top 10 epic gamer moments

-Conceptions that non-gamers make about gamers:
Whenever people say that video games make people violent,
when playing games really helps people alleviate stress and release tension
{SMASH CRACKLE POP aka: releasing tension}
Hey guys, are you… gamers?
Do you dabble in the arts of gaming
You know that relatable gaming moment where you game end someone in a video game then they report you for toxic behaviour and you
get a 24 hour ban?
(laughing) What the fuck?
That relatable moment where you RDM someone in GMod RP and then the admin
drags you up to a platform with his phys gun and tells you how much of a bad person you are
*Pyrocinicals fanbase*
Now those are some relatable gamer moments. Now you might have heard of gameranx
I like to think that they’re the peak of meh content. It’s not horrendous content…
It just doesn’t really stand out either.
Usually, they just nab stories from articles and then compile it into a video
I for example: top 10 epic Easter eggs, top 10 worst Xbox One games.
Look guys, Metal Gear Survive on the list! Surely, no one has had that opinion before that. T-THAT game is bad
They also compare graphics of ps1 games to current gen consoles (Thicc Pyro vs Now Pyro)
Yeah, technologies improved over 20 years like congratulations man. Again. It’s not terrible content
It’s just painfully mediocre anyone could NAB footage of spider-man for the ps1 and then on the ps4 and compare them side-by-side
It’s non content
But now gameranx have changed and have uploaded some truly e 🅱️lic content
Starting off with number 7 (please GAME END me )
Let’s start off with having to stealth your way to the kitchen to get some food.
Pyro: Ok, this is e 🅱️lic. Everyone eats food except me this is relatable
It’s amazing like 15 seconds into the video and they already have me hooked
I know everyone eats food but gamers, they eat food
Slightly different time to none gamers all that late night gaming can make you hungray. There’s only one thing to do about that
However, everyone’s gonna know you’re up if you wake them up. Or you could just be anyone over the age of 14.
I love how they know their audience so well, that it’s just little children sneaking off into the kitchen.
This is a shared house with some roommates. Everyone would have the worst sleeping pattern and this wouldn’t be a problem.
You’ve memorized where all the creaks of the floorboards are. You artfully avoid them! (SNEAK 100)
You stay in the shadows quietly moving towards your objective.
I’m sorry
but if you’ve memorized the floorboards to the point where you can memorize
Which ones make a creak and which ones don’t, you probably have more awareness than 90% of all humans.
Like you should be put into secret intelligence just instantly from having that kind of knowledge.
If y’all bitches ain’t sucking no dick. Do not hit my phone if I chill. He’s 2 times he’s sucking no dick
I’m not hitting you up again. I’ve never seen your face ever again. I want you Romi. Oh, yeah
We got our CIA analyst John over there
He’s found seven Al Qaeda hideouts in the past month and it all started with him noticing a creaky floorboard in his mother’s kitchen
If it’s a cold snack, that’s all you have to deal with if it’s a hot snack that needs the microwave
Oh, you know you have to watch that microwave and stop it at 1 second
Otherwise those beeps are gonna sound a hell of a lot like an alarm clock to everybody in the house
then after you’ve successfully
Grabbed your snack you realize
You’ve got to pee when no one in their mid to late 20s is gonna find any of this relatable
I like to play a game called microwave roulette
It’s where I go pee in the microwave while it is on and try to not get the food wet before the timer gets to zero (this is a gamer)
3.4 K likes how many more can we get if you have the means to pee on the side of the toilet so you don’t
Wake anyone up you pee on the side of the toilet
So you don’t wake anyone up if you don’t well, you’re screwed. Pyro: Why do all channels do this when their main demographic are eight year olds?
They say something and then they put up a visual image of what they just said. Look I know I do it for me.
Look here’sBenjamin Franklin. Lol.
But I feel that they do it because they don’t know what to edit in or they’re absolutely terrified that their eight-year-old
Audience will not grasp the word. They’ve just said
Baby Pyro: Mammy what does screwed mean?
Smoker Pyro: What did your father do last night?
And this of course applies to everybody who is young and living with their parents or
I-Is that Danny Gonzalez? We found it boys! Oh, this is silly guys. Guys this is just cringe
That’s why he won’t upload into second channels too busy posing as stock images for GAMERanx to steal. coming in at number 6
after a long night of playing xbox 360
or let’s just even say Xbox one shares the same very problem the batteries in your controller are dead.
NOOO, that’s so cringe. It’s not like there’s any of the double-a batteries in the house
Shut up
Wow guys, look at all these non double-a batteries. Hah, That’s so cringe
sHuT uP
And it’s not like there’s a multitude of USB cables
Oh shit
Bruh that is just so relatable.
I’m gonna subscribe to gameranx with notifications on. Did you put them in your controller again?
You were up all night playing video games weren’t you? No father. It wasn’t me
Whatever are you talking about?
Pyro: Now THAT is a relatable moment
When you as an American father are berating your British adopted child, who sounds like he attended Oxford University. Right, America
We need to have a talk. Can you stop portraying
Antagonists as British people or someone with a British accent just give us some dignity.
For example me as a British person. You can buy my merch this isn’t my merch, just pretend it’s mine.
I have some really cool merch and once it’s all sold out. We burn it all. None of it is coming back.
Okay, there’ll be a new season soon
Anything on the store is not coming back. So buy it NOW.
And coming in at number five falling asleep while playing.
Oh I’ve done this more than a few times. So what happens when you reach the 3 to 4 a.m
Hours and you’re still going strong, especially in a game like Skyrim or Oblivion.
I know i’m nitpicking a bit here,
but I don’t do this, and no one I know does this what would have come off as a relatable game a moment is you
Coming off the game you’re playing
Getting into bed and then being on your phone texting for an hour. Look s-someone even pointed it out in the comment section
I’m sorry gameranx. I’m gonna stay subscribed but I’m now gonna have to turn notifications off.
But anyway,
You’re really tired and you’re going through a long haul and you’re in a comfortable position on the couch or a chair
That looks like the most uncomfortable position i seen in my life. That looks like he’s on the fast track to lumbago
One thing I think all of us gamers can agree your chair no matter how comfortable it is
You could not sleep in that. I can’t sit in this thing for more than five hours, it’s hard-
I end up slouching and he destroys my back coming in at number four. Let’s say you’ve been playing for a while. It’s maybe
1:30, 2 o’clock and you’re hungry, which is not a good time to eat. Okay, this is e 🅱️lic.
They literally reused the first point but changed. the time of day the four points in and they’ve already run out of ideas
Do any of you gamers eat at regular mealtimes, please smash subscribe if you do because this is
Either way is very possible to open it and realize that you don’t have
Anything that you actually want to eat in the fridge and it’s two o’clock
You may have even forgotten that you had already gone to the fridge or you may not have either way you go right back. You open that fridge back up
NOPE. Still nothing. I want weirdly enough. Nothing has changed since 15 minutes ago.
So the relatable gaming moment here
His short-term memory loss- who goes to check their fridge if there’s food sees nothing leaves for 10 minutes comes back,
Checks it again and is bewildered and amazed that the fridge still has no food. I don’t think that’s a gamer moment
I think you just have amnesia. God I’m scared
they also showing the stock footage this guy walking past a bowl of fruit and cereal.
If it was 2:00 in the morning and I was hungry I would kill for a bowl of Cheerios or Weetabix
You know what? Like I’m I’m sad that we’re not trying to cheerio ones, but there’s so many good options here
Ok, where’s the door hole?. Goes right there alright see? i drew it with a magic marker.
Shut the fuck up clyde.
Number 3 I’m just gonna note some things that I guarantee.
GUAAARANTEEE, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’ve been up like as a kid playing games.
Pyrocancerical: What do you mean as a kid?
95% of people watching this and say if
Anything in this video was relatable to them will be a child. Tom with this 9 to 5 job in retail
Isn’t gonna find it relatable when a man is explaining retrograde amnesia to him.
But in the middle of the night you are afraid to use the headphones
Because if both ears are covered up by the in-game noise if you truly are
(wait for it)
Immersed, you won’t hear anyone coming. You might put the headphones on just one side
So you got one ear out in the real world?
I don’t think this guy’s ever heard of open headphones before, you know
The kind of headphones specifically designed to let outside noises in so, you know, how loud your being? TIMMY I’M COMING TO TAKE YOUR XBOX
Baby Pyro: Mama ples i ned to typ the racial slur in chat
Another one is when you hear a noise
So you turn off your monitor and just make a hard dive towards your bed like an Olympic swimmer
wh-Who the hell does this unless you’re 11
If you do this, under any circumstances, you’re a bitch boy. A real Chad would turn off his monitor by smashing it to smithereens
Hi folks its Falcon and today on gameranx: 7 bad hacking moments all gamers suffered together.
*Knock knock knock*
iS YoUr mOm
oPeN uP
I love how they’re trying to be inclusive to everyone but they know that none of these are relatable unless you’re a pre-schooler
COMING IN AS NUMBER 2 You know how it gets to be really late and you’re like “I should sleep. This is too late.”
“I really should go to sleep.”
This one’s actually relatable, but only because it’s only equivalent of: which of you gamers drink water?
Glass of water, please mate, please
Comment down below should I say water or wooor-er? (wooor-er=brainlet)
And finally number one and this is especially a one that is a present for kids
Okay, you acknowledge your age demographic, this is e 🅱️ic
You are on summer vacation and it doesn’t matter when they sleep knowing
It’s time to stop playing the game when the Sun starts coming up
It’s like you’ve taken two points and you’re trying to milk it into seven. YEAH EA’ING LA’E AT NITE BRO
Gaming late at night
That’s the entire video and again it’s not terrible content it’s just painfully average now they’ve got another one here
I’m so excited for seven Things gamers should never do. I have no hopes for this video as I’m a viner myself
I mean, come on gameranx literally have the word GAME in their name.
Seven things gamers should never do. Number seven is fake reporting and trying to get someone banned
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story of someone fake
Reporting and it actually ends up working but you get these stories of it on YouTube and stuff
But that is like zero point 1 percent unless you’ve got like 300 billion Russian BOTS like doing the dirty work for you
For example I play siege a lot
Nokk best wife by the way,
And the amount of times I get some guy like aim botting and I report him to death and nothing ever happens to him.
You get somebody who is good at a game and you get somebody who is vindictive about being beaten in a game.
Okay, we got le e 🅱️lic rage face. Very relatable. I’m a gamer. I understand this.
Yeah when I’m not false reporting people,
I’m reading Le 9gag rage comics?
I mean look up a rage comic right now just to see what I was missing out on with my childhood
How normal people flirt what’s up? Cutie how I flirt so you like cheese? Pyrocritical: Ah, bruh, relatable
*Laughter* So Guys…
There’s a lot of false reporting that happens on YouTube that happens on Twitter
okay, this is the one time I’ll actually agree with game come because pyrocynical TV may rest in peace was
Unfairly false reported into the nether realm. Reminder, by the way. I don’t have twitter anyone on there pretending to be me=100% fake
I’m still trying to get my account back, but it is so incredibly hard because the communication is the worst (aka he won’t get it back)
Number six worse than that, of course
But actually not dissimilar to that is swatting.
Pyro (the guy with you are seeing):
Hold up, did gameranx
Tell me that committing a crime is bad. something that actually ended up killing a person and the offender is now serving 20 years in prison.
It’s nice to know that a guy’s death is summed up in a thing’s e 🅱️lic gamers should never do.
For instance in 2017 a man named Tyler Buress.
Nice-Uh-nice delayed pixelation there. By the way, we only saw the top of his head. It’s fine.
Number 5 though, his one is way less serious than the previous one. Don’t be condescending to new gamers-
No, you should be condescending to new gamers
If you finish them off in Dark Souls,
The point-down emote is there for a reason. If you’re not condescending to a gamer, They will never learn.
Y’know that meme of the two-faced kid. It’s like here’s me in the real world, here’s me in the gamer world.
You’re entering the gamer world right now and you need to be told the hard way
The entire reason you can even crouch in a video game isn’t to remain undetected or improve your accuracy,
It’s to get your gamer nuts and
Number four is using lag switches. A bit anecdotal here,
But I think I’m the worst life switcher known to man
A lot of people i game with are American or Australian and I would be the lone Brit joining their game.
I feel sorry for myself, but feel more Sorry for the opposing team.
It’s amazing how someone with a bad connection and someone that does crack cocaine
Are incredibly similar
Are incredibly similar
*Connection lost, disconecting in 25*
Are incredibly similar
*Connection lost, disconecting in 24.3*
Are incredibly similar
*Connection lost, disconecting in 23.8*
Coming in at number two is just cheating and hacking in general (no shit)
Now, I wouldn’t really care at this point, you know hacking bad.Tha-thank you gameranx, never would’ve thought of that
but for a visual example of hacking
They nabbed a clip from a Sernandoe video. The tumor who used to do GTA 6 videos.
All right, what was your name again?
*Inaudible A N G E R Y*
I love me too. And finally number one is griefing and trolling this can mean a thicc range of things
What are you on about mate?
Aw, i said it in a bratish scent “MaTe wOt aR yA OnE AbOoT mAtE”
Trolling is a Quintessential element to having fun in video games now. I don’t mean the guy that constantly team kills or crashes the lobby,
They’re just not fun. But people that act like absolute lobotomies, I cherish encountering a man, Who’s an absolute scatterbrain,
Because it means I’m gonna have something to laugh at and it’s something different from the hundreds of matches
I’ve played previously. That have all been exactly the same
Half the reason multiplayer is fun is because the interactions you can have with totally random people on the internet
idk how to CC this lets just say its pyro’s fanbase in 20 years
If everyone just played a game the way it was meant to be played over and over it’d be boring.
You know this army of Zuckerberg robots going.
… — / –. ..- -.– … –..– / .– . / -.. .. -.. / .. – –..– / .– . / .-. . .- -.-. …. . -.. / .- / –.- ..- .- .-. – . .-. / — ..-. / .- / — .. .-.. .-.. .. — -. / … ..- -… … -.-. .-. .. -… . .-. … –..– / ..— ….. —– –..– —– —– —– / … ..- -… … -.-. .-. .. -… . .-. … / .- -. -.. / … – .. .-.. .-.. / –. .-. — .– .. -. –. / – …. . / ..-. .- -.-. – / – …. .- – / .– . .—-. …- . / .-. . .- -.-. …. . -.. / – …. .. … / -. ..- — -… . .-. / .. -. / … ..- -.-. …. / .- / … …. — .-. – / .- — — ..- -. – / — ..-. / – .. — . / .. … / .— ..- … – / .–. …. . -. — — . -. .- .-.. –..– / .. .—-. — -….- .. .—-. — / .— ..- … – / .- — .- –.. . -.. .-.-.- / – …. .- -. -.- / -.– — ..- / .- .-.. .-.. / … — / — ..- -.-. …. / ..-. — .-. / … ..- .–. .–. — .-. – .. -. –. / – …. .. … / -.-. …. .- -. -. . .-.. / .- -. -.. / …. . .-.. .–. .. -. –. / .. – / –. .-. — .– .-.-.- / .. -….- .. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..- / –. ..- -.– … .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / -.– — ..- / –. ..- -.– … / .- .-. . / .— ..- … – / .- .– . … — — . .-.-.-
You need some chaos to make things entertaining. Gamers rise up
Obviously if you’re playing with your friends and you know everybody’s sense of humor, and they know your sense of humor
It’s not so bad to grief, It’s not so bad to troll either. Pyro: All right, that was a troll face guys.
It’s time to cordon off the video, please get the police tape in here No one should have to see this.
If you enjoyed the video go buy a coffee for a homeless person, or you could subscribe to the channel, but honestly I think that homeless person needs that coffee a lot more
My name is jeff and you’ve been watching game comb a channel where gamers talk about-
Alright this took me like 2 hours to make.
(It took me like 20 minutes to fix your subtitles)

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