Top 10 Best Survival PC Video Games (as of 2018)

Top 10 Best Survival PC Video Games (as of 2018)

The survival genre has been incredibly popular
in the recent years, and it’s not hard to
understand why.
Sure, it’s convenient to go to a grocery
store and get your food,
or to live in a comfy rented flat with slick furniture from Ikea.
But sometimes it’s fun to imagine a world
where the modern amenities are not readily available
and you have to rely on your resourcefulness
and strength to gather food, craft necessities,
build your own shelter and protect yourself
from enemies, wild animals or other hostile creatures
Survival games give us a chance to live out
this fantasy
But with so many titles to choose from
which one is the best to immerse
yourself in?
Hopefully, our list of top 10 best survival
games will help you choose!
Without further ado, let’s dive in!
Number 10 – Rust
Rust is something of a classic of the genre,
including all the expected mechanics – allowing
you to hunt, gather resources, fight wild animals
build and defend your base – or
die in the process and respawn naked
with a rock as your sole companion in an infinite
While the environment of the game is by no
means welcoming, Rust is also quite focused
on the PvP element, so fighting (or joining)
other players is a must if you want to succeed.
Start by hitting others with rocks, and progress
all the way to rocket launchers crafted with
your own two hands in no time!
Fun fact before you start playing though – you
can’t choose the appearance of your character,
as their gender, skin color, and the size
of some body-parts are randomly generated
and permanently assigned to your steam ID.
Just like in real life.
Number 9 – Oxygen Not Included
Leading a group of space colonists stranded on an asteroid
your main task is to turn
the hostile underground caverns into an environment
welcoming for more colonists.
The problem is – breathable air is very
and it’s your job to come up with methods to purify what’s left
or synthesise
more oxygen.
Of course, ventilation issues are not the
only ones you’ll come across
cultivating food, developing new technologies
and ensuring
access to water will also need your attention
if you want your new colony to thrive.
Number 8 – PUBG
While the majority of survival games pit the
players against the environment with PvP elements
as an occasional nuisance,
PUBG flipped the formula.
Here the other players are the
main threat, as only one can be left standing
in the end.
The players begin the game with nothing to
their name and have to scavenge to arm themselves
if they want to have any chance at surviving.
This simple, yet effective formula allowed
PUBG become one of the most successful battle royale simulators,
and spawn a chain of copycats
in its wake.
Number 7 – Ark Survival Evolved
Also known as “the one with dinosaurs”,
Ark is quite similar to many other examples
of the genre, with the exception of including
the prehistoric reptiles inhabiting the expansive
open world.
Of course, the dinosaurs are one of many things
that can kill you, but through a lengthy process,
you might also be able to tame them and even
ride them.
And honestly – there aren’t many things
cooler than a pet dino, which explains the
popularity of the game.
Number 6 – This War of Mine
This War of Mine focuses on the civilian perspective
of war, often omitted from war-themed games.
You will take care of a group of survivors
who spend most of their days hiding in a building,
avoiding snipers and other dangers.
During the night, some of them can leave the
safehouse to scavenge for resources, food
and medicine.
But This War of Mine is painfully realistic
and there are no easy choices – you might
be forced to steal medicine for your daughter
from an elderly couple,
resulting in their death
or kill to gather food necessary for
your survival
resulting in psychological trauma
that might impair your character’s
All that makes the game with comparatively
straightforward mechanics
a deep and memorable experience
Number 5 – State of Decay
Amidst a zombie apocalypse, your task is to
keep a group of survivors alive.
Each of the survivors you collect for your
group comes with different skillset and traits,
which can be helpful or detrimental to your
The first game is strictly single-player,
which might be a minus for some, but for others
it means you can focus on managing your own
base and enjoy the storyline without the risk
that a player with too much time on their
hand will come and destroy your safehouse
in your absence.
However those who prefer a multiplayer experience
will be happy to know that the sequel
(out at the end of May 2018)
includes a co-op mode.
Number 4 – Frostpunk
Released in April 2018, Frostpunk is a game
developed by the creators of This War of Mine
– which means you can expect being forced
to make some heart-wrenching decisions.
The world of Frostpunk is a frozen wasteland,
and you have to keep your populace warm
if you don’t want them to freeze to death like
millions of people before them.
In order to keep the heat generators going,
you might have to make a choice to allow child-labor
in coal mines – which will make the populace
You might think that it doesn’t matter if
your people are complaining, as long as they’re
alive to do it – but apart from warmth,
and classic resources such as food, you will
also have to manage their hope, as if too
much of it is lost, the game will be as over
as if everyone simply starved.
All in all, Frostpunk is a game that tests
how fast it will take for power to corrupt
the people in charge – which, in this case,
is you.
Number 3 – Don’t Starve
Don’t Starve has your character face the
terrors around them alone, with monsters lurking
around the forest and oppressive darkness
that can barely be kept at bay.
The grim atmosphere is enhanced by the simple
yet stylish art design, which, combined with
a drab and depressing colour palette creates
an unmistakable aesthetic of the game.
Fans of co-op experience will enjoy Don’t
Starve Together, including some tweaks to
the characters to make them more team-play
oriented and allowing you to try to create
a safe shelter for yourself with help of a
Number 2 – Conan Exiles
Out of Early Access in May 2018, Conan Exiles
allows you to roam the world envisioned by
Robert E. Howard in his Conan the Barbarian series.
Set in a ridiculously harsh and unwelcoming
world known from the pulpy novels,
the game will have your barbarian character try to
build the legacy of their clan.
You will start trying to create shelter and
make sure you have enough to eat,
but if you live long enough, you might create your own
fortress or even a city.
And hey – not many games outside of some
very particular genres give you the option
to choose the size of your endowment during
character creation, so that’s worth noting too.
Number 1 – Subnautica
Although Subnautica hasn’t managed to create
as much a buzz as some other entries on the
list, it’s definitely worth playing if you
love the survival genre.
Unlike many of the grimdark worlds full of
blood and despair, Subnautica is a much less
depressing experience, full of bright and
colorful fish, clear waters and soft sand.
Although deeper layer of the ocean might be
less welcoming and filled with not-so-friendly
creatures, swimming around the higher ones
is supremely relaxing.
In the world of violent and gritty survival
games, Subnautica is quite unique, allowing
you to relax in an underwater world straight
out of a nature documentary.
And the plot is surprisingly engaging, too!
So that’s it for our list!
Did we include your favourite game, or are
we missing something?
Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget
to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to our
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  1. Rust was god awful.
    Mechanics, animation, community, roleplay features, awful awful awful and fucking atrocious.
    PUBG is NOT a survival game. In any way.

  2. ARK did more than enough to differentiate itself from other games in the genre so its not just "the one with dinosaurs"

  3. subnautica is NOT relaxing, i genuinely had to force myself to stop playing for my own health lmao, i mean, its so scary, especially at night in the game

  4. I really a zombie survival kinda Rust. I know you can play on servers with zombies, but after getting used to sulfur farming and raiding, joining those zombie servers would just be boring.

  5. I know everyone has said but no 7 days to die?…It is the meaning of the genre. Pubg is not a survival game!

  6. the only thing I have to say about this is that pubg is not a survival game lol, like what were the writers thinking when they wrote the scrip?

  7. subnautica is definitely my favorite i completed it 2 times and made some really huge bases, i recommend everyone to play that game ''it was for free in epic games btw so if you have it try it out now!''

  8. yeahhh. what a waste of time. your'e to 10 have no sense what so ever. and the 1 k of dislike's confirm my theory. 😕😕

  9. pubg is 100p not a survival game, it is a battle royal game which is not at all survival, its like putting fortnite on this list

  10. Are you a serious channel? Pubg is a shooter and the furthest thing from a survival game lol what a joke

  11. I can't take this list seriously after I saw PUBG. It's not a fucking survival game, it's a Battle Royale game

  12. PUBG is a survival game. BR is a survival sub genre. The first popular BR was a survival mod(Dayz) for arma 2 which is an open world military sim. Several other similar survival mods are responsible for the rise of BR as a genre. This probably explains the dislikes on this video.

  13. You missed a lot of really good survival games such as Green Hell, The Forest, Long Dark, and even fucking Minecraft.

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