Top 10 FREE Birthday Deals!

Top 10 FREE Birthday Deals!

on this edition of Boski’s favorite
things I’m gonna introduce you to a
little skin care product you might not
be familiar with I know my audience is
97% male but listen guys this is a pro
tip you’re not going to want to miss
when I was living in Vancouver I had a
girlfriend at the time we hung out a lot
in one day she said Jeff you got some
blackheads on your nose at first I was a
little offended because I’ve never
really had a zit or acne problem in my
life but upon further inspection yeah my
nose did have a lot of little black
bumps on it so I went to a little place
down the street in Vancouver said $20
men’s facial treatment I said it’s worth
the gamble I went in there laid down and
the woman took some tweezers and just
started pinching and pulling little
black things out of my nose the pain was
I was crying and I thought I was
bleeding at one point but apparently I
wasn’t definitely not worth it there is
a better way I present to you Biore the
original deep cleaning poor strips it’s
very simple the whole process to put on
takes about 30 seconds you leave it on
for 20 minutes and you take it off my
nose isn’t too bad right now I don’t
really have many blackheads but no
matter who you are there’s pores on your
nose and it’s the dirtiest part of your
face they get clogged unclog those pores
today you’re gonna feel great the cost
for this is seven dollars you can get it
on Amazon 50 cents per pour strip I
recommend you do this once per week
let’s give it a try let’s see if we can
get an up close of my current nose
so I don’t know if that came on very
well but that is the before picture
usually just use your sink and get your
nose as wet as possible but for this
demonstration I’m just going to use a
bowl of water
get your Porsche drip ready get your
nose as wet as possible in this area and
apply the poor strip
let’s see what happens 20 minutes later
20 minutes have gone by the no strip has
sufficiently hardened it’s like a
machete paper effectively and now it’s
gonna do the job it’s time to remove I
highly recommend you do it as slowly as
possible so it rips out every single
clogged pore it’s gonna find the dirt
and take it all away let’s do this
and there you go and that is one clean
poor nose I can’t get my camera to focus
very well on the strip itself but if you
look at it they’ll be little mountains
of dirt that had been ripped out of your
now that the dirt is gone you want to
take some more soap and water and wash
off your nose and it’s gonna feel a
little tingly don’t itch it just enjoy
the freshness it’s a great experience
you’re welcome until next time this is
beau skis favorite things
today is my 36th birthday and to
celebrate there’s a lot of options last
year I did the everything is free vlog
check it out we’re going to do something
similar to that but we’re gonna focus on
less sugary items go for more meat try
to accumulate as much free food as
possible any excess we will be donating
to the homeless today is a celebration
of life in gluttony let’s get that free
food let’s really abuse the system
let’s get
Jenny’s great-grandson
I saw a pretzel on my birthday
I got
thank you
blueberry crisp iced latte
it’s like a liquid and blueberry money
thank you thank you so much thank you
have a great day
I try to claim my for free bond bytes
and they tell me that I need a physical
printout even though I clearly have it
on my phone I’ve downloaded the app it
says coupon only valid for Jef Boesky
but no I need a physical printout who
owns a printer
Jeff did it
the outlet mall was a success we hit up
Wetzel’s pretzels free China now sample
Sbarro free slice Dunkin Donuts large
blueberry iced coffee
very good and dippin dots half cotton
candy half banana split five dollar
value on pretty much all the free items
also got a free I glass adjustment and
cleaning at sunglass hut and two pairs
of new nike wide size 12 shoes for $97
on a $100 gift card that’s free to me a
little bit too much sugar for me so
we’re gonna let our stomach settle and
go to the asian massage parlor that’s
right now I know what you’re thinking
boesky that’s $40 plus tip usually but
it is my birthday and my girlfriend is
paying for it always feels better when
it’s free let’s get that free one hour
full-body massage
now you know I don’t give anything ten
out of ten except for $55 an ounce
Colbie Caillat something to give this
massage a nine out of ten
man massage does feel a lot better when
you’re sore after working out all week
highly recommend getting one in between
workouts maybe once a week to really
break up those ligaments or muscle
tissue or whatever feels great
especially on the sore parts not too
hard though medium pressure hot stone
always a bonus great massage $40 plus a
$20 tip the most commonly asked question
whenever I go to a massage parlor is did
you get a happy ending bro the answer is
no first of all happy endings are not
common in most massage parlors but just
in case you don’t know if a massage
parlor gives happy endings
here’s a pro tip if all of the windows
are completely tinted out with excessive
neon lighting and the prices are much
more expensive odds are those are gonna
be happy ending joints especially look
at what your masseuse is wearing if
they’re wearing conservative clothing
street clothes probably not if they’re
wearing a miniskirt or some lingerie a
nightie a garter belt that’s probably
not gonna be legit massage also when
you’re getting a massage if you’re
wandering in the back your mind oh shit
is she gonna go for the happy ending
you’ll know because they do like a
little tickle up the thigh right into
your nether regions to get you and
there’s a horrible masseuse that’s what
I’ve heard on the Internet I wouldn’t
know but there’s your pro tip of the day
thanks to Vicki for hooking it up on my
birthday now let’s go to Hooters
always tastes better when it’s free
happy birthday to me
warning this is a marijuana product guys
be careful at this dispensary the
birthday special is $10 off your first
pre-roll pre-rolls are normally $14
so this pre-roll cost me $4 for the
Poulsen OG they also have a special
going on where you can get three
pre-rolls for $25 so we picked up that
lemon OG the fruity chronic juice and
the c91 xgt pre-roll where do they get
these names I’ll never know dispensaries
not legal in Nevada
Red Robin YUM a good Banzai burger at
Red Robin always tastes better when it’s
free on your birthday celebration has
not ended yet it’s 9 o’clock at night
let’s get that free Krispy Kreme hi
there I read online that I get a free
donut on my birthday
is that true the app doesn’t have to be
on my birthday or birthday week from a
Monday Maya all right I’ll come back for
that then all right thank you venti
coffee Frappuccino okay and that’s it
hey good fortune okay said a free drink
on my birthday okay
no I never found good happen
what am I gonna charge I need like the
sava smart car was harder yeah
oh I don’t have oh I didn’t know I
needed that
we don’t just give a very reason anyone
so we start with service I have a card
it’s not on me can you look up like my
info or something
well apparently at Starbucks you have to
have already downloaded the app and B
I’d leave goal a gold member of some
sort to be eligible for the birthday
benefit so you can’t win them all I
tried to download the app the internet
was horrible
I showed him it’s my birthday and
eventually he gave it and we got the
Frappuccino $5 value for free happy
birthday to me
perseverance pays we got him

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  2. Boski's a toker! You've just moved up to a 9/10 in my book! Another great, informative vlog, that still makes laugh

  3. Happy Birthday Boski getting that free stuff like a G…..Trooper has a free Go Gamble hat and a free bag of coffee for you

  4. from Melbourne. Boski!! you were my poker mentor. now your a little bitch! fuck your black heads. you suck at tournaments! Andrew neeme is better.

  5. Healthy poker also means being mentally healthy sometimes this means stepping back and taking time for yourself and being a boss

  6. When i do coke in Vegas i get black heads, use this product to remove the blackbheads no one knows i do coke anymore

  7. Mate, go get your heart checked, you appear to eat far too much GREASE and junk food, the Banzai was a classic, grease cascading south, aptly named as its Banzai to your body, having bleated that, I bet it tasted grouse. GG.

  8. Happy Birthday Jeff!
    I love free birthday stuff. Should sign up for Benihana's Chef's Table, you get $30 off but you need to print the coupon and someone has to buy an entree and they take the $30 off the cheaper entree.

  9. Putting a dispensary near hooters or any food establishment is a home run

    You go and get super blazed in the car and go and eat can’t beat it

  10. Holy crap! I didn’t watch this to the end, before I made a comment. All this eating is taking place in the Same Day? Back to the gym tomorrow, unless Vicki can help burn some of that food off? It is your Birthday afterall.

  11. Jeff, that Vlog was so fucking funny I nearly crapped myself a few times, thanks for the laughs and Happy B Day, too funny.

  12. I knew you were a Leo lol, my birthday is coming up too, planning to go to the casino lol, HaPPy BirThday. 🙂

  13. Happy bday Jeff on behalf of your 2% subs😂
    Include GF a little more and maybe we can hit 5% by Christmas!
    Fun vid as always..

  14. Happy Birthday Boski!! I didnt know you were 420 friendly, you're even cooler than previously thought lol!! 😁

  15. LOL … Love, love, love you keepin' it real Boski. 97% male viewership, age 18 to 90 and we can take it. Happy belated Bday!

  16. Isn't it a thing that using any sort of pore strip/declogger actually enlarges the pore, making it more prone to developing blackheads. I may be talking out of my ass but I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere. I don't think a dermatologist would actually recommend these things. If I remember right they provide a short term reward for "cleaning" your nose, but there are possibly long term negatives for your overall skin condition.

  17. Hi Jeff when you were peeling that paper off your nose that was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time the way your eyes were crossing it was almost like a comedy routine. Thanks for making me laugh.

  18. Poker, Strippers, Porn Stars, Filet Mignon, Stinky Frenchmen and now pore strips for your nose. Love this vlog more and more each day.
    Also i just bought a hose in beautiful in Squamish BC 30 mins from Vancouver. if you ever come down again you have a bed, a chauffeur and meals at my place. Use bonus code Boski and all these comps will be free for you.

  19. Jeff you crack me up !!! I think you are the original Man of Leisure. Love your vlog HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ! Keep gettin that free swag.

  20. When you said you were going to Hooters I thought you were having your a nose job after the cleansing thing!! Many happy returns Jeff, you got em!!

  21. Yeah Man! Happy birthday 🎂🎊🎈🎁 to you Sir! Lol 😂 I loved this vlog laughter throughout. I appreciate the work you put into these, thanks again Boski!

  22. "What's that Starbucks guy repping here? An app? Maybe a gift card? We make the hero call, he folds and we win a large Frappachino."

  23. "….that's what I heard on the internet, I wouldn't know…" Cracked me up 🙂 you sly dog you…. Happy B-Day Bro !!

  24. Hard to believe how horrible Hooters has become, we went there on my last visit to Vegas and the wings were 1/10. Trash, the whole place was just bad.
    Thanks for the pro tips, hopefully I'll get a nice foot massage on my next visit.

  25. Boski get a massage that they basically beat the shit out of you, I got two like that in my life both times lying face down I was in tears but I took it…and felt great afterwards…the massager was laughing because he could not believe I could take a beating like that…it's not like having a girlfriend like Lucy Liu from the Movie Pay Back staring Mel Gibson…lol

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