Top 10 Best PC Games of 2016 | Games Of The Year

Top 10 Best PC Games of 2016 | Games Of The Year

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 PC games of
Opening our list is Sid Meier’s Civilization
The sixth title of the series builds upon
the successes of the previous games and expansions…
with some major tweaks in presentations and
in gameplay.
Will your civilization stand the test of time?
Lead your people and surpass others in Culture,
Military, Religion and Science.
Explore the world, expand your cities, build
wonders, strengthen your military, open trade
routes, and research science and technology!
In short, do whatever it takes to be a world
Latest changes include extended cities, limited
military stacking, friendlier UI, better AI,
and a lot more.
This is a game with high replay value.
High enough that you’ll sink hundreds — if
not thousands — of hours playing it.
And it’s bound to become even better with
Just one more turn…
It has a PlayScore of 8.77.
Ninth in the ranking is SUPERHOT
This game felt like it came out of a very
hilarious yet persistent group of developers
in a board meeting.
SUPERHOT is a tactical first-person shooter
with one big catch: The world moves as you
Step inside a mysterious digital world filled
with glass-shaped humans.
Make every move count and plan accordingly
because you’re not the only person moving.
Shoot your enemies, mark that headshot and
finish each of its many fun levels.
One moment you’re slashing enemies with
a katana, a moment
later you’re left weaponless and has to
kill them with your fist.
It’s not easy but is sure is exciting.
One more thing, the game now has a VR version
for the Rift with Oculus Touch support.
It has a PlayScore of 8.79
Ranked number 8 is Enter The Gungeon
Gather your ragtag group of lost Gungeoneers
in this frenetic and crazy bullet hell game.
Devolver Digital gives you Enter The Gungeon.
It is your one stop shop for fast-paced survival
in its procedurally generated labyrinths.
Upon these Gungeoneers lies a perilous quest,
to find the ultimate gun that can kill the
However absurd may that be, it’s the one
thing that held them together.
But the path is not easy, you will be faced
with Cultists and they won’t stop until
you’re dead.
So gather your friends, or do it alone, and
set yourself ablaze with its diverse gun types,
boss battles, and bullet hell.
It has a PlayScore of 8.86
Seventh is Grim Dawn
For a game with the same elements with Blizzard’s
Diablo, Grim Dawn takes more than just inspiration.
Set in a world torn apart by an eternal war,
play as a character of your own choosing and
explore its universe devoid with light.
Aside from its dungeon crawling mechanics,
the most appealing concept of Grim Dawn is
the dual class system.
Players can combine and customize their own
level of skills as they see fit.
The addition of a better loot system also
makes the game less frustrating to gather
It has been praised for its better dungeon
crawling elements that most games of the genre
failed to deliver.
It has a PlayScore of 8.88
In 6th place is XCOM 2
The sequel to the critically acclaimed strategy
game takes a different turn in this installment.
Earth failed to keep up with the Alien Race
and doomed to hell.
Now, the only hope for humanity lies on the
far edge of space.
Set 20 years after the calamity, fight for
survival in this deep and complex strategy
game that provides constant thrill even when
you’re about to achieve victory.
The game remains the same in its turn-based
mechanics, however, the addition of a refined
tactical combat gives your soldiers a potential
edge in battle.
Well, you know what they say, you can never
trust the percentage in XCOM.
But you’ll be sure to know that this has
a PlayScore of 8.89
Number 5 in the list is Starbound
From the Publisher that gave us Stardew Valley
comes a game so adorable and so full of content.
Starbound is a large sandbox world filled
with so much things to do.
From the normality of live or through the
vastness of space, we’re pretty sure your
character will be overwhelmed.
As the game states it, you CHOOSE your own
But first you must be aware of the path around
You are not on Earth anymore and the Universe
is infinite.
Engage in the fun campaign with memorable
characters and side quests.
Build, craft and explore.
If you can’t do it alone, gather a friend
and venture into the world beyond!
It has been widely applauded for its creativity
and expansiveness.
It has won awards for being a successful Indie
game and it has a PlayScore of 8.91
Fourth is Hyper Light Drifter
If you’ve come to know this game just now,
then one thing you’ll notice first is its
visually pleasing atmosphere.
It’s filled with purple colors and vibrant
That’s one of the game’s most acclaimed
Hyper Light Drifter, as the name implies,
is a story set in a blaring nightmarish world
of post-apocalyptic technology.
This 2D adventure lets you take control of
a Drifter as he travels between areas of unknown
The game has a fast-paced combat; your Drifter
can do various abilities with his powerful
energy sword.
As much as the gameplay and visuals were praised,
it’s also important to point out the game’s
sound design.
It’s taking inspiration from classic NES
games with no dialogue but full of heartwarming
It has a PlayScore of 8.94
Ranked number 3 is Darkest Dungeon
This game isn’t all about the joy of adventure,
nor it’s about the thrill of it.
It’s a test of your mental and psychological
Your heroes, that is.
Darkest Dungeon is a brutal dungeon-crawling
game with insane roguelike momentum.
It’s set in a Gothic Dark Fantasy world
where crimson blood runs around every corner.
So recruit and set up your own band of heroes
in a journey of constant ruin and despair.
With its unique Affliction System, your heroes
won’t be fighting monsters but stress as
Darkest Dungeon has been praised for the narrative
despite your journey’s shortcomings.
Not to mention its turn-based mechanics that
can be a challenge even for veteran players
of the dungeon-crawling genre.
The latest expansion is set to be released
this early 2017 so stay tuned for more blood-curling
It has a PlayScore of 9.00
Second is Pony Island
If you’re expecting a game about Ponies,
then you’re out of luck.
Pony Island is really not what you expected
it to be.
Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’ve been asking
too many questions judging from the trailer.
Believe me, we do too.
Apparently, Pony Island breaks the fourth
It’s rare when games do that and when they
do it perfectly, then it’s a trippy ride
for players who just want to casually enjoy
a simple game.
So the game is fairly simple, solve a series
of riddles and try not to let the game break
Otherwise you’re pretty much screwed.
It’s a demented trip to a digital world,
and you’ll be amazed on how genius most
of the moments are.
It has a PlayScore of 9.02
Devil Daggers.
Armed with magical daggers, survive for as
long as you can in an arena of demons.
Planet Coaster.
This is a park simulation-slash-management
Build the biggest and most exciting roller
coaster rides in the world.
From the makers of grand strategy games Europa
Universalis and Crusader Kings comes an epic
space exploration game.
The Witness.
Alone and with no recollection of the past,
explore this puzzle-filled island in hopes
of regaining your memories and finding your
way back home.
The Banner Saga 2.
A continuation of the award-winning and emotional
adventure game.
With new characters, new race, better tactical
combat and more.
The makers of the indie-hit LIMBO is at it
again… with an even more bizarre, eerie
and engaging feel.
It’s WTF to the very end.
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.
This series consistently ranks as the finest
of all game-adaptation of an anime-manga franchise.
This is one beautiful exploration game.
Marvel at majesty of marine life, with good
music and graphics.
A platformer that makes use of your momentum
to avoid obstacles, evade enemies and gather
Rise of the Tomb Raider.
A sequel to the hugely-popular Tomb Raider
released in 2013.
Lara embarks on a mission to uncover the mystery
of the lost city of Kitezh.
And the whatoplay award for the best PC game
of 2016 goes to…
Stardew Valley!
You may be wondering, where are the big, blockbuster-y
Triple A games, Whatoplay?
They failed to make the cut… and both gamers
and critics seem to agree.
The PC is home to tons of amazing indie games
that rarely receive credits.
What’s amazing is that they also excel at
bringing quality content for the PC gaming
Then there’s the case of triple-As overpromising
and under-delivering.
Stardew Valley is an exemplary entry to Indie
PC scene.
It takes inspiration from the roots of Harvest
Moon and employs a very immersive life-simulating
Developed by One Guy, yes, ONE GUY, take control
of your own character as he retires from the
life of high-rise buildings and urban cities.
You are tasked to take care of your Grandfather’s
farm, and upon that intro, you will be left
with whatever you do.
Grow crops, build relationships, talk to unique
NPC’s and set forth on a journey of blissful
The game is also aiming for console releases
and most of the fans are waiting for the upcoming
Multiplayer Patch!
See you on the Farmstead, Players.
Stardew Valley has an excellent PlayScore
of 9.26 and it wins our Top 10 PC Games of
How about you guys?
What’s your best PC game of 2016?
Comment below and let’s talk about it!

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