Top 10 Overlooked Video Games of the 3rd Generation

you know this arrow is big for games like Mario and Zelda but now it’s time to look at the games that are hiding in the shadows of their more popular counterparts welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the most overlooked games of the third generation just to be clear the third generation of gaming includes the Nintendo Entertainment System and it’s Japanese counterpart the family Khan Sega’s Master System and computer games dating from 1983 to 1990 number ten shatterhand kicking off our list is this action sidescroller where your character is apparently badass enough to punch his way through bullets robots and even walls the gameplay is quite simple and power-ups include robot helpers armed with grenades swords and flamethrowers or a full-on robotic suit that allows you to shoot fireballs the story is pretty basic you’re good they’re bad you punch them your adventure takes you into several stages and you can decide which order to finish them in and along the way you confront robots aliens armed guards and ninjas number nine mr. gimmick this game had all the cuteness to be good it is all about a little plush toy who goes on an adventure to save his owner who is kidnapped by other plush toys apparently sent by an evil wizard for some reason the heroes primary way of attack is making a star that can be thrown at his enemies but some enemies are hard to touch others take more than one hit to go down and making a star takes about a second the game is good but it’s not as kid-friendly control wise as its art style might lead you to believe number 8 little samson here we have yet another simple story bad guys attack heroes come to the rescue the main interest of this game was the fact that you had up to four different characters to play with each having its own attack special capacity and even a life bar which could be increased over time with highly detailed sprites and animation normally unseen on the NES it’s a shame that this game never caught on number 7 Sexy’s or zexis Azure sexy sir I don’t know once you get past the pronounciation of this game it takes you on a side-scrolling RPG adventure where you play as Apollo a spaceman who asked you and stop me if you’ve heard this one save a princess from a terrible evil the power-ups come in the form of items that you can buy in exchange for Ebel’s collected from enemies or treasure rooms the genres seem to mix even more than the letters of the name here but the game itself was surprisingly easy to understand and the NPC’s gave you all the info you needed to progress number 6 captain Bucky O’Hare based on just his overlooked a cartoon show that lasted only one season this game was a good example of a multi character game done well you first have to rescue your group scattered on different planets and as you do you can play as each one of them using their different weapons and special abilities also worth mentioning was the arcade game released at the same time which concluded the unfinished plot of the cancelled cartoon show number 5 gun Mac what do you do when cosmic radiation causes ordinary inanimate objects to suddenly spring to life and attack mankind well you send in special commander gun Mac to blow them all up this top-down shoot-’em-up was known for its vast array of power-ups some obtained by hitting little space octopi and others that could be bought from a gun lovers version of a fast food chain there’s also a robot rabbit from space did we mention this game is Japanese number four nightshade now here’s an interesting game that’s part point-and-click adventure part 2 the fighter you play as the titular hero trying to stop an old Egyptian gone using a variety of objects you find along the way as well as your fists to fight henchmen the game is detailed enough that you don’t have to do too much pixel hunting to find notable items and info features quite a bit of jokes and some sweet cinematic moments boom as such many who know it consider it to be a game that was way ahead of its time number three vice project dude this one is for the 80s action movie fans starting with an obvious overly rich villain followed by a fast-paced car chase where you get to meet the hero part a badass cop who uses a gun a sword and grenades to fight his enemies as one of the few NES games to have parallax scrolling it featured set pieces like a car chase and a rail shooter’ section later sections became a more standard side scroller where you shoot engines lots of ninjas number 2 clash at demonhead this game was original on many levels the goal is to save the inventor of the doomsday device and stop set device but for that you need to travel all over the nonlinear map in order to find the power-ups and items that you’ll need the graphics look like an old Japanese anime giving it a somewhat comedic look and there are many useful features such as the ability to shop on demand even better still was the look on the bad guys faces when you hit them before we unveil our top pick let’s have a look at some honorable mentions number one the Guardian legend topping off our list is this multi gameplay pearl as a gigantic object approaches your homeland you are sent to confront it the game is a combination of a Zelda style adventure game where you have to solve puzzles and buy stuff and sections called corridors that are essentially shoot-’em-up stages where you blast through enemies and fight large bosses even though it combined elements from two very popular games Zelda and Gradius it came out late in the NES lifecycle and its box art did not correspond to its excellent content chances are we’ve overlooked a few games during this era so let us know about some NES or Master System games that didn’t get any recognition and for more under appreciated top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

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