Top 10 Censored Video Games

they can’t have what in the game welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten censored games for this list we ranked the most infamous elements of games that were censored or removed either in certain countries or worldwide me they all have shield town so just to be clear we excluded games that were banned outright since the games themselves didn’t actually change as you should know by now we’re sticking to one game per franchise and be advised that this video does contain some of the uncensored content number 10 Carmageddon in a game where you get points for running over pedestrians gamers in the UK and Germany weren’t able to experience quite the same level of absurd chaos when the title was sent to the British Board of Film classification to be rated they refused to approve it until the violence was tamed the developers replaced human pedestrians with green-blooded zombies for brits and robots for the German version we can’t really complain about getting to take part in more zombie slaughter but this was kind of ridiculous [Music] number nine No More Heroes the name wholly sold is no yours this violent hack-and-slash game hardly fit in the Wiis family-friendly image but the version of it released outside of the US sure said otherwise the spurts of blood and dismembered limbs that were prevalent throughout the North American release were completely absent in the European Japanese and Australian release instead of bloody dismemberment they got enemies bursting into well whatever this stuff is here’s your ticket to paradise oh the game sequel wasn’t censored and Europe later got an uncensored ps3 version here’s your ticket to paradise old man number 8 ice climber a lot of young gamers probably first met this platformers protagonists when they were smacking away and Super Smash Brothers in LA but they were fighting snow monsters called top E’s in their first original appearance however that was actually the censored version because the Japanese Famicom game had them clubbing yeesh baby seals understandably Nintendo of America thought that North Americans might take issue with that and they released a final product that even a member of PETA could enjoy number seven Saints Row 4 remember those this is your brain on drugs PSAs well Aziz didn’t get those and they never got to find out what the president’s brain was like on alien drugs because the girls night out mission where he or she takes them was removed from the Aussie version as was a weapon known as the rectifier due to its obvious connection with sexual assault this wasn’t the first time that censors had targeted this franchise because the dildo bat from the titles predecessor became a run-of-the-mill baseball bat in Japan trust me this alien shit should give us an edge number 6 fallout 3 the anticipation is isn’t it it’s not surprising that a game with a title like this would have a nuclear explosion but Japanese sensor still didn’t want it in their country it was unfortunate for Japanese gamers because they missed the scene where you detonate a nuclear bomb and decimate the town of Megaton still it’s understandable given the country’s history also the game originally had morphine instead of medics but that didn’t fly with Australian sensors so it was changed from all versions of the game number five manhunt – thanks to its impressively gruesome executions this psychological horror game was one of the few titles to receive the ESRB s AO rating and many countries flat-out refused to raid it after some cleansing including the nixing of a scene where you rip off a guy’s genitals it was downgraded to M however that still wasn’t enough for the we release where the facial deformation scene where someone’s nose is removed was totally scrubbed number four South Park the stick of truth hey little young to be having an abortion aren’t we you’d think that people would know by now what to expect from anything associated with South Park but Europeans and Australian censors thought that parts of this RPG were a little too much Jesus Jesus Christ oh can we try the big silver one again seven scenes were replaced with stills of a crying koala in the Australian release and a crying Michelangelo’s David in the European one yeah it’s a pain but this is the kind of stuff you put up with living in a remote little mountain town at least we don’t have to deal with traffic don’t worry though because those stills offer pretty vivid descriptions of what you’re missing and it should be easy enough for you to fill in the blanks number three grand theft auto san andreas this franchise has frequently drawn the ire of censors the ability to pick up hookers in gta3 was removed from the Australian release of the game for example but the hot coffee minigame from this title was its most infamous moment thanks to a mod discovered by hackers you could direct the protagonist CJ as he had sex with his girlfriend the explicit segment was wiped all together following a recall of the game but people who bought the game early got lucky yeah incredible you should get paid for this Matt CJ number 2 left 4 dead 2 here’s a zombie shooter that’s one of the goriest games of all time in its uncensored version but that’s not what German and Australian gamers got to play rather they were stuck with a release that had its violence heavily toned down to the point where the game was basically a shell of its former self not only that but the game’s cover art which featured a mutilated hand holding up two fingers had to be altered differently in both the UK and the US before we get to our number 1 let’s take a look at some honorable mentions [Music] number one MORTAL KOMBAT this fighter set a new standard for video game violence with its infamous fatalities but not in all of its forms Nintendo of America chose to censor the SNES version including toned down levels of gore in the trademark fatalities and it replaced the blood with swept infamously Sega included a blood code in their Genesis version that restored the fatalities and because of its uncensored nature the Genesis version outsold the SNES counterpart just because of this do you agree with our list okay everybody chill those down which sensor game do you wish was left on top there’s something fishy going on here for more rebellious top 10s published daily be sure to subscribe to [Music]

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