rivals Of Aether Set in a world where Fire, Earth, Water and
Air collide. Choose your champion and manipulate the elements
together in this fast and frenetic Indie fighting game. Some players are even calling it the Smash
game they deserve since it contains similar gameplay elements to Nintendo’s iconic brawler. Dive into the game’s Story Mode where you
uncover the stories from each of the Elemental Champions. Go into a fiery adventure with Zetterburn,
or feel the earth crumbling with Kragg’s story. Players can also test their mettle with Abyss
Mode where players survive a gauntlet of shadowy fighters to climb the leaderboards. But the game’s real fun lies in its Online
Mode. If you really want to put your fighting skills
to the test, play with a friend or go into its ranked matches. It’s a Smash clone, yes. But it’s not a bad one. It has a PlayScore of 8.40 Here are the runners-up before we reveal the
number one: 11. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. An updated version of the original game, experience
UMVS like never before with new characters, updated HUD, UI, graphics and more. It receives a PlayScore of 8.07
12. Dragon Ball Xenoverse. An action packed look into the saiyan-dominated
world of Dragonball. Relive your favorite battles, and visit the
iconic locations. It has a PlayScore of 8.06. 13. Koihime Enbu. A reimagining of Romance of the three kingdoms,
packed with a little more girl power. With clean visuals, and satisfying controls,
it has a PlayScore of 7.77. 14. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND. The third in Arc System Work’s popular BlazBlue
series. Witness the return of the beloved gang, with
new scenarios and characters. It has a PlayScore of 7.73. 15. Street Fighter X Tekken. A crossover from two of Japan’s biggest fighting
games. Pit Ryu and Ken against the infamous Mishima
crew, and discover the secrets of Pandora. It has a Playscore of 7.66. 2. Skullgirls Conceptualized during the college days and
haunted by development issues, Lab Zero’s work of love has definitely come a long way
since its release in 2012. For fighting fans on the PC, Skullgirl’s place
in this list is no surprise. This 2D fighter marries creative, and engaging
artstyle with controls that are both friendly, and competitively balanced. It’s the kind a of game that’s easy on the
eyes, easier to pick-up, and even harder to master–making it a favorite for veterans
looking for a tight duel, and newcomers looking for some multiplayer fun. Enter their art deco arenas, and enjoy the
anime-steampunk feel of their roster of eight characters. Modelled after Marvel vs Capcom 2’s New Age
of Heroes, they share plenty of similarities–with tag-team battles, character assists, and combos. But what really sets them apart the amount
of creativity poured onto each of their fighters. Explore each of their moves, and find out
which playstyle fits you best. While their fanservicey art has been divisive
at best, it’s still one of the finest looking fighters out there. With punishing AIs, extremely accurate hitboxes,
and competitive online community, Skullgirls will stay in the genre’s hall of fame for
a long time. It has a PlayScore of 8.51. 1. And the best fighting game on the PC is Tekken
7 Lo’ and behold, NAMCO’s critically acclaimed
fighting game dominates our list. Step into the seventh King of the Iron First
Tournament and witness the end of the Mishima Feud. These pesky family problems aren’t gonna
go running around forever and destroying the world. As per usual, Tekken 7 was released as an
Arcade game first during 2015, then it received a huge port to the consoles and PC. Upon its release, it gained the respect it
deserves. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, experience
Tekken like never before. The smooth texture and dazzling special effects
are few of its best features. Gameplay is better than ever. With two new features called Rage Art and
Power Crush, this can really change the tide of each round. Just by watching a single match can really
entertain you. Especially with their sweet slow motion effect
for that clutch jabs. It was praised for its insanely accurate hitboxes
and reasonable balance changes. With over 39 playable characters, both old
and new, watch how a fighting game stood the test of time. It’s definitely the best Tekken game to
date and obviously the best on our list. It receives a PlayScore of 8.56

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  2. >includes a bunch of non fighting indie games in list
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